Miss Bloomfield’s Barber Shop for Women ONLY

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Miss Bloomfield’s Barber Shop for Women ONLY

By JimB (C)opyright November 2022

It was hard to moving back to mother’s house after spending a year abroad.

I had been living on my own while in a student exchange program with a German University, in Berlin.

Barbara returned a few months ago.

But, she still couldn’t get used to her mother’s rules, again.

Some were not reasonable.

But, she change when she live on your own for a while

When she got back to New York nothing had changed.

Her mother still treated her like a child and was very bossy.

She was now twenty-five years old.

Barbara was studying chemist and work part time at small company on Long Island.

She needed another three years to finish her education.

Unfortunately this meant she was going to live three more years with her mother and father.

One day Barbara was eating dinner with her mother, Louise.

She was an intelligent lady in her late fifties. She had long dark brown hair and kept herself in shape.

During the dinner she asked Barbara, “Have you seen our neighbor, Mrs Jonson lately?”

“No, mom,” she told her mother.

“Something wrong with her?”

“She cut her long hair,” her mother said.

“It is really short.”

“Well, her husband did pass away fifteen years ago,” I told her.

“Maybe she cut her hair short for a reason.

“Maybe to let her thought of him go away.”

She looked at her mother and said, “Wouldn’t you do it to, if dad had passed away?”

“Yes,” she said.

“But, it is how short she cut her hair, which makes me, and a few other neighbors, worried about her.”

“Mom,” Barbara said.  “She’s in her sixties.

“She knows what she wants and don’t want.”

“But, it’s where she got her hair cut,” her mom said.

“Well, where did she get her hair cut?” Barbara asked her.

“You know about Miss Bloomfield?” her mom asked her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“She been cutting hair for years,” Barbara told her.

“She even cut your and my hair for years.

“So, why are you worried about her getting her hair cut by Miss Bloomfield.”

“She no longer works at a hair salon,” her mother said.

“She has open her own barber shop.”

“So, what is wrong with that,” Barbara asked her.

“A lot of barbers do that.”

“Well, Miss Bloomfield has changed some,” her mom said.

“She is more forceful with women and girls when they go for their hair cut.

“More demanding how short they should get, let her cut their hair.”

“Mom,” Barbara said.  “Maybe it might look that way, to you.

“She has alway recommended hair cuts to them.”

“Well, maybe I am not looking at that way,” her mom replied and got up and walked a way.

“But, I did not like how she was the last time I went to her for a hair cut.

“And, I have not been to her since that day.”

“MOM,” Barbara said.

“Maybe you should go to her barber shop and see for your self,” her mom quickly told her.

Barber was driving home a few days later and saw a sign, “Miss Bloomfield’s Barber Shop for WOMEN ONLY”.

“Never seen a barber shop like that,” she said to her self.

“But, then again, like mom said, Miss Bloomfield had changed some.”

“How forceful can she get.”

Barbara turned into the small shopping center and parked in front of Miss Bloomfield’s Barber Shop.

She noticed she a little girl in her barber chair.

As she walked closer to the barber shop, she noticed the little girl’s mother was sitting in a waiting chair and watching Miss Bloomfield getting ready to give her a hair cut.

Barbara walked to the barber shop and walked in.

“Well, look who’s here,” Miss Bloomfield said.

“Been a few years since I saw you.”

“I have been in Germany,” Barbara told her and sat in the waiting chair next to the little girl’s mother.

“Carrie!” she said.

“Barbara,” Carrie said.

“So, you have been in Germany.

“What were you there for?”

“Just studying some chemist,” Barbara told her.

“The little girl in Miss Bloomfield’s barber chair is my daughter,” Carrie told her pointing to the barber chair.

“Miss Bloomfield recommended she get her hair cut really short for the summer.”

“How short is she getting her hair cut?” Barbara asked.

“As short as Miss Bloomfield wants,” Carrie told her.

“I will also be getting my hair cut, as short as Miss Bloomfield recommended.”

Barbara begin to wonder what her mom had told her about Miss Bloomfield, the passed few years.

She started to get up and leave.

But, her mind told her to “stay and see for her self”.

She watched as Miss Bloomfield reached for her clippers, which did not have any attachment on it.

Miss Bloomfield showed the clippers to Carrie and smiled.

Her daughter froze as her mom said, “If that is how you wanted to cut her hair.”

Miss Bloomfield smile and tilted the little girl’s head.

“NO,” the little girl screamed.

“Just sit there and let Miss Bloomfield cut your hair like she wants.”

Barbara looked at Carrie and wanted to ask her.

But, before she could say a word, Miss Bloomfield was moving the attachmentless clippers up the back of the little girl’s head.

“MOM,” the little girl screamed again.

“Just sit there and let Miss Bloomfield give you the hair cut she wants you to have.”

“Barbara, will you be wanting a hair cut?” Miss Bloomfield asked her as she pointed the attachmentless clippers at her.

Her voice sounded like it was demanding.

Her eyes looked demanding, too,

With the little girl’s head clippers to her skin, Barbara started to get up and walk away.

For some reason she just sat and watched.

Miss Bloomfield was lathering the little girl’s head.

“Just sit still,” her mother told her as Miss Bloomfield was stropping her straight razor.

The little girl try, again.

“Just still still,” her mother said again.

“Miss Bloomfield knows what hair cut is best for you.”

Miss Bloomfield finished shaving the little girl.

Her mother got up and walked to the barber chair.

Miss Bloomfield held up her straight razor, “I think her eyebrows need to be shaved, too.”

“But!” Carrie said.

“I said her eyebrows need to be shaved, too,” Miss Bloomfield said and shaved the little girl’s eyebrows.

“Now, you can take her out my barber chair,” Miss Bloomfield told her.

“Then, you can have a seat in the barber chair.

“I think I will shave your head and eyebrows, for your.”

Barbara got up and told them, “Have to go to work.

“I will come by another day for a hair cut, Miss Bloomfield.”

She walked to her car and drove home.

“My God,” she thought to her self.

“Mother might be right about Miss Bloomfield.

“She was ever forceful with Carrie and her daughter.

“IF she is that forceful with them, I wonder how forceful she is with her other female customers.

“Why did the sign say, “Miss Bloomfield’s Barber Shop for WOMEN ONLY”.”

“MOM,” Barbara called as she entered her mother’s house.


She walked to her mother’s bedroom.

She stopped and just looked.

“MOM!” she said as she looked surprised.

“Mom, when ….!”

Her mother looked at her and said nothing.

In her hand was a wig.

Barbara slowly walked to her mother.

Her head was shaved.

“I told you Miss Bloomfield was forceful with all her female customers,” her mother told her.

“I am going to her this afternoon for a shave.

“She called me, a few minutes ago, and told me to be there for six.

“And, she was going to shave my eyebrows and face.”

“WHY!” Barbara asked her mother as she walked by her and gave her daughter a kiss.

Barbara stood there looking at her mother’s wig.

“What would dad say,” she asked her self.

“He loved mom’s shoulder length hair.”

“Why would mom let Miss Bloomfield, or anyone, tell her what was and was not good for her,” Barber thought to her self as she walked to the door.

She drove, almost speeding, back to Miss Bloomfield’s Barber Shop — for Women ONLY.

She stopped, almost falling as she got out her car.

Her eyes caught her mother walking to Miss Bloomfield’s barber chair.

“MOM,” she called.  “Don’t sit in her barber chair.”

“I have to,” her mother said.

“Miss Bloomfield said my head needs to be shaved.”

“Don’t forget your face and eyebrows,” Miss Bloomfield said.

“Please mom,” Barbara told her.

“Miss Bloomfield just likes shaving women.

“She does not worry about what you want and don’t want.

“Just what she wants.”

Her mother sat in Miss Bloomfield’s barber chair.

Miss Bloomfield had a towel spread over her shoulder.

She was lathering mom’s head.

“MOM,” Barbara said again.

“I know,” her mother said.

“You need to know it is not Miss Bloomfield wanting me shaved.”

Barbara looked at her mother, “What do you mean.”

“Miss Bloomfield is doing WHAT I want.

“You see, I am the forceful one.  Not Miss Bloomfield.

“She has always been doing what I, and your dad, wanted her to do.

“And, shave women’s head.

“Some times little girls, like you.”

Barbara looked and said, “Like me!”

“Yes,” her mother told her smiling.

“When you were six, you was our tenth little girl we had Miss Bloomfield shave.”

Barbara looked at Miss Bloomfield, who had her head looking down.

“Now you just sit,” her mother told her forceful.

“Miss Bloomfield will be shaving you NEXT.”

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