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Melanie Buzz



It’s Saturday afternoon when Paul closes and closes his little hair salon.

“Hello Paul!” Someone calls, “you mustn’t close yet. You absolutely have to cut the tips for me. ” Paul turns and looks into Moira’s radiant face.

She strokes her long auburn hair behind her ears.

“Moira!” He smiles, “I cut your tips the day before yesterday.

If I do it again, it will be over with your long hair quickly. ”

Moira laughs and hugs him. “Would that be so bad?”

Paul rolls his eyes. “No.” “That means I should have my hair cut short?”

“No! Doesn’t it mean! That means that I am no longer catching up. And you have to walk around with such bad hair all weekend. ”  Moira pouts.

They walk hand in hand down the street. Moira directs the direction.

“How short would you cut it for me?” “Not at all.”

“Now tell me.” Paul stands in front of her, grabs her head with both hands and looks her in the eyes for a long time. “Forget it.”

“No, honestly. I find my long hair really terribly boring. Something else.

So that I look different from the others. ”

He smiles. “I wont tell you.” “Oh yes!”

They come to a suburban area and Moira takes a key from her pocket. “How about a coffee?” “Do you live here?”

He admires the big house. “Yes, with my mother. Come in.”

A large living room with a view of an even larger garden.

Moira disappears into the kitchen. When she comes back with the coffee,

Paul is standing in front of a series of pictures on the wall.

“This is my dad. He died three years ago. ”

“I’m sorry.” Paul comfortably puts his arm around her.

“This is mom, Linda.” He sees an attractive woman with side parting and chest-length blonde hair. “This is my Aunt Valerie.” A woman of the same age with a center parting and shoulder-length black hair who look very similar.

“They are cousins,” explains Moira.

Moira hears the door lock and runs to the front door.

“How was it with the hairdresser? Let us take a look, ”she calls joyfully.

“We also have visitors. I brought someone with me. ”

“Mom, Aunt Valerie! Your hair! What happened?”

Without a word, the two women storm past her into the bathroom.

Moira turns to Paul and shrugs her shoulders.

“They had their hair cut short and are probably not quite happy about it now. Maybe you can take a look at that. ”

Moira knocks on the bathroom door. “Mom, Aunt Valerie, my friend Paul here is a hairdresser, maybe he can give you … ..”

At some point the door opens and the two women come out.

Each has a towel tied around their head.

“May Paul have a look?” Valerie just nods and Moira pulls the towel off her head. Short cut black hair protrudes from her head in an uneven length.

Then she takes the towel from her mother. The same disaster on her head.

“May I?” Paul asks and runs his hand first through Valerie’s black hair, then through Linda’s short blond hair.

“What happened? You just wanted to try the new hairdresser that Ellen praised so much. Was that it? ”Linda shakes her head.


— We got lost and ended up somewhere in a strange district. There were three young girls and Valerie asked for directions to the hairdresser.

“To the hairdresser? You are exactly right with us, ”grins one wickedly and pulls a knife. “In there!”

They took us to an empty apartment and tied us to two chairs in the kitchen.

They emptied our handbags on the table and put our cash in. Suddenly one of the girls was standing in front of us with big scissors.

“Now the hairdresser is coming,” she laughed and simply cut my hair.

Again and again she grabs my hair, cuts it off and throws it in my face.

After me it was poor Valerie’s turn. First they cut it off around her and then continued to do it.

In the end they threatened us. “When you go to the police, our friends visit you at home. We now know where you live. ”

She wags our IDs, laughing.

Fortunately, they only took our cash with them. —


Paul only says: “I think I have to unlock my salon again.”

An hour later, the two women have a decent short haircut.

Linda has a sporty side parting, her ears free and very short at the back.

He could only make a crew cut out of Valerie’s black hair.

Both stare speechlessly in the mirror.

“So I think you both look really great,” says Moira, “if I should be honest, even better than with your long hair. Much younger and fresher. ”

The two rub their short hair and look at each other.

“I think Moira is right,” is Valerie’s first sentence.

“We’ll get used to it quickly.”

“What do we owe you, young man?” Linda reaches into her pocket and then realizes that she has no cash at all.

“Surely you take credit cards too.”

“We’ll settle that later. Now it’s Moira’s turn. “” Me? How so?”

“A while ago you wanted to know how I would cut your hair.

So sit down. “” Paul, it was just fun. “” Moira, sit down! ”


He brushes her thick brown hair back, pulls a middle parting and reaches for the clipper. “What are you doing?” She asks anxiously. Paul tucks the comb into her long soft hair just above her shoulder. Now keep your head straight. ”

He puts the clipper on the comb and Moira sees her long hair falling on the cape in the mirror. The comb pulls her hair over her face in front.

It gets more and more until she sees nothing.

Moira feels the scissors on her forehead. Her hair falls into her face like a curtain. A thick bangs is running across her forehead.

Moira smiles. Everywhere is still corrected with the scissors, then she can stand up. She shakes her head and her soft hair swings into her face.

“And?” Asks Paul. Moira hugs him, her mother Linda and Aunt Valerie are visibly impressed by Moira’s new look.


Linda holds out her credit card.

“Put it back in. My shop is closed today and I will not accept payment there.

But I would be happy if you would come over to me to recut and maybe recommend me. “” But we will definitely do that. And Moira, take care of our new sweetheart. ”

Arm in arm, Moira and Paul accompany the two older women out.


The end

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