Mistress Clara’s Lessons For New Submissives

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My girlfriend has a hypnosis fetish, which I thought was harmless until she bought a series of tapes called Mistress Clara’s Lessons For New Submissives. I didn’t think of myself as someone who could be hypnotized until I started listening to those tapes. There was something about that woman’s voice. I could listen to her for hours, and, eventually, I did. The danger, however, started right at Lesson One: How To Groom Yourself As A Slave. According to Mistress Clara, the perfect slave, man or woman, was shaved head to toe. Not a single hair on their body.

“You are not free. You are a slave. Why should you be concerned with your appearance? Especially if you’re a woman. Shave yourself head to toe. Strip yourself of your vanity. Become nothing but an object of service. That is what a perfect slave is. An object of service. And don’t you want to be a perfect slave?” cooed Mistress Clara in my ear as I laid bound to the bed by my girlfriend.

Afterwards, I looked in the mirror, running my fingers through my waist lengths red hair, as my girlfriend watched me closely.

“Do you want me to shave my head?” I suddenly asked.

She smiled. “Only if you want to.”

I held my hair back tightly, trying to simulate what it would look like if I was bald. It wasn’t flattering. Mainly due to my big ears. Still I couldn’t stop thinking about what Mistress Clara said. Strip yourself bare. Become nothing but an object.

My girlfriend stood up. “Do you want to shave your head like Mistress Clara suggests?” she asked, easing my hand off my ponytail, “Because I picked up some fresh razor blades today.”

Moaning, I replied, “She suggests that a slave be shaved head to toe.”

“Yes,” said my girlfriend, “that would be a punishment befitting a slut like yourself.”

She lead me to the bathroom by my ponytail like a dog. Everything needed to shave my head was already laid out. She knew how Mistress Clara’s tapes would affect me, I thought, she picked up a pair of scissors. I, however, stayed still as she chopped off my ponytail. Once it was free, she took a deep sniff. Then she tossed it in the trash. That made me tear up a little.

“You don’t want to keep my hair?” I asked.

“No, bitch,” she said, picking up the clippers, “it’s trash now.”

Then my girlfriend switched on the clippers. They buzzed threateningly in my ear. As I watched in the mirror, she mowed the ragged mess left behind on my hair down to a grade zero stubble. Just a faint red shadow was soon left on my scalp. Then she swiped off my eyebrows. And, yes, I looked terrible. My big ears stuck out. And a face really needs eyebrows. But I loved it. My ugly reflection aroused me. She stripped me naked and dipped a finger into my dripping wet pussy. That didn’t need to be shaved. I got it waxed regularly. Still, she gave it some attention, though pulling it out before I reached my climax.

“I need to finish you,” she said.

My girlfriend knelt me down and lathered up my scalp and eyebrows. Using my own razor, she shaved me smooth. Then she used Tweezers to pluck out every single one of my long luscious lashes. There wasn’t a single hair left on my body. Looking up, I begged her to finish me off. I desperately needed to climax.

She smiled. “No, bitch, you need to listen to Lesson Two.”

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