Miss Bloomfield Part -5

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Miss Bloomfield Part -5
You’ll be my last customer

Miss Bloomfield’s eyes were locked onto Lia.
“Thanks Lia, but I don’t think we’re done just yet.” Miss Bloomfield stated as she accepted the money.
Amy started to feel a little better after the traumatic experience she had to endure and noticed the odd tension in the room.
“No? Well don’t worry about the clean up. I’ll take care of it.” Lia pointed towards the chair while backing up towards the other side of the room.
Miss Bloomfield had that same confident smile on her face as when she invited the previous two clients to the chair. Without saying anything she slowly made her way back to the chair.
Lia looked with agony towards the chair which was surrounded by piles of hair. She had to get away from this scissor happy hairdresser. The only time she was persuaded into Miss Bloomfield’s chair she lost over 10 inches and ended up with a short inverted bob.
The dominant hairdresser slowly picked up the pink cape from the back of the chair. She did it carefully as not to scare away her prey with any sudden movements. It was almost like watching a Discovery Channel documentary on cheetahs stalking their prey.
Amy noticed the shift in power and was intrigued by this weak side of her boyfriend’s mother. Even though she was just freshly cropped and wanted to get away from this crazy persuasive hairdresser, she couldn’t make herself leave and miss out on what was to come.
“Have a seat Lia.” The hairdresser’s words filled up the room.
“No really, it’s fine. Also I was on my way out and…”
“When was the last time you had a trim?” Amy interrupted her.
Both Lia and Rian were surprised by this persuasive comment. Normally Miss Bloomfield was the aggressor in the room.
“I had a trim about… 6 weeks ago?”
“Sure looks like more than 6 weeks to me.” Amy continued with a bit of a grin on her face.
Lia noticed and shot Amy a look that said ‘you better not try.’
Normally Amy would have backed off in such a situation. Right now though, she was rubbing her freshly cropped nape with her right hand and even though it felt good, she was furious over her loss and realized that Miss Thompson had something to do with it.
The manipulative questions from her son’s girlfriend had thrown Lia off a bit. She had failed to respond any further.
Miss Bloomfield now got her cape ready and started tapping on the back of the chair with her fingers.
“Have a seat Lia.”
The impatient tapping continued.
“No but I already paid you and…” Lia tried desperately.
“When I have two or more cuts on the same address, the third chop is always on the house!”
Rian noticed how Miss Bloomfield put emphasis on the word chop.
Lia looked towards the dominant hairdresser holding the pink cape who had a big smile on her face. She then turned her head towards Amy who had a real grin on her face.
This seemed to be Lia’s final attempt. “No but you cut it too short last time.”
It almost sounded like a small child pleading with their parents.
“Come on, I don’t have all day.” The hairdresser responded a little impatient now.
Rian couldn’t believe it even though he saw it with his own eyes. This was almost the same scene he saw when his mother ended up in the chair all those years ago. His mother was always the bossy type, except for back then and at this very moment.
Lia was staring at the fingers tapping impatiently on the back of the chair. The scared lady did not want to move but also did not see a way out.
All of a sudden Lia felt a hand on her back, a soft comforting hand. She looked to her right and saw Amy standing next to her.
“It’s okay. Don’t be scared.” Amy almost whispered.
Now Lia was really confused. It was all too much. How was this happening and why didn’t she simply walk out the door?
Amy’s soft comforting hand on Lia’s back changed for the worse as she applied more pressure to push her into the direction of the empty chair.
Lia looked over at Amy to tell her to stop. The firm pressure on her back combined with looking over her shoulder resulted in Lia almost losing her balance. In order not to trip she stepped forward.
It might have been just a small step to steady herself, but it was also one step closer to the chair.
Lia had been put in motion.
Miss Bloomfield was eagerly following the events unfold in front of her chair. She was pleased to see that her latest victim was now on her side and wanted to see her boyfriend’s mother in the chair.
Another two slow steps were taken. Now the training wheels had come off, Amy’s hand was no longer forcing her into the direction of the chair.
Unfortunately it didn’t happen too often that Miss Bloomfield could hand out so many surprise haircuts in a row. Most visits were just regulars or a single surprise haircut. On occasion there was an unexpected follow up because Miss Bloomfield was just too persuasive for her next victim to decline. But three special haircuts in a row? It felt a little like Christmas morning.
The hairdresser locked her eyes on her next victim. She could see that she was a little closer to the chair, but still too far from her sharp scissors.
“I… I… I don’t want a bob again Sandra!” Lia pleaded as she stopped in her tracks.
Rian couldn’t believe what he just heard. Her name was Sandra? He never heard anyone use her first name. It was always Miss Bloomfield, even her mother normally addressed her as Miss Bloomfield.

“Alright, it would look good on you, but if you don’t want a bob again… no bob!” Miss Bloomfield stated as she pointed towards her chair.
Only a few more steps would get Lia onto the square of newspapers.
“You p… promise Sandra?” Lia stuttered still stuck in between the safety of her previous vantage point and the immediate danger of the chair.
“I promise, no bob.” Sandra said with a bit of a smirk on her face. She would say anything to get Lia in her chair now.
Lia lowered her head and put herself slowly into motion again.
The sound of footsteps onto the newspapers filled the room once more. Lia had to be careful not to step into the huge piles of hair already covering the makeshift salon area.
Rian’s insecure mother stood right in front of the chair. She could smell the sweet perfume that masked the dominant hairdresser.
Miss Bloomfield gave a nudge with her head towards the chair, as if she was saying ‘come on, have a seat’.
Lia slowly turned around and lowered herself onto the kitchen chair.
Miss Bloomfield didn’t waste any time. With her right hand she gave a quick tug on Lia’s shoulder so her back was now firmly pressed against the chair.
The pink nylon garment was flicked into the air so it settled in front of her last client of the day.
Lia stared at the pink cape in front of her which covered her lower body. She had only received a cut once by Miss Bloomfield, and that was with an ordinary cape you would see in any normal salon.
“Hands in.”
Familiar words echoed through the room.
“No… That wont be necessary Sandra.” Lia pleaded while she left her arms laying in her lap.
“Lia, one piece of advice, do not upset the person that is about to cut your hair.”
“But I…”
Lia’s heart skipped a beat as the angry words were spitted out near her ears. Her body immediately reacted and sent shivers down her spine. Lia hesitantly moved her arms upwards and put them into the openings of the sleeves, as if they would bite as soon as she would enter them.
Miss Bloomfield pulled the cape towards herself, capturing her new model in the pink nylon prison. She noticed the sleeves only reached to her new client’s elbows so she gave Rian’s mother the same instructions as she had given her son earlier.
“Make a fist.”
Lia had never experienced anything like this. Her hands were already buried deep in the sleeves and the tip of her fingers were touching the closed off section of the sleeves. She slowly clenched her hands to make fists and felt the cape render her even more helpless. The cape was now touching the front of her neck and her fists were firmly pressed against the ends of the sleeves.
With a quick firm tug on the elastic cord Miss Bloomfield rendered Lia’s right arm trapped in the nylon sleeve. The same procedure followed on her left arm.
Miss Bloomfield latest victim felt the restrictive elastic cord tighten around her upper arms followed by the snapper closure in the back of her neck which was done up by the woman who was in control behind the chair.
The snapper closure was only closed with two buttons before the hairdresser walked away from her prey towards the kitchen table. The familiar sound of the snapper closure sent Lia on a trip down memory lane.
Nervously Lia sat down on the kitchen chair. Typically she would plan her trips to the salon herself instead of having a pushy hairdresser who persuaded her into the chair.
The sound of fabric flicking through the air almost made her jump. Lia’s vision was temporary blocked by a big mass of white nylon which soon covered her body.
Lia felt her hair being lifted up while the impatient hairdresser was swiftly closing up the cape in the back.
“That feels a little tight Sandra. Can you loosen it up a little?” Lia asked as the snapper closure was firmly pressed shut by her new hairdresser.
“I don’t want to ruin your beautiful outfit with any loose hairs Lia.” The hairdresser stated as she made sure her client was draped completely by the white nylon cape.
What small hairs could possibly defy gravity and travel upwards from the middle of her back and end up making it into her collar?
The sound of Miss Bloomfield’s footsteps as she approached the chair again brought Lia back to her current compromising situation. She realized that the tight caping was a sign of what was to come, a shearing just like the one she received all those years ago.
Lia felt that the current cape wasn’t closed so tightly, which made her think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad this time.
Miss Bloomfield had only put the cape on her unruly client so she could get the tools she needed without having to worry that her anxious model would see an opportunity to run off.
Lia felt the strong hands of Miss Bloomfield pull out the hair that was trapped under the cape. Lia’s long hair was now free to fall down the back of the chair reaching past her bra strap.
With great expertise and within only a few seconds the hairdresser collected the hair and used a big hair clip to pin the loose hair together on top of her client’s head.
The hair clip didn’t feel comfortable to Lia, but it was nothing compared to the next inflicted ordeal. She felt a hand on top of her head which firmly pressed it forward. She felt the hands move to the snapper closure of the pink cape once again. Briefly Lia felt like she was free again as the cape no longer secured around her neck.

Miss Bloomfield could sense the feeling of relief on her client which made her smile. If only her client knew what she had in store for her.
Now the long hair was no longer in the way, Sandra pulled the cape tightly around Lia’s neck so the snapper closure was aligned on top of each other. She noticed that even though she had put some tension on the cape, the snappers were just a little out of sync. With some elbow grease she managed to pull the cape even tighter which made for the perfect line up.
The hairdresser could feel her client tense up as she started pressing down on the studs.
The first stud was firmly closed.
“S… Sandra.” Lia almost whispered as the cape was closed too tightly around her slender neck.
Lia could feel the shivers go down her spine with every stud that was being closed.
“Sandra it’s too tight.” Lia tried again.
Miss Bloomfield ignored her client, she heard enough complaining for today. She knew this was the moment that her victims would try to use their arms to tuck on the neckline of the cape. The hairdresser wasn’t worried about this behaviour, the cape had been tested on so many unwilling clients already that she could safely head over to the kitchen table to grab her tools for the first round of this shearing session.
Amy was watching everything unfold from a safe distance while holding onto Rian’s hand for moral support after her own shearing. It was a whole different experience, not sitting in the chair and actually watching the haircut.
From a spectator’s point of view the pink cape seemed rather big and covered her boyfriend’s mother really well. You couldn’t see the sleeves although Amy saw the nylon material of the cape move slightly which was a clear indication that the client was having doubts about her decision to sit on the kitchen chair in the first place.
Lia tried pulling on the sleeves and started to realize that her arms were useless. She looked up in panic and saw the Amy’s condescending sneer. This only upset Lia more, seeing how the young woman was part of the reason, she was sitting on this chair, with her smart remarks.
Miss Bloomfield returned to her new client and followed the same procedure as with her previous long haired client after releasing the hair from the top of her head by removing the giant hair clip. With her comb the hairdresser started gathering all of the long hair in the back, followed by an hair elastic which she used to create a pony tail.
“Hey! What are you doing Sandra?” Lia said clearly annoyed but also with a hint of fear in her voice.
The hairdresser didn’t respond and simply continued with tying the hair elastic tightly around the thick newly created ponytail.
“You said no bob! You promised!” Lia was now violently trying to pull her arms out of the sleeves.
Amy was enjoying the sight of her mother in law sitting helplessly in the chair. The hectic pulling on the cape only made it even better for the spectators. Clearly this was no ordinary cape, well Amy would know, she had been trapped in it not too long ago. She knew that resisting was useless, Lia was trapped.

Miss Bloomfield enjoyed the struggling of her latest victim. Lia was just like any other teenager, thinking that there was a way out or that they could stop the inevitable from happening.
The cape had been tested by so many rowdy clients before. It wouldn’t rip, it wouldn’t give. This was not a garment you could buy in a store, Sandra had it made especially for these moments. Dubble lining on the sleeves would prevent even a strong male from ripping it. All the tugging did was pull on the already tight neck closure of the cape. It never took the rowdy clients long to be out of breath. She enjoyed those one or two minutes of struggle, it made the actual shearing so much better.
“Are you listening Sandra?” Lia tried again with even more anxiety and anger in her voice.
Sandra had clearly chosen to ignore her client and let the scissors do the talking.
With a swift motion she grabbed the ponytail and placed her sharp scissors in between the hair elastic and the scalp of her unruly client.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
“Hey! What? I said no!” Lia tried one last time while trying to pull her arms out of the sleeves.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
Amy saw the quick change of emotion on Rian’s mother’s face. It went from anger to pure anxiety.
*Snick* *Snick* *Snick*
Sandra finally responded. “It’s Miss Bloomfield for you. If you do not behave right now, so help me God I will simply fire up those clippers and shave it all off.”
Lia froze completely after hearing Miss Bloomfield’s threat and was breathing heavily to compensate for the lack of air her failed escape attempts had given her.
*Snick* *Snick*
The ponytail was liberated.
Lia felt her shorter hair fall freely around her face into a rough long bob kind of model.
Miss Bloomfield admired the long ponytail in her hand and placed it on her client’s lap.
Lia’s mouth sprung open as she stared at the ponytail which was laying on her caped lap.
Miss Bloomfield enjoyed this moment of silence since it meant she could focus on cutting more hair off instead of dealing with an unruly client. She didn’t want to buzz all of her client’s hair off, simply because she didn’t think that it would suit her. Although whatever style she would decide to give her latest model would call for the loud clippers at some point.
For a brief moment Lia was left alone as her opponent left the arena to get the next set of tools. Feelings of fear, anxiety and confusion went through Lia’s head as she sat there staring at the former long hair which was displayed on her lap.
Miss Bloomfield returned to her client while she carried her trusty sharp scissors, black comb and water bottle. With swift motions she started spraying the hair of her final customer of the day.
“So you said you didn’t want a bob… What should we do instead?” Miss Bloomfield stated as she kept spraying and sectioning off the hair.
Tears started forming in Lia’s eyes.
“You don’t have that much left to work with honey.” Sandra continued teasing her client.
“Please not too short.” Lia said while fighting back the tears which were trying to escape her eye sockets.
“Oh I don’t believe there is such a thing as too short… or is there Amy?” Miss Bloomfield diverted her gaze to her previous client who stood nervously holding on to her boyfriend.
Amy felt goosebumps all over her arms as the woman who had chopped her hair off admired her handiwork once more.
“It really suits you.” Miss Bloomfield added while she kept her gaze locked on the bobbed young lady.
“Thank you.” Amy said nervously as she reached up to touch her clippered nape once more.
“I wanted to give you two matching haircuts but since I promised not to give you a bob…”
Miss Bloomfield paused as she thought out loud.
“We need to come up with something else.”
The tension in the room seemed to have peaked. Without any input Miss Bloomfield decided to continue.
“How would you feel about short layers?”
“No please.” Lia almost begged.
“I wasn’t asking you.” Miss Bloomfield said as she directed her gaze back to Amy.
The young bobbed woman got a feeling of excitement as she was put back into play. She noticed the helpless caped victim look at her with pleading eyes. The eyes were begging her… Telling Amy that she was sorry about what happened… She didn’t have to do this.
“I think…”
Amy left a deliberate pause to build tension while keeping her eyes focussed on Rian’s mother facial expression.
“short layers wouldn’t suit her.”
Lia let out a sigh off relief as the words were spoken.
“But a pixie would!” Amy added quickly after seeing the facial expression change.
The look on Lia’s face changed into pure disbelief.
“You got talent Amy.” Miss Bloomfield stated while meeting Amy’s gaze with a smile.
Amy chuckled as she watched the hairdresser get her scissors ready while lifting a section of hair at the front of her client’s head and with the angled scissors open and ready to attack she moved on.
*Snip* *Snip* *Snip*
Hair started raining down onto the cape.
“But it will be a rather short pixie.” Sandra added.
*Snip* *Snip* *Snip*
More hair started pouring down joining the cut off pony tail.
Lia was beyond shock it seemed and simply realized she could only accept her faith now. Her eyes were pointing downwards as the cutting continued.
Everyone seemed to be paralyzed in the room except for the scissor happy hairdresser who happily snipped away.
It didn’t take Miss Bloomfield long to have the top to the length she was after before heading for the right side of Lia’s head. More damp hair slid down the cape.
Forcefully Lia’s head was pushed forward as the scissors went to her nape area to get rid of the bulk. With every snip Lia lost more of her willpower. It was a good thing she was sitting down, because she would have probably collapsed if she was on her feet.
Then all of sudden the snipping stopped and Miss Bloomfield went for the table for the weapons of her choice for the final round.
The loud sharp click brought the hungry monster to life. The low buzzing noise of the clippers filled up the room. With one hand Lia’s head was kept under control while the other drove the clippers up her nape.
With a flick of the hairdresser’s wrist the shorn hair was thrown into the air only to join the rest of the casualties on the newspapers.
Like a real expert, the hairdresser showed everybody in the room how effective these hair clippers were in the hands of a true professional. The sides soon followed.
Lia felt how light her head felt without all the hair attached to it. She was still in disbelieve.
The clippers died off but were soon replaced by an even higher pitched sound. With the trimmer in hand, Miss Bloomfield cleaned up the neckline before grabbing her hair duster to get rid of any loose hair.
With a firm tug the snapper closure was opened and Lia almost gasped for air as if she had been under water for too long.
Lia could feel the tight closure around her upper arms loosen up and immediately pulled her arms out of the restrictive sleeves of the cape.
Miss Bloomfield dragged the cape to the side making sure none of the hair that was accumulated on top of the cape fell onto Lia’s clothes.
Once the pink prison was no longer holding Lia down she almost jumped up out of the chair and with a few quick steps walked away from the butcher who had betrayed her. She turned around to look at Miss Bloomfield who was eyeing her up and down with a big smirk on her face.
“Suits you much better than that long hair. You’ll love it, I’m sure of it.” Miss Bloomfield pointed out while admiring her own handiwork.
The three shorn victims just stood there anxiously watching the predator pick up the cape once more. They all seemed afraid of that pink garment.
Miss Bloomfield noticed and it made her chuckle.
While folding up her special punishment cape she looked at her customers of the day and announced what the near future would hold for them.
“With short haircuts like these you need regular touch ups to keep it neat and tidy.”
Nobody dared to speak.
“Here I’ll make sure you don’t forget.” She added as she grabbed something to write on from her beauty case.
Miss Bloomfield checked her watch for the date and scribbled something down.
“I will be here exactly 4 weeks from now. Don’t worry, I wrote it down on my business card so you wont forget.” Miss Bloomfield spoke to her audience as she handed her business card to Lia.
Lia looked down at the piece of thick paper she had just received.
Miss Bloomfield haircut services.
Specialized in short haircuts.
Haircut – $12,50
At the bottom it stated the date of their next appointment including the time, 7:30 pm.
“Alright, it was a pleasure seeing you again Lia. You look at least 5 years younger.” Sandra said to her most recent chopped client.
Lia didn’t respond but just stared at Sandra.
“Thanks again for calling me. You were definitely right that these youngsters needed a good haircut.” She added.
The youngsters weren’t supposed to hear this, but it was too late anyway. They realized by now what had happened. Although this didn’t make it any less embarrassing for Lia that she was called out in front of them. All Lia could do was blush and lower her head in defeat.
“As for you Rian…” Miss Bloomfield stated as she shifted her gaze onto Rian.
“Nice and short is the way to go, we can’t have you look like a homeless person.” She added.
Rian fell back into old habits. “Yes miss Bloomfield.”
“As for you Amy.” The hairdresser said as she walked closer to Amy.
“You should have gone shorter a long time ago, it really suits you.”
Amy shivered as Miss Bloomfield stood so close to her.
“Thank you.” Amy managed to whisper even though she wasn’t sure the dominant hairdresser had heard her.
“Al right I’m off. See you all in 4 weeks.”
With that final statement Miss Bloomfield opened the hallway door and left the room.
The victims of the shearing just stood there quietly hoping they would all wake up from this nightmare with a full head of hair.
Miss Bloomfield took her coat and pulled the front door shut behind her. As she walked towards the side walk she reflected on a successful day.
The power she had over her clients was unbelievable. She was even surprised that she had managed to get all three of them in her chair today.
Today was an excellent day to be a hairdresser.

The end.

Note: I hope everyone like and enjoy the story
I would be happy with all readers share their review and comments.

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  1. Fantastic ending to a great series! I absolutely love that Rian, Amy and Lia all got short haircuts from Miss Bloomfield. It is always very powerful to receive a forced haircut in front of other people.

  2. Hi. I love these stories. Especially the caping part. Most of the stories on this site don’t have caping parts. For me the cape is the best part of the haircut. Nice and tight being trapped in soft nylon or satin. And feeling the cape become tighter ass they close more buttons.
    And I like to read the forced haircut stories by a strict hairdresser. Please add more of this kind of stories. You also be welcome to read mine.

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