Miss Bloomfield Part 2

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Miss Bloomfield part 2
Rebelling against a haircut

Deacleration: for better experience first read “Miss Bloomfield part 1”

Rian was hungry and eagerly asked for the freshly made potato salad from his mother.
While Lia passed her son the potato salad she felt the need to comment on his appearance again.
“Rian, I thought I made my instructions clear to get rid of that hideous hair of yours…” She told him in a tone you would use to address a child.
“She really isn’t going to let is slide now, is she.” Rian thought to himself. Luckily Rian was a quick thinker, so he figured he would just feed her a white lie for now.
“Yes I’m going tomorrow.” He replied with confidence.
“Oh really? Where?” His mother countered.
“At the mall.”
Silence followed.
Rian looked up at his mother who clearly showed that she did not have a lot of confidence in that statement. This worried Rian. He might not be able to get out of this one. If his mother wouldn’t let it go, the next two years living at home would get really annoying.
On the other hand, what could his mother really do anyway? Would she escort him to the mall and make a scene in public? Rian shook that thought out of his head, he couldn’t believe she would be bothered enough by it to resort to causing any kind of scene. He was 20 years old now, there is no way she could treat an adult like that.
Although maybe it was smarter to just go to the mall tomorrow and get a trim or at least tidy it up a bit so he could get his mother off his back for now.
Rian really didn’t know what to do about it. He didn’t want to get his haircut, but two full years of arguing with his mother were also far from ideal…
Rian’s phone started vibrating in his pocket. Not now… His mother is definitely not a fan of mobile phones, let alone using them at the dinner table. Rian knew who was probably calling him, he just started dating a girl from his university. Her name was Amy, she had gorgeous blue eyes, and had long blonde thick hair past her shoulders.
Around Amy he was acting more tough to show off to her. The dating, and showing off to her, had been going on since he had gotten back from his time abroad, about two months ago.
Rian had kept this new development from his mother, since he didn’t want her to invite her over or do something equally embarrassing. Things were fine as they were and he didn’t need his mother to get involved in the matter.
The vibrating phone didn’t stop.
“Are you not going to answer that?” Lia asked.
Rian just looked at her like he didn’t know what she was talking bout.
“I’m not deaf you know, that thing still makes quite a noise when you put it on vibrate.”
Her son was looking for words but couldn’t find any.
“Come on, answer it.” She said in a mocking voice.
It kept vibrating so he figured he would just quickly say that he would call her back after dinner.
Rian swiftly grabbed the phone from his pocket and looked at the screen. Amy Barnsfield it said. He tapped answer.
“Hey, I’m just eating dinner. Can I call you back?” He almost whispered.

Amy was chatting already.
Rian looked over at his mother who seemed to enjoy his discomfort.
“Yea that sounds great, but I’m in the middle of something. I’ll call you later, okay?” Rian tried again.
Finally she responded to his pleads to terminate the call early.
“Alright… yea… okay, bye.” Rian whispered as he ended the connection by tapping the end call button.
“Who is she?” His mother curiously asked.
“Oh just a friend.” He tried to reply casually.
“Just a friend?”
She kept her cold stare locked onto him.
His face started burning up, was he a teenager again?
“So what does this new girlfriend of yours think of this hideous hairstyle?” The interrogation continued.
“She is not my girlfriend!” Rian almost shouted like a real teenager.
“But you agree that your hairstyle is hideous?” She smiled seeing him so out of his comfort zone.
“No and for the record, she likes my hair!” Rian blurted out.
Now this was a lie, or at least he didn’t know wether or not she likes his unmaintained look. It was simply not something they had talked about yet.
“I see, well better get a job fast so you can move out…”
Rian didn’t respond. He felt exposed and trapped by his tormentor.
“…Because I’m not housing a homeless person.” His mother continued her attacked.
The rest of the dinner was awkward and no words were spoken. As soon as the dinner was over, Rian excused himself and went upstairs.
He grabbed his phone and tapped Amy in the favourites menu. It didn’t take long until she answered.
“Hi there, sorry about that. I was in the middle of dinner.”
“Oh that’s okay, I just wanted to see how you were doing.“
“Oh I’m okay, just annoyed.”
“Annoyed? Why?“
“Just ‘living with my mom trouble’, problems you don’t have since you’re actually employed and have your own place.”
“Ah I know those too well, what is the issue?“
Rian was not ready yet to drop his cool attitude, Amy was a sweet girl and he really liked her.
“It’s nothing. How was your day?”
“Don’t change the subject, what’s the issue?“
Rian sighed, another battle he wasn’t going to win today.
“My mother doesn’t approve of my haircut.”
“Hah, she what? You are 20 years old. Do you need approval of how you wear your hair?“
This backfired, Rian wished he wouldn’t have said anything.
“No it’s not that, she just complains. Of course I don’t need permission, I’m not 12 anymore.”
“Haha, that’s funny. Your mother deciding what haircut you are getting, real mature, hah.“
Now look what mess he had gotten himself into. This had to end. She was right, this was ridiculous.
“Oh don’t worry, as soon as we are done talking I’ll go downstairs and tell her to mind her own business.”
“Ohhh mister tough guy! Good, stand up for yourself. I can’t date somebody who lets his mother dictate his life.“
This conversation gave Rian the confidence he needed to tell his mother once and for all that his haircut, was his business. If she didn’t like it, then that was too damn bad.
“You are right, I’m going to end this once and for all.”
“Good luck my little rebel! I expect a full battle report later, haha.”
“Sure, I’ll talk to you later.”
Rian hung up the phone and and with his anger bottled up inside he headed for the stairs. He was clenching his fists so hard that his knuckles went white. He was ready to face his mother once and for all.
Lia was sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of tea as Rian walked in and started stammering. “You can’t make me cut my hair. It’s my hair! I’m an adult now.”
Rian’s mother was puzzled by this sudden outburst, what was he thinking. “Says who?” She asked as she got up from her chair.
“I do… and so does Amy!” Rian blurted out.
“Oh so you both think you are so mature?” She questioned calmly.
“Yes, it’s my hair and I will decide what I do with it.” Rian almost yelled back at her.
Rian’s mother was far from impressed by this sudden change in behaviour. Clearly this new girlfriend was having a negative influence on him and Lia needed to find a solution before Amy could cause any more trouble between a mother and her son.
“You know what, if you are so mature. Why don’t we handle this like adults? This Saturday, invite Amy over and we will have dinner, just the three of us.”
Rian looked puzzled, this was definitely not the reply he was expecting from his mother. He was in war mode, he was ready for battle.
“Uh okay? I guess…” Rian just stood there dumbfound.
“Why don’t you call her now, so I know for sure I have to cook for three instead of two.”
Lia was back in control of the situation. Her son just stood there confused.
“Come on, chop chop, give her a call or do you want me to call her?”
That was definitely the last thing Rian wanted, so he grabbed his phone and hit redial.
“Hey, it’s me again.”
“That’s quick. How did it go my little rebel. Haha.“
Rian nervously looked over in the direction of his mother. Staring back at him was a woman with a confident smile on her face.

“Uh yea good. So would you like to come over for dinner on Saturday?”
“I guess so? Where are we going?“
“Uhm well you see…”
At this point Lia had enough and decided to intervene. She stepped towards Rian and grabbed the phone from him.
Rian just stood there like a small child that had his lunch money stolen by a bully.

“It’s Lia, Rian’s mother.”

“Nice to meet you Amy. I was just telling Rian that I would be so pleased to meet you. Would you like to come over for dinner this Saturday?”

“Or do you already have plans this Saturday?”

“Great, make sure to be here at 7:30.”

“Good. I Look forward to meeting you.”
With that Lia simply hang up the phone and gave it back to Rian who just stood there with his mouth hanging open. This was exactly what he had been afraid of and why he did not want to tell his mother about dating Amy.
“MOM! Why did you do that?!”
“Oh shush Rian, I just want to put a face to the name.” Lia countered her son’s argument.
Rian couldn’t believe it, he was so embarrassed. “Mom, I like that girl. Why did you have to interfere?”
“You always hide things from me, I have to find out in some way. Now go upstairs and clean up your room. If Amy is to see that dump, I’m sure she will change her mind about dating you.”
Rian felt humiliated and with nothing left to say he retreated to his room.
He was 20 years old, dating a gorgeous 23 year old girl who actually had a car and a full-time job. All the way on the other end on the scale of adulthood was Rian who didn’t have his degree yet and was still living with his mother and bossed around by her.
Unfortunately the damage had been done and there was nothing Rian could do now except for damage control. Hopefully the dinner wouldn’t bee too embarrassing and things could go back to normal after.
Later that week Rian was in his room wasting time on his laptop. His room wasn’t big and unfortunately only fitted a single bed. Amy had never been to his place. This Saturday it was going to happen though. Just thinking about it made him nervous.
The good news was that his mother seemed to have dropped the issue regarding his appearance. After standing up to her and telling her the truth, not a single word had been spoken about it.
While laying on his narrow bed, the speakers of his laptop generated a notification sound indicating an incoming message.
Amy: Hi Stranger! Are you on?
Rian: Sure am, how are you?
Amy: Good, thanks.
There was a brief pause. Rian didn’t know what to say to her. This was the first contact they had after his mother interfered in their conversation last night. Rian had lost some sleep over the embarrassing moment, but didn’t know if he should bring it up. While thinking of what he should say, Amy broke the silence.
Amy: So about last night… is it me or was that weird?
Rian: I know! I’m so sorry, my mother is quite a handful you know.

Amy: Yea it was a bit awkward. How is she a handful?
Rian: She just always want to have things her way.
Rian: I didn’t know she wanted to talk to you, she just grabbed the phone out of my hands.
Amy: Ah, well I guess we’re getting serious now. Meeting your mother and everything! 😉
Rian: Hah yea. You don’t mind having dinner at my place?
Amy: Well I didn’t plan on meeting your mother so soon…
Amy: I mean we never talked about any of that, but why not?
Amy: I’d love to see where you live! You never invited me over, we always hang out at my place you know…
That was true. Rian had never invited her over, not only because of his mother but also because of his small bedroom and single bed which was far from glamorous.
Rian: That’s because you actually have a nice place.
Amy: Well sign me up for the complete tour this Saturday!
Rian: I think a quick tour could be worked into the schedule…
Amy: Full tour, I want to see it all!
Amy: Hey, so did your mother said anything about your hair?
Rian: No, I think I made my point and she finally accepted that it’s my hair and none of her business.
Amy: Look at you being a grown up! Haha. No longer listening to his mommy… 😉
Rian: Hah, stop making fun of me.
Amy: I’ll do what I want! Anyway, I gotta go.
— Amy signed off. —
Rian was feeling a little better after talking to Amy. She was definitely a great girl and he was excited to see her again, although he would have preferred if it wouldn’t be at his place.
Feeling thirsty, Rian got up and walked out his room towards the stairs. He could hear his mother speaking to somebody on the phone while he was walking down the stairs towards the kitchen.
“Yes I know it’s been a long time! How are you?”

“Oh that’s wonderful. Yes things here are good. I’m still working 4 days a week at the head office of distribution.”

“He is doing good. He went away on a trip to Europe actually, he just got back two months ago.”
Rian stopped in his tracks in front of the living room door. He was curious to hear what his mother had to say about him.
“Oh you know… pushing boundaries and being rebellious as always. I’m definitely not a fan.”

“You are still doing that? I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“Well in that case, the weekend would work best.”

“I was thinking a little later?”

“Great, well we can always catch up then. See you soon.”
Rian was curious who his mother had been talking to. He opened the living room door and saw his mother putting the home phone back on the charging station.
“Oh hi Rian.” She said a little surprised.
“Who were you calling?” Rian quizzed his mother.
“Oh nobody, just an old friend. Would you like some tea?” Lia quickly changed the subject.
For some reason Rian had a knot in his stomach. He thought his mother was acting suspicious. What was she hiding?
On Saturday morning Rian woke up from the sun penetrating through his thin curtains. The sun was shining on this hot day in the middle of June. All the forecasts promised a hot summer ahead of them. Just being half awake, Rian rolled over to his nightstand and grabbed his phone. The screen was showing a new text message.
Amy: Hey cutie, so tonight is the night… hah. What’s your address?
Rian sat up on the edge of his bed as he started tapping on the screen of his phone.
Rian: It’s Admiral St. 153, west of the high school.
Amy: Ah I know that area, nice and suburban. See you at 7:30!
On his way to the kitchen in the hunt for breakfast, Rian ran into his mother who seemed in a very good mood this morning.

“Good morning Rian, how are you today?” She said with a big smile on her face.
It almost frightened Rian, he never saw his mother this happy. “Uh… good, why are you so happy?”
“Oh do I need a reason now to be happy? I was just thinking that today is going to be a good day! Did you remind Amy that I expect her at 7:30?” Lia awaited an answer by staring his way.
“Yea I just texted her.” Rian said while making his way towards the fridge.
“Excellent! It’s going to be an unforgettable night.” His mother laughed as she said this and made her way towards the living room.
“What’s up with her today?” Rian thought to himself.
Rian was just looking at the scoreboard after competing online in a new video game he was hooked on. He looked at the clock “It’s already 6:45? I better get ready!” He thought to himself as he jumped up from his bed. He changed into his pair of good jeans and a nice blue button up shirt with collar. Amy told him she liked that color on him since it matched his eyes.
Wearing his good clothes, his personal hygiene was next on the ‘getting ready list’. Rian made his way into the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. He was almost done when he heard the front door being opened. He heard mumbling of voices.
Rian quickly looked out the bathroom window onto the driveway. He saw a nice looking sedan in the driveway, not Amy’s car though. Good news since he wasn’t completely finished with getting ready yet. Besides it was still early. Rian confirmed this by checking the screen of his phone for the time. Just a few minutes after 7. He still had half an hour.
The next few minutes were spent in front of the mirror admiring himself. Rian’s hair was reaching his chin when he parted it in the middle. He used his hands to tuck it behind his ears to make sure it stayed out of his face.
Rian kept admiring the long hair which represented something more than just a haircut. It meant he was an adult now. He got to decide what he looked like. Besides, deep down inside it felt good to have something he could hide behind. Although just thinking that made him shiver and push those negative thoughts out of his head. He was looking good, a bit like a rock star. He was an interesting personality.
This self confidence session was abruptly disturbed.
“Rian, come downstairs!” The loud and dominant voice of his mother echoed up the stairs.
“What was it now, I don’t have time for this. I need to be ready for when Amy arrives.” Rian thought to himself.
He gave himself a last look in the mirror and confirmed that he was looking very stylish with his blue button up shirt and long hair.
“Rian? Did you hear me?” Lia was running out of patience.
“Yes yes I’m coming!” Rian yelled back while he made his way down the stairs.
When he opened the living room door, his heart skipped a beat.
There was the same scene from around 7 years ago.
A big chair in the middle of the room on top of a big square of old newspapers. Next to it stood the familiar dominant hairdresser.
Miss Bloomfield was a bit older now but was still having that brown dyed hair. She must have dyed it since there was not a single hint of her hair going grey just yet.
Rian was like a deer staring at a pair of oncoming headlights. He just stood there frozen while the cold gaze of Miss Bloomfield locked onto her target.
“Mom, what is this?” Rian raised his voice. “I told you I’m not getting a haircut!”

“I heard what you said. I think it’s a bit naive that you think you can make the rules in this house. Clearly you have no idea of who is truly in charge around here. Now why don’t you apologize for your behaviour and have a seat.” Lia said with a smile on her face. She was enjoying this moment.
“What was my mother thinking? My last haircut from this child hairdresser was almost 3 years ago. I was a changed man since my half year abroad. I grew up, I had taken care of myself. I was dating a beautiful young woman now.” Rian thought to himself.
He was an adult now, she couldn’t force him.
“No, I don’t want to cut my hair.” Rian now said with less power.
“I don’t care what you want or dont want. You’re going to receive a haircut RIGHT NOW!” As Lia spoke those powerful words she stepped in the direction of her scared son.
The proclaimed adult was almost shrinking as his mother stepped into his direction. He didn’t know what she would be capable of. The situation was very different from when they had the argument earlier this week about him not cutting his hair.
“But I don’t want to get my hair cut.” Rian tried again.
Now the situation in the room was shifting with every second. It started with a rebellious Rian who did not want to get his hair cut, but the presence of Miss Bloomfield hung in the air like a thunderstorm at the end of a hot summer day.
Because Rian had undergone this haircutting ritual so many times, it was almost as if he subconsciously knew that it was going to happen. He was like a child fighting his parents because he did not want to go to bed. He was just making matters worse for himself.
Until this point, Miss Bloomfield had not said a word. She had locked her gaze on her victim from the moment he had set foot in the room. She was just standing next to the empty chair in the centre of the room. She neatly draped the folded pink garment over her forearm while watching the events unfold.
Lia had told her that it wasn’t going to be an easy haircut, so she did not even bring her regular cape. All she brought was the restrictive pink garment which was perfect for these kind of punishment haircuts.
Rian was surprised to hear the strict voice of the woman he had feared for years now.
“Rian, I want you to take a seat in my chair.” The strong voice of Miss Bloomfield filled the tense room.
It was almost as if Rian had forgotten how forceful her voice truly was.
Miss Bloomfield already knew that her prey would sit in the chair eventually, they always did. The bigger fuss they threw, the more fun the actual cutting always was.
“But I don’t want to cut my hair. I’m growing it long, it isn’t fair!” Rian almost sobbed. He was close to being in tears.
“I will count to 5. If you are not sitting in my chair once I reach 5, I’m not cleaning up that hideous head of hair, instead I’ll only use my clippers to get rid of it all.”
Rian had butterflies in his stomach and goosebumps all over his body.
“She can’t make me” Rian thought to himself.
Rian was looking at the kitchen chair with the intimidating hairdresser standing next to it.
As if Rian had no more control over his body. He felt his right foot step forward, one step closer to his nightmare. He looked at the direction he was moving towards. It was the trap that was laid out for him. Miss Bloomfield’s facial expression had slightly changed. He could see that the serious look on her face started looking more like a grin.
Rian had shivers all over his body. Now his left foot made a big step forward followed by his right foot again which now stepped on the newspapers on the floor.
The counting had stopped. The room was just filled with the noise of Rian’s footsteps on the newspapers.
Rian slowly turned around as he lowered himself onto the front edge of the wooden kitchen chair. He just sat there on the edge of the chair while staring in front of him, afraid of what was about to happen.
Miss Bloomfield put her strong hands on his shoulders. She could feel Rian almost jumping as she touched him. She pulled his shoulders backwards so they touched the back of the chair. This meant that her victim had to move in order for him not to lose his balance.
Rian was not very tall, so his feet were now dangling just a few inches above the floor covered with old newspapers.
Adrenaline was pumping through his veins. Rian’s body and mind were in active mode, ready to flee at any second.
Miss Bloomfield was like a cheetah, she could smell the fear on the preys she stalked.

Rian’s instinct told him to just sit still and play death, maybe there would be an opportunity to escape later on. Although that would be nearly impossible, he had been in this position too many times with the same outcome every time.
With a quick glance Rian looked at his mother who had positioned herself in his field of view. She got a great view of what was about to happen and she was clearly enjoying the lesson which her son was about to be taught by his old tormentor.
The dominant hairdresser realized that even though her next victim was seated on the chair, she needed to make sure he wouldn’t try any last minute escape. It was not like she could chase an adult down the street with her clippers.
Without any sudden movements not to scare her prey, Miss Bloomfield took the folded nylon cape in both her hands and with the help of gravity unfolded the garment. She grabbed the pieces of the cape next to the neckline and with a swift motion she threw it into the air.
Slowly the pink nylon garment settled down on her former regular client.

To be continued….

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  1. Absolutely loved this story .
    Reminded me of the days when I was just like the protagonist. All my mother would do is , drag me down to the nearest barbers and order a short boys cut for a girl like me with short buzzed sides. Hated it initially but loved the feeling afterward of touching my nape with the buzzed effect. Looking back now , I feel like getting a short haircut but alas don’t have the guts to do . Hopefully , I find someone who just pulls me to the nearest barbershop . If you are interested dm me

  2. Loved reading this second part again! I still get excited reading about Rian being at the mercy of the dominant Miss Bloomfield and his mother.

    I can’t wait to find out what Amy thinks about him getting his hair cut short!

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