Mind Control Part 2

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After I had sold my soul to the devil and had tried out my new mind control powers it was time to do what I had been waiting for. To finally make Jessie bald. 


I had walked down the street to Jessie’s place. She opened the door with her waist length dyed red hair up in a ponytail. “Hey babe can i come in?” I asked. “Of course,” she replied, opening the door for me to come in. I placed my hand on her face and gently kissed her. I then whispered in her ear “You now have a hair fetish just like mine and will let me shave you bald” Her eyes glowed red “your hair is too long baby we need to do something about this” i said running my hands through her hair. “Yes yes please i want it all off” she replied back excitedly. “Get naked,” I said , watching her eyes glow red again.


She started by taking off her shirt then her bra. Her breast moved slightly as she took it off. I ran my hands over her body feeling every space on her upper body. She then took off her shorts and panties. She was already wearing no shoes. I ran my hands down her body letting my fingers touch her clit. She let out a soft moan. “No, get rid of this,” she said, grabbing her hair in one hand. 


I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the scissors. “Let’s have some fun” I said as I grabbed a chunk of hair at the top of her head, cutting it leaving about an inch of hair remaining. I ran my hands over the short hair and noticeably got hard. “Don’t you dare stop now” She said, unzipping my jeans. I kept grabbing chunks of hair cutting them at a bunch of different lengths leaving hair no longer than an inch and a half. As I did she rubbed her hands up and down my dick. 


Once her hair was completely chopped up i told her “don’t make me cum not yet”. I then grabbed her hand and walked her over to the bathroom. I then grabbed the beard trimmer I left her for when I spent the night. I turned it on and ran it through the remaining hair. With no guard on it left only a tiny stubble.  


“Shave me bald, leave no hair on my head,” she said. “ You got it,” I replied , running the beard trimmer over her eyebrows. I then reached into her shower and grabbed her razor and shaving cream. I then rubbed her head and eyebrows with the shaving cream before I started to shave. Within 5 minutes she had no hair on her head but eyelashes. 


“Is this as good for you as it is for me?” I asked her. “I could make it better” she replied, grabbing the beard trimmer out of my hand and placing it at my hairline “just say okay ”. Instead of saying okay I just grabbed her hand and pushed the beard trimmer into my hair. Hair tumbled down around me as I let her buzz off the rest of my hair. Without letting me respond she shaved off my eyebrows. I stayed quiet as I let her shave me bald with the razor. 


As both of us stood there completely bald and void of eyebrows I began to finger her. As I fingered her she grabbed onto my side, squeezing hard. I then spun her around grabbed a condum from the drawer and began to fuck her. 


That night we had the best sex we had ever had. We both let our hair grow after that. I got my normal haircuts every few weeks but every time her hair grew to her bra strap we did the same thing. Leaving both of us completely hairless. 


I wish i could say that i stopped there and never used my mind control powers but to be honest every time i saw a beautifully hot girl walking down the street i would make her my me shave her head and sometimes eyebrows. After that night with Jessie I learned how to use a straight razor and kept one in my backpack at all times along with clippers and scissors.  


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