Miss Jackies payment.

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I was in high school and having difficulty with trigonometry. Luckily we have a math professor living next-door to us. Her name was Miss Jackie and she also was a friend of Miss Judy and my mother. My mother gave her a call and asked her if she could help me with my homework. She told my mother to have me come over about 5 o clock that evening. When the time arrived I went over and knocked on the door. I could hear he call out to come on in. She told me she was in the kitchen and to put my stuff on the table. When I turned around I saw her standing by the kitchen sink in a dark brown satin robe with towels and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner on the counter. Now Miss Jackie was a regular client of Miss Judy’s and I had shampooed her a few times at the beauty parlor.  She said ” I will help you with your homework, but you have to shampoo my hair first please.”

I agreed and she knelt in a chair she had by the sink and leaned forward. I placed a towel around her shoulders and the turned on the water. I checked the temperature to make sure it was not too hot. Luckily she had a handheld nozzle on her sink that I used to wet her hair. After I got her saturated I turned off the water and grabbed the bottle of shampoo and applied some to her hair. I began to work it into a thick, rich lather and she let out a big sigh. She said ” you give the best shampoos, all the girls say so.” I told her thank you for that. I shampooed her for a few the rinsed her. She said “not yet, I was enjoying that.” I told her that was only the first. I used the towel and wrapped her hair in it and then sat her in the chair. I took off the towel and wrapped it around her shoulders again and applied more shampoo to her hair. I lathered her up again, this time upright. I took my time and shampooed her slowly. I kept going for quite a long time until she said it was ok to rinse her. I had her kneel on the chair again and lean forward to rinse her hair. I then applied the conditioner and worked that through for a bit and then rinsed that. I wrapped a new towel around her hair and she sat in the chair.

She got up and went into her bathroom and got out a big cloth bag and placed it on the kitchen table and sat down. She said ” ok lets see what you are working on.” and opened up my textbook. I showed her where I was  having difficulty and she started to explain some different methods for figuring these formula out. She reached over and opened the bag which contained rollers, clips, combs and brushes. She reached in again and took out some setting spray and set it down. I picked it up and began to spray her hair with it. She asked what I was doing. I said I thought you wanted me to set your hair for you also. She asked me if I knew how to set hair and I told her I do it all the time and even set my own hair. She looked at me and said “OK baby set me up.” So I combed and sectioned her hair and had her pick out the rollers she wanted. I combed up section by section and rolled down the curlers and pinned them in place as she explained the math to me. By the time she had finished the chapter her hair was all set. I tied a net over her rollers and she got up and went into her bathroom and looked in the mirror. She said ” Wow you did such a good job, Miss Judy and your Mom taught you well.”

I told her thank you for the help with my math homework and prepared to leave. She said ” Hey we are not done yet, I told your Mom I would feed you so she could go out shopping.” Besides she continued, “it’s your turn now.” I asked ” my turn for what?” She told me ” Now I get to shampoo and set your hair, I have always wanted to do your hair. I think it will be fun.” Well I had no problem with it and walked over to the sink. She told me ” first go into my bedroom and take off your clothes down to your underwear and put on the robe on my bed.” So I did as she asked and found a purple satin robe and put it on. When I came back out to the kitchen she was ready. I knelt on the chair and leaned forward as she placed the towel around my shoulders and then began to wet my hair. When she turned off the water I could hear her pick up the bottle of shampoo and open it. I got kind of excited, do not know why had been shampooed so many times before but this was different, unexpected and a surprise. I felt her pour some on my hair then she poured some in her hand. She rubbed her hands together and placed them on my hair and began to shampoo. She slowly worked in the lather and asked” How am I doing?” I told her she was doing great. She asked if she could shampoo me upright next like I did to her. I told her that would be great also. So she kept lathering me up and then finally rinsed me. She wrapped the towel over my hair and sat me in the chair, took off the towel and picked up the bottle of shampoo again and began to pour some on my hair as she worked it into another lathering. She used a lot of shampoo and the lather was very thick. She said ” This is fun, promise me that we can do this again soon.” I almost passed out from excitement. She kept going then had me kneel on the chair to rinse my hair. She applied the conditioner and worked that around and then rinsed that.

I sat in the chair at the kitchen table were she had sat and she sprayed the setting lotion on my hair and began to comb and section my hair. She took out the rollers and pins and began to set my hair as I worked on some problems she had given me. It really helped me because I was so relaxed and finally got it. She rolled in the last curler and netted me up. She said ok help me fix dinner. So we went into the kitchen and she and I fixed spaghetti and garlic bread while in rollers. It was a great experience. After we ate and cleaned up we sat on her couch and watched a movie curled up under a blanket. The next thing I knew I woke up the next morning on her couch with her. Our hair still in rollers.

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