Missy has a secret

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“Terra Gil to the office”,a crisp, feminine voice came over the intercom.Terra’s friends teased her, joking that she was in trouble when she wasn’t. She had no reason to be an ass around school or anywhere for that matter. But still, Terra still had to go to the office.

The girl spotted someone in the office, a girl in a purple dress with sunglasses over her eyes. She had medium length, brown hair and had a cane in her hand.Terra knocked on the open door to the office and the lass looked in Terra’s direction.

”Ah, Terra”,the headmaster of the school walked to her and put her dainty arm on the girl’s shoulder,”I would like to introduce you to Missy, she needs a guide for a few days so we can set her program up so she can schoolwork with you lot”

”And I’m the only one for the job”,Terra finished the headmaster’s sentence,”Okay, I’ll do it but you owe me”,she joked.

Missy was great at navigating the school and enjoyed the company of Terra so she couldn’t exactly abandon her.Terra, in turn, learned much about Missy. The girl was from Michigan and her parents owned a barbershop on the opposite side of town.

One day, as the two were walking about the halls, a boy named Jack ran up to them.Before either girl could react, he grabbed at her hair, Terra gasped as he took a handful of tresses on Missy’s head and yanked it as hard as he could.To heighten her shock, the hair he grabbed came loose and the whole head of hair fell to the floor.

Missy, instantly, got revenge on the boy by tripping him with her cane.Aghast that she tripped him; Jack teared up and ran away, leaving the wig behind.

”I’m so sorry”,Terra tried to apologize as she gazed at Missy’s hairless scalp.

”Don’t be”,Missy knelt down and felt for her lost headdress, snatching it up as soon as she felt its softness. She started laughing as she rose from the ground, offering the wig to Terra,”You want to wear it?”

Terra politely declined and asked Missy why her hair was shaven.

”Is it medical?”Terra asked.

Missy chuckled and tilted her glasses down, revealing two eyebrows of brown,”I told you my parents own a barbershop on the other side of town.You want to see?”

Terra didn’t know what to do and blurted out,”Yes please”

Missy smiled and for the rest of the day, she didn’t wear her wig to the shock of everyone at the high school.

When the bell rang, the two girls went hand in hand across town to Missy’s parents’ barbershop.It was a small, brick building with silver awning.Missy’s mother was surprised she brought a friend and even more surprised her daughter wasn’t wearing her wig.

”This is Terra”,Missy introduced her friend to her parents,”She’s going to be my new model today”

Terra looked at her friend, puzzled.Before she could ask what her friend was talking about, Missy took her by the hand to the waiting styling chairs.Letting her hand go, Missy turned a chair towards Terra and patted its cushioned its seat.

Terra looked about the place. Missy’s parents stood and smiled, anticipating the girls’ next move.

”I-Is she… is it cool if she cuts my hair”,Terra asked nervously.

”Of course, honey”,Missy’s mother replied,    “She’s a great hairdresser”

The girl’s father nodded in agreement as Missy took her friend’s hand again,”Come on, it’ll be fun”

”I guess I could use a trim”,Terra guessed.

Missy giggled,”More like a transformation”

”What do you mean?”Terra asked as Missy helped her into the chair.

”You’ll see”,she smiled.

Terra was amazed at Missy’s swiftness in her own zone.Clamping the girl’s chestnut mane on the top of her head, Missy took from a cabinet a bronze cape. She unfolded it, felt it, and swung it gracefully over Terra’s body.To add to her amazement, Terra watched as Missy secured the cape and pumped up the chair at the same time.

”You’re amazing”,Terra couldn’t help but blush.

“I haven’t even started”,Missy let Terra’s hair down and ran her fingers through it,”I’m going to make you look pretty”

”Wouldn’t doubt it”,Terra replied.

Missy grabbed a comb and started separating Terra’s crown from her sides.The girl in the chair watched as her crown was clamped to the top of her head.She watched as her stylist went to the wall beside the mirror and grabbed the clippers that hung on a hook.

Terra then realized what her friend was planning but she had come too far and she didn’t want to be rude.But still, she jumped at the sudden hum in the room.When she calmed down, she asked dumbly,”Watcha goin do with those clippers?”

“I’m going to clean up your sides”,Missy replied.

Reluctantly, Terra sat still as the clippers started up her sideburns and left them only short stubble.All round her head, chunk after chunk of chestnut hair fell from the clippers blades.Where she sheared, Missy felt the short stubble with her hand. She smiled and kept going til Terra barely a centimeter of hair on the sides of her scalp.

Missy did not a guard on the clippers and tilted them so as to take most of the bulk off.So when Terra felt up her nape, all she felt was very fine, short stubble.She couldn’t lie, it was nice to have air coming onto her neck.When she told Missy that, the blind barber instantly blew on her neck to make her friend giggle.

With sides good and buzzed short, Missy gave the clippers a rest as she took out the clamp from Terra’s head.She playfully ruffled the long hair.There was a ton of guessing hairstyles on Terra’s mind as Missy did not tell her anything as to what she was going to do or what the end result would look like.She was just so mysterious about everything.

Missy finished stroking the chestnut locks and got back to work.She grabbed the clippers and comb and manipulated the two to take much of the top off.Terra might’ve thought she was about to go bald but that was okay, she would match her bestie.

But the blind barberette had no intention of shaving her friend smooth.As she put it when she was done cutting,”I still like to run my hand through some of your hair”

Terra looked at herself.Her stylist completely changed her.The sides of her head were almost gone but the top the longer and she could still feel the flat field on top of her head.

Missy asked if she liked it.Terra looked at her and gave her a smile,”It ain’t half bad”

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