Miscommunication cost me too much.

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Hi friends, I’m Hema a cool college girl with long jet black hair swinging on the back. I love the touch of my hair on my back and I was very proud of it as every one in my family,school and even in college also praised number of times which I can’t even remember. Daily I spent an hour or so for taking the care of my beautiful dear hair. I never cut it since my childhood. It is one of the best thing that God ever gave me. This is all till that day only. After then I didn’t feel the swing on my back and no one praised me and so much time I sat idle because no hair to caress it.

Lets go to that day and will see what happened and how this beautiful long hair girl changed into a new shade with no hair.

Everyone was eager to know about that day and what happened on that day. Am I right??

Here is what happened on that day and why I was so sad about that day and all now. Before going to explain what happened I would like to say about my beautiful black hair which was a big asset on my back. It was very thick and a little bit curly. I washed my hair thrice in a week all with the natural things only. I spent most of the time by making different types of hairstyles with my long hair whenever I was free.

This is how I spent most of the time with my beautiful hair and I go for trims to a parlour once in 3 months. I never cut my hair more than an inch from the past 13 years. There is a parlour near to my home and I’m a regular customer and the parlour lady was very fond about my long hair and she was the person who cut my hair till then.

Like the regular trim I went to the same parlour but the parlour lady went for a vacation and she would be back after 15 days. The person next to the parlour said this. I thought for a while and looked at the long braid and I thought that it would be better to get the hair trimmed at some other place and started searching for a good parlour. After searching for an hour or so I found out a well looking beauty parlour which was a bit away from my place.

I entered into the beauty parlour and found so many clients and 3 chairs. The chairs were with the girls and they were there for different purposes and I said trim for the lady at the counter and sat down on the waiting chair and started seeing the magazine. As it was the lunch time all the hairstylists went for having lunch after they were done with the clients on the chairs. Then the lady at the counter called me and asked me to occupy one of the vacant chair. And there was another lady named Hema sat beside me. She asked me for what I came here. I replied her saying that I came here just for a trim as my regular parlour was closed today and it’s not going to be for the next 2 weeks.

I didn’t ask her anything like why she came here for or any. She left the chair for the bathroom and meanwhile one girl came to me and asked if I need any facial as she was specialized in facials. She said my face was looking dull and it’s better to have the facial from which I look good. I was convinced by the words of her and I asked her to do it. Within minutes she applied the facial and put some vegetables around my eyes. She asked me to wait like that for some time and she left for lunch. After few minutes the hairstylists came from their lunch. I was dreaming of my beautiful long hair that was going to be trimmed.

Suddenly a person came and put a hand on my forehead and a sharp slide of something happened along the hairline on the forehead. All of a sudden a wave passed through the spine and I opened my eyes and saw on the forehead. Some hair was removed and a scar like appeared on the forehead. I was in a shock and I thought that it was a dream and I tried to convince me. But I took out my hand from the cape and placed on that. No words for few minutes.

Then I shouted at the lady “Hey you !!! What u did on my forehead??”

Then the lady in a trembling voice showed the straight razor in her hand and said that “Head shave not for you madam??”

Then the other person hema came and said that “Hey head shave for me not for her??”

She was the person who came there for the headshave and the lady got confused with our names and she started head shave on my poor hair οΏΌπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

I shouted for half an hour and all the parlor people came to me and took me into the room and we talked for so much time and they pleaded not to make this a big issue.

I thought for a while and anyway there was no mistake from her side as she mistook me and did it for me. So no going back have to do it?

The other lady Hema was there with me from the starting of the scene till the end. So she consoled me and told some soothing words that she was also not interested in loosing her beautiful hair but for the sake of a vow she is gonna leave her lovely friend which was there from her childhood.

Then chatted with Hema for sometime and at last I got convinced that I’m gonna send my beautiful braid to the KAASHI to float it in the River Ganges along with her father so that atleast I’m gonna get some luck. Then comes the end of the beautiful braids on both the girls.

First Hema sat on the Chair and asked to do it ASAP as she was eagerly waiting to see my long hair to come off. The lady took a pink cape and wrapped around the hema’ neck and fastened it. She asked hema “How we are going to do it?? Loose hair or Braid??”

As she already decided to do it in a braid she said the same to the parlor lady. Then the parlor lady took the spray bottle and sprayed the water on the waist length hair and waited till all the hair got wet. Then the parlor lady took a blade and inserted into the straight edge razor and she came to the back of the chair. She asked hema whether to start or not??

Hema looked at me and gave a broad smile and said “Go on!!!”

Then the lady started on the forehead and slowly scrapped backwards starting from the front hairline as she did it for me. She started in the middle of the head and a very thin line in the middle of a dark road came on her head. Then she started on the right side of Hema and she slowly scraped as the first pass. Slowly the lane was increasing and the long black hair is coming back as she was in the braid itself. All the hairs were accumulating at the crown of her head as the parlor lady was making pass by pass. It aroused me a lot and it was the first time in my life saw a head shave in a parlor and forgot about the next head shave of mine on the same chair after a few minutes later.

All the front hairs are removed from her scalp and she was like a Chinese hero Jet Li in one of the movie with no hair in the front and a long braid at the back. She was looking very different in that position and I thought of me like that but couldn’t get my picture. Slowly the hair besides the ear was removed and came to the crown part and slowly the lady started removing the hair by scraping the razor at the back with an ease. Within mins the thick braid lost it contact with her head and slowly reached the floor. The white cue ball head was shining there in the chair. At that moment I was astonished at the sight of the Hema without hair on her head. She was so beautiful at the sight and again the lady lathered her head and slowly removed the small strands of her hair on the head.

Now the hema’s turn was over and she left the chair and welcomed me with a smile on her face to the place where my pride was gonna take off. I was in a trance at that moment. That till then I never thought of this moment gonna be in my life but I was in a condition to do it. I looked at the reflection in the mirror and I saw the scar that was made a few mins before. The part where the hair was missing is shining.

I slowly sat on the chair and looked at my sweet friend that was there from a very long time for the one last time. Hema asked the parlour lady to start the whole process. The parlor lady collected the dead braid and handled it to the newly shaved beauty. She happily kept the braid in the polythene bag which she brought with him while she was coming to the parlor.

Then the lady gave a broad smile on her face and took out a white cape and fastened it around my neck. She asked me to wash my hair for one last time as that was the mistake done by her. So she unbraided my hair and shampooed it and in 15 mins I was back in the chair with the long jet black wet hair spread all around the cape which we couldn’t see (as that much thick my hair was and it spread). The parlor lady asked me “How I wanna shave my poor pride??”

I was thinking and meanwhile hema the shaved beauty asked the parlor lady to shave it like that itself means as the loose hair itself. I looked at hema and she laughed at me and said “You will love the experience when the hair was rolling from the cape to the ground”. I sighed the parlor lady to do the same.

She slowly took a new blade and inserted into the razor which is gonna take the life of my beautiful long hair. I was keenly observing the way she was inserting blade into the barber’s knife. It was very funny to see like that as I have never seen before. She took the comb and just stroked my hair to remove the tangles from the wet hair. I was looking my reflection in the mirror with the long hair which was not gonna be there few mins later.

Hema asked the parlor lady to divide my head into 3 parts and then shave the both side parts and then come to the middle part which would be somewhat funny. I don’t know why she was ordering for my head shave and I was also accepting the same. Then the parlor lady divide my hair 3 parts and slowly she started at the right side of head.

She first scraped on the front side. A long curly snippet rolled from my right side head onto the cape and it stopped at my hand which I felt. She slowly scrapped the right side hair and slowly the hair was falling onto my lap. The white cape turned into black with the wet thick hair. Slowly the right side part of my head got completely shaved. I was astonished at the new look of me without hair on the right side of my head. Hema was looking with a curiosity through out my head shave. Slowly the lady came to the left side of me and she started shaving in the path which she made by the comb. Now only the middle part of my hair was remaining and I was like the hero in the “AVATAR” movie with the long hair on the middle of my head.

Then the lady started to remove the long hairs from the middle and started to shave the middle hairs also. The cool breeze made a romantic mood and I felt like it was one of the best experience I ever had. Within 5 mins the baby in the mirror was with a bald head. Before 20 mins she was one of the most beautiful girl with long braid and also pride. But now the same girl sat there without her pride which was lying on the cape and some hairs were on the floor. I just looked at the hairs that was on the cape and a small drop rolled out of the eyes and fall on the poor hairs. That was the send off I gave to my long time friend who never left me till now.

The lady lathered my shaved head with the shaving cream and slowly scraped again to make me more smooth and shinny. She did it and Hema collected my poor long hairs and she placed them in another bag and she was so astonished to see me in a beautiful bald head along with her.

Thats how our frienship started and we became good friends from then and she make me fun of the mistake that happened. This is how a pride girl turned into a bald girl just with a small miscommunication.

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