Michelle’s sheer delight part V

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Michelle’s sheer delight part V

I sat naked in the kitchen on a kitchen chair. I could feel my small nipples getting hard. Probably both from the chill of the AC and arousal. Jen had just plugged the clippers in and turned them on with a pop. They hummed as she just held them. Finally coming close to me. Her left ran up and down the nape of my neck and over top of my head, back down my neck. “Hmmm it’s been a while since I cut your hair. It’s at least half an inch”.

I could feel the warmth between my legs growing. The anticipation of her cutting my hair was turning me on so much. I felt her hand slide down over my shoulder as she leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Are you going to be a good girl and cum for your Mistress while I’m shaving you”? She moved to the right side of me, using her left hand she put my right hand between my legs. I could already feel the wetness of my smooth pussy as I started rubbing my clit and lips. I felt Jen’s hand on my left breast and nipple. Then heard the clippers coming close to the side of my head. She started right in front of my ear and pushed them to the top of my head. I let out a slight moan as she started shearing me “ohhohh”. The short half inch hairs fell onto my shoulder as she caressed my breast. She slowly made another pass up in front of my ear. She was shearing me down to the skin. She once used a safety razor and actually shaved me totally bald, but neither of us liked the look or feel of it. So Jen decided to just keep shearing me with the clippers. She was always telling me how beautiful I am as she’s shearing me. How soft the stubble is and how much she loves to run her hand all over it.

Jen was taking her time in shaving me. She let go of my breast long enough to fold my ear down out of the way as she ran the clippers around my ear. Leaning down to nibble on my earlobe as I kept rubbing my clit and lips. Moaning from the pleasure. With the hair around my ear gone she cupped my breast again and moved to my hardened nipple, twisting it as she ran the clippers up to the top of my head above my ears. Leaning down she whispered in my ear, “you belong to me. I own you baby. Isn’t that right”? My back arched pushing my chest and breast and nipple up to her as I moaned “y y yes Mistress. I’m totally yours”.

Jen moved the clippers to the back right side of my head just behind my ears and pushed them up to the top of my head. Peeling away more of my hair, some falling on the floor, some on my shoulders, chest and lap. Still taking her time she made several passes over parts of my head that she had already shaved. Jen alternated between massaging my breast and nipple to twisting it. When she got to the middle of my head in the back she switched hands for the clippers and my breast and nipple.

Jen just continued shearing me as she hummed a tune. My moans getting louder as I’m in heaven. It took her a while to finish the back and left side of my head as she did it twice. Plus she wants me to orgasm at the right time. Once the back and sides were done she turned the clippers off, put a #2 guard on them, but also stood the small mirror up so that I would be looking right at it as she got the clippers again, cupping my chin so I watched. She leaned down to whisper in my ear again “are you ready to cum for me baby. Going to cum for your Mistress”? I replied “y y yes Mistress I’m ready to cum for you”. Jen pushed the clippers right down the middle of my head taking my hair down to 1/4″. My body, legs started trembling as she kept shearing me. I’m moaning louder as my orgasm takes over me. Jen holds my chin tightly so that I’m watching her. Knowing that even if I wanted to. I’m powerless to stop her. She finishes my haircut. Goes and gets two towels. One wet, one dry. She uses them to clean up my neck around and below my ears. Once the hairs are gone Jen starts kissing, sucking biting on my neck just below my right ear, leaving a good size hickey. She moves to do the same thing to the left side of my neck. Finally she gets a velvet choker collar with a gem encrusted heart in the middle of it. She says “now you are definitely marked as mine and owned”. I turn to look at her, tears in my eyes. “Thank you so much Mistress. You’ve made me happier than I ever thought possible”.

Over the next few months as we make love Jen always uses a strap on. She prefers missionary so that she can look into my eyes as she runs her hand up and down my shaved nape. Timing it so that her hands are on my head or nape as I orgasm. Reinforcing her control over me.

Jen started getting even more creative with things she had me doing. Sometimes she has me wearing a remote controlled egg vibrator while I’m cutting hair. She can control it from her smart phone. Plus a heart rate armband monitor.

It’s a Friday evening and we had just spent the night cuddling watching movies followed by making love until we both passed out. Jen had told me earlier not to drink or eat anything late at night as she had a surprise for me. I almost forgot until she reminded me. We showered, and she said that she’s going out shopping and that she wanted me to wait for her. She had me naked on the bed, my hands and ankles were cuffed to the bed post, I was gagged and she put the vibrator in my pussy. Finally she turned on several small blue tooth speakers. She kissed my cheek as she said “see you in a little while baby. Try not to cum too much”. I heard the front door close. After about 5 minutes of just laying there the vibrator started and I knew that Jen was just getting started. The speakers by my head started playing what sounded like clippers as they cut someone’s hair. After a few minutes I realized that those were our clippers and Jen had recorded her cutting my hair. Because I heard her voice telling me how beautiful I was, how much she loved my hair. Then the other speakers in the living room started playing what sounded like lesbian porno as I heard someone moaning. She left me like that for what seemed like two or three hours. Between the sounds, the vibrator I don’t know how many times I orgasmed. I just know that Jen was controlling it all.

Plus she had me wearing it while I cut hair. I know that she was waiting until I had a female client wanting to go short. Or well shorter than what she already has. Which is a long bob just below her chin. We flipped through some magazines and she wanted a short inverted bob, nape shaved with no guard to the top of her ear in the back and longer on the sides. Like almost to her chin. She said that she was in a hurry and asked if I could just skip the shampoo and cut it dry. I said yes of course, let’s get you taken care of and you can be on your way.

I used clips to section off her hair leaving a line just above her ears in the back. She said shaved nape so I didn’t bother with a guard. Turning the clippers on they popped to life and hummed. The girl looked kinda nervous. I didn’t ask if she was sure. Just positioned the clippers at the base of her neck and started up her neck. Just as I started going up into her hair, Jen must have turned the vibrator up to it’s maximum setting. Several things happened at once. I gasped in surprise and some pleasure, but the other thing that happened is that I lost control of the clippers and drove them right up through the girl’s hair all the way to her crown. A huge bald path of her skin now showing. I bit my lip so I could distract myself from the vibrator.

I immediately turned the clippers off and apologized. “Oh my god miss I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened”. The girl’s hand flew to the back of her head feeling the big bald path. I seen tears, then she started laughing and crying at the same time. My heart broke. She looked at me in the mirror and said, “well I guess you’re going to have to make it even somehow”.

“Well it’s going to be a lot shorter than what you had wanted. I can definitely do that for you. Since I screwed up I don’t feel right charging you”. I could see a change come over her face as she accepted that it was an accident and nodded for me to continue. I moved to the right side of her head and started in front of her ear. Pushing the unguarded clippers high up the side. A lot of hair fell down onto her shoulder and some to her lap. She let out an very loud gasp seeing her hair. I just kept going folding her ear down and shaved around her ear. Slowly more and more of her scalp was becoming visible. I finished the back and sides. Using scissors I blended the top cutting it down to about a couple of inches. Adding gel I styled her hair and I personally thought that she looked great.

Jen and I were on the couch cuddling. She’s running her hands all over the stubble on my head and neck as we watch TV. When her daughter Samantha comes in. She sits down in a recliner, looks at me and says. “Michelle? Can I have a word in private with my mom”? I say “sure. I’ll go get myself something to drink and let you two have all the time you need”. I go to the kitchen and get some water. I can overhear some of the conversation. Jen says “Sam I’m already paying your tuition and books for school. If you need more money you’ll have to get a part time job or something”. I turned the small tv on in the kitchen to drown out their voices. When Samantha comes in. “Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your evening. Have a good night”. In the brief time alone in the kitchen a thought occurred to me. So I asked Samantha to join me and Jen in living room. Once we were all together I said. “I wasn’t trying to listen to your conversation, but I accidentally overheard some of it. Samantha you need money or a part time job right”? She said “yeah”. I said I need either an assistant or possibly even an apprentice at the salon. I can’t afford a full time person. But I could pay an assistant or apprentice $10 per hour plus tips. If you want to that is, I’d love to work with you. Plus it’s not like you have to decide right now. You can come to the salon/barber shop and see what it’s like before you make a decision”.

I was quite surprised when Samantha came in the salon a few days later. I had just finished a high skin fade on one guy went to play cashier and back to the next guy. He wanted the same haircut as the last guy. Samantha patiently waited for me to get a break.

She says “wow you really do need someone else to help out. I’m surprised that there’s not hair everywhere though”. I smiled, “that was one of my better ideas. Not my idea originally. I took or copied the idea from the army. I had an electrician come, install a shop vac underneath the counter, had him make it so that when the clippers are turned on so does the shop vac. As you can see, it’s a lot neater, cleaner shop”.

Samantha looks around, “so what would I do as your assistant”? I say “well I’d mainly have you working the cash register. Plus I also want to start a loyalty program. So like after 5 haircuts the 6th would be free. Or something like that. Other stuff like wiping the counters off. Generally keeping the place clean. I’d say that would be a good start and if you want to make a little more money I can train you as my apprentice and the customers would tip you on top of what I pay you”.

“Ok that sounds good, so when can I start”? The door opens and from Samantha’s reaction she thinks he’s hot. I’m still facing her, well I guess that depends on your college schedule. I can work with whatever you want”.

The next day Samantha showed up after her classes. “Hi Michelle, so how can I help”? I said well first I’ll give you an apron with Michelle’s sheer delight on the front. Not that it wouldn’t be totally obvious that you’re working here, but stranger things have happened for someone to ask you something like do you work here when you’re behind the counter and at the cash register. It should be obvious that you’re working here. She said “ok that’s cool”. The rest of the day went by smoother since she started helping. I noticed that she was taking a real interest in the hair cutting side of things as well. So I asked if she wanted to join as an apprentice and while she was somewhat reluctant she agreed that tips plus her pay would be better than just her straight pay. Over the course of the next few weeks, then months she started getting used to using the clippers, scissors and other tools of the trade. I overheard part of her conversation with her friend Amanda or Mandy. “Honestly Mandy, it’s like a guy smorgasbord here. Hot looking guys come in, you basically run the clippers all over their heads and you get paid for it and they tip you on top of it. I think Michelle, that’s the owner would put you to work as an assistant, but you’d still have plenty to look at. Plus Michelle is really cool”.

I chuckled as I heard part of the conversation. The last customer left and I cashed him out, gave Samantha her tip from the guy, turned the sign to closed sat down in one of the big barber chairs. Playfully spinning around. Samantha sat down in the other one. She said “you know I really want to thank you”. I stopped spinning long enough to face her. “Thank me for what? The job? It’s the least I could do”. She said “well the job, and plus for my mom. I don’t think I’ve seen her this happy in a long time. I know that I gave you a hard time at first, and I’m really sorry that I did. I can see now how much you two love each other and I’m so happy for the both of you. Plus you’ve taken the time to listen to me. To let me vent when I was depressed about not having a boyfriend. I know that you’re not my mom. But you’ve been there for me just like a real mom and I really do appreciate you. So thank you for everything”.

She spun the chair around to look at herself in the mirror. “My hair is getting longer, but it looks like I have some split ends too. Maybe I can schedule an appointment with this great stylist at Michelle’s sheer delight. I heard the owner loves doing short cuts for women”. I smiled at her. “Hmmm I think that she has an opening right now if you like”. She said “well no time like the present then huh”?

I caped, and tissued her like usual, but not sure why I bothered since I used the clippers with the vacuum and all of her hair was just sucked up. She said the sound of the vacuum drowned out the clippers. Also that she just felt a cool breeze on her neck and then her hair was gone. I used the unguarded clippers up to the top of her ears and angled to the bottom of her ears. I have to say that this my favorite cut for a woman. Samantha looks absolutely beautiful with it. Now if I can only convince Jen to let me cut her hair short again, but that’s very doubtful. She said that she likes the contrast between us, her hair long and mine shaved on the sides and back. Plus she said that keeping her hair long and mine short reinforces the fact that she’s in charge in our relationship.

(To my beautiful Mistress and wife Jen. You picked me up when I was at my lowest point in my life. I don’t know what you saw or see in me. Me the girl that is flat chested and crooked teeth. No one else wanted me. I just know that everytime you tell me that I’m beautiful I want to cry tears of joy. Every time I hear you say I love you I just want to sing, scream, shout to the whole world how much I love you. How much I’d do anything for you, give anything for you.
I never knew what true unconditional love is outside of my family, but I have found it with you.

Dear readers when and if you have the chance to be cruel or kind to someone please treat them with all of the kindness in your heart. I try to treat people the way that I want to be treated. Often times I’m torn between treating people the way I think that I’m being treated. This is going to be my last writing.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for reading.

Michelle 🙂

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