Miss Bloomfield Part -4

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Miss Bloomfield Part -4
Amy’s turn in the chair

Amy couldn’t say a word, her heart was racing. She was just standing there, at least that’s what she thought. All of a sudden she took one small step towards the chair, and another one. She didn’t understand, like she had no will power to resist. Her body had made a decision even though Amy didn’t agree!
The young unsure blonde lady didn’t know what to do. Her legs kept making small steps towards the crime scene where her boyfriend had just lost his safety blanket.
Miss Bloomfield had her eyes locked onto the young lady. She knew that they would always end up in her chair. It would just be a matter of time.
Amy’s footsteps now made their way onto the newspapers on the floor. The sound they produced made her shiver all over her body. She was now just a meter away from the chair.
“Take a seat.” Miss Bloomfield ordered while pointing at the chair.
Amy took the last step and slowly turned around. She lowered herself onto the wooden kitchen chair so her butt cheeks were just touching the front edge of the chair.
This wouldn’t do for miss Bloomfield. She placed her right hand on Amy’s shoulder and pulled her back.
The insecure young girl almost lost her balance and quickly had to use her legs to push herself back into the chair. Her shoulders were now touching the back of the kitchen chair.
Amy had to shift positions not to be uncomfortable and was now sitting upright with her back completely straight and pressed against the chair.
Miss Bloomfield was happy enough with the new composure and removed her hand from her new victim’s shoulder.
Amy’s feet were dangling in the air. The solid wood of the kitchen chair was not uncomfortable to sit on. She just stared at Rian, who was standing next to his mother in front of her watching the events unfold.
Rian returned her eye gazing. He was looking at a very timid young lady sitting on a kitchen chair with a very dominant older hairdresser standing next to her. He couldn’t help but notice the evil facial expression on Miss Bloomfield’s face. It was in dark contrast to Amy’s frightened expression.
After looking at her defeated boyfriend, Amy directed her gaze a little to the right to meet eyes with her potential future mother in law who she had just met. Amy saw Lia’s very dominant posture with a smirk on her face which read “I told you so.”
The next thing Amy knew or actually heard was the sound of a fabric being picked up and thrown into the air. All of a sudden this big pink sheet was in front of her, ready to capture her.
Amy had walked in on the haircutting ordeal when Rian was already firmly strapped into this special nylon cape. She was unaware of the extra features it bestowed.
Unlike Amy’s normal salon experience, where the cape would be draped over her shoulders, Miss Bloomfield held it out in front of her. Saying the oh so well known phrase, or at least well known to Rian.
“Hands in.”
Amy looked at the pink garment being held out in front of her. She spotted the two open holes in front of her. Amy meekly obliged.
As soon as Miss Bloomfield saw Amy lift her hands and she slowly slid them into the openings of the sleeves, she reacted. Miss Bloomfield was like a predator and Amy was her prey. The predator saw this was the moment to act and she did so by pulling the cape towards herself.
The prey was caught off guard by this sudden movement.
Amy was effectively thrown in a pink nylon prison. Now all there was left to do for her guard was to lock the cell door.
The new inmate soon found out that these weren’t normal sleeves. She kept working her hands further into the sleeves as Miss Bloomfield kept pulling the cape closer to herself. With every moment passing Amy’s hands were reaching further down the nylon sleeves. Amy was expecting to find an opening at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately for Amy, there was no opening. Her fingers simply found the end which was sewn shut.
Amy’s reaction to finding the abrupt stop of the sleeves was to let out a little high pitched noise and to retract her fingers, effectively making a clenched fist with both hands.
Miss Bloomfield felt the sudden hand movements and gave one final good pull on the nylon fabric. Making sure that her clenched fists were now firmly pressed against the end of the sleeves. The hairdresser repeated her earlier performance with Rian. She held the ends of the cape with one hand while she pulled on the elastic cord of the right sleeve of the cape with her other hand.
The poor girl didn’t understand what was happening but felt the opening of the sleeve tighten around her upper arm just below her arm pit. It was tightened so much that it felt uncomfortable.
The dominant hairdresser quickly switched hands and was now pulling the elastic cord on the left sleeve of the cape.
Amy felt the same uncomfortable tight feeling around her left upper arm. Her reaction was to try and pull her arms out.
Rian saw the whole ordeal and it made him feel sick to his stomach. Seeing the young woman he cared so much about being trapped in a situation like that. He saw some swift movements of the cape and realized she was trying to pull her arms out. “Poor Amy” he though to himself.
The helpless young woman now realized that her arms weren’t coming out and she was essentially trapped like this. Little did she know that this bondage ritual wasn’t over yet.
Miss Bloomfield noticed the movement and didn’t waste any time. She used both her hands to quickly close the snapper closure on the back of the pink cape. Her new client’s hair was still stuck under the cape.
The nervous client was still pulling on the sleeves, not believing what was happening. The sounds of the snapper closure locking her in had made her shiver even more.
Amy heard the footsteps behind her leave the squared off arena marked by the newspapers.
After rummaging through her beauty case, the aggressive hairdresser returned with her tools. She started pulling the hair out from under the cape and used a big hair clip to secure it on top of her client’s head.
Amy felt the pins of the hair clip scraping over her scalp which wasn’t really comfortable. She felt tugging on the cape at the back of her neck and it came loose. She got the false sense of security, thinking that maybe she was being released from this nightmare.
The scissor happy lady had other plans though. Now the big bulk of hair was out of the way she firmly pushed the client’s head so it was tilting forward. She pulled the left section of the cape all the way over the right shoulder of her new client. Then the right section of the back of the cape was pulled as far left as she could. This resulted in the snapper closure lining up perfectly for Miss Bloomfield pressing.
Amy felt the nylon material being closed tightly around her slender neck.
“It’s a little tight.” Amy tried.
Miss Bloomfield reached for the latest snapper closure while admiring Amy’s slender neck. She almost never reached this far.
Amy could feel the warm breath of her predator on her exposed neck as she leaned in to whisper in her ear.
“It’s supposed to be tight, we can’t have any loose hairs ruining your good clothes.” Miss Bloomfield whispered with a deviant tone.
Rian’s mother smiled to herself. She was about to witness the young woman who was influencing her boy for the worst receive a good haircut. None of these long blonde locks. She looked at Amy, who had a very anxious facial expression. A mixture of helplessness and anger probably pumped through her body. It didn’t matter. She knew that Miss Bloomfield wouldn’t let anybody get out of her chair without losing a significant amount of hair. Especially not somebody she would have carte blanche on.
Amy had trouble swallowing because of the tight closure of the cape around her neck. She felt the pins of the hair clip on top of her head move. The hair clip was being released and with the help of gravity her thick hair spread out around her head. Immediately she felt a comb firmly going through her hair.
“Oh my, your hair is in bad shape Amy.” The hairdresser followed her statement with sounds of disapproval.
“No but I have it trimmed every 8 weeks and…” She couldn’t finish her sentence.
“I’m telling you, it’s in bad shape.” She continued while combing through the thick blonde hair.
Amy sensed that this was going into the wrong direction. “Please I don’t need it cut. Just get rid of the ends then.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you leave with a healthy head of hair.”
A knot started to form in Amy’s stomach. She knew she was in trouble. But what could she do? She felt the hairdresser who continued to comb and gather her hair in the back. It felt like she was making a ponytail. She could feel her hair being threaded through the loop of the hair elastic multiple times.
“What are you doing?” Amy asked nervously.
There was no response apart from more tugging on the back of her head. Her long blonde hair was simply tied in a tight ponytail on the back of her head.
“Now let’s get started shall we?” Miss Bloomfield stated while looking towards Lia who stood there eagerly watching the show.
Lia returned the hairdresser’s glance with a nod of approval.
Amy was simply looking in front of her and noticed the weird nod of Rian’s mother. Why was she nodding? Then she felt a hand being placed on the newly made ponytail.
Miss Bloomfield opened her sharp scissors and rapidly started cutting into the thick hair in between the elastic pony tail holder and the scalp of her latest victim.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
“Oh my.. NO… What?!” Amy couldn’t find words as she felt the scissors snipping into her long gorgeous hair. She couldn’t belief this was happening to her.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
Rian stood there horrified of what he was currently witnessing. He saw Amy pull and fight the sleeves she was encased in. It didn’t matter though, the sleeves were tested so many times already. They never failed to keep the client from interfering with the haircutting process.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
It didn’t take the experienced hairdresser long to cut through the thick hair.
Amy felt like a big weight came off the back of her head. Her mouth just fell wide open.
Rian couldn’t believe what he saw. His childhood tormentor was now taking a turn on his girlfriend. He saw the ponytail come off and it was being held up in the air like a trophy.
The fresh cut off ponytail was being lifted over Amy’s head and lowered into her lap by the scissor happy hairdresser.
All Amy could do was gasp as she looked down at a 10 inch long ponytail which used to be a part of her. She was in shock. She couldn’t even say a word.
How much of a shock it was for Amy, the more normal it seemed to be for Miss Bloomfield. She seemed to be in a good mood and made her way to her beauty case to get another few items that she needed for the rest of the cut.
While Miss Bloomfield made her way back to the awaiting client she noticed the frightened look on her previous client’s face. He stood there with open mouth and a freshly shorn head.

Next to him stood his mother who was also showing a shocked facial expression by the ponytail cut she had just witnessed. Miss Bloomfield saw how Lia grabbed her own long dark brown hair insecurely and felt how soft it was.
Miss Bloomfield had of course noticed the old hairstyle that Lia was wearing again. It was the same dull long dark brown hair she had before she once bobbed her. It was just passed the middle of her back and hadn’t been trimmed for a while.
Even though Miss Bloomfield still felt hurt that after she got Lia in the chair once, she never really saw her again to follow up for another haircut session. She decided not to mention it so early on. She figured it was best saved for later.
The tormenting hairdresser snapped out of her train of thought since she still had a client in her chair. Now the fun part was over, it was time to get it fixed into a more suitable style.
As Amy sat there staring at the cut off pony tail laying lifeless in her lap, she heard the water bottle being worked behind her. It wasn’t long before she felt the cold damp mist surround her head. More quick combing and spraying follolwed.
It was strange, Amy felt upset and betrayed but couldn’t find words or do anything.
The first shock was still laying on her lap, it wasn’t long before there was more to come. The sharp scissors started rapidly closing again and more hair was raining down on the nylon cape. Long pieces of hair joined the thick blonde ponytail.
Miss Bloomfield decided that after cutting the ponytail she could settle for a short bob with a clippered nape. It would suit the young lady well and still look professional.
Even though Miss Bloomfield enjoyed cutting hair, she always wanted her clients to get out of the chair with a fresh look that actually soothed them. That her clients were not always ready for a big transformation, was something that didn’t concern her. If people wanted to fuss about their hair, they should have gone to one of the expensive salons in town. She was simply doing her job by cutting hair and making sure that the people who left her chair would look presentable again.
Lia closely watched the continued shearing of Amy. She was pleased by the quick progress her old friend was making. Well not really friend, it was more that she used to see her often when Rian was receiving his regular haircuts from her.
Amy was not the only one with a knot in her Stomach, Lia also felt one growing bigger by the minute. This was actually the first time Lia remembered the haircut she had received from Miss Bloomfield. She remembered how Miss Bloomfield had persuaded her into the chair for a trim. It was nothing like the shearing she was witnessing now, she had simply ignored her wishes and cut it much shorter. What she was doing now was just a pure demonstration of power and dominance.
The knot quickly faded in Lia’s stomach since she knew a lot of time had passed. Besides she wouldn’t let Miss Bloomfield near her hair again. She had invited her over to sort out the children, that was the special instruction she left with Miss Bloomfield when she asked her to come over again.
Lia was able to sooth her nerves and go back to enjoying the sights of the scissor happy stylist. She saw the poor girl looking down into her own lap. The big blonde ponytail was still laying there, but no longer alone. A big pile of hair started to form around the thick ponytail.

Rian looked at his girlfriend and almost felt sick in his stomach. He couldn’t really see what the haircut was supposed to be, but right now it was still a lot of hair flying through the air and landing on the pink nylon cape. While watching the massacre unfold, Rian reached up to his ear to scratch it and was surprised that it wasn’t covered by his long hair any more. The intense show of power in front of him had made him forget all about his own big crop.
Amy was still feeling butterflies in her stomach combined with a big knot. There were goosebumps all over her body. She was still looking down as she saw more pieces of hair raining down. Much smaller now, but it was still raining.
Miss Bloomfield was happy with the progress that she had made. She had turned the long blonde hair into a short bob. There was just one last thing to take care off that would really put the last nail into Amy’s coffin.
With her scissors in one hand, the aggressive hairdresser started combing the hair on top of Amy’s head to the front.
Amy’s vision was impaired by a thick curtain of hair. The thick curtain used to be longer and was now only just reaching past her chin after the aggressive ponytail cut.
While looking at this thick curtain of hair, Amy felt the cold steel of the scissors about half an inch above her eyebrows.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
The first 3 cuts were made and suddenly Amy could see her future mother in law again watching the cutting unfold. Still with an evil smirk on her face.
Thick hair rained down on the cape joining Amy’s ponytail.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
With another 3 sharp cuts the bangs were created and Amy’s vision was restored. She could now see the frightened look on Rian’s face.
Amy wanted to scream and shout. Throw a tantrum, but she couldn’t. She didn’t have the energy or the willpower to do so. It was as if her lost hair had taken away all the energy she had to fight it. She was still in shock and slowly accepted her faith.
Miss Bloomfield looked at the cut she created and saw a few details she had to sort out, although she was happy with the result so far. Just a few more minutes and her chair would be vacant once more. She threw a quick glance towards Lia who was eagerly following the cutting process. The hairdresser was planning her next move. The worst feeling for her was an empty chair while there were still potential clients around.
These thoughts kept going through Miss Bloomfield’s mind while she was finishing the newly created bob with her scissors.
Amy still couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. Luckily it seemed as if the cutting had stopped. She couldn’t wait to get out of the chair, out of this room, out of this house! She wanted to get away.
While Amy was plotting her escape plan, she heard the familiar foot steps move around on the newspapers until they turned silent as her hairdresser left her alone for a brief moment.
It wasn’t long before the newspapers announced that her tormentor was back.
Amy felt a strong hand on top of her head and the familiar words echoed through the room again.
“Head down.”
With those words she felt the hand pressing on her head until it started tilting. The pressure didn’t stop until Amy felt the cold fabric of the nylon cape touch her chin. The next sound she heard was sharp and short.
This loud click brought the hungry clippers back to life.
Amy felt the cold steel of the blades touch the base of her nape. It sent shivers down her spine.
The tone of the loud humming machine changed as it moved up and encountered its first resistance in the form of her short blonde hair.
You could barely call it resistance since the loud vibrating clippers was a heavy weight champion compared to her short neck hair. It simply got rid of the hair at the base of her nape in a matter of seconds.
This was the first time that Amy had ever experienced the clippers being used on her. She didn’t know what went through her body when the vibrating monster touched the base of her neck and moved upwards.
Miss Bloomfield was a real veteran with this aggressive hair eating monster and soon finished the look.
Another flick of the switch killed the clippers and the room went completely silent.
“There you go.” Miss Bloomfield announced Amy was done as the tight snapper closure around the young woman’s neck was opened.

Amy felt like she could breathe again.
The aggressive barberette leaned forward so she could reach the elastic band on the sleeves inside the cape and opened them one after the other.
As Amy felt the tight sleeve openings loosen up around her upper arms she eagerly pulled her arms out.
The cape was carefully moved away and with that the huge pile of hair fell to the floor joining Rian’s safety blanket that was shorn away earlier. It was a big mixture of Rian’s dark and Amy’s blonde hair.
Amy didn’t need any encouragement and jumped up from the chair and carefully stepped over the piles of hair. She wanted to get as far away from the arena where she had just lost her dignity. She made her way over to Rian to seek comfort.
Rian eagerly welcomed Amy and put an arm around her as if to tell her “It’s alright, it’s over now.”
With her right hand Amy felt up the damage. She could feel the short clippered nape under her inverted bob. It was a short bob but the feeling of her freshly clippered nape sent shivers down her spine.
Rian glanced over his shoulder to watch the back of Amy’s haircut. It seemed rather daring and short but he had to admit that it wasn’t a bad haircut. He looked back at Miss Bloomfield who didn’t seem very eager to pack up her tools just yet. She simply hung the pink nylon cape over the back of the chair and laid down her tools back on the kitchen table.
There was a tension in the room. Nobody dared to say a word.
Lia felt uncomfortable now. She enjoyed the shearing of the youngsters but for some reason her gut was telling her that something bad was about to happen.
It didn’t take long before Lia wanted to be back in control.
“It’s still 12,50 each, right?” Lia asked while she walked towards her purse which was laying on the couch.
Miss Bloomfield didn’t reply. Instead she was organizing her stuff on the table.
“Here we go, 25 dollars.” Lia announced as she paraded through the room holding two bills in her hand.
The hairdresser was finished with organizing her tools and turned towards her potential next client to accept the payment.
“Thanks Lia, but I don’t think we’re done just yet.

To be continued….

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  1. What a fantastic part of the story! It was great that Amy was tightly caped for her haircut and that Miss Bloomfield gave her a short bob.

    It is going to be great to read about Lia getting her turn in Miss Bloomfield’s clutches for a short haircut.

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