Michelle’s sheer delight part III

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I sat at the small table for two in the coffee house sipping my caramel coffee concoction. I don’t even know what it is. I just told the girl that I usually don’t like coffee because it’s too bitter and I wanted something sweet. Apparently that’s what I got, something sweet with caramel in it. I chuckle to myself as I slip my mask back on knowing that Jennifer should be there very soon. I’m is about halfway done with my drink when Jennifer comes in, looks around for a brief moment spotting me she comes to sit with me. “Hi Michelle, I hope that I haven’t kept you waiting that long. I’m not late right”?

I Said”oh no you’re not late at all. I’m just like super early like 20 minutes early. I’m just nervous I guess”

Jennifer looked at me and smiled. “Nervous? What’s there to be nervous about? We’re just two friends meeting and having coffee”.

I kept her mask on as she talked. “I like you Jennifer”. Before I could go on Jennifer interrupted me. “Hang on, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but if we’re going to be friends can you just call me Jen please”?

I nodded my head, “yes that’s cool, and if you you can call me Chelle, or Michelle I’m cool with either. Well like I was saying. I like you. You’re probably one of the few people, I should say women that get me, that understand me a little”. I turned my head as I slipped the mask off to take a sip of my drink then put it back on.

Jen watched me. “Chelle? Why don’t you just take the mask off? I mean neither one of us is contagious with covid right?

I looked at Jen for a few seconds. “You have to promise me something though”.

Jen looked confused. “What do you want me to promise you? I can’t agree to promise anything without knowing what I’m promising”.

I said, “you have to promise not to laugh at me, not to make fun of me, the way that I look”.

Jen said “ok I promise that I won’t make fun or laugh at you”.

I said “are you sure? I mean I don’t know you that well yet. We’re still getting to know each other. I haven’t had a whole lot of friends in my life. At least not real friends. People that said that they were my friend, just didn’t act like a friend. Now look at me rambling on and on”. I hesitantly reach up and pull the mask down immediately hiding my mouth.

“Come on Chelle. I promise I won’t make fun of you or laugh at you. Why are you hiding. Let me see that beautiful smile you have”.

I almost immediately started crying. To say that tears welled up in my eyes as Jen wondered what she had said wrong. I took a deep calming breath while counting to ten when I removed my hand revealing my messed up crooked, buck teeth. Looking at Jen waiting for her to say something. It seemed like forever to me when reality it only have been 20-30 seconds when Jen spoke. Realizing that this was and still is a very sensitive subject to me she said. “Michelle I seem to have hit on a very sensitive subject to you. From what you made me promise I’m guessing that people have made fun of you in the past because of your teeth. I’m not going to do that. I’ll be there if you want to talk.

I finally spoke. “i i it wasn’t just being made fun of. To me it was bullying me. Not just guys, but girls too. She went on to tell the story from highschool and other recent events. S s so you don’t think that I’m hideous. My boobs are too small, I’m barely a B cup if I’m lucky”.

Jen sat and listened, got the two of them more coffee. “Michelle? I personally don’t think that you’re ugly. I’m growing to like the woman that you are. To me you’re very kind, warm, loving and giving. I love your short haircut and love what you did for me and Samantha. No I don’t think that you’re hideous, and your boobs look great”.

“So I take it that you’re happy with your haircut and Samantha’s as well? Have you ever used the clippers on anyone”? I blushes some as I look down at the table.

“I love my haircut and Samantha’s too, and she loves it as well. She keeps rubbing the stubble. No, I’ve never gotten the chance to use clippers on anyone. Although I’m hoping that you’ll eventually let me use them on you. Do you think that, that’s a possibility”?

“Yes I think that I can trust you. I have to admit it’s a pain trying to shave the back of your own head or nape while looking in the mirror. So as long as you don’t get carried away you can maintain my bowl cut for me. I have a feeling that you’re going to love using the clippers. I know that I love it when they go up the back of my neck. So just come by the salon in a few days or whenever you want. It would probably be better if you were able to come by in the evening though”.

They sat and talked for a couple of hours when Jen’s phone rang. “It’s Samantha, I hate to cut this short, but I have to go pick her up at the mall. I’d love to hang out again. Maybe a movie or lunch”? She got up rather quickly, started to leave then turned back to look at Michelle. “Or maybe you’d let me use the clippers tonight? I mean I know that you said in a couple of days, but now that you got me thinking about it I would just love to clipper your nape”.

I said “yes, I’m fine with you shaving my nape. I’ll let you into the salon this evening. Just call me to give me a few minutes to get back downstairs”.

I didn’t know we were going with this, but I had to find out one way or another what Jen was feeling. Picking out a v-neck t-shirt that showed off what little cleavage I had. I sighed as even though I was an adult my breast were still fairly small only, barely a B cup. A few glasses of wine and I was well on my way to getting a nice buzz going. I had just poured my 4th glass when the phone rang showing Jen’s number. “Ok I’ll unlock the door for you. I’m going to leave the closed sign so that it will look like I’m closed for the night, but just come in and please lock the door after you get in”. Taking her glass of wine down to the salon she waited for Jen. Which was only ten minutes.

Jen came in, locked the door behind her seen me sitting in the barber’s chair, spotting the wine glass on the workstation behind her next to two clippers. “Hey Michelle. You ok”?

I spun the chair around a couple of times. “Yeah I’m feeling pretty good right now….. pretty good”. Swallowing the lump in my throat. “So what are you going to do to me hmmm”?

“Michelle have you been drinking? I mean we can do this another time when you’re not drinking”.

“N n no Jen, I want you to cut my hair for me. Please, I love the feeling of the clippers going up my neck. Y y you’re not going to back out on me are you? J Jen can I ask you something personal”?

Jen came right up next to the chair holding it so it stopped spinning. “No I’m not going to back out. I just wanted to make sure that you’re still ok with me cutting your hair. You seem a little tipsy. I really do want to experience what it feels like to hold the clippers. Yes you can ask me anything you want”.

I swallowed the huge lump in her throat. “So I’m, well I’m not quite sure how to say this or ask so I’m just going to blurt it out. I know for me that the thought of you using the clippers on me is um, well that’s to say that I’m excited if you know what I mean”. I blush and look down at my waist.

Jen hesitates for a minute. Chelle I can say for sure as I’ve never used the clippers on anyone before, but yes I do find it rather exciting that you’re going to let me clipper shave your neck, and I think that I’m feeling the same way that you are. I’m sorry that I’m still figuring out what it is that we’re doing, but I think that we’re on the same page.

I looked her in the eye, then up and down her muscular body. “Well maybe it’s the wine talking, but the page I’m on wants me to kiss you right now. Or maybe after you’ve cut my hair”.

Jen said “I think that I’d like to try and experiment with you if you’re ok with it, then so am I”.

“Then I say go for it. I left two different clippers out for you. One is very basic whal clippers and some attachments in the drawer. The other is the Oster clippers that depends on the blade, you have can really cut it short. But I think that you should probably start with the whal clippers”.

Jen spun Michelle around so that her back was to her, the mirror and workstation. Picked them both the clippers and plugged both of them in. “Do you like surprises Michelle”? Turning them on and off several times feeling the difference between them, hearing the difference too.

I looked over my shoulder to Jen. “I guess to some degree. But as you’re holding clippers that can shave me down to almost my skin. I’d say let’s skip the surprises for now. I really don’t want my whole head shaved. I can’t stress that enough. Y y you have to promise me that you won’t shave my head”. I was actually trembling with fear as I looked at Jen.

“No I promise you that I wasn’t going to shave your whole head. I mean that would be awesome if you let me, but maybe another time. I was just thinking about taking your hairline a little higher than you have it now. Like maybe 1/2″ or maybe 1″. Would that be ok”?

I visibly relaxed. “Well maybe after you tried them out on my nape first and see how comfortable you are using them. Could you hand me that glass of wine please”?

Jen gave me the glass and watched me take a big gulp of the red wine. “Ok so are you ready”? I simply nodded my head and Jen switched the clippers on with a pop which seemed louder since the salon was empty and both of them were fairly excited. Jen nervously put the clippers at the base of my neck and pushed them up to her hairline, but since I had just used them only a day or so ago they didn’t really cut any hair. Jen leaned down to look closer at my neck and her warm breath on her bare neck gave me shivers. Jen ran her hand up and down my neck which caused me to moan slightly “oohh”. Jen asked should I keep going? They don’t seem to be cutting that much”.

I nodded her head. “Yes just keep going, get used to the way the clippers feel”.

Jen made several more passes up the back of my neck but still didn’t cut much off. “Michelle it’s just not long enough the clippers don’t have anything to cut. Can I please go a little higher”?

I said “ok, but only if you can make a straight line. You can go above my ears on the sides and higher in the back. So it will still be inverted, but the angle will but a lot less. So like cut just above my ears on the sides and an inch higher in the back. You just have to get the angle right and be straight. You can use a comb for the straight line. Once you get the length on the side right figure out how high in the back. Use the comb to make a straight line from above my ears to the back right and left side of my head. Did that make sense? I hope so”.

Jen uses the comb without the clippers ok so if I cut from here and angle the comb right to here at the back right of your head? Right? Then do the same thing on the other side”?

Jen’s hand was shaking as she was very excited to be cutting my hair with the clippers. I felt Jen’s hands shaking as they rested on my shoulders. “Jen, take a deep breath, count to ten and relax. You’ll do fine”.

Jen took the deep breath, counted to ten placed the comb at the right height and angle and buzzed Michelle’s hair off just above her ears. At the sound of the clippers cutting my hair I felt a warmth between my legs and closed my legs tight which didn’t go unnoticed. It wasn’t that long to begin with so only two inches at the longest fell onto my shoulder. Jen was almost jumping with joy she was so excited.

I laughed at her giddiness. “Ok Jen now do the same thing to the left side so they both match”.

Jen spun the chair, placed the comb at the same height and about the same angle but a little higher in the back. She didn’t realize it yet, but my hair was about to be crooked in the back. With another pass of the clippers more of my hair hit my other shoulder. Jen moved to the back of my head still not realizing that one side is higher than the other. She puts the clippers without any guard just below the angle on the back right side and goes up an inch or so above her ears sending down more hair. “Oh my god Michelle I can’t believe that you’re letting me do this. This is so exciting, it’s really turning me on. I can’t explain why, but it does”.

I giggled a little bit “I know what you mean Jen. Having you shear my nape is so hot and I’m loving it”.

Jen finishes after a few more passes when she runs her hand up and down my nape, which causes me to moan softly and push back against her hand. Jen leans down to blow on my neck hitting several erogenous zones as she does. “Oh I’m sorry Michelle I didn’t mean to surprise you, I just saw a few stray hairs” she says as she runs her hand up the nape of her neck. “Wow I really like feeling the stubble Chelle. I guess I should finish your haircut huh? So if I put comb against your head it will serve as a straight line”? Jen doesn’t wait for an answer she just places the comb an inch above the current hairline and runs the unguarded clippers up the nape of my neck to an inch above my ears in the back. Several more passes and she’s done. She runs her hand up and down my shorn nape. “Oh Chelle this feels so good. Hey maybe I can do a side shave like you did for Samantha”?

“I really want you to get used to the clippers Jen, but I’m not that comfortable with you using them like that yet. Please let’s just get used to you using them. I know at some point I’ll gladly let you shave the sides of my head. Just not today. I hope that you’re not upset with me wanting to take it slow. For now I’d like to wash my hair and get the hair off of me. I can use the shampoo station in the back for that”. I get up from the chair and start to walk back to the shampoo station and Jen follows me.

“Well I can shampoo your hair and massage you like you did for me if you want. Just have a seat and I’ll take care of you”.

I sit in the shampoo chair and Jen leans me back. She adjust the water temperature so it’s warm and adds shampoo to my hair. She runs her fingers up and down my nape. Massages the top of my head and back down to my nape using a lite touch and just her fingernails she runs her fingers just behind and below my ear which causes me to squirm with delight as I again close my legs tight. Jen runs her fingers around my skin behind my ears and back down to my nape when she used her whole hand to rub my neck. “Oh Chelle? How did you manage to get hair down in your cleavage”?

She reaches down between my breasts causing me to gasp and stutter with pleasure. “Oohh j j Jen”. As she leans closer to me I take the chance and lean up to kiss her on the lips. Her lips are so soft, warm and taste like strawberries. To my surprise she kissed me back. Her hand on the back of my neck gently caressing the stubble. My submissive side came out and I opened my mouth inviting her to take charge and she did. But gently, her tongue slowly licked my open lips before pushing further in. Her tongue exploring my whole mouth. Moaning softly into her mouth. I don’t know when she turned the water off. Her other hand wet some even though I think she dried it some on her pants caressed my small breast and nipple. Teasing it until it was hard. Finally breaking the kiss to catch our breath. “Wow that was amazing” Jenn said. “You opened my eyes to so much. You opened yourself to me, and I’m so glad that you did. You are a very beautiful woman”. The compliment causes me to blush such bright red.

We started officially dating a week later. Jen wanted to let Samantha know first before anyone else, and Samantha is very happy for her mom.

(Dear readers, As you can see I wrote this from my perspective. After reading it back myself I felt that it read better. I don’t know about you, but when I’m reading I’m also sounding out what I’m reading. Like characters voices, moans of pleasure etc. Please stay tuned for the next part where I hope to introduce some new ideas.)

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  1. Glad to see you continuing the story! One editorial note, though: sometimes you switch between the first and third person in your narration and it gets confusing. Maybe go back and decide whether you want the whole thing told I’m your voice or in the voice of a third-person narrator and edit accordingly?

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