Mom Haircut At Home Part 3

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Part 3


You know that in Part-2 mom got again Shoulder Length Haircut. This time it is the same, but a little different. Once Mom’s Friend Babita came to our house. Looking at MOM, she said, what is this? Why did you cut your hair to Shoulder Length? This haircut is not suit on your age. This would have done a better Lob Haircut. Mom said, I did not want to cut my short hair , but it was lockdown and I had a haircut only 8 months before the lockdown. And I was also cut back to Shoulder Length in lockdown. Mom said, what is this Lob haircut? Babita said that this haircut is similar to Shoulder Length, but in it, the hair length from backside is till neck and a little bigger from front. You would have liked that haircut. Because that haircut is fine according to your age. And Shoulder Length Haircut is good, but it does not look good on your face. Mom said , what can i do now? Babita said, no, your hair is from the front to the shoulder length. And lob haircut should be bigger than Shoulder Length in the hair. Now you have to wait, for haircut till 3-4 months, then I will take you for the haircut. Mom said, don’t let it be, this haircut will work. Babita said why? Don’t you have to get a lob haircut? Mom said, I have cut my hair for some reasons. I will not always keep hair short. I want to keep hair till medium length.

Babita said. The now you can cut your hair into Lob haircut , hair will become a little more short but you will look good. Wait, I am showing you the photo of Lob haircut. Look at this, it is a Lob haircut, it will be the same haircut. In the photo is just below the shoulder, and your hair is up to the shoulder.And in the photo the hair is from the back to the neck, and your hair will come up a little short from the neck. Anyway, the hair will grow back in 4-5 months. You have cut your hair under your compulsion, now you have been cut so small and a little right. Mom said, okay. Babita said when to cut hair? Mom said call at home, because when will you go there and when will come back, call it here, at home. Babita said, okay and when to get haircut? Tomorrow’s appointment will it ok for you at 4 pm. Mom said, yes will work. Mom said but you will not there here, while haircut. Babita said don’t worry, I will come here , in afternoon. tomorrow at 3 o’clock. Mom said, okay. Mom finishes all the household work. Mom was waiting for Babita, and babita came. And Babita said, where you will cut your hair ? In the hall or in the room? Mom said in the room. Babita said, we shall wait in the room.

Both Mom and Babita were waiting in the room, when the haircut person will come. After sometime, the home bell rang and he came for the haircut. He came to the room and looked at Mom’s hair and said, his hair is short and how little has to be done? Babita said that they want to get the Lob cut. Salon Person said, Lob Cut is difficult to cut this short hair. Because lob cut I need more hair.Babita said , we know, and you cut the hair like Lob Cut from the front. Because in the Lob Cut, hair remains big from the front, it will remain short in it. You cut the hair in Lob cut. Salon person wet the hair and made the hair. After making the hair started cutting. He was slowly cutting the hair, because the hair was very short. After haircut, the Salon Person left from home. This haircut also looked good over Mom, but the hair became very short. But in the Lob Cut Mom looked good. Babita said, this haircut looks good for you. Mom said ‘Thank You’ and Babita left home. Mom changed clothes and started combing hair. Mom was making her hair when Rohan came from Tution. He asked, what is this, again you cut your hair. Mom said, yes. Babita Aunty came at home , my friend. He said that, on me Shoulder Length Haircut doesn’t looked good. So he said, to cut my hair till Lob cut. Rohan said, this haircut also looks good. Then he left there. Mom comb her hair and made small pony, because the hair was coming on the face while doing work. And then Mom started doing housework.


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