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Michela stood behind her chair as she finished running her clippers over the crown of the beautiful woman who was sitting in her chair. She finished the job and removed the vinyl cape and flicked all the blonde hair to the floor. “There you go, Ms. Walters. You are done for another 6 weeks. Did you want to book your next appointment with me now or are you going to call in?”
“Michela, you are such a great addition to the staff. I enjoy coming here. 6 weeks is fine. I will book it with the receptionist. Here, this is for you.” as Ms. Walters handed Michela a nice tip.
Ms. Walters walked to the door and paid for her nice crewcut. “Good-bye ladies,” she said as she walked out the door. “Michela, I will see you in 6 weeks and think about what I told you. I am serious about what I said to you. It will work for you. You will feel so liberated.”
Michela walked back to her station and she picked up a broom and swept the floor, moving the blonde hair she had just clipped from Ms. Walter’s head to the corner where it would eventually be swept up by one of the shampoo girls. Michela walked back to her chair and she sat back on her chair to relax for a few minutes. In the other station, Michela’s best friend, Claudia was just tidying up from her last client.
“What was that all about?” said Claudia, Michela’s fellow barberette.
“Oh, you know Ms. Walters. She swears by her short hair that it is so liberating to have a clippered head. She has been trying to convince me for the past 6 months that I should go for it and get my head clippered.”
“Oh, really?” said Claudia. “I think that would be erotic. I have never clippered a female.” Claudia was standing behind Michela. “Michelle your hair is so pretty and you have such stunning features.” Claudia placed her hands on Michela’s shoulders and she started to massage her shoulders. “You are so tense, Michela. You need to loosen up.” Claudia picked up a brush and she stroked Michela’s long blonde hair. “So pretty,” Claudia said as she stroked Michela’s blonde locks. “I love your blonde hair, Michela.”
“What are you talking about, Claudia? Your hair is just as pretty,” Michela said.
“But yours is so nice and curly. So soft. I wish my hair would curl like this,” Claudia said.
Michela sank back into her chair as Claudia continued to brush her long blonde hair. She closed her eyes and dreamed away as Claudia continued stroking her hair. “Michela, you would feel so liberated if you did this. You have no idea of the attention you would get. You already look stunning. Can’t you just see yourself walking down the street in a short tight skirt and a nice clippered head?” a voice said in her head.
“Yes, Ms. Walters. I can see it,” Michela answered out loud. “But, how would my boss feel if I came to work with a short haircut?”
“Who cares, Michela?” the voice in her head answered.
“I don’t know, Ms. Walters, if I could do it. I am not as confident as you are,” Michela said out loud.
Claudia was standing beside Michela listening to what Michela was saying. She gave Michela a pinch. “Ouch! What was that for?” Michela said.
“Who are you talking to?” Claudia said.
Michela looked around. “Where did Ms. Walters go? Where is my 2:00 appointment?” Michela said as she got up and walked to the front desk. “Did Ms. Walters cancel her appointment?”
Claudia came over and took Michela by the arm, bringing her back to the back room. “Michela, get a grip! Ms. Walters left an hour and a half ago. She left this for you at the front desk,” Claudia said as she gave Michela an envelope.
“Claudia, I am losing my mind. I was talking to Ms. Walters just as you and I are here right now. She was telling me about how stunning I would look if I clipped my long tresses.”
“Michela, you need some time off. You have been working too hard. Come on. You and I are going out for the night. You are finished for the day. Go and get changed.” Claudia walked Michela to the change room and then she went and signed her friend out. Michela came out from the change room and Claudia went in and grabbed her clothes. “Come on, Michela. Let’s get out of here. My car is in the back.” Together the two friends walked out of the salon together.
They drove without speaking to each other back to Claudia’s apartment. Claudia walked around and opened the door and Michela got out of the car. “Come on in. I am going to be a few minutes. You might as well relax while I get changed.”
Michela sat down on the couch and she opened the envelope that Ms. Walters had left for her. Inside was a certified cheque for $1500.00. With it was a short note. It read: “This should be a nice incentive to go all the way. You told me to come back in six weeks for another clip. I will be back in three weeks and if during that three-week period, you have decided to go through with it, I will triple the amount of this cheque. All you have to do is present me with your ponytail.” The note was signed by Ms. Walters.
Michela put the note down and she was holding the cheque as Claudia came out from her bedroom. “What have you got there?” she asked but Michela was staring off into outer space. “Michela, snap out of it! You are starting to scare me.”
Michela in a trance spoke out. “Why do you think it would suit me, Ms. Walters?”
The voice in her head spoke again: “You want to be a liberated woman, don’t you, Michela? That long blonde hair is doing nothing for you. Do it, Michela. I know you want to look like me. I see it in your eyes, every time I come into the salon. I know you can’t wait to run your clippers over my head. Let your inhibitions go, Michela. Admit it! You want to do it, don’t you?”
“Yes, Ms. Walters. I want to do it,” Michela said.
Claudia walked into the kitchen and got a cold glass of water. She came back into the living room and she threw the water into Michela’s face.
“What was that for?” Michela said as she came to.
“Michela, I am your best friend but you are starting to scare me. Who are you talking to and what is that in your hand?” Claudia said as she sat beside Michela.
“Claudia, don’t think I am crazy. I am hearing voices in my head. Actually, it is one voice. It identifies itself as Ms. Walters. It wants me to liberate myself. It tells me that it knows I love clipping her head. It also knows that I get turned on clipping Ms. Walters. Do you know how erotic she looks when she leaves the salon? Well, she has been talking to me about clipping my hair. She thinks I would look really sexy with a shorn head and a really short miniskirt. Here, read this,” Michela said as she handed the short note to Claudia. “Look at what was in the envelope, a cheque for $1500.00. She says she will triple the amount of the cheque if I clip my head. All I have to do is give her my ponytail. Claudia, am I losing my sanity?”
Claudia walked over and placed her hands on Michela’s shoulders. “No, you are not crazy. I know you have been working hard the past few months. You have been putting in a lot of overtime. I know you have a dream of opening your own shop.”
“I am so close, Claudia. So close!” Michela said. “This would be a big help.”
“Why don’t we go and see Ms. Walters. Maybe she would consider becoming a silent partner. She is a very wealthy woman. Maybe she could be convinced. All she wants is your hair. She did not say who had to cut it nor did she say where. Hell, Michela, even I would clipper your head.”
Michela looked at Claudia who had a huge smile on her face. “You want me to do this?” Michela said.
“I can’t make up your mind for you but I would be delighted to take your beautiful hair from your head if you ever decided to do it.” Claudia continued to rub Michela’s shoulders. She closed her eyes as Claudia rubbed her shoulders and her neck.
The voice entered her head again. “Listen to what your friend is telling you, Michela. Even she agrees with me.”
“Yes, Ms. Walters. I will do it. I want to be a liberated woman.”
Claudia stopped rubbing Michela’s neck and she hit Michela across her head. “You are talking to yourself again,” Claudia said.
“Are you serious about what you said a couple of minutes ago?” Michela said.
“About what? Clipping your head and wanting to be the person to do it? Of course. You know I am your friend.” Claudia said. “You are going to do it, aren’t you? You are going to clipper your head. When? Oh God, Michela, you are serious about this.”
“When are we both closing next? Where is your schedule?”
“In my bedroom,” Claudia said as she followed Michela into the bedroom. They looked at the schedule. “We are both closing next weekend. How about next Friday evening after work?”
The two girls went out and partied that night and then it was back to Claudia’s apartment for a glass of brandy and some light petting as the two finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.
The next morning, Claudia had to open and Michela was off but she told Claudia that she would wait for her to come back home and then they would go out and shop. Claudia got home and told Michela that there had been a phone call for her at the salon. She did not get the name of the person but a phone number. “Whoever it was said it was important and if someone was able to contact you then to have you call tonight whatever time.”
Michela picked up the phone and she dialed the number. She sat on the couch as Claudia fixed a couple of drinks. After ten minutes Claudia came back into the living room. Michela looked at Claudia. “How does she know?”
“What are you talking about?” Claudia said.
“That was Ms. Walters. How does she know all these things about me?” Michela said.
“What now?” Claudia said. “What is going on?”
“It is almost like she is here in the room with me. She knows about my wanting to open my own shop. Claudia, you are the only one who knows about this. I haven’t told anyone and I know you haven’t. She also knows what we were talking about last night. Claudia, she has a proposition for me tomorrow. I am to meet her for cocktails and she wants me to wear a little black miniskirt and a pair of black boots. Claudia, she wants you to come too. We are supposed to meet her at La Baron at 12:00 on the dot. If we are late, she will not wait for us.”
“Michela, this is getting spooky.”
“So she is a little crazy but if she wants to talk to me about my dreams, I am going to go and Claudia, you are going to come with me. She will not see me unless you are there with me. That is her request.”

Later that evening, Claudia drove Michela home. Michela walked into her bedroom and stood in front of the mirror. Standing behind the mirror looking back at her was her own reflection but sporting an ultra short cropped head. Michela spoke: “Wow, that does look good.”
The reflection spoke back: “Yes, your friend really enjoyed doing it. You have no idea how turned on she was when she stripped your head. You look so lovely Michela. Make sure you bring Claudia with you when Ms. Walters gives you the funding to open your salon.”
“What or who are you?” Michela said as she looked at the reflection.
“I am you, child. I am your inner self, looking out for your best interests.”
“Will my salon be a success?” Michela said.
The reflection spoke back. “If Claudia comes with you, you will do better then you have ever done before. You both will be successful.”
“What about Ms. Walters? Will she interfere in the operation of the salon?”
“No, child! Ms. Walters does not have a lot of time on this earth. She has no heir to give her estate to. For the past two years you have made her a very happy woman, giving her the confidence she needs to carry on in her struggle. She is a very lonely woman but with you she has found some measure of dignity and happiness and she plans on rewarding you if you do this one unselfish act for her.”
“And this unselfish act would be………..” Michela said.
“Cutting your hair and giving her your ponytail,” the reflection said.
Michela picked up her phone and she called Claudia. “You have to come over right now. You are not going to believe what I am going to tell you. Please come now,” Michela said.
“I was just going to get in the shower but okay, I will be there in fifteen minutes.”
“Let yourself in. I am going to go and get some beer. Make yourself at home.”
When Claudia got to Michela’s apartment, Michela was out but she got back in less then ten minutes. “Okay, now what?” Claudia said.
“I saw my reflection in the mirror. Wait, I saw myself with a clippered head, really short.” Michela told Claudia everything that happened.
“Stay here for tonight, Claudia. Don’t leave me here alone.”

The next day both young ladies were off and after breakfast at an outdoor bistro and some shopping, the two ladies drove to la Baron to meet with Ms. Walters both of them dressed in short black miniskirts and black knee high boots. The host spotted them right away as they stood in the line for lunch. He approached them and spoke: “Your host waits for you in her private booth. This way, ladies.” They walked to the back of the restaurant to a booth which had a curtain drawn around it. The host drew the curtain aside and he stepped aside as Ms. Walters stood up and greeted Michela and Claudia with a warm hug and a kiss. “Have a seat, ladies. A bottle of Napoleon brandy and three inner round dinners. If that is okay for my guests. I hope you don’t mind if I order for you.”
“Not at all, Ms. Walters. Thank you for the invitation.” Michela said.
“I knew you would come, Michela. I know all about you, everything about you and your friend. You are Claudia, aren’t you? I am Ms. Walters.”
The three women ate dinner and drank the smooth brandy and after a couple of glasses of smooth warm liquor, Ms. Walters spoke: “I guess I owe you an explanation, Michela. I cannot tell you everything I want to tell you except this. I have known about you for years, since you were a baby. I have been secretly taking care of you. Michela, I am your natural mother. I don’t have a lot of time on this earth. I have cancer and I am dying. I have six months or maybe less to live. You have made me a happy woman the past four years of my life. I have watched you graduate from beauty school and I was there for your graduation, both yours and Claudia’s. You two work well together. I want you to achieve your goals and I want to be a part of them.”
Michela looked at Ms. Walters. “You are my mother?”
Ms. Walters nodded her head. “I can prove it if you want me too. But can that wait until later? Until we go back to my home? Michela, I have no heir to inherit my vast fortune. Your father died when you were very young and I was so wrapped up in my work, I could not take care of you but I was always there. You just did not know. You used to call me Auntie Yvonne. Your grandparents took care of you but I always took you places, every weekend. Your grandparents were sworn to secrecy not to tell you who I was. It had to be that way. Otherwise, you would have been sent to a private convent and I would never have seen you. Girls, can we go now and I will explain everything when we get back to my home?” Ms. Walters got up with the two girls and she drew the curtain back. The host walked the three ladies to the front door. “You car is around the corner, Ms. Walters and the young lady’s car has been driven back to your home.”
The three ladies got into a limo and they drove off to a huge mansion on the outskirts of the city within walking distance from the beach. The limo driver drove through the gates right to the front door of the mansion. He got out of the car and opened the doors for the ladies. They got out and Michela looked at Yvonne: “This is your home?”
Yvonne nodded her head. “Soon, all of this will be yours for your one unselfish act. Shall we go inside? We have a lot to talk about and I have lots of things to show you to prove who I am.”
For the next three hours, Yvonne brought box after box of documents into the parlor and she sat with Michela telling her all about her life. Finally after three hours, Michela looked at Yvonne and said: “That is enough. I don’t need to see anymore.”
“Are you mad at me?” Yvonne said.
“No, not al all. I understand why you did what you did. I believe what you have told me. I don’t need to be convinced anymore. I wish you would have told me sooner.”
“I wish I could have but if I would have, your grandparents would have lost you and I would never have seen you anymore. So I stepped back into the background. But I was always there for you. Your grandparents told me everything you needed and I got you whatever you wanted. I paid for your education, for your college. I watched over you and I loved you.”
Michela got up and gave Yvonne a big hug. “Tell me why you want me to do this unselfish act for you?” Michela asked.
Yvonne took out a photo album and she opened it to the middle of the book. “Here,” she said as she placed the album in Michela’s lap. Claudia looked at the photo and then she looked at Michela. “That is you!” Claudia exclaimed.
“No. That is me, 20 years ago. I looked just like you until I lost all this mane of blonde hair because of cancer treatment. Michela, I just want to have my dignity back for one day, when I die. I want your hair made into a wig and I want to be wearing it in my coffin. Michela, you will be beautiful for the rest of your natural life. I only ask that you never grow your hair long again.” Yvonne got up and started walking out of the parlor. “Will you follow me?” she asked as Michela and Claudia got up and followed. “I told you Michela that I have no heir to give all of this to. It will all be sold and I don’t want that to happen. Michela, you are my daughter. This is all yours, when I die. All of it, the limo, the mansion the salon, the money, the staff, is yours. You are to inherit it. If you do not believe me, here is the phone. Call your grandparents. They will tell you. Please would you do that? Phone them. Tell them where you are, right now.”
Michela made the call and as Yvonne told her, her grandparents were very happy for her. Michela asked one question and she got the answer she wanted. “Yes, Yvonne is your natural mother.”
Yvonne had walked to a back room, which she opened and as she walked inside, Claudia turned to Michela. “Look at this, Michela. This is exquisite.”
“Only the best of equipment and the best facility for my daughter,” said Yvonne as she hugged Michela. Michela looked at the vast room complete with three barber chairs in blue vinyl, sinks, counters, the best equipment and everything to set up a business from the house. “Everything is here for you, child. Everything to make your dream come true. I will be watching over you when I leave this earth. You will be successful for the rest of your life. It is already registered to you as my gift to you and Claudia. You don’t need to do anything. The taxes are paid. The house is paid. Just keep my name alive.”
Michela walked over to one of the chairs. She got into the chair and she sat down. Claudia walked over to the chair and she picked up a pair of clippers. Yvonne sat down on a chair and Michela lowered her head as Claudia hit the switch on the clippers. She gathered all of Michela’s long blonde hair into her tightly closed fist. She pulled it hard as she told Michela to lower her head. Michela lowered her head as she was looking at her lap. Claudia placed the teeth of the clippers at Michela’s nape and she pushed the clippers up her neck. The clippers felt warm in Claudia’s hand as she pushed the clippers slowly up the neck. She shook a bit as she noticed she was nervous about the prospect of shearing her best friend. If Yvonne wanted a wig made of Michela’s hair, Claudia would have to preserve the hair as best as possible, in full length. Michela continued to look at her lap as Claudia moved the clippers slowly up her neck. The teeth bit into the back of her neck and as they approached the ponytail, Claudia took the clippers off the neck and did a second path up the neck. Michela’s hair was being severed slowly and methodically from her neck. The long mass of hair hung over Claudia’s hand as she pulled tighter and tighter on the ponytail. Finally with one last push and a final pass up the nape, Claudia severed the ponytail at the back of the crown. The hair at the nape was short, very short about an inch and a half in length.
Claudia held the ponytail in her hand as she walked in front of Michela and held it up for her to see. “Here it is,” Claudia said as Michela looked and a big smile came across her face. Claudia also had a big smile across her face. She walked over and placed the ponytail on the counter beside a yard stick. Claudia looked at the measurement. “My god, Michela, that is almost 30 inches of thick curls and shiny hair.” Yvonne got up and walked over to the counter and she
picked up the long ponytail, which Claudia had secured tightly with a ribbon.
“Michela, can I take this and have it sent to the wig-maker?” Yvonne asked.
Michela looked at Yvonne and she nodded her head. “Thank you, Michela.
My dear Michela. I will leave you two alone now to finish what you need to
do. I must get this packaged and on the way if I want to have it back within
two weeks.”
Claudia stood behind Michela as Yvonne left the room. Michela looked at her
reflection in the mirror. “Was it as good for me as it was for you?” Claudia
Michela could not help but notice the huge smile on Claudia’s face. “You
Enjoyed that, didn’t you? Well, now you can say you have had experience
in clipping a female. Yes, it felt sexy. The cool metal on my neck. I can see
why Yvonne swears by the feeling she has when I run the clippers over her
“Do you think she is on the level?”
Michela nodded her head. “Grandpa would never lie to me,” Michela said.
“He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He told me that he is glad everything
is finally out in the open. So Claudia, what do you think of all of this? Do
you think you could enjoy working here with me?”
Claudia smiled as she looked at her own reflection in the mirror. She placed
hand on Michela’s head and she tilted her head to the side as she drove the
clippers under the mass of hair at the ears. She proceeded to clip Michela’s
hair shorter around the ears. Michela’s blonde hair fell down over her shoulders
to her lap. Claudia continues to push the clippers closer and closer to the
After clipping the one side, she walked over and clipped the other side; fine and short. Finally, Claudia put the clippers down and she grabbed a pair of scissors. Standing behind the chair, she reached over her face and pulled up Michela’s bangs. Cutting the bangs very short and pulling the comb back as she snipped the hair, Claudia could not help but notice that Michela did indeed look a lot like Yvonne. The nice slender neck, the fine high cheek bones, the round full lips and the beautiful blue eyes. “I finally figured out why I like your sense of style so much,” Claudia said as she continued to pull the comb back and snipped at Michela’s crown.
“Why is that?” Michela said. Claudia put the scissors down and stood away from the mirror.
“Look at what you se in the mirror. Tell me that what you see is not the most beautiful face you have ever seen. Michela, you should have done this a long time ago. This is totally you. You have the look to wear this.”
Claudia now picked up the clippers a second time and she placed her hand on the back of Michela’s head. She placed the head of the clippers on Michela’s nape. The buzzing sound of the clippers sent a shock through Michela and she shook slightly as Claudia pushed the clippers up the nape. Blonde choppy hair fell to the floor and down to Michela’s shoulders. Michela continued to look at the pile of hair that was accumulating on the floor in front of her feet. Claudia ran the clippers up the neck to the back of the cape. Five passes and she put the clippers down. She picked up a small pink brush and dusted it with talc powder and she rubbed it into Michela’s nape and sides. Picking up a tube of gel, Claudia applied a dap of gel to her palm and she rubbed it through Michela’s bangs and around the ears. She combed the hair up and small spikes around the ears and bangs gathered. Claudia now stood back and Michela stood up and walked over to the full length mirror in the corner. She turned around so that she could get a look at her nape. Her hand went to the crown and she rubbed the closeness of the cut. “This feels sexy!” Michela said as she rubbed the nape and the sides. “Really sexy, I like it.” The two girls gave each other and hug and Claudia got a broom and swept up the pile of cropped hair that was on the floor.
The two girls walked out of the salon together as they found Yvonne giving a package to a courier. “Take good care of this,” she ordered the courier. As Michela walked into the parlor, Yvonne turned around to catch sight of Michela. “Wow, you look wonderful,” she said as she walked over and hugged Michela. “So girls, would you like to set up here in the house? There is room for both of you here.”

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