Miss Paul’s Barber Shop

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Miss Paul’s Barber Shop

By JimB (C)opyright December 2023

“Miss Paul’s Barber Shop

  You tell me the hair cut you want …..

  You will get it …..

  You don’t know what kind of hair you want …..

  I have the hair cut I will give you ….”

“Who would let someone give you a hair you don’t,” Carrie said.

“What?” her mother said.

“That sign ….

“You tell me the hair cut you want ….

“You will get it ….

“You don’t know what kind of hair cut you want …..

“I have the hair cut I will give you ….

“Why would anyone go to a barber shop and let someone they don’t know give them a hair cut they have for you!” Carrie said.

“You would have be crazy to do that.”

“I agree,” her dad said.

“That’s just advertisement.

“She a barber and they are trained to give all kind of hair cuts.

“It’s her job to talk with you and come up with a hair cut for you.

“Even if the hair cut is not for you.”

“That still sound crazy,” Carrie replied.

“Well, dear,” her mother said.  “Why don’t you go in to her barber shop and ask her what kind of hair cut suits you.”

“Here,” her dad said as he landed her one of his credit cards. “i will even pay for what ever hair cut she recommends for you.

“Even if you do not like the hair cut.

“I will even go one better,” her mother said.

“I will go in to her barber shop and get the same hair cut.

“Even if is not the hair cut for you, like you dad said.”

“What IF!” Carrie started to say.

“Can I give her a tip.”

“Sure,” her dad said as he and her mother walked to cafe across the street.

“Do you think we should have made those comment?” Shirley, his wife, said.

“You know how she gets when someone, ever us, challenges her over anything.

“Remember the last one where we challenges her to stop going out with boys for a month.”

“Yes,” Shirley told her husband, David.

“She had four boys over the next day.

“She even had her girl friend’s sister over.”

“Remember the smile on her when she and Nancy, I believe, came out her bed room the next morning,” Shirley told him.

“But, I don’t think she is going to do that at a barber shop.

“The hair cut!

“I don’t think I should have told her “I will go in to her barber shop and get the same hair cut.”

“She might even get her head shaved.”

“Now that would be something,” he told his wife.

“Remember back when we started dating.

“And, we met in The Market Street Barber Shop.

“Mary Louise, you sister, was sitting in the barber chair as the barber, Emma, was lather her buzzed cut.

“I said, “Let’s go”.

“But, you said, “I have to watch this.””

“We stayed and watch Emma shave her head and eyebrows,” his wife said.

“And, I just got up and walked to Emma’s barber chair and got a flattop and my eyebrows shaved.

“And, you went crazy when I stepped from the barber chair and gave me a BIG kiss and said, “We will be having fun tonight.”

“CRAZY!” he said.

“Remember Missie?

“You called her and told her to come by tonight, “David and I are going to have some fun tonight.  And, we want you to join us in fun tonight.”

“Well that was twenty years ago,” Shirley said.

“Now back to your daughter?

“What kind of hair cut will she come out the barber shop with?”

“Remember,” he told her. You will be coming out with the same hair cut, sweetheart.”

“Will,” Shirley.said.

“Will we have fun tonight, without Missie and her toys?”

“I hope she gets a flattop,” he said.

“Then, her head and eyebrows shaved.

“Like you did back then.”

“I might keep the shaving for …..!” she said.

“Will, we will have to see.”

“Look she’s going into the barber shop,” David said pointing to the barber shop.

“IS that a women barber?”

“I hope so,” Shirley replied with a smile.

“May I help you? the female barber asked Carrie as she walked in to her barber shop.

“Yes,’ she said as she walked to the barber chair.

“My mom and dad are across the street in the cafe.

“They have challenged me to come into your barber shop and have you give me hair cut you think will suite me.

“And, my mom said “She would come into your barber shop and get what ever hair cut you choose for.”

“By the way, my name is Tanya,” she said as she looked out the big window.

“That sign is just for advertisement to get customers.

“NOW, if you want me to choose a hair cut for you.

“It will take about two hours.

“Do you want to leave now!”

“What kind of hair cut do you want to give me first?” Carrie asked her.

“I want to walked out and show my mom the hair.”

“Shell we start with a Crew Cut?” Tanya asked her.

“Let’s leave the eyebrow shaving for the last hair cut you give me,” Carrie said.

Carrie sat in the barber chair as Tanya reached for the clippers.

“I half in attachment?” Tanya said showing Carrie the clippers.

“This well only take a minute.”

She clicked the clippers on and began moving it over Carrie’s head until all her hair, all seven inches of her hair, was half an inch all over.

Tanya removed the cape and Carrie stepped out the barber chair.

“Now!” Carrie said as she walked to the door and stepped out side for her parent to see her with a Crew Cut.

“Damn!” Shirley said.  “She got a Crew Cut.”

“Well, what do you say we go for a flattop,” Tanya told her.

FLATTOP!” Carrie inquired.

“How long will it take?”

“About …..

“Ten minutes,” Tanya said as she began comb the top of Carrie’s head and placing a comb.

She raised the attachmentless clippers and slowly moving it over the comb.

She did this four more times.

Tossing the comb and putting on the quarter in attachment of the clippers.

She stepped to the right side of the barber chair and began clippering Carrie’s hair to a quarter of an inch on the right side of her head working around her head to the left side of her head.

“Not going to do a trim shave,” Tanya said. “Until the !!”

Carrie stepped out the barber chair and walked to the door.

Stepping out side of the barber shop, she did a little twilling to show her flattop to her parents.

“Well, she got the flattop,” David said as he smiled at Shirley.

“And, from here it looks like a short flattop.”

OKAY, what’s next?” Carrie asked Tanya as she sat in the barber chair.

“THIS!” Tanya said as she showed her the attachmentless clippers.

“Then, this!” Tanya said  showing her her straight razor.

“Just fifteen minutes.”

“Let’s do it,” Carrie said.

Tanya clicked the attachmentless clippers on and began buzzing the right side of her head up to the flattop.

With the back and sides of Carrie’s head buzzed, Tanya began lathering the back and sides of Carrie’s head.

After stropping her straight razor a few times, Tanya shave the back and sides of Carrie’s head.

“Finished!” she told Carrie.

“You should slowly move your ringers over the shaving when you step out side to show your parents.”

Carrie smiled.

She opened the door and as she stepped out side she raised her hands and began moving her fingers over the shaved back and sides of her head.

“One more!” David said to Shirley with a big smile and wink.

“NO WAY!” Shirley said.

Carrie walked back in to the barber shop.

Tanya was waiving her straight razor.

“All stropped and ready!” Tanya said as Carrie smiled and sat in the barber chair.

“Take the shaving slowly,” Carrie said to Tanya.

“I want my mom to simmer awhile before I show them my shaven head.”

“Don’t for get,” Tanya reminded her as moved the adtchmentless clippers over top of Connie head, buzzing it to her skin like she did the back and sides of Carrie’s head.

“The eyebrows!”

Carrie smiled.

Tanya began lathering Carrie’s head.

“Already sharpen,” Tanya said as she shaved Carrie’s eyebrows.

“Now for your head.”

Tanya sat there.

“Well,” Connie said.

“When are you going to start shaving my head?”

“You in a hurry!” Tanya asked.

“I thought you said you wanted your mom to simmer for a while.”

“Yes,” Carrie said.

“But, you can shave my head slowly.”

After twenty minutes of shaving, check, reshaping Tanya checked her head.

Carrie opened the door.

She stuck her shaven head out first.

She looked across the street and saw her parents sitting and waiting.

Then, she stepped out side with a big smile and point across the street.

“HOPE,” her mom said to her dad. “We have fun tonight.”

She got up and walked across the street to the barber shop.

She saw Tanya standing in the door way waiving her straight razor.

As her mom passed her, she raised the right hand and brushed her finger over Carrie’s shaven head.

“SMOOTH,” she told Carrie.

“Tanya, the barber is waiting for you,” Connie told her mom with a smile and turned to see Tanya standing in the door waving her straight razor.

As Shirley walked in to the barber shop.

“First my attachmentless clippers,” Tanya said.

“Then, my nicely sharpen straight razor.”

As Shirley started to sit in the barber chair.

“Will you turn around,” Tanya asked her.

“MY about four feet trophy,” she told Shirley as she sat in the barber chair.

“More like five feet,” Shirley said as Tanya tied her hair with a ribbon.

“Hope you are not going to take it slowly?” Shirley asked.

“Eyebrows first,” Tanya said as she quickly shaved Shirley’s eyebrows.


“Only with the clippering of your five feet of hair,” Tanya told her.

With all Shirley’s head shaved, Tanya checked her shaving for smoothness.

“Hope you and you husband have fun tonight!” Tanya told her as she stepped out the barber chair.

“How did you know that?” Shirley quickly said.

“Just something my cousin Missie told me years ago.” Tanya said.

Shirley walked out the barber shop, her husband was smiling.

“FUN TONIGHT!” he said with a smile and kiss.

“I have something to tell you,” she said to her husband as they walked to their car.

“You will not believe!”

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