Model Camp Years Later 2

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Delila was in heaven, she just got back at the women eh screwed her and made life horrible. Delila sat on Mrs Harnaaths lap again running her hands over her head. She was doing it slow and kissing her. Harnaath was crying having lost her hair. She wasn’t fighting being kissed by someone much younger then her. Delilas girlfriend Tiffany was loving it too.

The two were kissing Harnaath and running there hands over her freshly shaved head. They took off her pants and panties and were going down on her. She was screaming the whole time with pleasure. When they were finished they were going to release her but decided to see what see knew about Lisbeth. She didn’t know her address but knew what town she lived in. They released her and gave her one last kiss and let her go.

Delila and Tiffany drove the hour and a half to the town she reportedly lived in and got another motel room for a week. They would go out and look for her with no lucky the first 2 days. On the third day they found her in a supermarket. They followed her around for another day. They followed her one night and tackled her down and gaged her. They pulled her into a car and drove to the motel. They pushed her into a chair and tied her down and beat her. They called her all kinds of names and bruised her. Her hair had grown from the short crop she had when she first met her. She told Tiffany to call her friend who was a doctor. She went made a phone call she wouldn’t be done with work for another hour but would come when she was done.

Delila decided to pass time was to shave her bald too. She shaved her red hair down to nothing. She then wet her head and covered it with cream. She was bald now and they covered her head with Nair. While Delila let it sit she shaved her eye brows. Delila covered Lisbeth whole body with Nair and wiped her all the dead off her. She was permanently bald.

Delila took the gag out and rubbed Lisbeth head and was kissing her now. Tiffany was on her knees eating Lisbeth out. Lisbeth was in heaven until she heard the door knock. In walked Tiffanys friend a women about 6’5″ massively built and a high and tight flat top. She was a definite lesbian and went over to talk with Delila and Tiffany.

They gagged her again and untied her. Tiffanys friend picked up Lisbeth and threw her on the bed. She mounted Lisbeth while Delila and Tiffanny tied her down. They stuck an IV into her arm and she was asleep. When she woke up and the doctor had left. Delila and Tiffany were laughing at her.

She looked down and her boobs weren’t there just the excess skin hung down. They said her clit was removed and that they wanted to have her vagina stitched shut but the doctor said it wasn’t a good idea. She was now there property and wouldn’t be allowed to leave.

They put her cloths on and dragged her to the car and they drove home. In there home she was locked in a room and couldn’t leave. All she could do was watched tv or sleep. She started to lose muscle mass and gained massive amounts of weight.

They came into her room and started making out with her. They were running there hands over her head. Delila pulled Tiffany off and started to shave her hair off and gave her a crew cut. Tiffany took Delila and shaved all her off. They laid on the ground and started having sex I front of Iisbeth to show what she won’t have.

They released Lisbeth after threatening to beat her if she reported them. She was let loose with no hair. Delila and Tiffany were massively in love now. They would let each other’s hair grow then shave it off. Delila got her revenge and was in a much happier place

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