Mistress Diana’s Submission

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Please note that this is my first attempt at writing a story. I’m sorry if the grammar is poor, English is not my first language.

The taxi was at her destination. Diana Lewis rolled out and glanced at her watch one last time. It was nearly 1 o’clock and Diana had arrived promptly. She pulled out a letter from her bag and read it once more. “Mistress Arianna requests the presence of Mistress Diana at her dominion at 1 o’clock to discuss a venture that will greatly enhance both parties.”

Diana checked her makeup; she had just turned forty and was still coming to terms with that fact. She flicked her luscious brunette hair which was still as voluminous as ever given her age. She was actually very proud of it and almost always left it flowing out all the way to her lower back. She checked her clothing and that the boots her slaves polished were unmarked and gleaming. Her leather pencil skirt was new out of its box this morning as was the leather tie. The white blouse was bought yesterday and her short leather jacket had been worn once. Diana, for all intents and purposes was going for a job interview, at least that’s what it felt like!

With a little trepidation she walked through the building and was greeted by a lone receptionist. The receptionist was dressed almost like a schoolgirl and had her bright pink hair in two ponytails. Although the sides and back of her head was shaved smooth. She also wore a metal collar around her neck with the initial ‘A’ marked on it. Clearly one of Arianna’s slaves Diana thought. The receptionist smiled and said: “Good afternoon, can I help you miss?”

“Mistress Diana to see Mistress Arianna at one” said Diana with a nervous smile.

“Ahh the new recruit. Please follow me.” replied the receptionist.

Diana started to wonder what the receptionist meant by that as she followed her to the lift.

As the two women reached the third floor and stepped out, Diana just looked around in awe. It all seemed very grand and considering that both Diana and Mistress Arianna shared the same profession, and Arianna was a good ten years younger than her, where did she get the money to pay for all this?! At that moment a door opened down the hall and a woman with a shock of red hair appeared. Diana instantly recognised her as Mistress Arianna.

Mistress Arianna introduced herself and shook Diana’s hand warmly. “Glad you could make it Diana, I’m Mistress Arianna, the owner of this dominion… dungeon… establishment… whatever you would like to call it”

“I am certainly glad to be here Mistress Arianna, it sounded like a good opportunity to not miss” replied Diana.

“I think you will quite like my proposal Diana”.

Mistress Arianna took an arm. “Let’s first go to my apartment and have a drink as I explain”.

Mistress Arianna led Diana up to the penthouse. As they walked past the rooms there was the sound of whips and floggers being used.

“Sounds busy” said Diana, restarting the conversation.

“Yes, we’re doing very well but that’s why you’re here!”. Mistress Ariana replied.

Smiling Mistress Arianna showed Diana through a door into her private rooms, Mistress Arianna motioned Diana to sit on a sofa and pulled a bottle of white wine out of the fridge.

“There you are” handing a glass to Diana.

“Thanks!” beamed Diana as she placed the glass on the table and took her jacket off. She folded it and left it on the arm of the sofa.

As they talked business, Mistress Arianna proved herself a business woman Diana joked! “You may have been a business consultant with your knowledge!”.

“Oh I would have been but I thought this’ll be more fun!”. As they talked, it became apparent that a job was being offered.

“Perhaps you would like me to show you around?”

“Oh yes please” said Diana grinning like a little schoolgirl!

“We’ll start at the top and work our way down.”

The house was (to put it mildly) huge and was two Victorian Town houses knocked through to make a spacious place of work. Apart from the apartment at the top there were eight bedrooms in various colours to suit various scenes and fetishes. The pair kept going into what looked like a store cupboard but was actually a peep room where they could spy on whoever was in the two adjacent rooms. As they went down the back stairs, things were getting more extreme with the rooms all looking like full blown dungeons and Mistress Arianna’s staff were obviously enjoying what they were doing.

“This room is the reason you are here” said Mistress Arianna. She opened the door to a large room and Diana’s jaw almost hit the ground. The view was stunning and beyond her wildest fantasies. Two naked girls, both in separate cages, with blindfolds and ear muffs. Not only that though, they were both being fucked by machines in their pussy and mouth. “These two bitches have been instructed to not let those dildos out of their holes. They dare not find out what will happen to them if they do” said Mistress Arianna.

“I was informed by a slave of mine that there are two things Mistress Diana enjoys more than anything. Famous celebrities as her slaves and human puppies. Well, I will soon let you find out who these two puppies are! But first, some business to discuss” said Mistress Arianna.

Diana was blushing and could feel her juices flowing as she replied like an excited little kid. “Yes, I am keen to know why am I here Mistress Arianna. Your slaves have informed you well.”

“You see Diana, my business is thriving. We have rich and famous kinksters here all the time enjoying the many services we provide. I am sure you have noticed I am doing quite well. To meet with the demand, I need another Mistress to handle some of the slaves that are coming through. That’s where you come in. I want to buy your little establishment and want you to work for me” said Mistress Arianna with some arrogance.

“I do appreciate that offer Mistress Arianna and would love to know who these two puppies are… BUT I do not work FOR anyone. I would maybe consider a partnership” replied Diana trying to compose herself.

“Hmmm… well Diana let me just say this. We can either do this the easy way…. Or the very very painful way. I don’t want to hit you in the face with it and go through the nitty gritty but let’s just say I am well aware of your financial trouble. If I wanted to, I could have you on the streets begging to be my slave. Yet I am offering you the chance to be a Mistress in my club” Mistress Arianna replied authoritatively.

Diana was livid. “How does she know about my financial trouble” she thought. Diana was in fact on the verge of bankruptcy but she was certain no one in the ‘community’ was aware of it. She was contemplating the deal as Mistress Arianna interrupted her chain of thought.

“I don’t have all day Diana. If you want me to make up your mind, have a look at the paperwork on the table over there. You see, your financier at the bank Geraldine is a good friend of mine and a frequent visitor here as a Mistress herself. I have all of the details of your looming bankruptcy and don’t see any other way out. Geraldine can take everything from you… your club, your house and all of your assets. As I said before, you will be on the streets soon and begging me to be a slave here if I so wish”

Diana, looking through the paperwork, was on the verge of crying and her eyes were filling up with tears.

Mistress Arianna walked right up behind Diana and placed a hand on her pussy. The other hand then placed across Diana’s nipple, attempting to excite the older woman even more than she was earlier. As she played with them, caressing them, toying with them and manipulating them.

“Think of all the fun we are going to be having here. Don’t you want to play with those bitches over there. Want to know who they are? I’ll give you a hint… They’re both singers who used to be on Disney”.

Diana’s pussy got more wet and she shuddered.

Realising that she really had no choice she replied with a sigh. “Ok… I will do it”

“Good girl… I need you to first sign this” commanded Mistress Arianna.

“It’s a contract which hands over all of your assets and considerable debt onto me. I will let you keep your house… but your slaves, club and your services will now belong to me. To the slaves I have to let you maintain your Mistress status. However, you will submit whenever I order you to. Is that understood?” Mistress Arianna said as she stood tall over Diana.

Diana contemplated before signing. Was it all worth it? She would still get to be a Mistress… But she would also have to submit to Diana. What would that even involve… Hopefully the would not have to submit often and it would be very rarely and in private.

*SMACK!* Mistress Arianna slapped Diana’s ass. “I haven’t got all day… Do you understand?” barked Arianna.

Diana finally signed the paper knowing she had no real choice.

“Yes… I understand…” Diana said submissively.

*SMACK!* Mistress Arianna slapped Diana’s ass again. “That’s ‘Yes Mistress’ to you girl” said Arianna sternly.

“Yes Mistress” replied Diana. She was dumbstruck that this woman who was 10 years younger than her was calling her ‘girl’ but she had accepted her fate. She knew it was for the best and she was wise enough to understand the situation.

“I think the best place for you to start is at my feet, don’t you?”

It was a rhetorical question at best, but Arianna pushed Diana onto her knees.

“I think we should get you to accept your role. Kiss both of my feet and thank me for saving your ass each time” ordered Arianna.

Diana couldn’t get herself to do it but Arianna shoved her head down onto her feet.

“Thank you Mistress Arianna for saving me” Diana replied as she kissed her right foot.

“Thank you Mistress Arianna for saving me” Diana said again as she kissed the left foot. It pained her to say it.

“Good girl. See that wasn’t so hard was it.” Arianna said as she patted Diana’s head.

The receptionist, Holly, then entered and smiled as she saw the former Mistress on her knees kissing Mistress Arianna’s feet.

Diana saw Holly briefly but then looked back down after feeling humiliated. “This is what she meant by ‘new recruit’” thought Diana.

“Ahh good, Holly, you’re here. Did you bring it?”

“Yes Mistress Arianna, here is the collar you requested” Holly said as she presented the new metal collar with the same ‘A’ marked on it as Holly’s collar had.

“Lift all that messy hair up girl, it’s time to make this official” Mistress Arianna ordered Diana.

“Messy?” Diana thought to herself as she gathered her hair in a pony and lifted it up.

*Click* The collar was tightened and it was official. Diana was no longer a proud Mistress but rather a submissive to a woman 10 years her junior.

A leash was then attached and Mistress Arianna handed it over to Holly.

“Alright Holly, I need you get our new recruit here dressed for the day. We have to get her initiated.” Mistress Arianna said as both her and Holly smiled at each other.

“Initiated?! What the hell does that mean” thought Diana as she was tugged along out of the room by a lowly receptionist and dragged through the hallways like a dog for anyone to see.


“We should get to the salon in half an hour. Give it another 2 to 3 hours and we should be back at mine after that. Then you can give her a good fucking…. Alright speak to you later babe… my new recruit has just arrived” Mistress Arianna cut the phone as Diana entered the living room.

Or what that Diana? An hour ago no one would believe this woman to be… the… Mistress Diana! And yet here she was dressed in what looked like a school girl’s outfit. A short skirt, white tights, sandals, white shirt and worst of all her glorious hair tied up in two ponytails. Each ponytail had a pink ribbon and she had bright pink lipstick on to match. The collar still on with the leash underneath her shirt hidden away for now.

“Perfect! Just the way I wanted her to look. Well done Holly! You will get a reward for that later dear” Arianna said.

“Please don’t make me go out like this Mistress Arianna. My reputation will be ruined” pleaded Diana.

“Oh hush girl. You will do as I fucking say. Besides, I am only taking you to people I consider to be part of my inner circle. Don’t worry too much about your precious reputation as a Mistress. I too have a business to run and can’t have you humiliated in front of our clientele.” Said Mistress Arianna as Diana was slightly relieved to hear.

“Thanks Holly, is the car ready at the back entrance?” asked Arianna.

“Yes Mistress” replied Holly.

“Good girl. Can you take care of Demi and Miley and see that they’re well fed and rested for our return.” Said Arianna as Holly then left the room.

“Oops, I wasn’t meant to tell you who our famous puppies were. Ah well you can consider it a reward for accepting your fate somewhat gracefully”. Said Arianna.

Diana’s juices were flowing again at the thought of dominating the two Disney princesses. Sure it was an annoyance to submit to Arianna but it sure did have its perks.

“We will be leaving soon… but first I want you here…” *pat* *pat*. Mistress Arianna patted her knees indicating that Diana lay flat on there.

Although Diana was a mistress, she seemed to be excited at the thought of being spanked by Arianna.

Diana lay flat on Arianna’s knees with her hands and legs touching the ground on both ends. Arianna then spread Diana’s legs wide and lifted her skirt. Holly had made sure Diana wasn’t wearing anything underneath and the skirt itself was ultra short!

“Oh my… quite hairy down there as well. We will be taking care of it all today not to worry.” Ariana said as she placed her warm hands on Diana’s bushy pussy.

“And oh look what we have here. OMG you’re getting turned on by this aren’t you?!”

*SMACK* “Well… aren’t you?!” Arianna asked.

“Yes Mistress I am” replied Diana as she blushed.

“It’s alright sweetie… clearly this is the right order of things isn’t it” Arianna asked as she stoked Diana’s face gently.

“Yes Mistress” replied Diana once more.

“Now, first things first. I need to teach you some rules of being my submissive. I am going to tell you each rule and spank you every time. You are to thank me for spanking you and repeat the rule is that understood?” *Smack* Arianna said as she spanked Diana.

“Yes I understand Mistress.” Replied Diana as she was getting used to being a submissive. Never had she been treated like this. She did seem to be enjoying it though as revealed by her very wet pussy.


“Rule number one: You are to always address me as Mistress. Doesn’t matter whose presence we are in. Always!” *Smack* proclaimed Mistress Arianna as she spanked Diana.

“I am to always address you as Mistress. Thank you Mistress” replied Diana.

“You are to always do as I say. No. Questions. Asked! Understood?!” *Smack*

“I am to always do as you say Mistress. Thank you Mistress”

“Good girl. Whenever you see me in private, you are to greet me on your knees with your head bowed down. Or if I say ‘greet’ at any point then you do the same. Understood?” *Smack*

“I am to always greet you on my knees with my head down and when you command ‘Greet’ Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

Arianna then gently stroked Diana’s cheek “Good girl”. The 40 year old woman was being treated like a child but seemed to enjoy it as well.

“Rule number four: You are to always keep your pussy shaved and your haircut will be regulated by me. All of my slaves have the sides and back of their heads clean shaved. It’s a tradition of this club. I will be taking you for a haircut today” *Smack*

“Oh no please don’t do that to me Mistress. I have always had long hair… please Mistress don’t do this” cried out Diana.

*Smack* *Smack* *Smack* Mistress Arianna spanked Diana multiple times. Diana’s ass cheeks now matched her hair and lipstick.

“What was the second rule girl?* *Smack* Arianna spanked Diana again as she asked.

“I am to always do as you say Mistress” Diana said as her eyes welled up.

“Good girl. For that indiscretion you will be punished. I was initially thinking of leaving your hair quite long and just shaving the sides and back but clearly you need to be learn to behave” Arianna said as she spanked Diana once more.

“I am sorry Mistress, please don’t punish me Mistress. I will do as you say I promise. I will make sure I follow all of your rules please keep my hair long.” begged Diana.

“Well it all depends on your behaviour for the rest of the day girl is that understood?!. Now repeat the fourth rule as many times as I spank you. *Smack*

“I understand Mistress. I am to keep my pussy shaved and have my haircut be regulated by you as you see fit. I will keep the back and sides of my head shaved at all times. Thank you Mistress.” Said Diana submissively as she accepted her new role. She didn’t want to piss off Arianna any more than she already had.





Arianna spanked Diana again and again as Diana repeated the fourth rule. Arianna made sure it had sunk in for Diana.


After the humiliating ordeal at Mistress Arianna’s apartment, Diana had now arrived with her Mistress at a remote hidden away shop. There weren’t many people around so Diana was at least less mortified to be seen dressed like a school girl. It was still very humiliating when Mistress Arianna took Diana by the hand and was walked like a child to the front entrance of the shop. ‘Alice’s Wonderland’ the shop’s name read and it seemed to be a salon and tattoo parlour as well as a sex shop. Diana was shaking at the thought of what was about to happen to her. “Just accept it Diana” she said to herself thinking that it will all be over soon and she can go to dominating bitches again.

The shop itself was covered in tinted windows and was quite large in size. As the pair entered the shop, Arianna was greeted by the receptionist – “Hi Mistress Arianna, long time no see! Look what we have here…. Is that a new one? She looks lovely”

“Hi Mandy! Yes it is a new one. ‘Greet’ Mandy here slave” said Arianna as Diana was caught off guard. Diana slowly started to kneel and bowed down to a lowly receptionist.

“She’s such a good girl isn’t she Mandy” said Arianna mocking Diana on the floor.

“Indeed! May I Mistress?” said Mandy as she pointed towards Diana. Mandy was sure to pay respect to Arianna and refer to her by her proper title.

“Of course, but then can you set everything up for my appointment” replied Arianna.

“Sure Mistress” replied Mandy as she proceeded to touch Diana. Diana was still bowed down so was quite surprised when Mandy touched her breasts. She was a little turned on. “Why am I enjoying this” thought Diana but her wet pussy was enough evidence that she didn’t mind this so much.

“Oooh she’s quite bushy down there! AND WET!” laughed Mandy as she then touched Diana’s pussy. “We will certainly be taking care of that for you Mistress Arianna” said Mandy as she then stopped and checker Arianna’s appointment.

“It should be all set for you if you proceed to the last private room at the end there Mistress Arianna” said Mandy as she smiled knowing what was about to happen to Diana.

Mistress Arianna then started to walk and snapped her fingers indicating for Diana to follow. As Diana was about to get up…. “Tut tut what are you doing slave. Did I tell you to get up?! She clearly needs to be taught some manners doesn’t she Mandy… Start crawling like the dog you are slut” said Arianna harshly.

Diana then went back on her knees and then placed her hands on the floor. She started to walk like a dog and followed Mistress Arianna through the hallway. Diana was just contemplating what the fuck was happening as she walked like a dog and following Arianna’s heels. Thankfully no one else was watching this besides Mistress Arianna and Mandy.

As the pair entered the private room at the end of the hallway, Diana quickly noticed a rather strange looking chair. It was entirely black but seemed to be adjustable in almost every section of the chair. The room itself seemed quite cosy and the pair were greeted by a rather bulky man who looked like a brute. Diana instantly thought of ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones as the man had a very similar physique.

“So lovely to see you Arianna, I see you’ve brought me a little present” said the bulky man.

“Nice to see you too Aaron. Yes, she’s a fresh plaything of mine. Greet slave” said Arianna as Diana proceeded to her ‘greet’ position once more.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on her Arianna. I take it we will be doing the works on her?” said Aaron excitedly.

“Of course! Have to initiate all of my slaves” replied Arianna as she gently stroked Diana who still had her head bowed down obediently.

“What did you have in mind for these glorious locks Arianna?”

“Well you know what to do with the sides and back of course” said Arianna.

“Obviously” replied Aaron.

“As for the top… She badly wants it to be kept long hmmm. I do need her to have some sort of a Mistress feel for my other slaves. Lets do this…” said Arianna as she whispered something in Aarons ears.

Diana was slightly relieved that she would still have long hair on top but was a little worried about what Mistress Arianna had whispered into Aaron’s ears. She was sure she heard “eyebrows” and “bangs” at one point but wasn’t sure what Mistress Arianna meant exactly.

“Alright girl, hop on up onto the chair now” said Aaron firmly.

Diana obliged and then was surprised to find herself being strapped into the chair. Her wrists and legs were cuffed quite tightly. “We don’t want any movement now do we” said Aaron as he strapped her in. He then tossed a cape around Diana and tightened it at the collar. Diana could feel butterflies in her stomach as she was so nervous about what was going to happen to her. Arianna took a seat in one of the chairs behind the pair and observed carefully.

“Let’s get these cute ponies out now shall we” said Aaron as he let Diana’s hair flow all the way to her lower back. “She has very thick hair doesn’t she Arianna. It’s going to look so much better once we get rid of all that weight”.

“Indeed” replied Arianna.

‘Better?!’ Diana thought to herself. She was going to look like a wannabe twenty year old with a shaved head… how was it any better she thought.

Aaron then sectioned off the of Diana’s head and put it up in a tight bun. “Hmm I think we can section off a bit more! I want the top to be narrower and mean looking” said Arianna to the absolute dismay of Diana.

“You got it” replied Aaron as he sectioned off quite a bit more off the top of Diana’s head. ‘Will I even have any hair left on top’ Diana thought. She still had a considerable amount of hair left on top but she did not like how much of her head was about to be shaved as she stared blankly at the mirror.

Aaron then pushed Diana’s head all the way down. Her chin was resting firmly on her chest. “Head down and stay still now girl. You don’t want me to accidentally take it all off now do you” said Aaron.

Diana obliged quietly.

Click! Aaron turned the clippers on and Diana almost jerked. The buzzing of the clippers got louder and louder as Aaron brought them to her nape. Diana got a tingling sensation as the clippers started to quickly remove her glorious mane. Diana could feel the clippers being moved from her neck all the way up to the edge of the top of her head. Her head was still resting on her chin and all she could see was piles of hair gathering up on the floor.

After a few passes Aaron seemed to be done with the back. He then adjusted Diana’s head and tilted it slightly to the right. He then started removing all of the hair from the left side of her head. Diana couldn’t bare to watch and closed her eyes.

Aaron then repeated the process on the right side of her head. The buzzing had finally stopped and Diana opened her eyes at last. Tears started to roll down her eyes as she saw her new look. Her head was buzzed to the skin on the sides. She could see her white skin as visible as it had ever been on her head.

Arianna then came over as Aaron was cleaning up a little bit. She undid the hair that was left on Diana’s head and let it loose in a long pony tail. She the grabbed the pony tightly and looked straight ahead at the mirror. Arianna and Diana’s eyes meet.

“Stop your crying bitch. Be proud of your place in my club and accept your role. Be a strong slave for me. Understood?” commanded Arianna as she tugged on Diana’s long ponytail and shook her head a couple of times.

“Yes Mistress” replied Diana as she felt a strange sensation when she was being controlled. She was starting to enjoy being Arianna’s submissive.

Arianna then moved her hands onto Diana’s breasts and rubber her nipples. She could see that Diana was clearly turned on. She pinched her nipples a couple of times as Diana moaned. “Now be a good girl and sit here quietly while Aaron gets on with the next steps.” Said Arianna.

“Yes Mistress” replied Diana with a whimper.

“Proceed Aaron” commanded Arianna.

Aaron put Diana’s ponytail up in a bun once more and then started to apply shaving cream all around the sides and back of Diana’s head. He then placed a cloth on Diana’s shoulder and slowly started to remove what little stubble was left on the back and sides of her head. In about 10 minutes Aaron was done but he repeated the process once more to make sure there was not a strand of hair left.

Diana’s head was glistening as Aaron was done. He rubbed her head with a cloth a few times to ensure all of the shaving cream was gone.

“Perfect! Now people will know whose property she is!” proclaimed Arianna.

Arianna once more held Diana’s bun and looked her in the mirror. She spoke softly into Diana’s ear.

“Now about that little indiscretion you had earlier Diana. Don’t ever fucking disobey an order from me. If I say something, you better not make me ever repeat it again. You will accept what is about to happen without a single tear or a sound is that understood?! You don’t want to see what the next punishment is if you don’t” said Arianna. She really wanted this to sink into Diana’s brain. She couldn’t have her slaves disobeying her with others present in the future.

“I understand Mistress” Diana said as she gulped.

“Aaron, remove her eyebrows and eyelashes as we discussed” said Arianna.

Diana was in shock. She was going through soo many emotions but made sure she did not show it. She sat there quietly. She definitely did not want to find out what this crazy bitch would do next if she disobeyed her.

Aaron then turned on the clippers once more and with a few passes on Diana’s eyebrows removed them to a stubble. He then started applying shaving cream and brought out the razor once more. Diana held very still as her eyebrows were shaved clean.

Aaron then brought out a tiny pair of scissors. “Close your eyes and keep them shut until I say so” Aaron ordered.

With a few snips Aaron had removed Diana’s long lashes to almost nothing.

After Aaron had cleaned Diana up with a brush he told her to finally open her eyes.

“Great work Aaron, just the mean looking Mistress I need her to be with my slaves. At the same time she looks ridiculous and will make a good slave of mine” Arianna said as she laughed at the last statement.

Diana was in absolute shock. A few hours ago she was a proud Mistress and now she looked like a freak. At least no one will recognise me she thought.

“Alright now the final step” said Arianna.

Aaron adjusted the chair so that it was almost flat and then made Diana sit on it with her head away from the mirror. Her head was locked in place so that she couldn’t move. Both Aaron and Arianna were behind Diana. All she could see was the floor. She heard a trolley being brought near her with some tools on it.

Aaron then sprayed something on the back of Diana’s head. “Ow” Diana said as the spray stung a little. It was probably because her head had been recently shaved and was a little sensitive. “Quiet now girl and stay very still. You don’t want Aaron here to make a mess” said Arianna.

Diana then heard another buzzing sound. This was a different sound to the clippers though, a little quieter. She then felt something poking the back of her head and it definitely hurt Diana.

She instantly realised what was happening! She was being tattoed! FUCK!!! thought Diana.

After 30 minutes of serious pain, Aaron was finally done.

“Beautiful. I love doing this every time Arianna” said Aaron as he put away his tools.

“I love putting bitches in their place. Help me film her submission tape now” said Arianna.

Aaron then undid Diana’s bun and let her ponytail hang. Diana’s remaining hair still flowed all the way to her lower back. After she was led in front of a white wall, a camera was set up facing her. Arianna then moved behind Diana.

“Alright slut. You’ve been a good girl so far. There is one more thing left and then we can be done here. Aaron is going to put up a board and you are going to read it word for word while looking straight in the camera. Understood?!” said Arianna as she stood tall behind Diana who was on her knees.

“Yes Mistress” was all Diana could say.

The red light on the camera then flashed as Aaron turned the video camera on. He held up a board and Diana began to read it on her knees.

“Hi, you all may know me as Mistress Diana. Today I am here to confess that I am not a true Mistress. I am here to confess that I am Mistress Arianna’s slave. She is the one true Mistress and I am nothing but her submissive slut.”

“I will follow her every order”.

“I will always call her Mistress.”

“My head has been shaved from the sides and back as is the tradition of my Mistress’ club” – Arianna pulled tightly on Diana’s ponytail as she made that statement. She then rolled up her ponytail like a handle and revealed Diana’s smooth shaved head.

As Diana read the next few words she took a big gulp and was about to cry.

“I have been tattooed on the back of my head to show everyone whose property I am”. She gulped again as she read the next few words. “Property of Mistress Arianna has been tattooed on the back of my head as a permanent mark of my submission”.

“Good girl” said Arianna with the tape still rolling. She then turned Diana around so that her new tattoo could be seen.

Aaron then pulled up a chair for Arianna as she sat down. Arianna still had a hold of Diana’s hair as she once more bent Diana over on top of her knees.

“Now, you will repeat whose slave you are each time I spank you girl” commanded Arianna.

Diana’s face was still facing the camera as Arianna started spanking her. “I am the property of Mistress Arianna” repeated Diana each time.

It felt like an eternity before Arianna was finally done. Diana’s ass was red hot and so was the back of her head after being tattooed. “Such a good girl you are… Now crawl over to the wall, hold your ponytail high with both of your hands to have your tattoo and shaved head revealed. Keep repeating your mantra”

Diana followed Arianna’s orders and crawled over to the wall. Aaron then placed the reading board in front of Diana’s face for her to hold with her face. She held her pony tail high and the camera could clearly see her tattoo, shaved head and red spanked ass.

“I am the property of Mistress Arianna”

“I am the property of Mistress Arianna”

“I am the property of Mistress Arianna”

I plan to potentially write some follow ups if people like this story. Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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