Missy, you’ll go far with this haircut

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Lily Evans was always taught she should respect her elders and superiors and try and meet their demands, not matter if she didn’t want to. A kind hearted soul, Lily got a job and did her job attentively. She never complained and kept her head down most of her time.

But her boss, Frankie, took notice of her. She liked Lily and promoted her when she could, but something bothered her about her beloved employee’s appearance and attitude. Lily always had long hair that reached her butt when she didn’t have it pinned up. The woman took very good care of the luscious hair and cherished it ever so deeply.

”But the game is cutthroat”,Frankie told Lily one day,”And if you are to replace me, you must part with anything that might weigh you down”

”What do you propose I do?”Lily asked.

”Tell you what”,Frankie tossed the bottle of water she was drinking into the trash,”I’ll take you to my guy and get that mop top taken care of”

Lily agreed to this arrangement.

The following day, Frankie met Lily at the office and they left for lunch together. They walked downtown and into an avenue Lily had not been to ever. Frankie took her squire to a building that was small and stocky, an older establishment started in the late 1920’s and boy did the place maintain the aura of the decade. It was one of those places that were built exclusively for women who wanted bobbed and likewise short hairstyles.

A woman was working there: one barber one chair. Lily was intrigued with the woman’s outfit, it was the style of the old-fashioned garb that barbers wore but it was clearly made in the modern day. And her hair, it was short and bleached; the sides were buzzed short, fading into the woman’s skin halfway down.

”Esther”,Frankie hailed the barber lady,”This is Lily Evans”

The two women shook hands,”It’s nice to meet you”,Lily smiled.

”Likewise, likewise”,Esther replied,”Are you the one that needs a shave?”

”Shave!?”Lily cried.

”Oh, sorry”,Frankie bit her lip in embarrassment,”I forgot to mention it but yes, I would like you to shave everything off”

”Why?!”Lily was still frustrated and dumbfounded.

”I want you to be confident with absolutely nothing holding you back”,Frankie explained, gesturing towards the chair,”Please”

”Well”,Lily thought over the dilemma,”I guess I’ll do it”

Frankie clapped her hands as Lily took her seat in the chair. The young woman watched as Esther through a pin-striped cape around her. Esther calculated how tight she should secure the cape around Lily’s neck and asked her if the constriction was comfortable. Lily nodded and Esther took her que to grab the clippers off the wall.

The vibrating blades whizzed to life, humming a steady beat. Esther took out the pins holding the bun in place and ran her fingers through the hair to its length. Lily felt the clippers move down her scalp once, twice, and thrice, the device did not shut off until there was nothing but microscopic hair on Lily’s hair. All of the woman’s hair lay on the floor and Esther disposed of it before continuing.

Lily looked at herself, this was a huge change. Back to work, Ester put shaving cream on Lily’s head and doubled the layer after a hot towel was applied to the first. The barber lady smiled as she wiped away the cream. When it was all bare skin on the scalp, Lily wished it was all over.

Esther took the woman’s chin in her fingers and asked her to close her eyes. Lily did and felt the skillful blade go over her brow. And when Esther told her to open her eyes, she nearly fainted. It was all gone, Esther left her with only her eyelashes.

Lily felt naked even with her clothes and the cape on. Esther took off the cape and asked Lily to lift her arm. Confused, Lily did so and Esther whittled away the rogue tufts of wiry hair that puffed out from the woman’s armpit. With no more armpit hair, Esther continued to give Lily a smooth shave on her arms and legs.

Folding her razor to indicate she was done with it, Esther grabbed a makeup pencil and asked Lily to stay still. With her client still, Esther drew eyebrows on Lily. Finished, Lily was amazed at how real and beautiful they looked.

Esther got some red lipstick and gave Lily cherry red lips. A blank canvas complete, Esther inspected her own work and admired it with the other parties involved.

”You look so hot, my dear”,Frankie said.

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