Mom’s Obsession

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Mom’s Obsession:-

Hi, I’m Siksha I’m you’re average 18 year old who wants to explore everything in the world. As far as I’ve been told I look beautiful and the most praises I get are for my long hair. Since, I was 12 I decided to grow them out my mom is a beautician so it was big big help for me she helped me a lot not only just to grow them out but also to make them strong and beautiful. I just loved them I gave my hair a lot of time to make sure they were well taken care of. I’m from your typical middle class family my dad works at a showroom as an accountant, I have a younger sister Sneha (12) and my mom like I told you before is a beautician. She runs a small parlour right beside our home, that used to be an old store room but when we were kids mom asked dad to help her out and well that’s when her small parlour started.

Sunita Ji my mom’s friend introduced her to Youtube Vlogging, it was normal at first then like every person exploring things my mom started watching more and more vlogs of different women some were even like her running small parlours. The day came when she started making her own it started with normal stuff day to day life making different dishes and being true we too enjoyed it. Her views and likes weren’t a lot at the start and not a lot of people were commenting so she decided to post some of her parlour videos. She would call-in customers for facials, hair care etc the views started to increase. I remember most her comment mentioned her to post hair cutting videos, there were kids in our colony who used to get their hair cut from mom so mom asked for permission from their mothers and posted videos of their haircuts. The demand increased by this time my mom had become a bit obsessed she wanted to do a vlog every day for the people commenting and liking her videos. There were comments about doing haircuts of women, I know my mom she would mostly do a trim or try something like a step cut without reducing much length so she started posting videos of women who came to her and some days she would ask her friends give them a free trim just for the videos. What I remember the most was the day before the lockdown was imposed a young girl from our colony wanted to try out a bob haircut so she contacted my mom. My mom was very eager to shoot it I too wanted to help her and that day I was in the room and in the video. My mom got the highest number of views for that makeover since her start a lot of good comments too, she was on cloud 9 before it was announced that lockdown will be imposed due to Covid-19.  My mom was more concerned than anyone else, she was concerned not only because of the virus which has struck but also that she would now not be able to make more haircut and parlour videos as the government had asked for the salons to be closed till further orders.

At the start she stopped making her vlogs for a few days and concentrated on how to protect our family from the virus banning both of us to step out from the home, my dad would go out thrice a week early morning just to get groceries rest we were all packed at home watching news about the virus. Eventually, after the first week she started getting personal messages from her subscribers to post new videos, she too wanted to post some but didn’t have any content to show so she again attempted with home chores we were the regular features of the video too so was my dad who would often say a few words too to her subscribers. One comment on her video praised my hair the others followed it my mom got an idea from it, she took me to the salon and asked me she would do a video praising my hair giving tips to people about how to grow long beautiful hair like mine. I was very happy about her idea I had read the comments about my hair so loved the idea that I will be a main feature in her video. It started as normal I wore my favourite red salwar and she helped me with some makeup too so I looked the best I could in the video, before starting she combed my hair properly to make them look good too. My mom like every elder had less knowledge about using smart phones, I mostly was the one who would start recording on her phone and my younger sister who had learned it from watching other videos would do a bit of editing before posting her videos. When it was my turn for the video she was alone to start the recording as she told me to stand facing away from the camera to show my hair length at the start of the video, accidently my mom opened youtube and turned on live. She only saw the video had started recording so she started her work, she came to me and combed my hair. She praised how beautiful the hair was and how good the length was for me, then she started telling her subscribers how to work on the beautiful hair was combing them touching them. I was quite happy and giddy thinking about the awesome comments I would get praising my hair, she asked me to turn towards the camera to show the length from front. I could see there was an issue the comments were flying off the screen I had never seen it before I was a bit confused but we could not stop so we continued filming the video. When we were done I took the phone and stopped the live, the video was already on youtube as it had been a live video. The response was great tho there were around 5-800 people watching us live and there were a lot of comments on the video. Every time we uploaded a video we waited for 12-15 hours to see the number of views and likes and read the comments, that evening we opened youtube in excitement I was specially excited to see how had things panned out, there were over 35-40k views on the video never had it happened before my mom literally jumped up and down looking at the views and likes for the video. She then started going thru the comments most praised her for my hair, a lot of people praised me too telling my mom how beautiful I was and how beautiful my hair was. There was every now and then a comment which said “try a summer cut on her” I kept ignoring it then we reached a section of comments which all demanded a short haircut, I felt really uncomfortable as my sister read them out to us. What I had thought would be a good session where everyone would praise my hair had turned out to be a death sentence for my beloved hair 960 out of the 1500 comments we had received said she should post videos cutting my hair.

The night wasn’t good for me I wasn’t able to sleep properly, I opened my mom’s channel on my phone and read some good comments to calm myself but the number of comments had increased by night and the number that demanded a short hair cut was considerable more this time. I somehow slept thru the night hoping my mom wouldn’t take this seriously knowing her obsession for her subscribers I was a bit tensed. That video had gone viral of sorts I think mostly because people were locked in homes and social media was their only getaway. We had crossed 100k views on the video my mom was happy as hell but concerning part for me was the 3000 comments out of 3800 demanding my mom to do a short hair cut on me. I decided to keep my mom’s attention as far away from the comments as I could at the breakfast table but my sisters kept reading them laughing how people were after my hair. “We should do a haircut video people are missing it too much” my mom said “Yeah mom as it is people want to see didi haircut short” my sister laughed teasing me. “I don’t want to cut my hair mom and these are just some comments see how many views we have got” I tried taking her attention away.  “Yeah see how many people viewed it” my dad helped me a bit. This conversation about me getting a haircut kind of stopped there as we moved to different things watching news doing our daily chores. The next day my mom received notification from youtube, telling her she would be receiving her first payments for her videos the most was for the last one which had been viewed by 150k people. She and all of us were overjoyed at her success we had a small party of sorts at home that evening. My mom made a vlog of the party too thanking her subscribers and viewers for the support they had given her. The next day when we watched for views on that video it too contained comments from people asking for my summer haircut, during the evening I was at the terrace as the weather was really good my mom came towards me with her phone on I knew she was making a vlog. She stood next to me asked me to showcase my hair for her video then holding my ponytail in her hands she asked her fans “Okay as you guys want we have decided we will try some hair cut on her suggest me what would you like to see?” she said as she asked Sneha to stop the video do an editing and upload it. I was very tensed at this point “Mom please I don’t want to cut my hair” I pleaded her “Subscribers want it dear don’t you want youre mom to get more people watching her” she tried to do an emotional blackmail on me.  I knew the day of reckoning was coming I had the most tensed sleepless night awaiting what will be in comments the next morning.



To be Continued

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