Mom’s Long Curls

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While growing up, John always felt like he had a special relation with his mom, after all, he was an only child and his dad died shortly after he was born. That bond they formed made them share a lot of time together but by the time John was 14 he began to see his mom under a different light, he suddenly started to notice her as a woman, you can’t really blame him though, his mom was hot, she had a nice body with all the right proportions and a beautiful face, but to John, her hair was the best thing she had going on. She had an amazing blonde mane and she kept it very long, back then her blonde curls reached past her waist.

At that age it’s only normal for a guy to experience his sexual awakening, but while John’s friends talked about how much they liked some of their classmates, or actresses, or any hot woman for that matter, John couldn’t really talk about the woman who was blowing his mind. He always kept those feelings to himself to avoid being branded as a weirdo. When he was home John tried his best to avoid staring at his mom’s long curls but one way or the other he always ended up with his eyes pinned at that mane. Whenever his mom was doing stuff around the house she wore her hair up in a bun, seeing her with her hair down was rare and John particularly enjoyed those moments. For a few years John managed to fight any lewd thoughts he could have but all that was about to change.

Four years have passed, John was now 18 and his mind was now focused on other things like, his part-time job or what to do after graduation. He spent less time at home and that allowed him to almost completely forget the lustful feelings he had for his mom. One morning he left school early and decided to chill at home for a few hours.

John entered his house and went to the kitchen to get something to eat as he did almost every day, after making a sandwich he walked to his room. While walking through the hallway on the second floor he noticed something weird, the door to his mom’s room was half open, John assumed she wasn’t home so he got closer to shut the door, near the door John saw his mom, she was combing her wet hair wearing nothing but a small towel. It was the first time he saw his mom wearing her hair down in a very long time, and even though he couldn’t see it very well he noticed it was way longer than the last time he saw it. Every time the comb passed through his mom’s long tresses John’s heart would beat faster, suddenly all those feelings he managed to fight off for so long came back in force, he went to his room and masturbated like never before just by remembering his mom half naked, combing her beautiful long curls. After that moment his mom occupied every thought he had, he usually wondered how long her hair really was, how would it look if she straightened it, he even thought about how good she would look with bangs or a shorter hairstyle, those few seconds of watching his mom that morning were the most valuable fapping material, he wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

After just a couple of days he was having dinner with his mom, they talked about a lot of stuff and they pretty much ignored the TV rambling in the background but at one point the guy in the news mentioned how hot the next summer was going to be, John’s mother touched her massive bun and commented:

-Every summer it gets a little warmer and with my hair growing longer it’s even more of a nightmare to maintain, maybe I should get it cut.-

To John the sole thought of his mother’s hair was enough to turn him on, but hearing her talk about it while touching it was a whole different thing. He was lucky, not only because of what was about to happen but because the table covered the biggest erection he had in his whole life. In a matter of seconds a thousand things crossed his mind but he chose to go all or nothing, he managed to say:

-I… I can help you out with your hair if it becomes too much of a hassle.-

He couldn’t believe what he just said, part of him was proud because it took a lot of courage but he was also terrified about the answer he might end up getting. Much to his surprise his mom smiled as she liked the idea and told him:

-I would love it but, are you sure about that honey? My hair is really long now and it would take too much time to maintain. I know you have your hands full and…-

John had already fired his shots, there was no turning back now so he interrupted her:

– I can always make some time for you mom.-

-Awww you’re so sweet Johnny, if it doesn’t interfere with your day to day it would be amazing to have you here helping me with all this mess.- She said pointing to her blonde bun.

At this point John was over the moon and chose to take another step forward.

-It won’t be a problem mom, besides, I always loved your long hair, I’d love to be able to play with it-

John’s mother looked surprised yet pleased.

-I didn’t knew you had a thing for mommy’s hair, this is going to make things interesting for both of us then…. If we start tomorrow you’ll be familiar with my mane by the time summer comes.-

That night John was at a never before level of excitement and jacked off until his cock was numb.


*Well this was my first story on this site, hope you liked it. There will be a second and maybe a third part coming at some point and it may or may not feature a haircut, I’m not sure yet. Have a nice one!


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  1. I’m not a fan of incestuous relationships for obvious reasons, but the set up was pretty intriguing here, and you made her hair sound very lovely. I look forward to the next chapter where we might learn exactly how long it is now, and I’ll be rooting for it’s preservation, however futile that is on this site. I’ll probably skip over anything inappropriate though between them.

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