Miss Judys Shampoogirl

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MIss Judy had been doing my hair for a while along with my mothers twice a weeks shampoo/sets. Since she was our neighbor my mother used to have me help her out from time to time moving things, helping her clean, even babysat for her. She was a divorced mother with a small son and she owned two beauty parlors. Some of the ladies in the neighborhood went to her beauty parlor weekly or to her house to get their hair done. One Sunday morning my mother told me Miss Judy needed some help moving a couple of items and asked if I would go over and help her out. She also told me that Miss Judy wanted to ask me something and it was a surprise. When I went over to her house she told me she needed me to help her move a hair dryer from her garage to her back enclosed patio. The dryer was still in the box which made it easier to move and there was a chair with it which we had to attach to the dryer. We placed it on the back patio which was tiled and enclosed by a dark screened cover. She told me that she wanted to be able to sit out there under the dryer and some of her clients liked to sit out there also to smoke. She did have a portable dryer in her house that she used a lot also. She then had me follow her back to her bathroom where she showed me that she had just had a shampoo sink installed one side of her dual sink counter. There was a shampoo chair there also and she asked me to change into a robe she had there because she wanted to try it out. I changed into the purple silky robe and sat down as she placed a towel around my shoulders and a cape around me.  I noticed the chair was still facing the mirror and asked her if we needed to put it in front of the sink. She told me not yet I am going to teach you to do a soap cap first then we will get to the shampoos. She had a few bottles on the counter and she told me what they were. One was the developer one was the color and one was a shampoo. she mixed the developer and color together and the equal parts of the shampoo into a bottle. She shook it up and sat it down on the counter. She took out her spray bottle and gave my hair a couple of sprays just to get it slightly damp. She told me that we could use this on wet or dry hair but it spreads easier on damp hair. Once my hair was damp she picked up the bottle and started to apply it to my hair in small sections. She used the tip of the applicator to section my hair and she applied the mixture she worked it in. As she applied more and more of the mixture the more lather it created. She kept working it up and finished applying the last of the mixture. She stood behind me and kept shampooing my hair. She said “Did your mother tell you I wanted to ask you something?’ I said “yes she did, what is it you need me to do?’ She said ” Well I am in need of a shampoogirl at one of my beauty parlors and I wonder if you would like the job?” I told her that I would but would the fact that I am a boy cause problems. She told me no because most of the time you will be in a smock with a bra and panties underneath and your hair and nails done. On Fridays and Saturdays most of us girls are in rollers. I asked if my mother knew about this and Miss Judy told me yes and she is ok with it. She said “what do you think?” I told her that I would take the job and look forward to being a shampoogirl. Miss Judy was showing me a technique to shampoo as she worked in the lather on my hair. She told me that after this color processed she was going to shampoo me backwards and show me how that is done. Then she is going to shampoo me in a forward manner then upright as she has several clients and some prefer certain shampooing techniques. She told me after I get you shampooed and rolled up in curlers then you are going to color and shampoo my hair backwards, forward and upright so you can practice. After about twenty minutes she had me get up and we moved the chair to the sink and had me sit down. She leaned me back into the sink and turned on the water and began to rinse the color mixture from my hair. She picked up a bottle of shampoo and showed it to me and told me about the types of shampoos we use. She opened the bottle and poured a small amount in her hand. She showed me how to rub it between her hands and then apply it to the hair and work it into a lather. She started on the sides of my head then worked toward the back of my head then the top from front to back going from a firm scrub to a gentle shampooing massage. I was really paying attention to her technique and could not wait to try it out. She turned on the water making sure to check the temperature and began to rinse my hair. After she rinsed me she sat me up and showed me how to use the towel to wrap the hair. She towel dried my hair and then had me turn the chair around and sit on the edge of the chair and lean forward. She gave me a wash cloth to cover my eyes and she placed a towel around my shoulders. She turned on the water and wet my hair again being careful not to get too much on my face. She turned off the water and then showed me another bottle of shampoo and told me what it was for. She used the same technique of pouring the shampoo in her palm and rubbing it together and then applying it to my hair and lather it up. This time she worked from the back to the front then to the sides from back to the front again with a firm scrub then to a gentle shampooing. She rinsed my hair and then showed me how to wrap the towel around the hair and sat me up. She said you can have the client d sit that way or if they prefer you can turn the chair around the regular way and they can kneel in the chair and on the back of it to lean over the sink. So she then towel dried my hair and had me sit back in the chair and wrapped the towel around my shoulders again. She had the applicator bottle that she cleaned out and poured some shampoo in it She showed me the bottle and it was one that I recognized. It was Redken Amino pon shampoo, I remembered the red color of the shampoo. She added a little warm water into the bottle and swirled it around to mix it up. She then started to apply this to my hair almost like she did with the soap cap but this time she did not have to section my hair. She just applied it a little at a time and shampooed it in. After she finished applying all the shampoo she lathered my hair again. She worked the lather up mostly on the sides and the back then when she moved to the top it was a more gentle massage motion. She told me you will use this upright position on a few older clients and with some other applications like the soap caps. She shampooed me for about ten minutes then had me lean forward to rinse my hair. She finished rinsing this shampoo then applied a conditioning rinse which she left in to set my hair. She sat me up and had me sit in her styling chair so she could set my hair. She got out her roller tray and her combs and started to section my hair so she could get it rolled up. She still used some setting gel as she combed up some sections and rolled in the curlers. She set my hair in some larger roller on the top and small ones on the sides for tighter curls. When she was done she put a net over the rollers and tied it off. She had me stand up and asked me if I was ready to do her hair. I told her yes I think got it. I had her sit down in the chair and place the towel around her shoulders just like she did mine, then placed the cape around her. I took the bottle and mixed up the soap caps just like she did and she made sure the mixture was correct. She leaned forward and wet her hair with the shampoo nozzle quickly and then sat up. She used the towel to pat her hair just to stop the drips. I put on my gloves and she had me section her hair with a comb first and clip the other sections out of the way so I could work on one section at a time. I took the bottle and started to apply the soap cap mixture and work it into a lather in the first section, then moved onto the next section after I removed the clip. When I got to the last section I removed the clip and noticed that I had quite a bit of the mixture left. MIss Judy told me not to worry we can just pour it on her hair after I begin to shampoo her. I had the last section done and began to shampoo her whole head together. She told me to add the rest of the mixture and lather her up. I kept up massaging the shampoo mixture in as she told me about her beauty parlors and how much fun we are going to have. She said ” We are going to teach you how to do your make up and polish your nails. Remember we paint a car, we paint a house, we polish our nails. Just like we wash our cars, we wash our dishes, but we shampoo our hair. We will teach you all the proper terms.” After the twenty minutes was up she got up and we turned the chair around and she sat down and I help lean her back into the sink. I made sure she was comfortable and turned on the water and checked the temperature and began to rinse her hair while asking her if it was ok. She said “Perfect”. I rinsed the color mixture from her hair and asked her which shampoo I should use on her hair first. She told me to use the Pink Redken bottle because it is a moisturizing shampoo. Good to use after a color. So I opened the bottle and poured out a bit into my hand and rubbed my hands together and began to apply it to her hair and lather it up. I worked the sides and then the back then the front to the back with that firm pressure the to a gentle massage. She moaned a bit and said” OOH yea you got it.” “keep up the good work baby.” She told me ” Ok rinse me baby and then we can try the forward and the upright positions.” I turned on the water, checked the temp. and rinsed her hair. I got the towel over her hair and sat her up. She stood up and then knelt on the chair and leaned on the back of the chair over the sink and said “this is the other way and is kind of comfortable for some people.. I gave her the wash cloth and turned on the water and wet her hair. I picked up another shampoo and poured some in my hand then applied it to her hair and lathered her up again. I did as she instructed and worked from back to front for quite a few minutes then rinsed her hair. I placed the towel around her hair and had her sit down. She moved to her styling chair and I asked ” how about the upright position?” She said “we will do it here.” so I took the Amino Pon shampoo and mixed it with the warm water in the bottle and removed her towel and started to apply this one and worked this into a thick, rich lather. I remembered this one because she had done this to me in her shop a few times. I myself love being shampooed upright. After a few minutes I asked her if we should rinse yet and she said ” no, please I am enjoying this, keep going baby.” So I did. When it was time she just leaned forward in the sink and had me rinse her. I wrapped the towel around her hair and she sat back down in her styling chair. Took off her towel and began to comb and section her hair. I got her the roller tray and clips. She started to set her hair on top first then had me try a few rollers. It was awkward at first but I got the hang of it after a few rollers. She got her black cotton net and put it over her rollers. Then she said ” you are going to be a great shampoogirl. I am going to love having you in the shop.” she paused and then said “OK now lets do your make up.”

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