Moe Aye Lon Hair

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I pack my stuff, head to the airport for a long trip to Myanmar. I always wanted to visit Myanmar for one reason, to satisfy my desire for cutting beautiful long hair. Myanmar is known for women with extremely long hair black hair, and i was hoping to get my hands on them. Once the aircraft landed on Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, i was greeted by a friendly taxi driver name Thar, who is willing to drive me around Yangon during my vacation for a reasonably price.

Sir, where you going first?, he asked.

i replied, “the hotel, please.”

While he was driving to the hotel, and i was amazed that there were many beautiful temple in Yangon. And there were girls with extremely long straight black hair! Thar saw me looking at the Burmese girls at his rear mirror and said,

“You like Burmese girls? If you like, i can find you one girl. Tell me, what kind of girl you like and i bring her to hotel.”

I knew that i needed to pay him for the extra service, but i was willing to spend the money.

“Find me a girl with extremely long hair!” i said.

“No problem” he replied.

We chat about the price and i agree to pay $50 to him, and $70 a day for the girl. As we arrived to the hotel, Thar said, “The girl will come in the evening, she will go to your room.”

It was 4.00pm, and i have only 2-3 hours to prepared myself to meet that girl, i unpack my stuff, and ordered food from the room service. Evening came, i was sitting in my room fantasizing about what kind of girl Thar is going to bring. Suddenly, i heard knocking on my door. As i approach to open the door, i saw a slim, light tone brown skin girl about 5″5 wearing traditional burmese dress girl on my doorstep. She was extremely beautiful. I notice she had her hair in a massive bun. I politely invited her in.

We were having a good time and enjoying our dinner. She speak fairly good english and her name is Moe Aye, 23 year of age. I kept looking at her massive bun and i knew it is extremely long.

“How long is your hair?” i asked.

“I heard you like long hair, you guess!” Moe Aye replied.

“I don’t know.” i said.

Moe Aye answer, “You can see for yourself.”

I was excited and my pants was tight. I went behind her, touch her soft bun, buried my hands in it to find pins that holds her hair. Once i manage to pull all the pins, her hair falls all the way to the floor! Her hair was almost the same height as her! Furthermore, it is so thick and perfectly straight! Stroking hands through it, and grabbing a handful of hair into my face and smelling its glories fragrance.

“You like it?” Moe Aye asked.

“I love it!” I answered.

She undress herself while i was holding and smelling her hair. I slowly lead her to the bed by her hair. We started kissing, while i constantly stroke her hair. She put my pants down, grab a section of her hair, wrap my penis around it and stroke. Gosh! the sickness of her and the smell of it, i couldn’t hold it much longer and ejected all over her face. She got up put on her dress and said, “i think i should go now. I will see you tomorrow, until you recover.” i was dead tired from traveling, and she knew that i needed rest.

The next day evening, Moe Aye came knocking on my door. This time she didn’t put her hair in a bun, it was down almost touching her feet. We started off having good sex, and i was stroking her thick long hair lying on the bed while having sex. She stared at me and said,

“You really loved playing with my long hair, Sir.”

I said, “You have the most amazing hair and the longest hair i ever seen!”

“Thank you, i’am happy you enjoy it.” she replied.

After i was satisfy for the night. I invited Moe Aye to hang out together tomorrow morning because it would be my last day in Yangon. She agreed to take me around Yangon on my last day. Next morning, we hanged out, have fun, eat different burmese food, and visit temples. We arrived to the hotel at night. While Moe Aye was taking a shower and drying her hair, i planned to cut her hair but how? As soon as Moe Aye finished drying her hair and came out of the shower. She said,

“I going to miss you, when you leave. Tonight my hair is yours. You can do anything with my hair.”

Luck is on my side i thought.

“Anything?” i replied.

She walk towards me, threw all her long hair over me and said softly,”Anything…”

I held her hands, led her to the chair and put all her hair behind the chair. The sight of her hair behind is magnificent view, freshly washed, long silken straight hair touching the ground. I played with her hair, stroking with my hands and smelling it for a good 10 mins. I pick a brush and start brushing it to reveal it shiny of the hair.

I said “Would mind letting me cut your hair as a farewell gift.”

Moe Aye turn, look me in the eyes with her confused expression, “I thought you love my hair.” she said.

“Dear, i love it and i wanted to it home with me.” i replied.

“I don’t want to cut my hair.” she nervously said.

“I will pay you extra 100 dollar for it, if your willing to go pixie style.” i said while still playful stroking her hair.

Moe Aye though about extra cash, as it can go a long way in Myanmar.

“150 dollar!” she bargain.

“It fine.” i said. Putting the brush down, i reach for the scissor. i couldn’t hold my excitement for cutting her hair.

Moe Aye got up, turn towards me, undress herself, kneeling on her knees, put my pants down, asking me to sit on the chair, and said.

“Since, i’m losing my hair, i want to you enjoy cutting it as part of a farewell gift.” The amazing sight of Moe Aye kneeling on the ground with her hair covering her body and face as she suck my penis. She said softly, “Now you cut enjoy cutting my hair…”

Still holding the scissor in my hands, i use my other hand to stroke her hair for the last time as she continuously giving me a blowjob. Grabbing the front of Moe Aye hair, revealing her face while she suck my penis. Dropping her hair, i open the scissor on Moe Aye forehead above her eyebrows, and “Snip Snip” more than 5 feet of hair dumping on the the ground reveal her pretty face. I was enjoying ¬†getting a blowjob and at the same time cutting her hair a incredibly feeling. I grab a chunk of her long beautiful hair snip to them off. Slowly i grab her hair and cut them off each time. The final chunk of long hair, i snip it slowly as i cum on her face. All 5 feet of her hair was on the ground. I got her to sit on the chair, giving the final touch. Moe Aye looks cute with her new pixie cut. Moe Aye gather her long hair on the ground, tie it up and offer it to me. I kindly accept it. That night, we had a good sex.

When i got home. I open my bagguage and i could smell the fragrance of the hair from the bagguage. I hold Moe Aye 5 feet of hair that has been cut, stroking it and smelling it. The best experience to satisfy my desire.



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