Mom Chopped Her Really Long Hair. Part 1.

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Part 1


You guys must have read Title. But why Mom chopped her really long hair? Let me tell you the whole story. So what happened, it was 8 September. 9:30 in the morning. Mom was making Breakfast. And it was Sunday, I was sleeping. Mom’s hair was up to the waist length. Means 24 Inch/ 60 cm. Mom kept his hair in the braid. Mom done breakfast and taken mobile after breakfast. And Mom’s birthday was 2 days later, on 10 September. In Mom’s Instagram biodata It was written Birth Date. So all the friends of Mom knew that Mom’s birthday is 2 days later.

Then Mom started doing housework. After working, Mom fell asleep for afternoon for a while. Then Mom woke up at 5:30 in the evening. Mom made tea and then went to comb hair. Then Mom’s friend Hina came. She lives near our house. Hina knocked on the door of the house. Mom opened the door and said Hina you, come inside. Mom’s hair was open, Mom said, You sit on the sofa, I am combing my hair and coming in just a few minutes. Hina said okay. Mom comb her hair and tied the braid. Hina said, really your hair is very long. Don’t you get your hair cut? Mom said, I am getting a cut. I want to keep my hair long, so I cut my hair a little.

Hina said, 2 days later your birthday is. Mom said, yes. Hina said, you are keeping the party of Birthday, because you said Sunita’s birthday party, that next month it is my birthday, then my house will be party. Not forgotten. Mom said no, I remember. Hina said that, it is your birthday, what are you going to do. Mom said, what about? Hina said, which clothes are you wearing on the day of Birthday. And which hairstyle will you keep?. Mom said, not yet fixed clothes, and I will see hairstyle which I like.


Hina said, it is your birthday, then take a nice haircut. Such as:- short haircut, lob haircut, wavy with beachy shoulder length haircut,etc. Mom said that I always get a short haircut. Hina said that it is a birthday and if you get a haircut on your birthday then you will look good. And what about the hair, they will grow back.

Mom said, I will get my hair cut a little. Hina said, okay, do as you like. Then mom and Hina were talking. Later Hina went home.

Then Mom was doing housework, so he thought that Hina’s talk is correct. I should take Haircut on the day of Birthday. And anyway, I have so big hair, I get a haircut done. I will surprise everyone. Mom did not even tell Rohan (me). And the second day Mom thought of going for a haircut. Mom finished all the household chores and made of lunch for afternoon. Afternoon was at 3:00 PM Mom told me that, I am going to the market, I will be late. I said, what time will you come? Mom said, it will be 7-8 in the evening. I said, why would it take so much time? Mom said, I will go to my Friend’s house from the market. I said, okay. Mom leaving the house, a short distance from the house. There was a salon.whose name was ‘Comb Kala’. Whenever Mom want to take a haircut, it takes here. Whether it is a haircut at salon or at home.

Mom went to salon, he was seated in the waiting room. Then in a while the time of Mom’s haircut came. He placed Mom on the chair, and said, Mam, which type of haircut do you want? Mom said, tomorrow is my birthday and give me a best haircut which look good on my face. He said see this, this is a photo of many haircuts in the book. If you have to look at the internet, you can give it. Mom said, I can get a haircut up to maximum shoulder length. Not under that. He said, Lob Haircut on your face will look good, Wavy Beachy Waves Shoulder Length Haircut, Shoulder Lenth Straight Haircut. This will look good on your face. Mom said, I have done all these haircuts. He said, then you can search on Google. Mom saw on google, and Search ‘Birthday Haircut for Women Till Shoulder Length’ on Google it shows various haircut for ex:- Straight Shoulder Length, Bob Haircut, Lob Haircut, Medium Length Haircut. Mom selected 2 haircuts. Lob Haircut or Shoulder Length Haircut. Then mom fix the Shoulder Length Haircut. Fix from both of them.

And said Shoulder Length Haircut i want and Straightning too. He said okay. Mom thought that I am doing all these for my birthday, so I also get Haircolour and Napeshave . Mom said, Haircolour and Napeshave have to be done. He said okay. Which Haircolour do you want ? Mom said, do you have the chart of Haircolour? He said yes, and the chart showed. Mom saw Haircolour in Chart and said, I want this Haircolour. Gradient color, black colour from above hair and light brown hair colour from below. He said okay. But, you have to keep your hair a little big, then it will look good and color will look attractive. 1 inch more than shoulder length. Mom said, okay. He first cut the braid of mom. The braid was 24 Inch/ 60 cm. He cut the braid 10 inch/ 25 cm first. After cutting the braid he done haircut. Then Hair Straightening, the Haircolour and Last napeshave.

Later, he took out the cloth from the top of the Mom, because he puts it while cutting hair. Mom paid the bill. It was 7 o’clock in the evening. Then Mom went home in Rickshaw. Mom reached home and gave money to the rickshaw person and went inside the house. I saw to mom and said what is this? have you cut your long hair. Mom said, yes. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I thought that I get Haircut, Hair Straighting, Hair Color and Napeshave. I said, this Haircolour looks good on you. Mom said, yes. I said, Why you did not tell me? Mom said, I had to give surprise. And tomorrow I have kept the birthday party on home. So my friends also have to surprise. I said okay. And tomorrow I will go to Cricket Match with my friends, tomorrow evening. Mom said, okay.

And the next day mom made all the snacks in the afternoon and mom went in the room for ready. Then mom’s friends came, they were surprised to see mom, and said what is this farida, you are looking so cute in this haircut. Mom said, ‘Thank you’ and everyone started enjoying the party. This was the reason mom chopped her really long hair.


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