Mom Chopped Her Really Long Hair Part 2.

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      The month of March was going on. It was very hot that month. Mom was troubled by the heat. And anyway mom’s hair was very long, so there was a great possibility of heat. Mom’s hair was around 28 inches. Mom always cut her hair in a few months or throughout the year. Mom thought, “It’s too hot, so I’ll cut my hair short.” And the hair has also become white, so I will color the hair and also straightning. Mom thought of getting a haircut home. Because mom will go to the salon and reach there and come back, it will take a lot of time. Mom thought of getting a haircut home. Mom finished household chores and cooked. Mom ate after cooking. After eating, Mom went to take a bath and washed her hair. After washing hair, mom comb her hair, after combing hair, mom open the link of the website for appointment book in salon. In it, the mom filled the information: – name, address, what to do, time, date, etc. But it was not possible that day to do a haircut and do everything else. Because it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And when the salonperson would come and when he would do a haircut, so he wrote the next day’s appointment. In that, the time for all this treatment was given from 3 o’clock to 8 o’clock in the evening. Because it takes a lot of time to do all this. 1 hour for haircut, 1.5 hours for straightning, 1.5 hours for haircolour and something to do in the remaining time. Mom booked the second day’s appointment.
Mom sat ready the next day, mom take a bath and wash her hair. Then at 3 o’clock, it had 10 minutes left and salonperson arrived. Mom asked, were you supposed to come at 3 o’clock, weren’t you? “Yes, but we arrive before that time. Because from this time on, haircuts or the work we come for work do. Mom said, “Okay, okay. salonperson asked mom, “Why are you cutting your long hair?” Mom said, nowadays it is very hot and my hair is also long, and i am feeling so hot in long hair. And I did not get short haircut since long time, so I thought that I get my hair short, so I am getting my hair short. He Said, okay. Salonperson asked to mom “Where do you have to get a haircut done? Mom said, we do a haircut and all the other treatment in the back room. He said, “There’s a mirror, isn’t it?” Because you need a mirror for a haircut and all other treatments. Mom said, “There is the mirror.” Then mom and salonperson went into the room. He made mom sit on a chair in front of the mirror and put a cloth on top of him (which is put on at the time of haircut). He applied water to the hair and wet the hair. After weting hair he combed hair. After combing hair, he asked mom, “You want a short haircut, isn’t it?” Mom said, Yes. He asked, “How small do you need?” Mom said, I want it up to the shoulder or down the shoulder. I can’t cut my hair above my shoulder because I had a bob haircut before. He said, then you can do shoulder length haircut, lob haircut, layer haircut, which one of you can do. It will look good on your face. Mom said, “I have done shoulder length haircut many times and do not have to get layer haircut. Mom said, Lob haircut will work. But what does it look like?
He said, “The hair in it is like shoulder length. But the hair from the back is a little smaller and slightly larger from the front. Wait, I’ll show you the photo. Look at this, the hair from the back is up to the neck and the hair from the front is below the shoulder. Mom said, this haircut is good, but from the front the hair looks very big. Salonperson said, “You can keep it a little smaller from front. And if you want a little smaller from the back, you can keep it small. Mom said, as in this photo, the haircut should be the same, but the hair should be a little shorter. Because in this photo, the hair looks very big from the front. He said, okay. I’ll cut your hair a little shorter. But if that haircut in the photo is short from behind, then your hair will become smaller from behind, because you want smaller from front and from front i cut little short then you have to cut little short from behind. Will it work? Mom said, ok. “You also have to do in this haircut napeshave. Mom said, “Why napeshave?” He said, because when the hair is short from behind, you have to do napeshave. Mom said, “How much you will shave?” He said, “I will not shave hair, I will shave only the hair that is on the side.” Just like you did in Bob Haircut. Mom said, okay. He first cut mom’s hair from 28 inches to 15 inches. Because it is easy to cut hair by shortening it. After cutting the hair, he separated the hair into four parts. One side left , the other side right , and the remaining two parts from the back, one side left and the other side right . And clipped all four parts.
He started cutting hair from behind. He had cut only a little hair from behind and then the house bell rang. Mom’s haircut was going on and mom in mom’s hair was a clipped and wearing a cloth. Mom wondered, who would have come now? Mom said to salonperson, “I’ll see who’s has come?” He said, okay. Mom opened the door and saw that Mom’s friend was Hina. He looked at mom and said, “what is this Farida, you are sitting with so many clips on your hair.” And why wear such a cloth? why Your hair is short from behind and you had long hair, so how did your hair become so short? Mom said, I was getting a haircut at home so I came to you. Hina said, “But why so small? Mom said, “I was getting very hot and my hair was also very long, so I thought that I would cut the hair.” And tell me, how did you come here? Hina said, “I thought that I would go to Farida’s house and ask about her well-being. Mom said, good. Hina said, “How long will it take? Mom said it would be 8 o’clock. Hina said, “Okay, I’ll come later.” Mom said, okay. And Mom closed the door and went for a haircut. And said to salonperson, my friend came Hina. She was surprised to see me do this. And started asking questions like, why your hair became so short, why you were this cloth. Salonperson laughed and asked mom, “Have you ever cut your hair in layer haircut, have you put a bang on your hair from the front?” Mom said no, why? He said that layer haircut is also a good haircut. and you can put bang on any haircut? That means you will cut your hair from the front, till the eyebrows. Mom said, all hair till eyebrows. he said, no, few hairs only till eyebrows. Mom said, good. I’ll do it next time. He said, okay. Then he cut mom’s hair slowly from behind to forward. Later, after getting a haircut, he colour the hair black. After coloring, he did hair straightening and finally he did napeshave. After being napeshave he said, this hair length will work or shall i cut more? Mom said, it will work. Mom paid the bill to the salonperson and the salonperson left. Mom looked good in this haircut.

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