The Micro Bang Mistake

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I sat alone in my room, staring at myself in the mirror, scissors in hand. I’d contemplated this for years, having seen girls with increasingly short micro bangs all over my social media. They are incredibly hot, especially the thought of having your entire forehead exposed. The more unflattering they were the more they turned me on. There was something about the humiliation of having to go out with them, completely unable to hide them. I needed it.

My hair was long, just down to my waist. I’d never cut it short before, and I’d definately never had bangs. I was getting wet just thinking about what I was about to do to myself. I already had quite a large forehead, that had been pointed out to me numerous times when I was younger. This was only going to accentuate it.

I reached up to the top of my hair and took a large section in the front, pulling it out from the rest and letting it fall down over my face. The section reached all the way across the top of my forehead, wider than the typical fringe but not quite meeting my temples.

I took a deep breath, trying to contain myself. This was a huge change. I knew my family and friends were going to hate it. I knew they were going to tell me I’d made a mistake. This only reinforced how much I wanted it. I wanted to turn myself on just by looking in the mirror.

Slowly, I placed my scissors at around eyebrow level and


A very large section of hair fell to the ground. I gasped, a rush of adrenaline coursed through my body. It was an inch wide, right in the middle of my face. I couldn’t hide it, even if I tried. I cut again, revealing my left eye, then I kept cutting along, more and more of my hair piling up on the floor. I’d seriously underestimated how much hair I was going to lose.

Eventually, I cut the last strand. My entire face had been opened up, there was nothing to hide behind anymore. The bangs hung just above my eyebrows.

This was fine, but I wanted more. I picked up the clippers I’d bought just for this and took off the guard. They turned on with a loud buzz. My heart was pounded in my chest as I held them up to the middle of my forehead. If I were to cut here, my bangs would be reduced by around an inch. Perfect.

I pushed them forward with a crunching sound as they sawed through my hair. The little pieces fell to the floor, collecting with the rest of my shorn locks. I repeated this in a straight line across my forehead, more and more of my hair being buzzed off and raining down on the ground below me.

I turned the clippers off and stared at myself, my pussy soaking wet and throbbing. My hand reached up and ran my fingers down my bangs. They ended so soon. I shook my head around and delighted in how they settled back in to place. My hair was so straight I could have them be any length and they’d probably still lie flat.

I could have them be any length and they’d probably still lie flat!

I wasn’t initially planning on going any shorter than these, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’d never been so horny in my life and I wasn’t going to stop here. I picked up my clippers and turned them on again.

Without thinking properly I forced them into my hair again, around a centimetre from the top of my forehead. I gasped as what was left of my bangs fell unceremoniously to the ground. The clippers were pushed in again and again, moving quickly across in sections. I was becoming impatient with having to wait to see what I I looked like. To see what I’d done to myself.

I moved the clippers away and saw myself properly for the first time. Immediately, I orgasmed, my body erupting with pleasure. I staggered back, falling on the bed behind me.

Holy shit

Once my body had started to recover from what had just happened, I sat up and took another look at myself. I shook my head slightly and realised I was very wrong. The bangs were so short they started sticking up into the air. It wasn’t even ridiculous in a hot way. It was just ridiculous.

There was no way I could fix this. I couldn’t make the bangs any longer.

Or could I?

If I were to take a section from further back on my head and bring it forward, the bangs would technically be longer, but they’d still be the extremely short length that I wanted. It was the perfect idea. Except, with the bangs underneath, they might look bulky… Then it hit me.

What if I shaved them away? 

This was an incredibly stupid idea. However, what other choices did I have?

I turned the clippers on and braced myself, lining them up with my hairline before pushing them into my newly severed bangs. The clippers ran along the inch of hair I had carelessly hacked off and reduced it further to an incredibly short stubble.

I turned them off and looked at myself in the mirror. It was humiliating. My forehead was massive and in place of bangs was a patch shaved nearly to the skin with only a faint hint of the hair that used to be there.

There’s no going back now

I parted the hair behind the shaved patch and brought it forward in front of my face, brushing it down so it lay flat. Then, I picked up my scissors again, holding them up to the very top of my original hairline.


The extremely long hair rained down, collecting by my feet, all that was left was just over an inch of bang, just barely covering the shaved section. I kept cutting, I could feel my heart rate rising again, my breath becoming shallow. As I snipped along, more and more of my face was revealed, massive forehead and all. The microbangs accentuated it even more than I could’ve imagined.

When I reached the end, finishing my bangs, I felt my hands shaking. I was laughing with delight, staring at myself. It was so fucking hot. The tiny tufts of hair were just over an inch long and went straight across the very top of my forehead. Because they covered my original hairline, they layed completely flat, making my forehead look even bigger than it already was.

It was way hotter than anything I’d ever seen on social media.


Thank you so much for reading! I noticed there’s a significant lack of self haircuts and bang specific stories so I decided to fill that gap in the market! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if there’s anything I can improve on, feedback is always appreciated. Have a great day <3

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  1. NB,

    That was a really fun story and perfectly aligned with one of my favorite fantasies. I’ve always thought it would be hot to give a special lady friend very short bangs. It would be such a great submissive gesture to see them in the mirror for months! And if she got as aroused as you did, even better!

    Keep up the good work,


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