Mom got me started

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Hello, I am Stephanie, nickname- shampoo girl

for some of you girls here you may have read my stories on other sites. This site is new for me and hope I have found a new place to post.

Well to start this is how I got into hair. I grew up in the late sixties/early seventies and when I was young my mother used to shampoo my hair in the sink. Either the kitchen or bathroom sinks would do. When I was small enough she would lay me on the counter and lean my head back into the sink and use the sprayer to wet my hair. She would apply the shampoo and lather up my hair. As I got too big to lay on the counter she got me a step stool and would have me stand in front of the sink and shampoo my hair forward. I got shampooed every Saturday morning and then every Wednesday night. It was something I got used to and looked forward to. As I got older and my hair got longer my mother would try various shampoos and creme rinses on me. I always loved the smell of Prell shampoo and VO5. On Saturday morning when I was about 6 or 7 my mother shampooed my hair and then applied a different type of rinse to my hair. She told me that now that my hair was long enough that we were going to roller set it. So she towel dried my hair and had me sit at the kitchen table where there was a big box of rollers and clips. She began to comb and section my hair just like I had seen her do to her hair many times before she set her hair. She combed up a section and took a roller and rolled it down tight to my head, she grabbed a clip and secured it and then began to comb up another section. After a while she had me hand her the clips as she rolled my hair. It took a while for her to finish but I enjoyed every minute of it. When she was done my hair was full of gold, burgundy and pink magnetic rollers. She then placed a pink cotton net over the rollers and told me to go get her a towel as it was her turn. I sat and watched mom shampoo and set her hair with mine in rollers. It was a different experience. We went about the day doing our household chores and laundry while our hair dried. This became a regular thing. She even had bought me my own rollers and clips. Still love to shampoo and set my hair to this day

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