Mistress Elsa

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Mistress Elsa

Slightly out of breath, I arrived at the address Elsa mailed me. I knock on the door. Elsa opens and she appears to be even more of a stunning beauty than she presented herself on the internet. Extremely long tresses, blondish red. Build like a goddess.

I say, “I had to cancel another appointment to get here on time.”  Elsa laughs: “That must not have been urgent, right?”  I say, “No, no, I actually wanted to go to the barber shop today. But I’ll do it another time.”  Elsa presses herself close to my body and moves her fingers through my hair and says, “So you don’t think you need a haircut then? You should have met your hairdresser better than to come here. A little shorter would suit you better. Even very short wouldn’t be that crazy an idea.”

As she says that, she caresses my head, plucks my hair and lifts the back and sides with her hands.

Elsa: “Oh my god, I notice your blood pressure rising only at the thought of it. You turn red. I’m afraid to ask but …. Why not let me trim it a bit for you. I would love to do so and I find it exciting. Just update the outlines a bit and a tiny bit off the top, because there it’s really way too long.”

Elsa sees me thinking about it, but I’m not giving the green light. Elsa continues to seduce me with sweet words, caresses and kisses, to get her to cut my hair. Her fingers through my hair, which styles she likes and would look good on me. Especially super short styles.

Elsa: “I’ve cut people’s hair before and I don’t mean just have split ends or a correcting bangs. The real deal you know! I promise you, I’ll cut it off only a tiny bit. I’ll really hold back. Although of course I would prefer to have the scissors work really hard” and she laughs.

“I’ve cut a friend of from two feet long to this length … ” She holds her thumb and index finger a few millimeters apart to indicate how short that was.  Elsa displays a lot of barber’s attributes on the bed.  She looks at me and says, “Come on, yes? I see in your eyes that you find it exciting and I …. actually more than you.”

Elsa grabs my hand, first gently, then firmly. Elsa: “I am convinced … you will like it, I can take one inch ……. please, please?”  Me: “Okay, then you can cut one little lock while you’re sitting on me and drop that lock on your breasts.

“Great” says Elsa. “That’s a deal. But…. then I also want you to promise that if you think I make you very aroused, you’re going to let me cut more.”

One by one Elsa unbuttons my white shirt. She takes off my shirt slowly. Then my belt and my jeans.   Elsa only keeps her white blouse and stilettos on.

She says, “Hairdressers always have a white blouse on. Don’t forhet what you just promised.”  She cuts a very subtle lock off my hair.  Elsa: “Look, this is an inch. It’s not really nothing, you hardly see that small it is”

“You’re right” I say.  Elsa: “Hey guy, glad finally you found out. So am I really going to cut your hair or what?” Me: “How much do you cut off?”.

Elsa indicates a about four centimeters between her thumb and forefinger.  Elsa: “Tell me if you want to, that’s not that much you know. Look if it was up to me a lot more went off….”  Elsa’s pushing me on my back. Hangs over me and caresses me with her own long locks that she has thrown loose. Elsa comes down on me and starts making love to me. She then whispers in my ear “… and shall we …?”  I answer hesitantly: “Yes”. “Are you sure….?” asks Elsa softly. Elsa sits down in some kind of lotus position, slowly pulls me towards her and then clutches her long legs around me. Very firm. She pulls me closer to her again and looks me in the eye. “So, you can’t escape me now.”  Elsa has me in her power, and that makes her shine. “We’ll get started, still a lot of work to do” she says.

Slowly she combs the hairs of my sideburns. With small snaps she cuts the hairs of the sideburns . Elsa: “Close your eyes for a moment.”   “Keep them shut.” repeats Elsa.  A gentle click and buzz. With a slow movement, Elsa reduces my sideburns to just halfway up my ears.  Elsa says, “So that’s a good start. Ten years younger, nice and fresh. A good start is half the job. You are getting a little quiet, don’t you? But as I didn’t hear NO or anything ,so I’m assuming it was allowed.”

I reply “Uhh yes, it was just a little unexpected.”   Elsa: “Oh it’s me. Now I’m your hairdresser. That’s what you wanted. Oh, this is really much better. If your bravery abandons you, you can say no or if you don’t want to move on….”  “… but if you are very brave, all you have to do is ask: “Elsa I would like you to be my real hairdresser.”  She sprays my hair with microscopic water droplets. Just making it damp.

With a fine comb, Elsa starts combing my hair. I feel the comb slightly over my scalp and each time Elsa attaches the tightly made partitions with hair clamps. There are clean lines high on the back of my head and a at the sides above my ears. The hair on top she twists rope, pulling it firmly back and pinning it to my crown.   Elsa: “Are you ready?” I feel the cold scissors at the base of my neck and hear the scissors closing loudly. I try to go back with my hand and feel if she really cut. Elsa grabs my hand and says, “No, we’re not going to do that….” and put my hand back in my own lap. “Hang on, we’re going to fix it differently.”   “Come to the back with your arms.”

She has a cord and wraps it tightly over my wrists and ties it up.  Elsa laughs, “So now you’re all mine.”   Elsa takes a lock of my hair between her fingers and … I hear … snip, snip.  A few more times she grabs a lock, she lets the lock slide between her index and middle finger and again … Snip. She takes the comb and continues to pretend she’s really cutting. The scissors go fast … snip, snip, snip.

Elsa: “Close your eyes for a second.” “Yes look again.”  Elsa with her hands held behind her back: “Left or right?” she asks.   “Just do uhh… right then” I reply.  “Are you sure?” asks Elsa teasingly with wide eyes open. “Yes, definitely.” There’s a moment of silence.  Elsa: “You’ll be fine, at least for this moment.”   When she opens her right hand, a pair of scissors appears, on the left the clippers!   Elsa: “I really enjoy this game…. But can’t I tempt you to make your fantasy a reality?”

Elsa: “Is this your fantasy or a wish? Sometimes it’s better to let a fantasy, a fantasy. But if it’s a wish…. wishes can sometimes be fulfilled… you know. All you have to do is ask me: “Elsa, I want you to be my real hairdresser.”

Elsa: “I suggest the following. While I’m cutting you, merely cutting an inch of your hair, I want you to lay your hand on yourself if you know what I mean, and I don’t want you to stop until I say it, and keep looking at me. If you dare to come before I cut that inch everywhere …  Then it’ll be my luck and I can cut as much as I want.”

Elsa loosens my tied hands. “Start….” says Elsa “.. Then I can start too.”   I put my hand around my lingham and move it slowly up and down.  Elsa meanwhile grabs the first pluck hair between her fingers and with a precise movement she snaps an inch off from a first lock.  Elsa: “A little more passion please…. follow my grip and pace but …” she says as she pulls the hair up on top of my head and holds the scissors still for a moment.

Elsa resolutely closes the scissors and crrrrnsshh … then the next lock and again crrrrnsshh …   Elsa: “Harder … I want you to pull harder.”  Then after a minute or so, Elsa puts down the scissors and says, “I’ll take over”.   She grabs my stiff pole and drives me crazy. Elsa: “Remember, I haven’t given you permission to come yet.  Because I have not finished cutting. Know what you’re doing, I warned you. We have an agreement.”

“I want you to ask me, “Elsa, I’d like you to be my real hairdresser.”  Elsa: “Then, ask me! Repeat what I say: Elsa I would like …”  I repeat: “Elsa I would like …”  Elsa: “… that you are my real hairdresser.”  I repeat: “… that you are my real hairdresser.”

Elsa: “Now without a breath in between: Elsa I want you to be my real hairdresser.”  I repeat, “Elsa, I’d like you to be my real hairdresser.”  Elsa: “How much?”  Me: “One inch….”  “How much?” asks Elsa surprised and says, “I want more…”  Elsa: “How much is this?” She keeps her thumb and index finger wide apart. I can see at least ten centimeters, but I answer: “Three centimeters Elsa.” Even with a bucket of ice all over me, there’s no holding for me now.

Elsa sits on me and says, “If you really like it that much, I’ll cut it completely super short, won’t I? Or do we save it for the next time?”

Elsa: “Actually, I still have an idea. But no, never mind…”

Me: “What then?”  Elsa: “No I don’t want to do that to you, you’ll regret it…”

Me: “I once saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said, “It’s better to regret something you have done, then to regret something you haven’t done.”  Elsa laughs very loudly: “Yes like: no risk, no fun. Do you want to know?”  Me: “Yes, because you’re teasing too much.”

Elsa: “I’m so totally in this role now. Would be a shame for you because not to abuse that.  I guarantee you a once in a lifetime experience if you dare to stay for another hour… I think I know what your wildest dreams are and I can fulfill them completely..”  Me: “Gee, you’re making it really hard on me.”

Elsa: “Is there anyone outside of yourself where you have to take into account. Girlfriend, colleagues or something…. I thought I heard it wasn’t. So let yourself go, do what you want or rather let ME do what you want…. what you dream of….”

Me: “Okay one hour more, I stay …”  Elsa: “I want you to sit on your knees at the foot of the bed.”

I’ll follow up on what Elsa says. She’s completely naked by now. She sits down on the bed and places some of the hairdressing attributes in the middle of the bed.  Then she lies down on her back, she spreads her legs and lets them hang down in a corner either side of where I’m sitting. Elsa: “Come so close to me that you can touch mine with your lips. My lips below I mean. I want you to eat my like you’ve never done to a woman before. Soft, harder, deep…. I want to enjoy it for a long time so sometimes I want you to hold yourself back a little bit…..While you’re doing that, I’m going to play with your hair, and the more you turn me on, the more I’ll have fun with your hair. I think, do I want that? But in the meantime, I’m so horny  that I’m going along with her idea.

Elsa: “So what do you say: Elsa I’d like you to be my ULTIMATE hairdresser.”  Me: “Elsa I’d like you to be my ULTIMATE hairdresser.   Elsa: “Again …”  Me: “Elsa I’d like you to be my ULTIMATE hairdresser.   Elsa: “How much?”  Me: “How much do you want Elsa?”  Elsa: “I want EVERYTHING ! Do I get everything…?”

Me: “You get EVERYTHING…”  Elsa: “Lick me then and I will I’ll cut your locks…”  I bend to her vagina and start writing the alphabet with my tongue. Elsa has taken a pair of scissors and gently cuts very small pieces of my hair.   It makes me so hot, I’m make my licking more intense. I feel Elsa fills with delight. She’s getting wilder with my hair, too. She pulls the tresses tight and snaps, more and more….  It’s going to go on for a long time. Occasionally we switch back to a lower gear.  Meanwhile, Elsa can only cut some of my hair if she almost holds the scissors flat against my head. It’s very, very short now. I’m completely orgastic. Elsa moans and moans …

Looks like she’s going to come or rather explode.  I don’t even realize she stopped cutting and took  the clippers in her hand. The moment she comes, she yells “Keep going..”  She pulls my head closer to her vagina and puts the clipper at the back of my neck and with a big swipe she shaves towards the top my back.

No less than 6 millimeters short.   While she lies exhausted and “Mmmmmmm … “nice” she says, repeating the movement with the clipper along my neck and back.  Elsa: “Come on the bed, hang over me, not on me. Look at me …”  I do so and Elsa shaves what is left on top and on the sides of my hair with the clippers to six millimeters.  The tresses keep falling. They swirl on her beautiful body and lie there. She looks at me sweetly and smiling.   Elsa: “EVERYTHING. If you give me everything, I’ll give you everything, be honest. Happy?”

Me: “Yes … very happy … hope I still am tomorrow.”

Elsa: “You’re going to dream about this afternoon for a long time … and in a month or six – oops that’s a long time – you’ll come by again and who knows what I have in store for you.”

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