Miss Kagen

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Miss Kagen

By JimB           ©opyright July 2018



“Morning Barber”, the soft voice announced.


“Morning”, Miss Kagen replied as she walked from the back room with some small towels.


“Have a seat”, she told Nancy as she placed them on the shelf over the sink.


Nancy put her purse on one of the waiting chairs and walked to the barber chair.


“Going shorter”, she said to Miss Kagen, as she sat in the barber chair.


Miss Kagen turned to the barber chair with hairbrush in hand. Slowly she brushed began brushing Nancy’s shoulder length red hair. She brushed from the back to the right side then to the left side.


She brushed Nancy’s hair back off her face, taking a hair clip and clipping in place somewhat like a ponytail.


Placing the hairbrush on the shelf she took hold of the barber cape.


Turning back to the barber chair, she let it unfold and shook it out. Stepping to the right side of the barber chair she tossed across Nancy and stepped behind the barber chair.


“How short do you want to go”, Miss Kagen asked Nancy as she pinned the ponytail on top of her head.


“I was thinking something really short”, she told Miss Kagen as she tucked a large towel in the collar of her blouse.


“Maybe high on the back and sides”, she continued as Miss Kagen undid the clips and let her hair fall freely down.


Nancy watched as her red hair fell over her shoulders and shook her head side to side.


Looking at Miss Kagen in the large mirror, she made a last quick shake and her hair came to a rest over her shoulders.


Miss Kagen, standing behind the barber chair, and Nancy, raised her hands to the sides of her head.


“Here”, she asked Nancy.


Nancy looked at her self, turning her head a little to the right then the left.


“”A little higher”, she Miss Kagen, who then raised her hands up to where the arch over the top of her head began.


Nancy looked in the mirror and again shook her head side to side.


Miss Kagen lowered her hands onto Nancy’s shoulder and patted her shoulders. She moved her right hand, with her fingers spread open and bushed it up the back of head pushing her long red hair.


When her hand reached the top she pushed the hair over the top of Nancy’s head.


“That felt good”, Nancy told Miss Kagen as her right hand began to push another pile of her red hair upward.


Miss Kagen then did the same with her left hand, upward on the left side of the first pile.


She let the hair flow loosely over Nancy’s head. It then slid slowly down the sides and back of her head to her shoulders.


Miss Kagen patted her shoulders, again. She turned to the shelf.


Nancy began shanking her hair side to side.


“Better do it a few time more”, Miss Kagen told Nancy.


After shaking her head a few more time, she brought her hands from under the barber cape and brushed her open fingers through her long red hair. Again she shook her head.


Miss Kagen raised her left hand to the back of Nancy’s head and tilted to downward.




Miss Kagen then raised the clippers up to the hairline on Nancy’s head.


Slowly she pushed the singing clippers up her head, sending red hair to the floor behind the barber chair.


After the hair fell loosely to the floor, Miss Kagen brushed her fingertips of her left hand up the buzzed path. Nancy head rocked backward.


Again Miss Kagen tilted her head downward, raising the clippers to the left side of the path.


She slowly moved the singing clippers upward, red hair slid downward over and downward into Nancy’s caped lap.


Taking a step to the left side of the barber chair, Miss Kagen began another slow upward movement with the clippers. Sending more red hair, from the behind Nancy’s left ear, into her caped lap on top of the first pile.


She placed the clippers in front of Nancy’s left ear and slowly pushed it upward sending a smile pile of red hair again into Nancy’s caped lap. Leaving only hair on top of her head on the left side.


Walking around the back of the barber chair, Miss Kagen left hand pushed red hair forward over Nancy’s right ear.


Pushing her head downward Miss Kagen placed the clippers to the right of the first buzzing.


Slowly she moved it upward send a pile of red hair into Nancy’s caped lap


Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, Miss Kagen placed the clippers behind Nancy’s right ear and slowly pushed it upward send another pile of red hair on to her caped lap.


Placing the clippers in front of Nancy’s right ear, slowly she moved it upward sending another pile on to Nancy’s caped lap.


Only red hair was left on top of Nancy’s head.


Turning the clippers off and hanging it under the shelf, she took hold of the soft bristled hairbrush. Turning back to Nancy’s head, she began brushing her red hair back over her head.


Her red hair looking like it was a Mohawk haircut. She tried to turn her head side to side.


Miss Kagen had hold of her hair with her left hand. Her body turned, her right hand reached under the shelf.


As she brought her right hand around, from under the shelf, CLICK.


Holding Nancy’s last strands of hair, Miss Kagen moved the singing clippers forward and placed it at her forehead.


Their eyes met in the large mirror.

Slowly Miss Kagen moved the clippers backward, clipping a strip of red hair an inch and half wide from her head.


A second, a third, and a fourth passing of the clippers and last of Nancy’s long red hair was held over her head and dropped into her red hair on the pile of her red hair which covered her caped lap.


Looking down to her red hair covering her caped lap, Nancy smiled. She moved both of her hands from under the cape and began playing with her, now gone, red hair.


Miss Kagen stood behind the barber chair and unclipped the barber cape and let it fall over the red hair covered barber cape. Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, Miss Kagen reached for the bottom of the red hair filled barber cape and pulled upward coving Nancy’s red hair.


Reaching her left hand reached across Nancy and took hold of the barber cape and pulled together and lifted the red hair filled barber cape off Nancy. Setting the barber cape under shelf.


She turned the hot water on in the sink and toss a small towel under the running hot water.


She reached in the glass cabinet and took hold of one the straight razors and placed on the shelf.


Turning off the running water, she took hold of the warm towel and rang it out a little.


Turing back to the barber chair, she raised the warm towel and began wrapping Nancy’s buzzed head.


Softly she pressed it around on Nancy’s buzzed head.


“Morning Miss K.”, sang out a soft voice. Miss Kagen looked toward the voice.


“Morning Bridge”, she said. “Morning Carrie”.


“Morning Miss K.”, another voice said. Miss Kagen looked at the door.


“Well, good morning Mandy”, she said as she started removed the now cool towel from Nancy’s head.


“Hi, Mandy”, little Bridge said as she reached for a hung.


“Morning to you, too”, she told Bridge. “Good morning Carrie”.


“Good to see you”, Carrie replied as she patted the waiting chair to her left for Bridge.


“Hair cut”, Carrie asked Mandy as she sat to her right.


“Yes”, Mandy said to her. “And, you?”


Carrie smiled as she put her left arm around Bridget and gave her hug and kissed her head, with some lightly grown hair.


“Mandy”, Bridge chimed in. “I’m getting my head shaved again.


“Dad said I could”.


Mandy looked at Carrie, “And, you getting a hair cut”?


Again she just smiled.


Carrie looked up, just as Bridget started to walk to the barber chair.


“Bridget”, she said quickly reaching out to her. “Have a seat”.


Bridget walked backward, feeling with her little right hand.


“Miss K. going to shave your head”, she asked Nancy, as Miss Kagen began lathering her head.


Nancy just smiled and winked at her.


As she sat back in the waiting chair, “I am getting my head shaved again.


“I got it shaved last Saturday. It was a present from my dad and mom.”


“Long story, but true”, Miss Kagen whispered in her right ear as she took hold of the leather strap.


“Close your eyes”, Miss Kagen told Nancy. Nancy closed her eyes.


Miss Kagen raised the sharpened straight razor and slowly shaved her right eyebrow, then her left eyebrow.


Bridget looked at her mom, who looked at her and shook her head



“So, how are you getting your hair cut”, Carrie asked Mandy.


Mandy smiled and looked towards the barber chair.


Carrie patted her lap and smiled.


“You want to go first”, Carrie asked Mandy.


Mandy looked across at Bridget who was smiling and watching Miss Kagen.


“Bridge and you were here first”, she told Carrie. “I think she will be in the barber chair before she gets out”!


Carrie looked at her daughter who was starting to slide out of the waiting chair.


“Bridget”, her mother said as she patted the waiting chair. “You might be right”.


They turned their attention to the barber chair as Miss Kagen was beginning to shave Nancy’s head.


Miss Kagen began shaving Nancy’s head of the right side, placing the sharp straight edged razor at the arc of her head and shaving with short downward strokes.


Nancy took a deep breath as Miss Kagen placed the straight razor a little back of the first shaving and started another slow downward shaving stroke.


As Miss Kagen started the third stroke, Nancy’s feet rose upward and her toes pointed outward.


Miss Kagen patted her on her right shoulder, “Enjoying the shaving”!


Nancy responded with a smile then closed her eyes.


“Mom”, Bridget said. “Is there something wrong with her”!


Her mom noticed Nancy’s reaction. Thinking to her self, “must be her first shaving”.


She looked at Bridget and smiled. Bridge looked back with “confusing” look on her face.


Mandy saw Nancy’s reaction, too.


Turning to Carrie, “Have you experienced that reaction”?


“No”, she replied. “But, I have seen other women respond like that.


“I am just glad Bridget did not respond like that last Friday.


“I do not think I would have been able to explain what it was”.


Mandy patted her right leg, “Yes, it would have been hard”.


Miss Kagen had Nancy’s head tilted downward as she began shaving the back of Nancy’s head. Again Nancy responds by rising her feet upward and her toes point outward.


Carrie put her left arm around Bridget, before she could ask the same question again.


“Just the left side and the top”, she told Nancy, who smiled.


With the left side shaved, Miss Kagen walked behind the barber chair.


As she did with the clippers, she moved the sharp straight razor over Nancy’s head and placed it at her hair line.


Nancy took a deep breath and rose upward to meet the sharp straight razor’s blade.


“Relax”, Miss Kagen said to her. “Just the top and I will be finished shaving your head”.


“It feels so good”, she told Miss Kagen. “I wish I had asked you shave me years ago”.


Slowly she shaved backwards, “This should help you feel even better”.


Miss Kagen noticed Bridget and pointed her right hand, with the straight razor as a pointer, at her.


Carrie looked at her.


“You all right”, she asked Bridget.


Bridget smiled but her eyes said something else.


Carrie grabbed Mandy’s left hand.


“I might have spoken to soon”, she said to Mandy, as she nudged her head to Bridge.


“Maybe she is just pretending”, Mandy replied. “Just doing what Nancy’s doing for fun”.


Miss Kagen made the last shaving stroke of Nancy’s head. Nancy took a deep breath and slowly let it our as she opened her eyes.


When she saw how she looked with her head shaved, in the large mirror, her hands rose to her head. Slowly she brushed her fingertips over her shaven head.


Miss Kagen was wiping her head of any excessed lather. She removed the towel from her collar.


Shaking some powder on the hair duster, she dusted across Nancy’s head. Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, she dusted across Nancy’s face.


She pushed the hand forward and the barber chair began lowering to a “bump” stop.

As she stepped from the barber chair, little Bridget was starting to climb in the barber chair.


“Here”, Miss Kagen said to her. “Let me put this seat on the seat”.


With little seat in place she picked Bridget up and helped her sit on the small seat.


“You in a rush to go some where”, Miss Kagen asked Bridget.


“NO”, Bridget replied as she settled on the little seat.


“Bridget”, her mom said.


“No, ma’am”, Bridge replied to Miss Kagen, who patted her on her right shoulder.


Turning to the shelf, Miss Kagen took hold of one of the large towels.


“I only need this one”, she told Bridger as she tucked in her collar.


Bridget was smiling as Miss Kagen wrapped a warm towel around her little head.


She took a straight razor from the glass cabinet and placed on the shelf by a shaving mug.


The towel was removed and tossed under the shelf. Taking hold of the shaving mug, Miss Kagen let some hot water flow in it and she began soaping up some shaving lather.


She worked more lather up as she walk to the right side of the barber chair.


Bridget looked at her, as she continued working up shaving lather in the mug.


“Going to use this to lather your head”, she told Bridget. Bridget started to ask her, what it was.


“Shaving lather like from the machine”, she told Bridge as she began brushing the shaving lather on her head.


Bridge looked in the big mirror and watched Miss Kagen lather her head.


“You going to use the big razor”, Bridget asked Miss Kagen, who smiled at her.


Placing the brush and mug on the shelf, Miss Kagen took hold of the straight razor.


Sharping it on the leather strap, she looked at Bridget.


“Ready”, she asked her. Bridget smiled and shook her head “yes”.


Miss Kagen placed the sharp edge of the straight razor by her forehead, in the center of her head and began shaving Bridget’s head.


She shaved a little faster than Saturday. Bridget was smiling and waiving her little hand at her mom and Mandy.


The right side shaved, Miss Kagen stepped behind the barber chair and tilted her head downward.


She began shaving the back of Bridget’s head but stopped suddenly and looked at Carrie.


Bridget had closed her eyes and her legs were slowly rising.


Carrie turned to Mandy and grabbed her left hand.


Miss Kagen stood watching Bridget.


“You all right”, she asked Bridget with a whisper.


“Look mom, I a dancer”, Bridget said to her. Slowly she lowered her legs back on the barber chair’s seat.


Connie, Mandy, and Miss Kagen breathed a sis of relief. Miss Kagen tilted Bridget’s head downward again and began shaving her head.


This time she shaved a little faster. Stepping to the left side of the barber chair she shaved longer strips.


Finished, she placed the straight razor on the shelf and turned and started to wipe her head of excess shaving lather.


Her eyes caught Carrie making some movement with her hand. She looked at her, trying to see what she was doing.


Carrie turned to Mandy, “Watch this”!


Carrie looked back a Miss Kagen and started moving over her eyebrows. Miss Kagen looked at her, still not understanding.


After a few seconds Miss Kagen smiled and turned a little to the right. Her right hand reached on the shelf and searched.


Bring the straight razor around and opening it. She held it up a little out of Bridget’s site.


“Bridget”, her mom called to her, as she smiled at Miss Kagen and shook her head “yes”.


“Yes ma’am”, Bridget answered.


“Bridget, close your eyes and keep the close for a little”, her mom told her. Bridget closed her eyes.


“This tight enough”, she asked her mom.


“Yes sweetheart”, her mom replied. “How keep them closed and do not move”.


Connie smiled at Miss Kagen and shook her head “yes”, again.


Miss Kagen reached across her little head and with her fingertips, of her left hand she pulled Bridget’s left eyebrows upward a little.


“Keep your eyes closed and do not move your head”, Miss Kagen whispered to Bridget.


She placed the sharp blade above her eyebrows and slowly shaved them off. Then, she did the same thing over her right eyebrows and shaved her right eyebrows off.


Placing the straight razor on the shelf, she took hold of the soft hair duster. Stepping back to the right side of the barber chair she brushed across Bridget’s eyebrows.


“You can open your eyes”, her mom told her.


Miss Kagen held a mirror for Bridget to see what she had done.


Bridget smiled, looked at her mom.


She raised her little finger to where her eyebrows were and brushed her fingertips over where once was her eyebrows.


Miss Kagen removed the towel and helped Bridget from the barber chair.


“I think dad might not like it”, she told her mom. “BUT, I DO”.


She and her mom hugged.


“WHO”S NEXT”, Miss Kagen asked as she shook her barber cape.


JimB    ©opyright July 2018

NOTE:   This a continuation of my story “That little girl”.  job

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