Mom decides to become a housewife

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Sophi never really knew her dad, it was just her and mom; all her life. She didn’t blame her mom for raising her up with no dad around and had no plans to reconnect with the dude. To her, the man was a shadow faded away by the wind.

Her mother worked in the fashion industry and she was quite good at sewing dresses and making her daughter look fly all of the time. It was a paradise existence. That was until Sophi’s mum met Glen. He was supposedly a celebrity hairstylist and met her mom at a fashion show.

He was a chill guy but Sophi just didn’t like or trust him. She found him to be a man who was trying to imitate a father-like figure in her life and she didn’t need one of those. Glen didn’t seem to be bothered by the comments she made towards him, he only wanted to do right by his future daughter. Her choir concerts, her rugby games, and her piano recital, he was there; with her mom holding his hand as they watched.

One evening, Sophi was scrolling through her phone when she heard her mom walk through the door. Her mom smiled at her and took a seat next to her on the couch. Her face was glowing and her eyes twinkled, Sophi found her mother suspicious and asked,” How was work?’

“It was amazing”, her mom smiled,” Seeing that today was my last day”

“What?!” Sophi exclaimed.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier but I quit my job”


“I will still design clothing but that will be just a hobby and-”

“Why did you quit your job?!” Sophi interrupted.

“Do not yell at me!”

Sophi was still frustrated,” I’m sorry but you loved your job”

“Glen makes enough money-”

“That little-”

“This was not all his idea”, Sophi’s mom cut in,” I want to stay home and not worry about business”

“I know you love him but-”

Her mother grasped her hand tenderly,” I want this, honestly”

Even though she hated the idea, Sophi couldn’t change her mom’s mind. She started to stay home and do wifely things. It was quite a change for her and she loved being a housewife wholesale. Her then husband even bought her a new wardrobe to complete the look of a vintage, 50s housewife.

Sophi didn’t dare call Glen dad or father, even if he married her mom legally. The man understood her reasoning, though she didn’t say them, he was one of those guys who made themselves comfortable by force. If he wanted her to do something, besides household chores, he would always ask for her consent: even though the answer was undoubtably a no.

On Saturday, as noon was slowly approaching, Sophi’s mom came to her in her room. She was in a gleeful mood and couldn’t stop smiling as she asked,” Hey, baby. Glen will be home in a few minutes to take me to the hair salon and I was wondering if you wanted to come along?”

“Why are you going to the hair salon”

“I’m getting my hair cut, silly. Do you want to com watch?”

Sophi thought for a minute, she didn’t want to go but she would be damned if she left her mom alone with Glen, the dude couldn’t be trusted. So when Glen’s car pulled up, the mother-daughter duo were there waiting for him. They all went to the hair salon that Glen owned and operated not too far from the house. It was one of those artistic-architecture buildings that was designed by a wack-job from the big city. But to Sophi’s mom, it was a beautiful place to have her hair done in.

Glen led the two inside, it seemed to be bigger inside but the whole place was confusing to begin with. The man had the lights on in a moment and Sophi took a seat at the door as her mom sat in the styling chair. He looked at Sophi with a smile on his face as he walked toward his darling bride. She gazed at him through the reflection of the mirror and couldn’t help but blush.

“You ready?” he smiled.

“I am and please, take your time”, she lulled her words.

“I always do”, Glen covered up his wife’s body in an elegant, silver cape. He let her long, brown hair flow down to its length, stroking it lovingly with his hand. Sophi watched him like a hawk as he picked up his comb and took his clippers from their charger. She wanted to say something as he started to cut her mom a bob but seeing contentment on her mom’s face gave the girl pause. Her mom really enjoyed having her hair chopped off in broad strokes of the clippers.

When the bob was cut, Glen ruffled the new style and Sophi’s mom started to play with it. As they took a break from doing that, Sophi wondered if she was wrong to worry. Then, the two lovebirds gave each other a look and proceeding smile. Without hesitation, Glen slicked his wife’s hair back and slid the clippers down the middle of her scalp.

Sophi wanted to scream but the shock and surprise held her tongue. When half of her mom’s bobbed hair laid on the floor, her mom looked over to her with a grin,” We’re almost done, sweetie”

“I-I’m going to wait in the car, o-okay/” was all Sophi could get out.

“Alright, baby”, her mom replied,” Oh, hang on. The car is locked. Glen, darling, can you give Sophi the car keys”

“Here, kiddo”, Glen reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys,” Catch”

The girl caught the car keys but couldn’t resist looking at her mom get shaved as she left the shop. She waited in the car and was almost about to doze off when her mom opened the passenger door and got in. Sophi couldn’t believe it, her mom looked so beautiful bald even though she didn’t say it out loud.

“You like it?” her mom caught her staring i the rear-view mirror.


Her mom laughed,” Well, if you want, Glen has offered to do your hair for free”

“I don’t think I could pull off a shaved head”, Sophi smiled.

Her mom returned the smile,” You never know”



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