Mom in barbershop

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My mom has very long hair till her waist. Her hair is very thick,shiny and suits her. She always wear her hair in a high bun with a claw clip.I love her hair in a bun.
It makes her look very very beautiful. One day as always she was making her bun and I was watching it.When she made her hair bun,I saw that her nape has
become hairy and her hairbun style was not looking great. I told her Mom your hair is lovely but your neck hair is making ur bun look different. Mom said is it so.
Yes Mom ur hairbun is looking ugly with hair in your neck. I then touched my Mom neck and it was very hairy. I asked my mom “why?? dont u get it shave??
Mom said “what shave??” I said ur neck shave .It is necessay that u should get ur neck shave otherwise ur hairbun style will look ugly. She then Started thinking
about it.I told her that by getting her neck shave her neck will look more clean and it will enhance the beauty of her hair bun.She thought for seconds and then
agreed for it.She asked me but where I will get it shaved as the ladies salon do not this thing.I said Mom Dont worry I know where to get it shaved.Mom asked where
I told her in a barbershop.She was shocked she said ” In a barbershop,are you mad??” I said ” yes mom in a barbershop, best place for shave”.She said” but how could
a lady be in a barbershop.” I said “dont worry mom nothing will happen believe me”.She said “ok”.I was very happy.Next day mom was ready.I told her to wear a suit.
She got ready she made her hair in a high and tight bun and at 10:15 am we left for the barbershop.We reached the shop by 10:30 am the barber just opened his shop.
We got inside the shop and the barber greeted us. The barber was also surprise to see a women in his shop.The barber came in and asked me”Yes Please,How can
I help you??” I told him that she is my mom and she is here for a neck shave.I asked the barber can u do it ?? The barber told ” yes we do all types of things”. He
then asked my mom to show him her hairbun and her nape.Mom then stood up and she turned to show her hair bun and nape to the barber.The barber touched my mom
hair bun and said”It’s quite big”.So ur nape is hairy.I can shave it.The barber then asked my mom to get seated in barber chair.My mom soflty moved towards the chair
got seated.I told the barber to shave the nape with the razor and make it clean.The barber then opened my mom hair bun,her hair was hanging out of the chair.
The barber then took a comb started combing my mom long hair.The barber then gathered her hair and with some twist he made a bun of it and secured it on top of her
head.He then took a cape and covered my mom. The barber then took the razor and put a new blade in it and gently he pushed my mom head down with one hand and
with the other hand he started shaving my mom neck. Mom was sitting with her head down and I could see her reflection in the mirror.The barber was doing his work.
In just 5 minutes my mom neck was clean and smooth.The barber then asked me “check it is it ok” I touched my mom neck and it was very smooth to touch.I said”its fine
great”The barber then opened my mom hair bun and he then took a scissors and a comb and trimmed the ends of her hair. He then took some powder and put it in my mom
neck and then dusted it.He then took the cape off.Mom then stood up and made her hair in a bun again her neck was shining like a star and her bun was looking very beautiful.

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