Mom Headshave In Birthday Party Part 1.

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It was 27 September. 10:30 in the morning. Mom’s friend Hina’s call came. He said that tomorrow is my birthday, so you have to come. And tomorrow all are coming, Sunita, Mansi, Mahek and Riya. You also come. Mom said, yes i will come. Hina said, tomorrow we will also play a game in Birthday Party. Mom said, which game? Hina said that is surprise. You will know tomorrow. Mom went to Hina’s Birthday Party on the second day. Mom kept the hair open. The hair was up to 22/24 inches, and it was straight. Mom knocked on the door and Hina opened the door. Hina said, come inside. Mom went inside and all of them came. Mom sat there. Then everyone asked what is the game? Hina said that we will play a game, that game is Music Chair. Everyone said, I will win comfortably in this. Hina said, this is not such a game. Everyone said, means. Hina said, in this game anyone loses first then she have to cut her hair. And she cannot stop us. We can cut as many hair as we want and can also be headshave. Hina said, we will all participate in it and I will also take it. Everyone said okay. Hina said, first we all do cake cutting and take out photos. Then whoever loses has a haircut or headshave will not look good in that photo. Hina cut cake, and everyone took out the photo.

Then all they were ready to play. Hina said, whoever loses will have to get a haircut or headshave honestly. Everyone said okay. Then the game turned on, the game turned on and the first Mom loses.Everyone said, Farida, you have to get a haircut. Mom said, okay. Then he placed Mom on the table. And look at the hair and said that now these hair will no longer be. He asked Mom, did you ever get your hair cut? Mom said, 2 years ago. He said, let’s now cut the soft hair. Hina brought spray, comb, scissor, razor and trimmer. Hina tied the hair in braid of Mom’s hair and then she cut Mom’s hair 2 inches. Then Savita said that this haircut is not good, then she cut 3 inches. Then Mansi said, wait, you don’t know how to cut hair. Then he cut 4 inch hair. The hair length decreases from 22 inches to 13 inches. Mom said, just stop it. Hina said, I had already said, whoever loses will have to get a haircut or headshave. And we will cut the hair as we want, you can’t stop us. Then Mahek came he cut Mom’s hair again 4 inches. The hair length from 13 inches to 9 inches became. Hina said, i have a best haircuts. Everyone asked, which? Hina said, Headshave.

Everyone said, yes it will be good. And Hina took Trimmer and cut all the hair of Mom. And in the last, there were some left after cutting from the hair from trimmer. Then Mahek made the entire headshave from Razor. Mom’s hair was lying on the ground. Mom felt sad, hair is no more. Then Hina said, your hair will grow up again in 3 years. And new hair will come. Mom said, yes. And everyone took a photo again. There was just a difference in both those photos. In First Photo mom had hair and in second photo mom did not have hair. Means in second photo mom had the headshave. Then everyone started enjoying the party. Then Mom started of growing hair and it took Mom 3 years to grow hair. After 3 years, Mom get Shoulder Length Haircut. But after Mom’s headshave, the hair came new. Mom thought it is good to Headshave, but it takes a lot of time to grow hair. Mom said, i will cut my hair till Bob haircut. But not Headshave. Sometimes it happened that I will have to make headshave. This was the 1st headshave of Mom.


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