Miss Judys Beauty Parlour

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Well as you have read in my previous stories, I am a roller fan. My mother regularly shampooed and set my hair on magnetic rollers and also had me wearing girly clothes. When my hair needed something more than just a shampoo/set, mom would call on Miss Judy. Miss Judy lived across the street from us and was a divorced woman who owned and ran her own Beauty Parlour in town. If I needed a trim or a perm Miss Judy would do it. She was also the one who regularly did my mother’s hair for her. When I was small I would go with mom to the beauty parlor and sit and watch as all the ladies would get their hair done. There were a few times my mother would have a late appointment and all the other clients were gone, so it was just Miss Judy, her beauticians, my mother and me. One evening while my mother was under the dryer, Miss Judy asked my mother if she could do my hair. My mom told her sure, he likes getting his hair done. Miss Judy smiled at me and said: “I know, I have seen him in rollers at home.” So she took me back to the shampoo sink area and placed a cape around me and a towel around my neck and sat me down in the shampoo chair. I was about 9 or 10 at that time and had been there many times with mom and had my hair trimmed and one time late I had a perm. She leaned me back and wet my hair and applied a very sweet-smelling shampoo to my hair and lathered me up. When she was finished shampooing me she took me back to her chair and began to comb my hair. She gave it just a little trim, then while my hair was still wet she applied some setting lotion to my hair and combed and sectioned it. She got out her roller tray and combed up a section and rolled it down. Miss Robin was still there and began to help Miss Judy set my hair. Nothing but blue and beige rollers in my hair. Miss Robin put a net over my rollers and sat me under the dryer next to mom. Miss Judy checked mom’s hair and said just a few more minutes then we will comb you out. She looked at me and said: ” We are going to do your hair just like your mom’s ” After a few more minutes Miss Judy took my mother to her chair and began to take out her rollers. Then it was a whirlwind of backcombing, teasing and spraying as she styled mom’s hair. As that was going on Miss Robin came over and polished my nails after she had asked mom of course. When my hair was dry I got the same whirlwind of combs and hairspray. Mom and I had kind of big hair but it was fun. Miss Robin gave me a girl’s jacket she had so I could walk to the car although I was wearing jeans and a short-sleeve loose-fitting shirt and do not think anyone would have noticed. When Mom and I got home we started to make dinner being careful not to mess up our hair.

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