Michelle’s sheer delight part II

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Michelle sat in the big leather barber’s chair spinning around wondering what Jennifer meant with her email address as clippcutlover. “It’s obvious that she likes clipper cuts, but giving them or getting them, or both”? On one turn around she caught a glimpse of the nape of her neck in the mirror. “Well I’m looking a little shaggy back there. I guess I better clean up my nape at least. Michelle gets her Oster clippers out, cleans and oils them. Flipping the switch the motor purrs to life. Unlike the Wahl clippers the osters are more powerful. Putting on an 000 blade and watching in the mirror using her phone she runs the clippers up to just level with the top of her ears in the back. Loving how they just peel away the hair. How they seem to purr as they cut the hair leaving only the shortest stubble. After only a few minutes she’s done. Turning the clippers off and cleaning them she puts them back on the counter. Turning to go upstairs to the apartment above the salon she hears a voice. “You missed a spot”. Turning to see who’s there because she’s sure that she locked the door. However there’s no one there. Disappointed she double checks the door and it’s still locked. So she once again heads for the steps.

Oh well might as well drown my self esteem and sorrows in wine. After quite a few glasses of wine Michelle sits on her couch. Her hand constantly rubbing her clipper shaved nape. She swears she hears Jennifer’s voice again this time telling her to strip for her.

Michelle obediently starts taking her clothes off until she’s totally naked. Sitting back on the couch her hand finds her shaved nape again as her other hand starts from her inner thigh and works it’s way up to her clit. Then up her stomach to her left breast, gently cupping her breast and nipple. Her right hand goes down to her clit and labia. Slowly deliberately spreading her lips and using her thumb to play with her clit while she cups her breast. Feeling the wetness on her fingers she slips them into her mouth as she tastes herself she imagines that it’s really Jennifer’s juices she’s tasting as her hand goes back down to her smooth pussy. Spreading the lips her index finger easily slides inside and a breathy moan comes out again and her other hand goes back to the nape of her neck when she hears Jennifer’s voice again. “You like me being in control don’t you”? Michelle’s legs spread apart as the imaginary Jennifer fingers her faster, hitting her G-spot over and over kissing her hand going up and down the nape of her buzzed nape. Michelle cries out “oghh yes I love you being in control”. Michelle’s back arches as her orgasm takes over her. Pleasurable shocks go over her whole body, her legs go weak and she passes out a minute later.

The next morning Michelle opens the salon/barber shop as usual having showered and dressed. Her embarrassment gone along with the sleep from wine and orgasm. She’s almost day dreaming and talking to herself. I mean her daughter already figured out that I’m gay. Lately it’s been so hard for me to tell who’s gay and who’s straight. I should have tried harder when she gave me her email address. Maybe I should email her and ask her out? Isn’t that my problem though? I always try too hard and scare them away. It’s no use though. She’s in the army and, will likely be transferred before I even actually find out or find a way to ask her.

What’s the use in even trying. She’ll just shoot me down like everyone else has. Hopefully she’s not going to be mean about it like some women have been.

Michelle’s mind wanders back to highschool, when they had to give an impromptu speech and this guy she had a huge crush on got up in front of the class. Looked right at Michelle and described her. Saying how he couldn’t stand ugly girls asking him out. How they couldn’t get much uglier than the bucked tooth, glasses, pimples, flat chested, straggly hair that didn’t look like it had been washed in weeks. She finds herself strapped to a barber’s chair.

Tears stream down her cheeks as she sobs and cries. “P please don’t shave my hair, p p please I’m begging you. I I I’ll be even more hideous than before”. She hears the clippers as the pop to life, her head is pushed down and they’re run up the back of her neck as she cries. Then her head is pulled upwards and the clippers run down the middle of her head stripping away her hair down to the shortest stubble. Pass after pass they shear her until she’s bald. She suddenly wakes up, sweating, crying, she’s shaking so badly. Her hand immediately goes to her head and feels her hair still there as she breathes a sigh of relief. “That dream again. More like nightmare”. It takes her several minutes to get up to go to the bathroom. The tears started flowing down her cheeks again as she got back to her bed and she once again cried herself to sleep.

Waking up early in the morning, with a bad hangover she gets into her routine doing her best to once again forget about the night before and Chris asshole what’s his name. It doesn’t work that well though at least the coffee is helping. Showering and opening the salon/shop at 10 am helps a little too. As she quickly becomes busy shearing a lot of guys. A few women come in, but no one seems to have the effect on her that Jennifer did.

So the weeks pass with Michelle crying herself to sleep at least once a week when she gets a call from Jennifer. “Hi Michelle it’s been almost 6 weeks I figured I’d call and set up an appointment for me and Samantha for our haircuts”.

Michelle nervously stutters some. “S sure w when would you like to come in? Jennifer replies, “well I’m usually stuck at work until later. Do you have late hours”? Michelle says “well I usually stay open later on Tuesday and Thursday like 7pm. Would that work for you? You two would be my last appointments for the day”. Jennifer replied “that’s great thank you so much for this Michelle”.

The day finally came for Samantha and Jennifer’s haircuts. Michelle was so nervous. It was almost like she had a date. So when Samantha came in first her lite brown hair only having grown out a little bit she would just need a trim. Michelle looked around and didn’t see Jennifer. “Samantha? Is your mom coming in today”?

Samantha smiled at her as she took a seat in the barber’s chair. “Yeah, she was parking the car and seen a friend that she in the army with. She said that she’ll be in, in a few minutes”.

Michelle smiled at her. “O ok that’s great. Well let’s get your hair trimmed hun. Did you like the length of your nape? I can get it closer if you want”.

Samantha said “sure I’m open to whatever you think is good. I mean I was so mad at my mom for making me get it cut so short, but now that I have it this short I’m loving it. I get ready so much faster and I can’t keep my hands off of the shaved nape. It just feels so good”.

“Well I’ll trim the overall length of the weight line to just above your ears and keep the angle to expose the bottom of your ears. Unless you want to do something different”? Samantha said “no that sounds great”.

Michelle proceeded to trim Samantha’s hair to keep the angle just as they discussed. With the angle and length done she gets out the osters and puts on the 000 blade. They whir to life as Jennifer walks in the door. She sees Michelle and smiles at her. Michelle nervously smiles back wondering if Jennifer will know that she was playing with herself.

Michelle puts her hand on top of Samantha’s head pushing her chin to her chest. “This should be a little bit closer to the skin. See if you like it”. She runs the clippers up to just above Samantha’s ears in the back and says “see if you like the way that feels. It’s a little closer than the last time. I have blades that will get even closer if you want”. Turning the clippers off, Samantha reaches out from underneath the cape and feels the nape of her neck. “O M G I love it”. Both Michelle and Jennifer laugh and chuckle. Michelle finishes clipper shaving her nape. “How’s that look and feel”? She asks as Samantha looks in the mirror turning her head left and right”. It looks pretty good doesn’t it mom”? Jennifer walks up beside the chair “yes sweetie it looks great. I thought that you were going to ask about the side shave too”?

Samantha blushes a little, looking at Michelle in the mirror. “Do you think that I’d look good with my left side shaved”? Michelle says “honey? I think that you’d look great with the side shaved”. Jennifer chimes in, “that’s exactly what I’ve been telling her too”. Samantha thinks about it for a minute then says “well if you both think so then why not”.

Michelle doesn’t even hesitate. She just gets the Osters back and starting at Samantha’s temple runs them up to the top of her head. Samantha’s longer hair rains down on the cape and her shoulders. Michelle makes several more passes bending her ear down as she runs the clippers around her ear. Samantha’s lap is quickly full of her hair. Turning Samantha so that she can see the results. Samantha squeals in delight “O M G I LOVE IT. Thank you so much. Mom is it alright if I go hang out with Lisa and Cindy at the mall? Lisa can drive me home”. Michelle takes the cape off the and the hair falls to the floor as Samantha hops out of the chair.

Jennifer says yes sweetheart you can go to the mall with your friends. Just don’t get to crazy and spend a lot of money” Samantha kisses her mom on the cheek. “I won’t spend too much. Just going to eat at the food court. I’ll see you at home mom, love you, bye Michelle, thank you again”. With that she leaves and goes to the mall.

Michelle looks at Jennifer as she spins the barber chair around. “Did you want to get your hair cut Jennifer? Or should I say Ms clippercutlover”?

Jennifer walks over to the chair and sits down having loosened the bun on the back of her head letting her shoulder length hair fall down. “Yes I think I’d love a haircut. I was thinking that it’s time for a change”. She takes off the camouflaged jacket leaving her in just her t-shirt and bra. “Less clothes for me to have to shake hair out of”

Michelle blushes as she turns her head away. Taking a breath to try and compose herself she turns back around. “Wow Jennifer you are certainly in very good shape. So what kind of change are you looking for”?

Jennifer pulls out her phone and shows Michelle an asymmetrical bob with the back and sides clippered. “What do you think of something like that”?

Michelle says “I love it. I mean you’re gorgeous now, but this cut will make you so beautiful, irresistible”. Michelle gets a tissue for around her neck then the same cape purple, bluish iridescent cape as before. It floats over Jennifer to settle on her shoulders. “Ok let’s get you shampooed first”. She turns the chair so that Jennifer can see the shampoo station in the back and Michelle heads that way. Jennifer immediately gets up and follows her, sitting down in the nice soft leather chair.

Michelle leaned the chair back so that Jennifer’s head rested in the bowl. Carefully turning the water on so it’s not too hot or cold wets and gets the shampoo in her hair. Jennifer is looking up at Michelle as Michelle works the shampoo into a lather. “Mmmm Michelle your hands are like magic. That feels so good”.

Smiling and blushing some, “well I’m glad that you are enjoying it”. As Michelle finishes massaging Jennifer’s head her fingers ever so lightly travel down the nape of her neck. Using just her fingernails Michelle lightly goes up behind her ears. Giving Jennifer noticable shivers. “Ohh that feels wonderful. Do you do this for all of your clients”?

Michelle rinses her hair and wraps a towel around her head. “I hope that you liked the shampoo and massage. No, I don’t do that for all of my clients.

Jennifer followed Michelle back to the styling station sitting back in the chair as Michelle spun her around so that she could see the mirror and watch. Resting her hands on the top of the chair. “So you’re sure that you want to go short? Jennifer nodded her head. “Yes I’m sure, it will be so wonderful”.

Michelle grabbed a brush and started brushing her hair. Getting out any tangles. So are you thinking something like what Samantha got? Just not shaved or as high? Like even with the bottom of your right ear angled up to just above the top of your left ear and blended or faded to a 1/4″? That’s what I was kind of envisioning”.

Michelle finished brushing her hair and Jennifer was notably relaxed. A soft murmur mmm “I could let you brush my hair all day. Yes that sounds great”.

Michelle sectioned off her hair and using the scissors started cutting her hair. Schnick schnick schnick schnick as long strands of hair fell onto the cape. As she was cutting her curiosity got the best of her. “So I’m thinking that you obviously like getting clipper cuts. Have you ever used them on someone”?

Jennifer immediately said, “no I wish. Although I’m not sure that would be a good idea or not. I might get carried away and accidentally shave too much. Have you ever shaved all of your hair off”?

Michelle kept taking sections down and cutting as they talked. “Yeah I have, well not like razor shaved, but clippered. It was not a good look for me. It felt great, but looked horrible”.

Michelle finished with the scissors and got the Wahl clippers and put on a #4 attachment. “This will take you down to a 1/4″ and then I’ll blend it in”. She started running the clippers up the back of Jennifer’s neck and she could have sworn that Jennifer leaned back into the clippers. More wet hair fell down on the cape as the clippers buzzed and hummed through her hair. Bending down her ear she ran them over her ear and about an inch or so above her ear. Jennifer looked like she was in heaven, her eyes closed and Michelle thought that she seen Jennifer close her legs tightly. Taking the guard off she shaved the bottom of her neck giving it a nice rounded shape then using the comb started blending the back to the top. Smaller tuffs of hair landed on her shoulders finishing up on the sides Michelle put the clippers away. “So what do you think”?

Jennifer’s hands flew out from under the cape to feel her shaved nape at the bottom of her neck. “Oh I love it sweetie. You are so talented and amazing. I can’t thank you enough”. Just as Michelle is taking the cape off Jennifer’s phone rings and she excuses herself. “I’m sorry Michelle I have to take this. It’s Samantha”. She answers the phone as she hands Michelle $100 for both haircuts. “I hope that covers it. I have to go, Samantha and her friends are stuck at the mall. Call me, maybe we can go out for coffee sometime”?

With that she leaves leaving Michelle stunned. Who pays that much for a haircut from a little local salon? And did she ask me out for coffee”?

(What’s going to happen next? Stay tuned for part 3. Thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoy my writing. And for those of you wondering. Yes most of what I write is fiction. Some of it is based on my life)

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