Mom’s Obsession Part 2

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That morning I didn’t want to get up from the bed, I didn’t want to go out to the lounge I knew what might be awaiting. After a few hours of laying on the bed moving in all directions I got up, nervous and horrified of what will the comments section hold and what will be my mom’s reaction to them I gathered some strength and joined everyone at the breakfast table. “We were waiting for you to start reading the comments dear, look Sunita aunty has joined us on video call too” my mom said showing me Sneha’s phone Sunita aunty waving at me “You’ve become a poplular girl dear keep it up” she said.  Sneha announced everyone to be silent as she would now start reading comments; she first told us the short was viewed by over 50k people. Then what I had dreaded started from a trim to full shave the comments were full of people who wanted to see my beloved mane gone. I was hiding my tears when Sneha read those comments out looking at reactions of mom, sneha and sunita aunty, they didn’t seem to be worried at all they were joking around hearing sneha.

When Sneha finished reading Sunita aunty asked my mom “What will you do now? The story is well developed your subscribers are waiting for you to post the video”. “All these requests are for very short haircuts” my mom said in a thinking manner. “Yes mom but viewers are viewers they want to see it” she said “but I don’t want to be a part of it anymore I love my hair I don’t want to cut it” I pleaded them almost in tears, I was in a bit of disbelief they were discussing it so seriously. “Siksha that’s so bad dear it’s just hair despite don’t you want your mom to be a success? If this doesn’t happen now the subscribers will start unsubscribing and you’re mom’s channel will lose viewership” Sunita Aunty almost scolded me. The reaction on my mom’s face after hearing her was of grief as if she had lost someone “No this can’t happen after so much difficulty I have found something for myself I can’t let it go. Don’t act like a fool Siksha its just hair it will grow back again” my mom too joined Sunita Aunty in scolding me. “Oh come on di its about mom is she bigger than hair? I will help you with it Mom you first shoot my haircut video give me a short haircut then do didi’s” Sneha raised the stakes becoming the good child in front of mom and sunita aunty, I knew she had never care about her hair in her life and wanted to have shorter styles rather than having the mid back hair she had.  I couldn’t bare it any more the tears had now become visible coming down from my eyes I got up from my chair and ran towards my room crying. The whole day I didn’t go out of my room neither did I talk to anyone, Sneha came in evening she told me the haircut was decided for tomorrow evening she didn’t tell me tho what haircut had mom decided to do. The night was horrifying for me I had bad dreams about my hair being cut, I didn’t want it to happen but I had no way to stop it.

The dreaded morning came I was woken up by mom “You get up and go for a shower do shampoo your hair I want it to look very beautiful in evening video. Don’t say anything it’s decided and it’s happening learn from you’re younger sister she too is doing it for me” she made it very clear to me that I had no chance of escaping this. I did as was told by mom I took a shower shampooed my hair long hair crying thinking it was the last time I’m being able to wash my long hair. I had a drying routine which I followed every time I shampooed my hair I was dis-interested in doing it but well I didn’t have much choice I couldn’t roam around with wet hair all day. I went to our terrace somehow every guy in the colony knew I had washed my hair as every time I would shampoo and go out for drying I would find a crowd for it, deep down I too loved this feeling so whenever I would shampoo my hair I was excited thinking people would come out of their homes watching me dry my gorgeous hair. Today was no different guys turned their attention towards me as I went to terrace wearing a towel over my head, when I looked at them they would start looking in different directions. For a moment I had forgotten what awaited me in the evening I was just enjoying the attention I was getting while drying my hair, I bent down opened the towel my long beautiful hair was down touching the floor. I stood up used the towel to soak them up for a bit playing with them intentionally for the crowd then I jerked my head left to right as my hair floated in the air. “Awww the last time haa well it’s not going to happen for a long long time after today didn’t you tell anyone that” I heard a voice from behind Sneha stood on the terrace door taunting me pulling me back to reality. Before she could say anything I went to her and took her in I didn’t want these boys to know what my mom was going to do to my hair.

The evening came I was sitting on my dresser combing my hair I knew something drastic was going to happen to them, I wasn’t yet told what will happen next but I knew the day won’t end with me having my luxurious mane. Mom was calling me to come to the salon she had already called a few times, I didn’t have the strength to get up from my dressing chair but the sound became louder I knew I couldn’t upset her any more so I got up and started walking towards her parlour slowly. When I went in I saw Sunita Aunty sitting on the sofa she waved at me, I passed a fake smile trying to hide my sadness. My mom told me to sit beside sunita aunty while Sneha was sitting on the chair giggling and sugar coating mom. “So, what’s the plan?” asked Sunita Aunty “Sneha has made the whole plan tell them dear” Mom said. “See the video we received most views and comments on and Mom earned the most was the live video, so I have posted the announcement earlier today that we are going to do a live haircut of didi and myself. I’ve asked mom to cut my hair short like a bob or pixie whatever she wants and for didi mom decided to do a shoulder length blunt cut” Sneha layed out the plan to us I was almost in tears again hearing how short they had decided to cut my hair. Mom looked me she noticed my eyes were getting wet “No you won’t if you cry and ruin your makeup I will give you a shorter hair cut” Mom scolded me.

Sneha went behind the camera for a minute she signalled my mom that she was starting the live session like a director she yelled “Action” and my mom started to tell her viewers what she was going to do in today’s session. She first introduced Sneha like we did the other day she asked her to turn back and show her length to the viewers before sitting on the stool.

Mom used the stool to ensure people watching the video get a good view of the length and proper video of the haircut. Mom tied a cape on Sneha “Okay viewers since its too hot in summers we will be doing a blunt bob hair cut on my daughter” she told her viewers. Sunita Aunty was made incharge of reading out comments and greeting the viewer’s her commentary was on since the start of the video. My mom now started her work she took her water spray started dampening Sneha’s hair, my stomach was rolling seeing her get a haircut I didn’t know what will happen when my turn would come. The viewership was growing as the video continued. My mom wasn’t a big stylist of sorts she would do simple things so after combing out Sneha’s hair she placed her scissors right below her shoulder blades “Up, up go shorter” Sunita Aunty read out the comments but the scissors had closed long strands fell from her head to the ground Sunita aunty and Sneha cheered clapped for the first cut. Mom continued the same procedure cutting in a straight line every time I saw long chunks of hair bouncing on the floor my heartbeat raced up, it was going to be the fate of my hair too seeing her get a haircut my eyes became teary. When I looked up her hair was now till shoulders my eyes glanced at mom gave me an angry look signalling me to wipe off the tears. “Shorter Shorer, ear length bob, pixie cut” Sunita aunty read the comments. “Sneha baby the crowd wants a shorter cut are you okay with it?” mom asked hearing Sunita aunty “Yes mom” she replied I literally sank in my chair hearing they were cutting her hair according to the viewer’s comments. Mom started parting her hair then made 2 small dog ear ponytails, sunita aunty asked Sneha to turn for the camera and show her look she turned and waved at the crowd bouncing her head left and right to show her small tails to the viewers. Mom asked her to sit facing the camera now she took her scissors placed them on the base of the right tail and closed the scissor blades it didn’t turn out to be a big struggle as her tail teared off from her head and fell off her head, same was the fate of the left tail. Now, mom dampened her hair again and started parting them she tied the hair on top with a clip and started shortening the back of her head taking hair in her comb and chopping without resistance from the base of her neck to her crown again and again she would take some hair in her comb and chop them. Small strands had covered the back of the chair all around Sneha’s stool were her hair from long chunks to those small tails to the smaller strands everything rested on the floor beside her. Mom continued the same procedures on the sides of her head cutting her hair to 3 inches all around then opened the top she first combed down the bangs and chopped them above her eyebrows then went to the same procedure of taking her hair in her comb and chopping over her head. My eyes went wide it felt they would fall off the socket on the floor looking at her haircut. After making a few more snips my mom announced Sneha was done. She announced to her viewers on their request Sikhsa would get a haircut too.  “Come beta its you’re turn now” mom said.

To be continued

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