Model Camp Later years

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I was shown the original story so now I can do an actually real story.

Delila was out nearly 5 years from Harnaath and Lisbeth. She had no friends from what the did. She had some money but not a lot. She hadn’t been with a guy in 7-8 years now. She met a girl when she was freed and they became lovers. Her lover was 5’8″ but was real muscular and had long brown hair.

Delila was reading the paper and saw an ad for Lisbeths modeling camp and knew she had to do something. Her girlfriend had some friends in law and gave Delila their number and they started talking. They were really nice and had a deal where a client didn’t have to pay until the case was over. When they started to investigate the lawyers couldn’t help but laugh for how much evidence there was.

They went to court and Delilas case won. She was awarded 10 million. She paid the lawyers 1 million and the two ladies lost all there money and businesses. Delila looked up doctors in Asia to help reverse what the two women did. She flew to Asia alone with her girlfriend having to work. She met with her Dr and over 6 months he helped remove her bad skin texture, her brow, her nose, her moles, and he even did a breast implant. She wanted to know about her hair which was still a short curly mess. His suggestion although extreme was to shave to it all off then leave it shaved for awhile and let it grow back naturally.

She paid him 2 million over her 6 months there and it was worth it in her eyes. Before she flew home she went to a barbershop and was shaved bald. It felt amazing being bald no more crappy looking hair. She bought a wig so at least she looked normal. When she got home her girlfriend couldn’t believe the change she lost weight and looked so hot. She started to cry thinking Delila would leave her. Delila explained even at her darkest time her girlfriend was there for her and she never would.

They made it back to there house and they made loveover and over. Delila surprised her girlfriend taking off her wig and showing her bald head. Her girlfriend couldn’t stop rubbing. They talked about her 6 months in Asia and how she was turning the corner. In 3 months Delila lost almost all the excess weight her natural blonde hair was coming back. She still wanted revenge on the two women for ruining her. She tracked down Harnaath at a local Walmart and one night she followed her and kidnapped her. Delila and her girlfriend tied her to a chair in the motel room they rented and waited for her to wake.

When Harnaath came to she took one look at Delila and couldn’t believe her eyes. Delila walked over and sat on Harnaaths lap and ran her finger through her grey hair. She began kissing her and saying how she missed her. While she was doing that Delilas girlfriend grabbed a pair of clippers and removed the blade. She shaved Harnaath down to nothing. Delila was thrilled with it and started to rub the stubble. She kissed Harnaath hard while rubbing her head.

The two went and got a warm wet towel and placed it in Harnaaths head then rubbing shaving cream all over. They two took turns shaving her bald and kissing her and rubbing her tits. When she was bald they rubbed Nair cream all over and made her permanently bald. Before she was released they said if she told anyone about what happened she would pay for it.

She left and the two girls laughed. But now was the big one. They needed to capture Lisbeth and make her pay for what she did!!

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    1. Hey man thanks for the compliment. Sorry I messed up the names and things. I couldn’t find the story and couldn’t remember names. Yes you should also do a post story on your old one. I love that one

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