Mommy and Auntie: bowlcut bonding

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Hope looked wide-eyed as her mother carried her to the parent’s aunt’s house.

A chipper feminine voice greeted the two,”Hope! You’ve grown so much, come give auntie a hug and kiss”.

Hope gave her aunt a big hug and a slobbery kiss. The purpose of her mother’s visit was brief. Her mother wanted her sister to babysit Hope for a few days which the aunt agreed on one condition.

When her mother returned, the sisters had to do something together.

Dumbly, Hope’s mother agreed.

Fast forward to the mother’s return:

“Do I have to remind you of the terms of our deal”

“(Sigh) No, what do you wanna do”

The aunt took hold of the mother’s hair,”Remember when we were in middle school and mother cut your hair short into a bob”.

Oh! No! No!

“We have an appointment this weekend and you’ll show up, won’t you”.

Mother did fret about cutting her long hair into her sister’s said style.

Pleading was futile so all Mother could do was go through with her end of the bargain.

Cut to the weekend:

“Ah, you made it. Good, come along, the barber’s waiting”

Vintage was the word to describe it: the smell of freshly cut hair filled the women’s noses.

“Good afternoon, ladies, I have your seats ready and your capes ironed”

The women took their seats in the beige leather cushions: so what style are we getting?

Mother’s sister gave her sister a sinister smile,”Let’s just say we’re getting the same style”.

Mother shuttered as the barber wrapped the siblings in capes.

He got into his dress pocket and took out a pair of shears. Shearing of mother was first, shorter and shorter her hair became. When her hair lay in a short mass, the barber did her sister’s hair the same way.

When their heads were choppy messes, the barber parted the sides from the crown.

He grabbed the clippers which almost made mother bolt.

Their sides and back were buzzed to the skin then shaved smooth by razor.

The barber then combed their hair evenly over their domes. He cut the hair in circle, adjusting the chair accordingly.

A final touch by the clippers:

“We look fantastic”,said Auntie as the capes were removed.

“We look like Amish boys”

“Oh, cheer up, Hope will love your new look”

“It’ll take her some time to get used it then maybe”

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