Michelle’s sheer delight part IV

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Michelle’s sheer delight part IV

“Michelle? I hope that I’m not moving too fast, but I’m still figuring out what I want, my sexuality. I haven’t had a real date in a long time. I definitely know that I want to keep going. Can we go back to your apartment”?

Maybe it was all of the wine that I drank, but I said “yeah sure let’s go”. I used a towel and somewhat dried my now even shorter hair and we went upstairs above the salon to my apartment. We barely got inside and Jen was all over me. Kissing me, her tongue pushing it’s way into my mouth and her hand running up and down the nape of my neck. Gently running caressing me as our breasts crushed together. My hands ran up and down her back, up her closely buzzed nape.

We eventually made it to my couch and continued making out. In between breaths I mumbled/moaned into her mouth how wet she was making me. To my surprise she slipped her hand down inside of my panties. Gently ran her hand up and down my shaved pussy. Which caused me to moan louder “oooohhhh”. She used her knee to spread my legs further apart as she continue to play with my clit, gently rubbing her thumb in small circles while she spread my lips apart. “Oh wow Chelle, you really are wet. Is it all because of me”?

My breathing coming in gasps, as I managed to say “yes….. between….. you…. shaving my nape……a and…..now….” She never stopped playing with me as I arched my hips forward meeting her as she thrust two fingers inside of me. It wasn’t before I clenched my muscles around her fingers and she whispered in my “ear cum for me Chelle”. As she kept rubbing my nape I came hard for her. We switched positions and Jen was sitting on the couch. I slowly undid her clothes until she was naked. Kissing her, moving down her neck, breasts, stomach to her inner thighs and back up to between her legs. As I started eating her out she put her hand on my head and the back of my neck, holding me in place letting me know exactly who is going to be in charge in our budding relationship.

We officially started dating a week or so later, and she told her daughter Samantha about the two of us. Samantha said “I knew that she was gay, but if you’re happy mom then I’m happy for you”.

Shortly after we had started dating Jen had wanted to run the clippers all over my head. I had told her about the mental, verbal abuse I had endured. How even to this day some ten years later it still affected me. I told her about the dreams or more like nightmares about me being shorn like that. Tears started running down my cheeks. She hugged me close. “No sweetie I’m not going to leave you. I think that you’d be gorgeous with your whole head buzzed. But I’m not going to push you to do it”.

My hair started growing out, but Jen started doing an undershave for me so I let my hair get somewhat longer. The more we seen of each other the more of my hair she wanted to cut. Even though we had just started dating, we couldn’t get enough of each other. It would all start so innocently, hugging, kissing making out. But at almost every opportunity Jen would have her hands on the nape of my neck.

One night right after I closed the salon Jen came in. We started kissing, making out right away. Then she moves to my earlobe, nibbling on it, then to my neck just below my ear where she gives me a small hickey, not too dark. Then she moves further down my neck and gives me another hickey and another one at the base of my neck and shoulder. I looked at her. “Did you just give me hickeys”? Giggling she said “yes. I’m marking you as taken.

Several nights later as the hickeys were fading she comes to the salon and says “I think it’s time for a trim for you”. I sit in the chair she gets the clippers out and shaved my nape again. Then finds the stencils and carves JEN’S in the back of my head for everyone to see.

Over the next several months. Our love making grew more frequent. The majority of the time when I orgasmed Jen had her hand or both hands on my nape, rubbing the stubble as I’m cumming. She’d whisper in my ear “cum for me baby. Cum only for me”. She later told me that she was conditioning me. Like Pavlov did with his dog. She explained that a psychiatrist named Pavlov rang a bell then his dog would start salivating. Jen said that she was doing something similar with me. That everytime I orgasmed her hand was on my buzzed nape. So I associate my buzzed nape with orgasm.

Another night when I was at her place and Samantha was at a teenage slumber party Jen had gotten out a pocket watch on a chain. Before I knew I was in a hypnotic trance. She used the hypnosis to reinforce my fetish of getting my hair cut. So that the shorter I let her cut it. The more turned on I got for her.

Before long she had said she wanted to shave the sides of my head. Between the hypnosis and my own fetish I was all but powerless to resist her. I willingly got into the chair. Before I could even ask if she was sure, I felt the clippers going up the left side of my head, my dark brown hair falling onto my shoulder and chest. She hadn’t bothered with a cape. A few passes and the left side of my head was down to stubble. Once again Jen used the opportunity to make sure I was getting turned on. She ran her hand up and down the side and back of my head. Whispering in my ear, “you’re mine aren’t you baby”? Her warm breath on the back of my neck just below my ear sending shivers down my spine as I pulled my legs closed I simply nodded. She moved over to the right side with the clippers still humming and shaved my right side of my head. She set the clippers down behind her. Then reached around my head and pulled me close so that my head was resting on her breast. “Mmmm you look so beautiful Chelle”.

Several more weeks after that, more of Jen conditioning me with the hypnosis and my fetish she comes into the salon again just as I’m about to close for the night. “Hey Chelle”. She walks right up to me, kisses me passionately moaning softly into her mouth as her hand is once again on the back of my neck. She definitely knows how to manipulate me. “I think that it’s time for you to let me run the clippers all over your head”. This time I hesitated before sitting in the chair as my fear of rejection, my very low self-esteem fought with the hypnosis and my fetish.

Jen smiled at me, kissed my cheek. “It’s only hair sweetie and I’m not going to leave you and I think that you’re going to be even more beautiful than ever”.

I still hadn’t sat all the way back in the chair. So Jen gently ran her fingers up and down my shaved nape, whispered in my ear. “You know that I’m definitely falling for you right Chelle”. Her other hand gently cupped my breast while she kept rubbing my nape. I slowly leaned back to her, sitting further in the chair until I was all the way back. I was shaking, trembling with utter fear. I tried to speak, my mouth open, but very dry. No words came out. Finally Jen hugged me, whispered in my ear. “Oh honey relax. I won’t shear your whole head tonight. I would like to run the clippers over the sides and back though.

I visibly relaxed right there. Turning to look at her, tears in my eyes, stuttering between my sobbing. “I I I’m s so sorry I don’t mean to disappoint you. I it’s just that I’m terrified that once you’ve clippered me bald you will have conquered me and you’ll get bored with me. Then I’ll be bald, ugly, hideous and all alone again”.

Jen said “oh honey I’m not going to leave you if you let me buzz your head. You’d have to do something like cheat on me for me to leave you. As far as buzzing your head. I’ve said it so many times already, but I think that you’d look gorgeous with your head buzzed.

Jen and I confessed our love to each other after a few short months. She kept her word and didn’t push me to shear me bald. She was content with shearing the back and sides, letting the top grow longer. Then I got the news I had dreaded. She was being transferred to another post. My heart, my head, my whole life was shattered. However not all was lost as I decided to go with her. It was with a very heavy heart that I closed down my salon. Shortly after we got to her new post the army decided that they were going to send her away for 6 weeks. Something she called tdy. I didn’t understand it. We were fortunate that she was transferred that allowed same sex marriages. We got married at the justice of the peace. I was now Samantha’s step mom. So at least Samantha didn’t have to worry. Jen had said that her ex was always available the last few times the army had sent her on this training. Now though he was in a different state. So we had a quick wedding and everything is good.

I had even come to a revelation. Everything that I feared about getting my head shorn totally down to stubble was gone. I was living my life in fear when I had a woman who loved me for me. It was then that I decided that when Jen got back from her training that I would make her even happier and let her shear me all over. However life never goes as we plan.

Jen called one night had me put her on speaker phone so Samantha and I could both hear her. She told us that they were extended her training for another 6 weeks. Samantha and I both hugged and cried as we both missed her. My hair on the sides and back was getting quite long. At least an inch, probably closer to an inch and a half. The top was down close to my ears now. Jen would be thrilled to run the clippers all over my head with the even longer hair.

So we patiently waited for Jen to come back home. When I saw her again my heart melted. I never knew how much I had missed her until I was holding her again. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but I cried again, but this time they were tears of joy.

I found a small building that I could open for a barber shop. Since Jen and I talked almost every day when she was away she knew about the shop. I had saved some money and I had some left over from what my mom had given me. The rent was cheap and I was able to get a leather barber’s chair too.

The very next day I texted Jen with the address of my new shop and asked her to come down when she was done with work. I didn’t tell her that I had a surprise for her. She’s smart and would probably have figured it out. So when she got there. I was sitting in the chair, clippers behind me on the counter. Jen came over hugged and kissed me. I looked up at her. “I have a surprise for you honey”.

She looked at me, then the clippers. “Well hopefully it’s that you’re going to let me shave the back and sides of your head. You’re way over due. Haven’t you cut it all since I left”?

I shook my head. “No, and I have a surprise for you. You just have to let me explain first. Ever since we’ve been together you’ve asked me to let you shave my head. I told you about the bullies in school, the nightmares I was having. In all this time you never pressured me. I’ve been acting out of fear, when you’ve been nothing but patient, loving and so kind. So I’m going to let you shave my head. I don’t want to live in fear anymore”. I spun the chair around several times obviously more happy than I ever thought that I would be.

She stopped the chair from spinning so that I faced her. “Chelle? Are you sure that you want to do this? I mean I love you and will love you even you don’t want to, but I want it to be your decision”.

I looked at her and smiled. Ran my hand through my hair and took her hand in mine. “Yes baby I’m sure. You can shear me bald. I love you”.

She kissed me passionately as she turned me so that I was facing the mirror. Got the clippers off of the counter. They popped to life humming as she placed them on the left side of my head just below and behind my temple. Running them up to the top of my head, the growth started falling down to my shoulders. Jen could tell I was getting turned on as I squeezed my legs together. Another pass in front of my ear and I start seeing my white scalp. She bent my ear over and shaved around my ear and up to the top of my head. Pass after pass of the clippers started making me wet with desire. When Jen had finished the back and other side of my head she bent down to torture me more by blowing on my nape, then rubbing the freshly shaved stubble. Purring to herself and in my ear. “Mmmmmm how I’ve missed you so much baby. Are you ready for the best part”? I leaned my head back into her caresses and nodded my head. Jen didn’t bother asking again. She just ran the clippers right down the middle of my head sending the longer hair down behind me to fall at her feet. I watched in fascination as my hair was shorn from my head. Several more passes and she was done. Squealing in delight. We made love that night for hours. She couldn’t keep her hands off of my shorn head.

I had watched a few videos where I seen new recruits getting their induction haircut. They had and interesting idea where they have some type of vacuum attachment for the clippers so that as they’re shaved the hair is sucked up. I didn’t have the funds to have an intricate system put into my new shop, but I showed Jen the video and it’s now her favorite way to shear me. Which is once a week.

Update:It’s now been a few years since Jen shaved me. Over the years it’s been a variety of different styles. She’s let me grow it out for several months before shaving me. Once she let it grow for like 6 months. I had thought that she had lost interest in it, but she said that she wanted to make it more sexy. Like the more hair I have to shave the sexier it is. Samantha started college and can’t decide what she wants to do with her life. I’m so lucky to have found her. Thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoyed it.

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