Miss Bloomfield Part -3

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Miss Bloomfield Part -3
the Forced Haircut

The 20 year old helpless victim just sat on the wooden kitchen chair. At the moment he still had long brown hair that reached his chin. As Rian sat there, he heard the rustling sound of the nylon as it got flicked into the air. For a brief moment he couldn’t see anything but the pink nylon material in front of him. The familiar instructions would soon follow.
In front of him was the big pink cape being held out open by his tormentor. The special punishment cape still had the hidden sleeves inside that would restrict anybody so there was no escape from the shearing ahead of him or her.
Rian looked at the opening of the sleeves, two big holes in front of him. They were situated about 50 centimeters apart. The openings of these sleeves were currently wide open. Through the seam of each of the sleeves ran a long pieces of elastic cord, like on the waistband on a pair of swimming shorts.
The pink elastic cords just dangled in the air under the sleeves, waiting to be pulled so they would tighten and render the victim helpless.
Elastic cord closure
The elastic cord closure used on the sleeves on the nylon cape.
The elastic cords went through a small metal cilinder object with a button on it. When Miss Bloomfield pulled on the elastic string, it would go through the metal cilinder. It was a system that only allowed the elastic cord to be tightened. In order to loosen up the elastic cord on the sleeves you had to hold the button on the metal cilinder and pull it down with a little bit of force. This elastic cord and locking system is commonly used on hoods of rain jackets to keep the hood firmly in place.
Since the wearer of this humiliating pink nylon cape had his or her arms and hands rendered helpless in the enclosed sleeves, the wearer was essentially trapped until after the cut. It was a heavy duty cape that Miss Bloomfield had gotten custom made after her own design.
The nylon cape was still floating in the air in front of Rian. Miss Bloomfield enjoyed using this cape since it required participation of her victim. The victim in the chair was required to obey her command and by doing so effectively rendered himself helpless. It was just one of the many humiliating tricks Miss Bloomfield had up her sleeves to make sure that her clients would behave.
The cape had never failed. It was almost like shock therapy. The big pink cape, the participation, her strict voice telling them what to do. It was a unique experience that would humiliate and embarrass any client.
“Hands in!” It echoed through the room.
Rian did as he was told and lifted his hands and moved them towards the two opening in front of him. He slowly slid his arms into the sleeves.
While Rian’s arms moved into the sleeves, Miss Bloomfield pulled the cape slightly towards herself. Essentially capturing her victim in between herself and the special cape.
Rian’s fingers found the end of the sleeves. The opening of the sleeves with the elastic cord came just passed his elbows.
Miss Bloomfield noticed this. “I see you have grown a bit since I last used this on you. Clench your hands and make a fist.”
As Rian made a fist with both his hands he felt Miss Bloomfield pull on the pink nylon material of the cape once more.
His clenched fists quickly slid further down the sleeves until they hit the end of the sleeves which was firmly sewn shut.
The opening of the sleeve now reached the middle of his upper arm. While Miss Bloomfield held the cape with one hand, she used her now free hand to pull on the elastic cord of the right sleeve opening. Rian could feel the opening of the right sleeve tighten around his upper arm. It was an uncomfortable feeling. Due to the locking cilinder system, the elastic didn’t ease off.
Miss Bloomfield switched hands and was now pulling on the elastic closure system of the left sleeve which rendered Rian completely helpless.
With her usual dominance, Miss Bloomfield pulled the pink fabric towards her. She was essentially pulling Rian back into the chair until the cold fabric touched his bare neck. She grabbed the two pieces and used the snap closure to tighten the cape just one snapper hole too tight. This was making it difficult for Rian to breathe. Although it was probably not really from the tight closure of the cape, it was more due to the nerves flowing through his body. It felt like he had a whole garden of butterflies in his stomach.
“You are heavily overdue Rian, look at what you did to yourself.” Miss Bloomfield said as she forced her comb through the chin length hair of the young men.
Rian didn’t say anything. He was too busy with the mixture of emotions going on inside of his head. The feeling of anger towards his mother that she would make him cut my hair like this, but also fear… real fear of Miss Bloomfield. She was no laughing matter. She was someone you should be afraid off.
“So what are we doing today?” Miss Bloomfield directed her question to Lia.
“As you can see, Rian is slipping away from me. He is making his own rules. I want him to listen to me and behave.”
“I know just the haircut.” Miss Bloomfield said with a smile on her face.
“Don’t hold back, I called you for a reason.” Rian’s mother said as she stood a few meters in front of the chair giving Rian once more a look of I told you so.
Miss Bloomfield walked to her beauty case to get her first array of torturing devices.
Rian sat there almost with tears in his eyes. He knew that Miss Bloomfield wouldn’t go easy on him. She enjoyed using her clippers way too much for that.
The high pitched noise of the front doorbell filled the room.
Rian almost jumped up in the chair. He now realized that he had forgotten all about Amy. His mind was too occupied with the reunion that was playing out at this very moment.
This was not how Rian could let Amy see himself. Especially not after she was so impressed that he stood up to his mother about the whole forced haircut ordeal.
“Oh I wonder who that is! Just in time to witness the shearing!” Lia said with a large amount of joy in her voice while giving a wink to Miss Bloomfield.
“No! Wait! Mom!” Rian tried yelling.
Lia simply opened the door to the hallway and closed it behind her.
“Mom?! MOM?!”
The sound of footsteps on newspapers filled the room after Rian’s yelling.
Lia opened the front door.
“You must be Amy!”
“That’s right, Miss Thompson I assume?” A nervous young lady responded.
“Well yes dear. Please do come in!”
“Oh thank you.” Amy said as she stepped inside.
“Let me take your jacket.”
Amy handed her jacket to Rian’s mother.
Lia’s first impression of Amy was a good one. She expected some pushy girl who was now telling her son what to do. Instead a very polite young lady stood in front of her. The shy young lady had blonde hair which reached all the way down to her bra strap in the back and got past her shoulder quite a bit in the front. She was wearing a black satin skirt which came just over her knees. The big black heels made her equal in height to Lia, who herself was quite tall for her gender. The white satin top finished off the professional look of her son’s girlfriend.
“You look very nice Amy.”
Amy smiled. “Well thank you miss Thompson!”
“So lovely to see your home. I would love a tour!” Amy added.
“Oh don’t worry, you’ll get to see everything!” Lia added with a knowning smile on her face.
On the other side of the door sat a very nervous young man on the kitchen chair. Bound by a big pink nylon salon cape, he had no way to escape.
Miss Bloomfield didn’t like wasting time and got to work. With one hand on top of Rian’s head she gently tilted his head until his chin was touching the cold fabric of the cape.
Rian knew that resisting would only make matters worse. He became in a submissive state and simply let Miss Bloomfield control the situation. He was now staring at his knees which were covered by the soft pink fabric.
A loud click brought the familiar beast to life. The buzzing sound of the clippers filled the room. These were some heavy duty clippers. No battery operated hobby kit, the real old school clippers with a thick power cord.
With a big smile on her face the hairdresser placed the loud clippers at the base of Rian’s neck. With one smooth motion she started running the clippers up his nape.
Rian felt the cold steel blades of the hungry monster pressed firmly against his nape. While his head was held firmly by his teenage tormentor, the loud clippers changed in tone as they started buzzing through his thick long hair.
Once Miss Bloomfield got high up Rian’s neck with the clippers, she flicked her wrist sideways to lift off the big pile of hair which seemed to be riding along on top of the clippers.
While Rian was staring at his knees he noticed the large quantity of hair sliding down from his right shoulder into his lap. The 4 inch long hair smoothly slid down the soft sleek material of the salon cape.
Just as Rian realized what was happening the door to the living room slowly opened. Rian could see it from the corner of his left eye while still keeping his head pointed downwards.
Miss Bloomfield turned the clippers off so she could see who was visiting this butchering session.
“What a lovely house you have miss Thompson.” Amy’s sweet voice travelled into the room before she even sat foot inside.
“Thank you dear, just wait until you see the living room!” Lia said with a sense of joy in her voice.
Rian could see the boots his mother was wearing from the corner of his limited vision. The next thing he saw was a pair of killer heels together with a black satin skirt. The heels only made their way just through the door as they stopped in their tracks.
Miss Bloomfield saw a young lady who clearly was new to the concept of home haircuts. She could just sense that Amy was the type of girl that had always had her own say with her hair, which probably resulted in the dull long hair she was having now. It didn’t do her face any good and the amount of time and money wasted on care was just an outright shame. She shook her head as if she had seen something despicable.
“Oh my, what’s this?” Amy asked while taking in her new surroundings.
Amy looked at the square of newspapers on the floor. In the middle stood a kitchen chair with a caped victim who looked very anxious. It was almost difficult to recognize her boyfriend sitting there. He had hair clips on top of his head separating the long hair on top from the rest of the thick curtains. His head was tilted forward so he was staring at the floor.
Lia eagerly replied. “As you might have noticed, my son was heavily overdue for a haircut. He wasn’t mature enough to take care of it himself, so I decided to help him out a little and teach him a lesson along the way.”
Rian wished the floor would open up and swallow both him and the chair he was sitting on. Anything was better than the torture he was currently going through. Not only was his girlfriend witnessing this ridiculous haircut ritual, his mother was telling her she organized this punishment haircut.
Slowly Rian lifted his head to make eye contact with Amy.
Rian saw a very surprised and joyful young lady. Their eyes met. Rian’s eyes were pleading, almost telling her to look away. Her bright blue eyes seemed filled with joy. Rian didn’t understand. She seemed to have a smile on her face while he was being tormented like this.
Rian felt the firm hand of Miss Bloomfield on top of his head again.

“Head down Rian.” Were the last words Rian heard before his head was tilted once more and the loud clippers started roaring again.
The buzzing of the clippers continued in the back of Rian’s neck. With great precision Miss Bloomfield yielded the clippers and cropped the poor young man. Piles of hair were dumped on the cape, sliding down until they joined in the pool of hair that slowly started forming in Rian’s lap.
It was only minutes before the aggressive hairdresser also cropped both sides of Rian’s full head of hair. Just the hair on top, which was firmly held in place with the hair clips, was still attached.
Now the sides and the back were done, Rian’s head was no longer pushed down by the aggressive hairdresser. He was now staring in front of him. Still to the left he could see the attractive young lady in her skirt and heels watching the massacre.
Amy just stood there dumbfound, she didn’t know what to say. The whole situation was bizarre to her. She had never even seen a home haircut or heard about this concept. She had grown up with small trims at the local unisex salon while her mother would have her hair done.
“What do you think Amy, much better no?” Lia asked while admiring Miss Bloomfield’s handiwork.
“Well yea, I mean I can see his face now… even his ears!” Amy chuckled.
“Oh but we are not finished yet.” Miss Bloomfield announced as she walked over to her beauty case to swap her clippers for a different set of scary tools.
With a water bottle and comb in her hands, the hairdresser released the hair clips on top of Rian’s head. His hair was now simply falling down in front of his face and partially covering up the short sides again.
While spraying the top of the hair wet and combing it through, Miss Bloomfield took the opportunity to study her audience.
Lia was clearly happy with the results so far. She eagerly followed the cutting process and was encouraging Miss Bloomfield along the way.
Next to her, but with enough space in between them stood the newest addition to the room. Amy was looking on eagerly but also seemed a little scared of the hairdresser.
Miss Bloomfield studied the young lady more and secretly wished she could have Amy meet her scissors or clippers even. She clearly needed somebody to tell her what would look good on her instead of the endless trims she was currently receiving.
“So… what do you think we should do with the top section ladies?” The hairdresser queried her audience.
“Short!” Lia almost yelled through the room.
“What do you think… uhm Amy is it?” The hairdresser made eye contact with the young blonde lady.
“Oh…” Amy said as she returned Miss Bloomfield’s gaze. It wasn’t long before she broke the connection and made eye contact with Rian instead.
Amy was used to seeing this young proud man she thought she was dating, but instead she saw a young insecure boy awaiting his fate.
The thought of having this power over him excited her.
Rian looked at Amy, pleading with his eyes.
Amy started to smile, but not in a cute way.
Rian felt the butterflies fill up his stomach again. What was she thinking?
As her grin grew bigger the sound of her sweet voice filled the room. “I don’t believe there is such a thing as too short, do you?”
“I’m going to steal that line!” Miss Bloomfield said with a big smile on her face.
Rian felt betrayed. He couldn’t believe his girlfriend would go against him on his hair and side with his mother.
Lia was happy to see that her son’s girlfriend agreed to her methods. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all? Even though she was still not happy about the way her son stood up to her after talking to his girlfriend on the phone.
“I don’t want it short!” Rian said with a crack in his voice. It was his last attempt. Resistance was futile.
Miss Bloomfield had heard enough and decided to let her cutting do the talking. It didn’t take long before it was raining down hair onto the cape. More hair was added to the pile. The snipping continued for minutes.
Rian saw all the hair falling down onto the cape. “It’s too short!” He tried again.
“It’s a little late now. But guess what?” Lia spoke to her son.
“Uhm what?” Rian was confused.
“It will grow back! Though it might take you a while, hah.” Lia said with a big smile on her face.
The beaten young man sat in the chair. His arms still rendered useless by the sleeves inside of the salon cape. The snipping continued.
There was only just over an inch left on top of his head. The sides and back were blended so there was a smooth transition from the longer hair on top to the very short sides and back which couldn’t even cover Rian’s skin.
The torture seemed to be over since Miss Bloomfield went to get her little trimmer and the hair duster from the beauty case.
Rian’s neck was very sensitive since it was no longer covered by a thick layer of dark hair, which made him feel naked.
The dominant hairdresser used to trimmers to clean up the hairline around his ears and neck. The feeling was sensational for Rian since it had been a long time since he had any type of exposed hairline like that.
The soft hairs of the hair duster made him shiver as they passed over the back of his neck. It was a special feeling.
Miss Bloomfield picked up the pieces of the cape from the back and opened the snapper closure which was closed tightly around his neck.
Rian felt like he could breathe again as he felt his hairdresser fumble around with the elastic cords and the closure around his upper arms. It wasn’t long before he felt the elastic cord loosen up and he could slowly retract his arms from the sleeves.
With a swift motion the nylon prison, together with the pile of hair that had formed in his lap, was removed and shaken out expertly by his predator.
While staring at his white knuckles from the tight clenched fists he had made during the cut, Rian slowly rose to his feet. Once he was up and moving he quickly stepped away from the chair towards Amy to seek comfort. He turned around to see large piles of hair on the newspapers. Looking at the crime scene almost made him nauseous.
Shivers ran all over Rian’s body as he felt Amy’s hand touch his freshly cropped neck. So sensitive and naked.
“I like this new look on you Rian, what an improvement! You should keep it like this.” Amy said with a big smile on her face.
Rian wasn’t happy about this. The last thing he wanted was to keep this super short haircut. He liked his hair long. It would be at least a year before he would be back on track. What a loss.
Lia now saw her opportunity. “Amy it looks to me like Rian wasn’t the only person over due for a trim.”
“Oh me?” Amy replied while reaching up to touch her long locks.
“Yes I’m sure Miss Bloomfield has time for another client.” Lia said while looking at Miss Bloomfield.
The hairdresser had only just warmed up and was more than ready for another client and nodded eagerly.
“No that’s okay I got my usual stylist in the shopping mall, he does my hair.” Amy said with confidence in her voice.
“How much do you pay for a trim there?” Lia asked.
Amy didn’t like where this was going. “Well a head massage, trim and blowdry go for about 65 dollars I think.”
Miss Bloomfield picked up the pink cape from the back of the chair and folded it over her arm. She knew where this would be going.
“Then I know an easy way to save 65 dollars.” Lia continued.
“No really, it’s okay. I’m growing it out anyway.” Amy tried. She had lost the confidence in her voice.
Now Miss Bloomfield chimed in. “Even when you are growing your hair out you need a trim to keep it healthy Amy.”
Amy was now up against two strong willed women.
“Well yea but…”
The scissor happy hairdresser didn’t let her finish. “Just take a seat and we can take a good look.”
Amy looked towards the hairdresser who had her eyes locked on her. Her eyes seemed cold and evil on the inside.
The helpless young lady didn’t know what to do. She had just seen what Miss Bloomfield was capable off. She only let her own stylist touch her hair since he would never cut it any shorter than she wanted. Now she was trapped in this room. She really had to come up with a good reason why she couldn’t have her hair cut right now.
“Amy, have a seat.” Miss Bloomfield continued more bossy this time.
Amy’s heart just skipped a beat when she looked at miss Bloomfield. “No really it’s okay. I always go to my stylist and he says that…”
The hairdresser had heard enough and said in a very demanding tone. “Nonsense, you are overdue. Have a seat.”
Amy looked at Miss Bloomfield who had the pink cape draped over her left arm while leaning on the kitchen chair with her other arm.
The sound of her fingers tapping impatiently on the back of the chair made Amy even more nervous.
Amy looked at Rian. He just stood there ashamed of his new haircut, not in any position to back her up.
She then looked at Rian’s mother who just stared back at her and made a little head gesture towards the chair to encourage her to take the plunge.
Amy’s mouth was very dry all of a sudden. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Goosebumps all over her body. What was she going to do?

To be continued…

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  1. I really loved this part! It was great that Amy was so enthusiastic about seeing Rian getting his hair cut short by Miss Bloomfield. I can’t wait to read the next part!

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