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“Sue, I thought I’d call and let you know I finally found a job. I’m sooooo excited. It’s not the greatest job in the world, but it’s a start. I’m the receptionist at some fancy/dancy hair salon – ‘la salon d’Paris’ or something like that. They’ll even do my hair for free. I start on Monday. Talk to you later. Love ya”.

Elizabeth was so excited she finally got a job. Her husband left her for his young secretary leaving her with a mortgage, her own bills and a daughter in college, Sue. It’s been tough to say the least. Any savings she’s had gone and she really has no work experience. So, for the first time in her life Elizabeth is on her own and needs a job.

Sue is in her forth year away at school. Sue’s pretty, very conservative (majoring in accounting), no fads, little makeup, very cute but plain and spends most of her time at school ever since the divorce.

Elizabeth is a very attractive 43-year-old – with a very conservative look. Although years ago, before she got married, she did push the fashion envelope. She’s got thick flowing breast length dirty blond hair with perfectly placed subtle highlights. Beautiful blue eyes, a slightly turned up petite little nose, perfect makeup (although she really doesn’t need any), a super gorgeous figure, gorgeous long legs and of course perfect trophy wife fake boobs. Nothing extravagant, just bigger than what she had. She stands about 5’9” and those legs just don’t stop and always dresses stylish yet professionally.

She married Don a little out of high school. He was the love of her life. Back then she went by Liz. Don was 25 and starting his law practice. As it turned out she turned out to be a perfect trophy wife for Don. Always on his arm with her perfectly coifed hair and makeup. His friend’s wives were her ‘so called’ friends. Her life revolved around Don’s wants and as she aged (and like I said she is still very attractive) Don insisted on her keeping up her looks. Botox injections (truly not needed) were required, a personal trainer, braces, and ultimately enhanced boobs. All this and it was still not enough for Don. He bolted with his much younger secretary after over 20 years of marrage. Elizabeth never saw it coming and was devastated.

Now, as Elizabeth thinks of her new job, she calls it a new beginning and can’t wait for Monday to get here. She’ll be her own person for the first time in her life and she’s looking forward to it. She was told her job requires her to look stylish yet professional. Right up her alley. Sunday night she laid out her clothes and dressed to the ‘nines’ on Monday for work. One thing Don couldn’t take from her was her huge wardrobe and she has a very nice and expensive one.

When she arrived at work she was by far the most professional looking person there. Working the reception desk her look fits in very well. Elizabeth was introduced to Annette, another receptionist, who will be working the desk with her and won’t leave her alone until she gets the hang of it. That was a relief to Elizabeth as she really has never had a job and was quite nervous.

The salon itself was very modern and one of the top spa/salons in the area. It catered to all types – from older conservative women and men to the super trendy teens and college students and the salon offers virtually everything from older conservative styles to tattoos and piercings. It has two floors with twenty styling stations for hair, three massage rooms, four nail techs and the ‘MISC’ room which is reserved for extraordinary services (waxing, piercing, even tattoos are done there). The stylists were all ages and wear everything from tees and jeans to business suits.

By Friday Elizabeth was feeling somewhat comfortable with her job. She already fell in love the work, her co-workers and loved being out with the public. When she was married she’d go out, but only to Don’s events, always with Don’s friends, always having to be the picture perfect trophy wife. This, this is different. She’s on her own; she can be with people she chooses, say what she wants, make her own friends.

At the end of her second week Antonio, one of the top stylists calls over to Elizabeth. “Elizabeth come on over and have a seat and I’ll freshen you up a little.” Antonio is the salon hunk and has really never talked to her before.

Elizabeth shocked by the question, quickly replied. “Nah, I’m fine, but thanks.”

Annette head jerks up and softly says to her. “What are you saying? Are you crazy? Look at him. He’s gorgeous and he wants to lay his hands on you and you’re saying no. Tell him just a trim. I’d give anything to have that hunk want to do my hair”.

Elizabeth just looks at her with one of those ‘are you kidding me’ looks.

Annette seeing that Elizabeth isn’t going to do anything yells over, “She’s coming, but nothing crazy, Antonio. I’ve seen some of your ‘10-inch’ trims. She looks great already, you treat her right; give her a trim, a real trim, and one of your famous neck messages while you’re at it.” Annette was younger than Elizabeth, petite build, green eyes, sporting a crisp just below the chin length red bob with a buzzed nape, given to her by one of the younger hairstylists. Annette then gets up and takes Elizabeth’s arm and starts pulling her up toward Antonio.

“No Annette, Annette I’m going to … …” Elizabeth whispers to Annette as she’s being pulled over to Antonio’s chair. “Antonio, I really don’t … …”

“Nonsense, come on relax. Let Antonio welcome you to the salon. I should have done this week’s ago.” he said to her with a kind calming voice. He then took her hand, looked into her eyes and led her to his chair.

Elizabeth just followed. His voice, his gentle touch left her melting. Wow. A man hasn’t spoke to her with such feeling and sincerity in years. His touch was so, so, tender.

Antonio’s in his early 30’s and is the heart throb of the salon. Muscles everywhere and he’s not afraid to show them. His bald head is contrasted with his thin sideburns which follow his jawbone to his chin. His right arm has a full sleeve tat on it and his left one has a saying written on it in Latin. He’s wearing tight jeans and a dark colored t-shirt with its sleeves cut off and has the sexiest Latino accent you’ve ever heard. He only does women’s hair and is very selective which clients he chooses. All of the girls in the salon are all in love with him and he has the reputation of being quite the lover.

When Elizabeth sits in his chair he senses her tension and begins to message her neck. Ooooo, Elizabeth starts to melt in his chair. He talks softly with a gentle voice and asks if she’s ready, it’s time to shampoo her hair. He carefully takes her hand and leads her to the shampoo station. Elizabeth’s feet glide over the floor and sits down. He talks to her during the entire shampoo, but Elizabeth doesn’t hear a word and is just taking in the moment and is enjoying every minute of it.

Back in his chair he gently combs out her hair and carefully explains every action that he makes. Trimming maybe an inch off the back and angling the sides up to her chin. Antonio continues to talk with Elizabeth politely answering when she actually paying attention enough too. Finally Antonio announces Elizabeth is done and turns her to face the mirror.

As Elizabeth is turned she imagines what she may look like. She’s nervous as she’s heard of Antonio’s shocking trims on other clients when they’ve lost a foot (or more) of hair. But, to her surprise, her hair has never, ‘never’ looked so good. Trimmed just as she asked. Hair angled on the sides turned under framing her face, gorgeous, simply gorgeous. He touched up her make-up to emphasize her eyes. He easily took 10 years off her looks and like I said she looked good to begin with.

“All done,” he proclaimed. “Maybe next time we’ll try something a little different.”

She steps out of the chair “I don’t think so, I’m pretty happy with the way I am, but thanks. This looks great.” And gives him a big hug. … OMG – what a hunk, she thinks.

“Now, don’t forget you promised to go out with us tomorrow. Wear something a little less professional and we’ll leave right after work,” he reminded her.

“Ah… ah… oh yeah… … … looking forward to it”, wondering what she agreed to during all his talking.

Saturday Antonio reminded her more than once about going out with the group after work. They always go out on Saturday. The salon closes at 4 and it’s closed on Sunday, so Saturday is the perfect night for to go out.

Elizabeth brought a change of clothes to work to change into for the club. She decided to show off her legs by wearing super tight jeans and a strategically unbuttoned white blouse covered by a grey blazer. She was hot, she thought. She hasn’t looked this hot for a long time. Her blond hair still framing her face from the day before restyling and her eyes were still popping. Hot, that’s all there was to it. She even noticed that Antonio even gave her once over as she was getting into her car. No one has done that to her in like forever. She loved it. After work, Antonio offered to have her ride with him, but she wanted to play it safe. She’s heard stories about Antonio. So, she explained it was easier for her to drive herself, so she just followed him.

The club was just a few minutes from the salon. When they got out of the cars, Elizabeth noticed the name on the sign just as Antonio stepped over and gently took her hand. ‘The Shrunken Skull’ hmmmmm interesting. Entering the club and she felt like she was on stage. All eyes immediately were on her and it wasn’t because she was hot. It was because she was old. Old enough to be just about everyone’s mother. Not only that, but she was the only one that looked normal; normal clothes, normal hair, NO tattoos, NO piercings, nothing out the ordinary of any type. She was out of her element and wanted to leave… … …NOW. ‘What kind of place is this? What kind of people do I work with?’ runs through Elizabeth’s mind. They sit with the rest of the staff and order a drink. It seems like everybody got carded but her!

When her first drink arrives, she immediately orders another, knowing she couldn’t leave yet, she just got there. Just as she was finishing her second drink Antonio leaned over and whispered that he thought they ought to leave. Walking to the car he apologized for not preparing her to what type of place they were going and offered to make it up to her by going and having a cup of coffee.

Over coffee Elizabeth tells him everything. She literally spills her guts out. She tells him how old she feels. How old she looks. She told him everything about her and Don; about how she had to be his trophy wife, how he made her get Botox shots and insisted on her getting bigger boobs. “Mine were alright, but Noooo”. How he wanted her to puff up her lips and dye her hair super blond. “I refused, I looked fine”. Then, not even a year after my boob job healed, he made an appointment for her to get bigger ones. Huge ones this time. “He just made me an appointment. I said, no way mister and within a year we were divorced. Now he trots around with his young, big boobed, puffy lipped, ultra-blond secretary on his arm. That bastard!”

She glances down at herself. “This isn’t me. These aren’t who I am,” pointing at her boobs. “I can be fun. I can act young too. I can be lots of fun. I wanted to be, if he had just let me. I used to be called Liz, but NOOOO. He insisted I go by Elizabeth because it sounded more sophisticated. I used to be really fun… … even crazy, but Don nipped all that in the bud. He just wanted me to look good and hang onto his arm. Now look at me, a stuffy old bitty, working as a receptionist making minimum wage, and no friends to speak of … … ….” She wasn’t done and literally talked into the wee hours of the morning. Antonio just sat there and listened intently, holding her hand.

“Sometimes I wish I could just start over. Be myself, be a little crazy, be spontaneous. Go to the Shrunken Skull with you guys… … and really fit it,” she confided to him.

The night flew by. Before they knew it, they were the only two in the coffee shop.

“We better get going so they can close”, Antonio broke in. “Your story’s so interesting I didn’t realize it was so late. Let me take you home and I’ll get your car for you tomorrow…”

Elizabeth couldn’t remember a time where she felt so good being with a man. He is such a gentleman, so considerate. He listened to her, really listened to her. My god, this man really cares, he really cares – Elizabeth’s thinking. She hasn’t had anyone really show an interest in her for years.

As Antonio walked her to the door she gave him a peck on his cheek, and whispered in his ear to come in. As they got through the door she practically attacked him. For a split second she thought, ‘what am I doing’. But, that was only a split second. Then ‘what the hell’. The rest of the night was a blur. All she knows is that even during the best times of her marriage, Don never took care of her like Antonio did. In the morning, more of the same. Finally, Antonio took her to pick up her car. She didn’t want him to leave. She felt giggly. She didn’t know what’s gotten into her, but she liked it and she really liked Antonio. She couldn’t wait for work to see him.

A couple weeks went by. Elizabeth couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She was crazy for him. Every thought had Antonio in it somehow. When they were alone he even called her Liz once in a while. She loved it. It brought back that wild feeling again. She was mad for him.

She couldn’t wait to get to work to see him. She acted like some teenage school girl with a crazy crush, but she didn’t care. She never experienced anything like this before. So caring, so compassionate, such passion. He took her places she’s never been before, if you know what I mean. They found unique uses for the ‘MISC’ room in the salon. What was she doing, she kept asking herself.

One Saturday he asked her to go to the Shrunken Skull again with the others. Those embarrassing thoughts immediately popped in her mind. “No, no, but I insist you go. I want you to go with the others, have fun. I need to get some stuff done at home anyway. Besides that’s really not my type of place. I really don’t fit in there. You go have fun and come over tomorrow and I’ll make you dinner… … … and de… …sert. If you know what I mean” giggling as the words come out.

Antonio stared back at her, “They look at you, because you stand out. Your beautiful. They’ve never seen anyone so beautiful there before,” he told her with his sexy Latino accent.

But, Elizabeth insisted and they went their separate ways. Not much later, just as Elizabeth was about to snuggle up with a new book, she heard someone banging on my door. It was Missy and Aimee standing at her door, drinking out of a half empty bottle of Peach Schnapps. “Come on, come on. You’ve got to come with us,” they said reaching for her to drag out.

“What? What are you talking about? I’m not going anywhere. I just got comfortable,” Elizabeth answers backing up swatting their hands away.

Both girls get a hold of an arm and literally start dragging her out “Oh yes you are, you’re coming with us”, they both said in unison, pulling on her.

“What are you talking about? Where are we going?”

“Come on. You’ve got to come with us. We left Antonio at the Shrunken Skull. He’s got the hots for you. All he could talk about was you and why you wouldn’t come with us. How the old you would fit in, but not now… … … … … After an hour of listening to that shit, we decided to come and get you. He’s there now with Annette and Kelly and we told him we’d be back with you in a little while and not to leave”, they explained alternating sentences while still dragging her out.

“Oh alright, if it means so much… … but I told him I don’t feel right there…. I don’t fit in…” she explained. Let me get something else on.”

“No, your fine. we’ll take care of that. Now let’s get to the car”. It didn’t take much for Elizabeth to figure out that that wasn’t the first bottle of booze the girls were drinking.

“Don’t you worry about anything” Aimee giggles with her strong French accent. “We’ll take care of that.”

They couldn’t get her in the car quick enough. Once in, Elizabeth saw Gabby was driving and the girls insisted she take a couple swallows to loosen up. They kept tipping the bottle and were literally pouring it down her throat.

The three of them (probably none of them older than 25 and Aimee not even legally old enough drink, started telling her how Antonio told them her story. Told them about Don and how she couldn’t be herself and how she used to go by Liz. But, Don made her change all that. How she used to be crazy and always had fun, but Don stopped all that too. They went on and on about how Don changed her and took the fun out of her life. Made look a certain way and literally made her an old fuddy-duddy.

As they started driving away, Missy nonchalantly says “Oh, we’re going to stop by the salon on the way back and ‘fix’ your hair and makeup a little to help you fit in.”

“Yeah, your hair, just your hair,” Aimee adds. All the girls start giggling and pass Elizabeth the open bottle.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. This will be fun. Sort of like one of those makeover shows. Nothing major, just a tweak here n there. Here, take another swig,” Missy continues pushing the bottle at her again.

In no time, they were at the salon. The girls literally started dragging Elizabeth out of the car and pushing her into the salon.

“Here take off your clothes and put this on. Meet us in the ‘MISC’ room,” Gabby says handing her one of those soft spa terrycloth robes.

Starting to feel the booze Elizabeth follows their orders and heads to the MISC room. As soon as she enters, the three of them look at her and start giggling again.

“OK, what do ya say? Let’s get started.” Aimee says with big grin on her face.

“You know. Antonio would love it if you had another piercing in your ear. What d’ ya say, Elizabeth? Sit down here and let’s start this off right.” Gabby orders.

“Ah, Ah… …”. Elizabeth just looks at them.

They hand Elizabeth the bottle again and order her to take a big swig and sit down. Aimee tells her she’s going to spray a numbing spray on her ear so she won’t feel much when she gets poked.

“Hey, just lay down here,” Gabby tells her pointing to the waxing table. “We should surprise Antonio with a full waxing. We’ve heard him talk. He loves it bare down there. Come on lay down. He reallllllly loves it smooth. We can do your ears while Gabby does your privates”.

Missy tells Elizabeth to take another swig and they all hurry her to the table.
Before Elizabeth really knows what they’re talking about, her towel was open.

Gabby grabs the clippers. “Holy shit look at that forest. Damn.” And plows in removing the large mound covering her sex. “Here. Let me spray some of that numbing spray on so the waxing won’t hurt too bad.”

“What the f….’ Missy pushes her head down and in seconds she hears and feels (numbing spray or not) the first ‘tear’ of her pubes being removed. Missy pours her some schnapps and calms Elizabeth down as the girls do their work.

Elizabeth’s mind is racing a mile a minute trying to take in all that is going on. Her heads spinning from the booze and she’s trying to think rationally. Thought are racing through her head, ‘Oh god, what is going on? Everything’s moving so fast. What are they doing to me? She’s waxing my bush?’ What’s that shit Aimee keeps spraying everywhere?

“Hey, wait what the hell’s going on” Elizabeth finally yells.

Another shot of spray… this time in her face. That shut her up. Her lips, her nose, her whole face numb, they’re completely numb. She can hardly talk and when she does its sounds like her mouth is full of marbles.

Gabby turns off the clippers and sprays her denuded pussy again and proceeds with the waxing. “Wow, that looks better.”

As fast as everything is happening Elizabeth’s not sure of any one thing that is going on. Aimee’s playing with her ears. Gabby’s waxing her pubes. And what the hell is Missy doing to around her neck and chest? On top of that, they keep spraying her with all the spray all the time. She’s numb, F–n, numb everywhere.

So much commotion, so much action, so much movement, everyone’s busy, busy doing something to her. Everything is happening so fast. Her mind is still racing, not to mention the booze. They prop her head up and keep feeding her drinks. She has no clue what’s going on or why everyone is so busy if all she’s having done is her ears and a waxing.

“What’s going on? Why’s this taking so long?” remembering that the last time she had her ears pierced she was done in less than 5 minutes and a waxing shouldn’t take this long.

The girls just look at each other and before they think of anything to say,
Elizabeth slurs, “Oh what the hell just give me a drink”.

The girls hand her the bottle and get back to their work.

Missy and Gabby finish working on her privates. They look at each other with mischievous smiles and giggle. “Antonio is going to love this. Just love it. He’s going to go wild. You are in for one good time girl.” Missy ecstatically tells her.

Gabby picks up the numbing spray and sprays it on Elizabeth again. “Here take another sip and relax. Take a nap or something While Aimee finishes your ears.

Before she can even shut her eyes both Missy and Gabby cover her face with a towel and she feels them all around her. The focus this time is on her chest and neck.

As Aimee finishes her ears she asks, “You know, Antonio is always trying to talk girls into a little nose stud. I think it turns him on. How bout it? How bout it… … … Liiizzzz?”

“Yeah, Lizzzzzzzzz, how bout it?” Missy adds.

“Come on, Lizzzzzz. What do ya say?”

“Huh, what’s that… …?” Elizabeth is really of out of it now. “Surrre… … …, what the hell.”

More spray. More spray everywhere. All over her face. She closes her eyes again and passes out while they continued to poke and prod everywhere. … … … …

“Liz, Liz honey, wake up.”

Elizabeth opens her eyes to see the three girls staring down at her giggling.
“We’re done here, Liz. Now let’s sit you up and head on over to the salon side and do something with that hair.” Missy says while closing her robe and helping her sit up.

“Come on Liz, time to do your hair”. They all say in unison as they help her over to the styling room.

‘Liz what the hell are they talking about’ Elizabeth thinks as she looks around trying to get a glimpse of what they did to her.

“Shit, am I ever sore? What’d you guys do to me… … … hit me with a bat while I was out?” Elizabeth laughingly asks.

“Nothing you didn’t agree to, Liz”. “Nothing you didn’t agree to,” accompanied by another round of laughter by the three girls.

“Don’t worry; Antonio is absolutely going to love it. You are one bitch’n lady now. One bitch’n lady.” Gabby added.

Elizabeth looks around again. Just a glimpse is all she’s trying to see and what’s all this Liz shit, she thinks. They never called her Liz before. Only Antonio calls her Liz and only in their private moments.

They lead her to a chair away from any mirrors. “Now have a seat and let’s get started” Gabby says as she starts brushing her hair out. Elizabeth is having trouble keeping her head from bobbing from all the booze. But oh, the brushing feels soooooo good. Then Missy stands behind and starts sectioning and tugging her hair.

“Just adding a few shorter layers,” she says holding back laughter.

“Yeah, shorter,” Missy adds not able to hold back her giggles.

“LOOK GIRLS. Nothing too short. Do you hear me, Missy? Antonio loves to run his fingers through my hair,” Elizabeth barks out. “Do you hear me?”

“You leave it to us, Liz. We know exactly what Antonio likes. Exactly” and with that the three of them continue working on her hair. Elizabeth is really still out of it and resigned to the fact that they’re going to do what they want anyway.

“Just adding a splash of color,” Missy comments. Again all three start to laugh.

“He is going to shit when he sees you, just shit” Gabby adds.

“What’s that?” Elizabeth answers. “Ah yes, Antonio.” Elizabeth just can’t believe what she’s doing. Letting these girls do whatever. But, what he does to her makes it all worth it. She finally just shuts her eyes and thinks of what happens to her when she’s with Antonio.

As they lean her back to wash the goo out of her hair she returns to reality. She notices her nails are now a nice hot pink. Not bad she thinks, someone must have done them while she was dozing off.

“Back to the styling chair, Liz.” Again they grab her and lead her to the secluded chair.

Now lots of tugging and snipping. Lots of it. Lots and lots of it.

“My god Missy, she is soooo F–n hot. She doesn’t look like the same person and we’re not even down with her hair yet.”

“She sure doesn’t look 40 anything, more like 20 something.”

“Hell, she looks younger than me”, Gabby exclaimed. “Antonio is going to die when he sees her.”

“He’s going to just die. She is so freaking awesome looking. Oh my god.”

“Hey, you guys. Just what the fuck are you … … dooooo?” her voice is suddenly drowned out by the sound of clippers. “Fuck! What are you doing?” Elizabeth is starting to panic.

“Just sit still” Missy says pushing Elizabeth’s head to the side.
Missy’s got a good grip on her head and Gabby and Missy are holding her arms to the chair. Missy continues to hold her head moving it where she wants it.

Elizabeth feels the cold steel of the clippers blades on the left side of her head. Again, and again. Up and down. Short quick strokes, up and down. Like she’s rubbing her head. Short quick stokes. The chair is slowing rotated as Missy continues on the back. Again, and again the metal teeth sort of rubbing on her head. Again, rotate the chair for a repeat on the right side. After a while, Elizabeth then notices the whining of the clippers is replaced by a much higher whining pitch. Again, and again the same routine. All the way around her head again. Elizabeth just sits there, now limp, no longer struggling to move. She’s defeated. No longer trying to get out of the chair. Buzzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz. The whining seems be going on forever. Around her head again. … … … Finally, silence.

“Like we said, we know what Antonio really likes” Missy sternly says looking at Elizabeth straight in the eyes.

Missy picks up the scissors makes a few snips and finishes with few short bursts with the blow dryer. “What do you think, girls?” Missy asks as she slowly spins the chair around so the others can have a good look.

“I can’t believe it’s the same person. Oh my god.” She is sooooo F—n HOT! The three girls continue their conversation like Elizabeth’s not even there.

“Freaking awesome, just awesome. He will F–n shit himself.” Gabby adds. “Add a little gel Mis. You don’t want it moving around.”

As Missy applies the gel to Elizabeth’s hair, Elizabeth is moving her eyes to catch a glimpse of any hair, any hair at all. She see’s some tufts of pale hair on the floor, but figures that was left from an earlier client.

“Oh my god. She is so awesome. She’s going to get carded. He’s going to die. Wow. I’m going to die. She is so outrageous. So outrageous!” Aimee says as she runs her hand through Elizabeth’s hair.

“Ready Liz. Let’s walk over here so you can see the new you,” Aimee asks.

“What we wanted to do was bring back the old Liz. The person you really are. The fun person. Liz. Not that prude Elizabeth that Danny invented. And I can guarantee you this; Antonio is going to love the new look.” Missy explains as she walks Elizabeth over to the full length mirror.

“OK close your eyes and wait until we tell you to open them” Gabby says as she turns her in front of a full-length mirror.

“OK, open them”.

Elizabeth, or should I say Liz, lets out a loud gasp. Then.


Gabby and Missy each grab an arm to help her stand as her knees buckle.

The new Liz is staring into the mirror. What’s staring back is not Elizabeth. It’s not even Liz. The person is unrecognizable. Her mind is racing a mile a minute – ‘Who is that? This can’t be me. Please don’t let this be me. That’s some freak. Who is it? This can’t be me’. No! As she’s shouting she coming to the realization that what’s looking back at her, is really her.

“AAAAAHHHHH – What the fuck did you do to me?” She screams as her hands go immediately to her head. “My HAIR! Where’s my hair? WHAT the FUCK did you do to my hair?” her voice tapering down at the end.

Her gorgeously layered long blond hair is gone. The sides are shaved or should I say faded. “Zero fade, Liz. Zero fade.” Missy shouts out as Liz’s hands rub the sides and back. The buzzed portion is pink. The top section, maybe 4-5 inches and styled back. A perfect pompadour. The front inch of the top is also pink matching the sides and the rest is black. The pink is in sharp contrast as it is brushed back through the rest of her raven black hair. The sides are so short the pale pink color makes them look completely bald unless you’re looking really close.

“Damn, great fade Missy. That is sooo sweet,” Gabby says rubbing her hand up the back.

Liz’s hands continue exploring her head. “It’s all cut that way. A zero fade all the way around. You can comb the top to a side for something different,” Missy explains.

“AAAAHHHHH. My god, why did you do this to my beautiful blond hair. My HAIR, MY FUCKING HAIR.” Liz continues to look as tears roll down her cheeks. “Antonio loved my hair. How could you do this? How can I go out like this?”

She then notices her right ear has 3 small gold rings in them outlining the top of her ear (helix). She tilts her head to see her left ear and there is a ring inside by the ear canal (tragus) and a stud in the top of the cartilage (outer conch). Both her earlobes have a 1/4-inch hole with a tube through them and a large gold loop earring through it. “We were going to do your tongue, but Missy thought you might really be pissed,” Gabby adds.

“WHAT! Whhat … … … “ her voice fades to nothing.

Her well-shaped eyebrows are now, now? “What did you do?” Elizabeth gets closer to the mirror. Her hand reaches up to touch them. “These are drawn on.” Very thick at the nose and down to a find point. Long, passed the end of the eye.


“It was easier just to remove them and draw them on than try to fix what you had.” Somebody said.

“What was wrong with my eyebrows?” Elizabeth voice quivering while running her finger over them again and again.

Now she sees the small diamond stud in the left nostril and where her cute dimple used to be on the right side is now a gold stud.

She’s gently touches them. Touches them softly, like they will break. She can’t believe it. SHOCK, is the only word for it. SHOCK.

Aimee stands behind Elizabeth and removes her robe. Elizabeth’s knees buckle.

“Nobody will call you Elizabeth now. Look at this. No more Elizabeth” Aimee says as she points to the side of her neck where she sees small letters in script spelling out the name ’Liz’. “And here,” she continues pointing to a bunch of words tattooed across her chest from collar bone to collar bone, “it says ‘live life to its fullest’ in French. Is that not hot? See, we’ve made you the LIZ you’ve always wanted to be. You’re Liz now”.

“AAAAAHHHHHH” is all Liz can manage to get out.

By now Aimee has to also help Liz stay up as she is almost totally limp at what she sees.

Gabby points to Liz’s breasts. “Antonio is going to love this.”

Liz’s eyes break away from her tats to see small bars going through each nipple. Her eyes water up as she moves her hand to touch one of them. She also sees two cherries tattooed on right breast.

“Antonio’s loves pierced nipples. He calls them ‘tit toys’ and always encourages exciting young clients to get them,” Gabby finishes.

“AAAAHHH, my haaaaiiiir? My breasts? Fuck Antonio!” Liz starts to sob.

“Yes, you will Liz. Probably more than once. And you’ll love every minute of it,” Gabby answers smiling.

Liz just looks at her.

Missy grabs a hand mirror, “now for the ‘pièce de résistance’. She holds it behind Liz so she can see a small tattoo of a cherry behind her ear. Underneath the cherry in very small print are the words “Lick my Cherries”.

Now in unison all three girls point to Liz’s hairless pussy. They tattooed it to look like a big red cherry with green stem coming out.

“Look Liz. Even though you’ve got a kid, Antonio can still have your CHERRY”, Gabby tells her.

Liz completely collapses. The girls catch her and help her to a chair and put new clothes on her. A white satin blouse strategically left opened so everyone her cleavage, her tats and make out that her nipples are pierced. A very short black skirt that is short enough so see her cheeks from the rear and black platform knee high boots which make her even taller so no one will miss her.

“Antonio is just going to go wild,” Aimee says.

They stand her in front of the mirror again. Liz just stares. Not believing that her. In all honesty the only thing that you can say is the same about Liz, is that she is still tall. And even at that, with those high boots on, she’s taller.

“No one at the ‘The Shrunken Skull’ has anything up on you now. You are the bomb girl,” Missy adds. “You look like one of us.”

Liz is still confused and in shock. Trying to figure out what happened. What did she let them do to her and how can she, a mother of a 22-year-old, continue to go through life looking like this?

In the car Liz grabs for the unfinished bottle of Schnapps and starts guzzling.

Aimee rips it out of her hand. “No more for you. We want you to be able up to walk in to Antonio”, she says laughing.

The next thing Liz knows is they are standing in front of Antonio at the table.

He looks right past Liz and asks Missy. “What took you so long? … … … and where’s Elizabeth? Couldn’t you convince her to come along?”

“Antonio, let me introduce you to LIZ.”

His eyes almost jump out of his head. He jumps over to her. “Liz, Liz you are … … … oh my god. You are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Oh – you are so so so… amazingly hot,” he gives me a huge kiss. Your hair… … oh my god I love it, your ears. I love them. I love you. You did this for me? Oh my god. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Oh my god, I can’t believe this is you. You are everything I’ve ever wanted.” He takes his hands and holds them behind her head, turning it head from side to side examining every detail. Rubbing his hands over her shaved sides. “Oh, my god. I love it,” he tells her. Giving her another big kiss and moving around kising her nape. “In my wildest dreams… … … I love you.”

He sees the tat behind her ear and goes wild, kissing her again and noticing the cherries tattooed on her breast. He peeks down her blouse and sees her pierced nipples. He’s ecstatic. He again rubs her head. He traces her new eyebrows with his finger, then touches her pierced nose and monroe. He tilts his head back and then kisses her on the forehead. “You are so hot”. They order a drink, but he insists on leaving before it even comes.

“Antonio,” Gabby interrupts. “When you get her home there’s a surprise down below just for you.”

Antonio gets even a bigger smile on his face.

All the way home Antonio tells Liz how hot she is and thanks her for doing this for him. Liz doesn’t say a word. She’s still in shock and wondering how she is going to go on looking like some 43-year-old freak.

At home Antonio found Liz’s cherry and took her to places where she’s never been before. A Latino lover he definitely is. His favorite change is her hair. To Liz’s anguish, he tells her how he’ll never wants her grow her hair long again and how he’ll maintain it for her. He loves her bald ‘cherry’ pussy and he showed just how much he loves it many times. And let’s not forget his new new tit toys, too. Nothing interrupted them, no phone, no door bell, nothing stopped them. The pain of all her modifications to her body was over powered by the powerful orgasms she felt at the hands of Antonio. Liz was in ecstasy until they took a break Sunday night.

She hated her new look and didn’t know how she could live looking like that, but as long as she had Antonio, she’d make it work.

Finally, Sunday night as they were in the kitchen, with robes on, looking for something to eat, the back door opened.

“Mom, I’m home. Did you get my message? I must have left 5 messages. Where were you? Come here I’ve brought someone home. I want you to meet… … …” Sue’s voice tapers off and eyes get the size of saucers as she enters the kitchen.


“Hi Honey, I’ve got someone I want you to meet too,” Liz answers as she and Antonio look at each other … … and start to laugh.

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