Mom Hair Transformation Long To Short Part 1.

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It was the month of March. It was very hot. Mom’s hair was around 20/22 inches. Mom was troubled by the heat. And mom’s hair was so long that it was very hot. Mom thought that I should get my hair short. The heat will be less because hair will become short. Mom finished the household chores and sat down for a while. Mom saw haircut on google. Mom had done all the haircuts, but there was one haircut left, Bob Haircut. Mom saw Bob Haircut, but those haircuts would make her hair very short. Then Mom fixed a short haircut from google. He downloaded the photo. And sent on the group of Mom’s friends. And said ‘New Look Coming Soon’. All friends of Mom were very curious. Mom thought of going for haircut on the second day. Then on the second day Mom went to Salon for the haircut at 3:30 pm. Mom went there and sat in the waiting room for a while and in a while his haircut time came. Mom sat on Chair and put a cloth over them which puts it while haircut. And Salon Person asked, which haircut you have to do, Mom showed the photo and said, this haircut i want. He said okay.

He opened mom’s hair and asked why are you getting such long hair cut. Mom said, I am feeling very hot in long hair. And it is summer season so I am getting my hair short. He said okay. He first cut mom braid and then did a haircut. After haircut, he took out the cloth over the Mom. And then Mom went home. Then Mom took out a photo of the haircut and sent it to the group. When Mom saw in the Group the second day, everyone is saying that, haircut in the photo and your haircut is not same. Mom saw the photo and there was a little difference in the haircut in both photos. Means in the photos the hair length was below neck and in mom hair the hair length was from front till shoulder. From back the hair length was ok. Everyone says that, you should go back and get the haircut. Mom said, yes, I will go back to Salon tomorrow and get it back. Then, Mom thought of going to Salon on the second day. And Mom went there at 3:00 pm. After reaching Salon, Mom said, you have not given me same haircut. you have not done it properly. He said, Madam it was not possible to me, to give that haircut to you, so I had done this haircut. Mom said, you should have told me, that it is not possible. He said, you had cut it for the heat, so I felt that this haircut will work on it.

Mom said, and why it is not possible to give that haircut? He said, you had put the bang in your hair from the front. And bang was not matching with the haircut. Means hair look from the front same as in the photo given. but bangs were coming in middle. If i had cut your haircut, as given in the photo, you would have to cut that bang. Mom said what can happen now? He said that you get the bob haircut. That haircut is very trending. And you will look good in it. Mom said, and can there be a haircut? He said, maybe, but you should get the Bob haircut it is on trending. Mom thought that I do the same old haircut every time I do something different. But the hair will look short but will look different. Mom said, okay. He said that your hair will be shorted from behind. Means your hair will become a little smaller from the neck. Mom said, yes will work. Then they wet Mom’s hair and started cutting. After cutting the hair, Mom noticed that the hair was very short. But this haircut looked good. He said that the hair near your ear will have to Shave. Because in bob haircut, it will not look good without shave. Mom said okay. Then Mom asked to pay the bill, how many happened. He said, you just do half payment. Mom paid and went home.

He sent a photo of his bob haircut. Everyone said after seeing the photo, this haircut is the best. And this haircut is trending. Well done with this haircut. The hair will grow back. mom said this is my 1st bob haircut. mom was looking good in this haircut.


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