Miss Dale’s girlfriends

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Hey, I’m Scot.
I am Miss Dale’s hairdresser.
Well, more like her girlfriends’ hairdresser.
Let me explain: it was a Tuesday when it happened.
Miss Dale comes in, gayly grasping a mate of her’s hand.
She plops the girl in the chair and waits for me.
The girl politely tells me to shave her partner, her girlfriend consents to the arrangement.
So, I cape up Sophia (as she’s called) and ready my tool.
Pass after pass, Sophia becomes balder and balder.
Her head is now a field of stubble, Miss Dale volunteers to help shave her love.
Who am I to disagree?
Pass, kiss, pass, and repeat, Sophia looks amazing without her dark frizz covering up her beauty.
As I put away my tool and throw out the dead foliage, Miss Dale and her mate are kissing each other all over the change.
I wouldn’t see Sophia again with Miss Dale.
The Miss brought her second into my shop the following year, a black girl by the name of Kiley.
Now, Kiley had a natural fro and Miss Dale had convinced her to shave it off.
Consent, cape, etc.
I sectioned her fluffy mass into four giant ones and with razor-sharp scissors, I severed them from her scalp.
Kiley seemed relieved at the loss of her kinky tresses, she offered to buzz herself and I let her do it.
Miss Dale and I chatted while Kiley was busy.
“So… your ex?”
“Oh. We lost our spark and we agreed to go our separate ways”
I gave her a thumbs up as Kiley finished herself.
I expected a full shave and was correct.
Kiley’s scalp was lathered and Miss Dale did the rest.
The bald girl was uncaped and the two lovers left my shop.
I wouldn’t see Miss Dale for another year, she came a third time with yet another girl.
Her name was Jeanie, a wispy redhead with a carbon copy of the last two girls.
I asked Miss Dale up front what happened with Kiley.
“She said we should see other people”
I was a bit skeptical but agreed to shave her third girlfriend.
Jeanie consented to the procedure and I shrugged as she was caped.
Jeanie was buzzed down and shaved by Miss Dale, Jeanie’s freckles stood out due to the lack of her hair.
The love-birds smooched but before leaving, I asked to speak with Dale for awhile.
“Why is it, you leave for a year and bring a girl to me to be shaved?”
Dale looked at the floor of carrot-colored tresses.
“I’ll be back tomorrow”
I let her go, hoping she would keep her word.
Miss Dale came in the following day, carrying a photo of a bald woman standing next to her.
“Who’s she?”I asked.
Dale teared up,”This was my wife, Holly. She had alopecia”
“And you wanted to preserving her style with your next conquest”
“I just wanted to touch her again”,concluded Miss Dale.
“As long as your girls consent to the shave, I don’t give a frick”,I said, giving back the photo.
Miss Dale didn’t come back til another year passed.
But this time, she was with Jeanie, the girls were chatty that day.
“We’ll have one shave, please”
I nodded,”Okay. Jeanie, this way”
Miss Dale stopped me,”Actually. I-I want the shave”
I nodded again and escorted Miss Dale to the chairs.
The tables have turned, Miss Dale was in my chair, her dirty blonde hair ready to be shaved.
I caped her in dark blue as her love took a seat beside us.
The clippers passed Dale’s scalp and her smile grew as a result.
With nothing to hide, Dale had a natural aura about her.
Jeanie asked to assist in shaving Miss Dale, I handed Jeanie the razor and took up her post.
Miss Dale looked up as the strips of cream left her head and their love was on display in that
With her head bare, I released Dale and watched her grasp Jeanie’s face and tenderly kiss her.
She, in turn, rubbed her love’s bald head with care.
“God, it’s so soft”
I have not seen Dale every year, but she might pop in for a shave from time to time.

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