Mom’s Street Barber Haircut

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My mom got a call the other day from one of her college friend. She told mom that they all were planning a reunion trip of their college friends group to Goa beaches. The bunch of college friends of mom were planning to go to Goa for a few days. Mom was really not sure what to tell her. But she was really persuading mom. Even mom wanted to go so she was thinking how she could manage. Dad was out of town for next 15 days for office work. And then she remembered that we kids were going to aunt’s place for a few days so mom was to be alone at home. So mom told her friend that she would be joining the Goa trip. And the plans began. During their college days they had a group of around 10 people, 6 guys and 4 girls. Although one guy was out of country and hence it was 9 of them going to the trip – 5 guys and 4 girls.

They were to go to Goa after 3 days, so for 3 days there were frequent calls going on for planning the trip. One of the female friends called mom to discuss on the dresses. Mom said she usually wear sarees. Her friend said that mom should not worry; she would bring dresses for mom. So after 3 days moms friends came in a car to pick up mom. They were outside of our home and honking the horn of the car. Mom grabbed her bag and joined them in the car. And the road trip started.

Mom was wearing a saree. And mom’s long waist length silky hair was open and flowing. But the other girls were wearing jeans and tops. They all said mom had changed so much after marriage.

They were in two cars. And they had a lot of fun in the car singing and recalling the old memories of college days. And finally they arrived in Goa. All the guys stayed in one room and the girls stayed in another room. The next morning they were planning to go on a beach. All the girls were getting ready and after bath mom started wearing saree. Her friends were surprised. They said, “Are you going to come to a beach in a saree!! Come on.” One of her friend Tina said,” babes, I have got some clothes for you like I had told you. Stop wearing that saree.” And with that Tina threw a bunch of clothes towards mom. It was a top and a knee length skirt!! Mom had not worn such clothes in years. But thought its Goa and she is supposed to enjoy keeping all the bothering away and she wore those clothes. They went to the beach and had a lot of fun that day. Guys were all drinking beer and they played cards at night.

Next day after bath mom asked Tina, “So where are my today’s clothes.” Tina smiled and gave mom clothes. Mom checked out. This time it was tank top and really short Hot pants!! Mom was really surprised but the girls encouraged mom to wear it. “You were the hottest girl in the college days. And wore most daring clothes. Come on. Be a sport.” Mom agreed. Somewhere in her mind mom also wanted to wear it. After coming to Goa she had again become that hot and sexy college girl in her mind. Mom still had awesome figure, a flat stomach and fabulous long silky hair that reached her waist. A complete package of beauty.

Mom in tank top and shorts

They went to beach. They played some sports. And when it when they sat down together, guys took the beer bottles. Only two of the girls were drinkers. So they too joined in. They were laughing and joking around and they encouraged the rest of the girls to take a bottle of beer. Even mom agreed and they all 9 of them were drinking. They played cards. But soon got bored and switched to a dare game.

The rule of the game was, the dare would be given to anyone who loses the game and the person has to do what is been told. They started off with the game. People were asked to drink sea water, propose a random girl on the beach, pee in public. And many of the awkward suggestions were given by mom. Finally mom lost and it was her turn to do the dare. Now everyone was thinking on what dare to be given to the mom. And then finally Tina suggested,” how about giving a haircut?” the others said, “yeah that sounds fun!! How about getting her haircut on the street barber we can see there just outside beach!!” Mom said, “Are you guys serious!” and everyone said, “Off course. You were the one who made us do the craziest thing now it’s your turn babes!!”

The 3 guys practically held mom. Two by the arms and from behind holding moms hair so that she was totally in control of them and they took mom to the street side barber near the beach. Everyone was laughing and excited and mom was also laughing. She just couldn’t imagine getting a haircut from a street barber. And mom was still not able to believe it was really happening.

Mom sitting  at street barbers chair

Mom was taken to the barber and made her sit in the barber’s chair on the footpath. Everyone was laughing and making fun. Mom said, “Alright, let’s get over with it. But cut only a few inches ok.” Guys gave a smile and said, “We will see.” Even the barber was really amused to see a sexy hot lady in short revealing clothes sitting in his barber chair. Usually only the labor class men were the regular customers. He had never cut a females hair let alone hair of such a hot and sexy lady.

Barber said, “I have never cut a women’s hair before. I just know men’s haircuts.”

One guy said, “That’s ok. Just cut it in one straight line first. Then we will see. You don’t worry about it right now.” Barber said, “Alright.” And he took out cape to put on mom. But one of the friends stopped him. He laughed and said,” don’t put cape. Look there is such a sexy lady sitting on your barber chair in such short clothes. Why are u putting cape and stopping the view!!” And they all laughed.

Comments by crowd on mom

So barber kept the cape away. He went behind the chair and released mom’s bun. And he was surprised to see waist length silky black hair. Pure silk. He touched it. It was really soft to touch. He took the scissors in his hand and asked mom,” How much do you want to cut?”

One of the male friends said,” Don’t ask her. Ask us. You will cut her hair like we tell you. First you cut this much.” With that he pointed to cutting off around 5 inches of hair. Mom said,” Come on that is around 5 inches!! Anyways, Alright, do it fast and finish it once and for all.”

Moms hair being cut

Barber started combing mom’s long hair. Barber was working pretty slowly. It clearly showed he had never cut a women’s hair. Mom was getting more nervous with every passing minute and everyone else was enjoying the sight of a extremely hot and sexy lady sitting on a street barber’s chair wearing skimpy clothes. Finally barber was done with combing mom’s hair and he slowly proceeded to cutting off 5 inches of hair. Snip snip snip…. he started cutting and a rain of silky hair started falling on the floor. It was a breath taking view for everyone. The rest 3 girls and 5 guys from mom’s friends were standing around the chair looking and enjoying mom’s haircut. Guys were laughing and trying to hide their inner excitements while there was lots of ‘Oh my god’s from the girls.

Now even the people on the road passing by, were also looking at what was going on. And were stopping by to see a very long haired lady, wearing revealing clothes getting a haircut from a street barber!! Now even the people on road started surrounding the chair to watch the haircut going on. There were lots of tourists but also local labourers in the crowd to see a sexy girl’s hair being cut.


Once 5 inches of beautiful silky hair were cut off from mom’s long hair. Barber looked at moms male friends and asked,” is this ok?” one of them said,” yes this looks good. Cut 5 inches more.” After hearing this mom was really surprised. She said,” we had agreed on haircut and I got it. Haircut is done.” But the guy said,” we said only haircut. But we didn’t tell you what style. So we will decide on the style now.” And so that friend asked moms other friends, “so what do you think friends?” all the other friends of mom said, “yes, cut more. Cut more.” Listening to this conversation among friends, the entire crowd that had gathered to see mom’s haircut started clapping and cheering. Someone even whistled. Now a very energetic kind of atmosphere had got created and there was a crowd gathered to see and enjoy mom’s hair being cut.

As instructed now the barber again started cutting mom’s hair and again a rain of silky hair started falling on the footpath. Slowly mom’s hair was cut off in one straight line with a soft ‘snip snip’ sound. Everyone was really enjoying mom’s haircut. Mom’s waist length hair was now reduced to mid back length. Mom tried to get up from the chair. But one of the moms male friends hold her shoulders and made her sit. Mom asked,” Now what?” that friend said,” Let’s cut 5 more inches.” Mom was really surprised now. Knowing that mom would protest, the friend asked opinion of other friends. He said, “What do you think friends?” But this time something happened that he had not imagined. When mom’s male friend asked his other friends for opinion that – “What do you think friends?” the crowd which was watching moms haircut thought he was asking everyone !! Everyone from the crowd started shouting – “Cut 5 inches more. Cut 5 inches more.” Even moms friend nodded and barber started to cut moms hair 5 more inches. Again the rain of silky soft hair started to fall. Slowly snip by snip barber cut moms hair by 5 inches and made it shoulder length. This time, even before the barber could ask, everyone from the crowd started shouting – “Cut 5 inches more. Cut 5 inches more.” Barber was not looking behind this time. Even he didn’t check what moms friends had to say. He himself pushed mom back on the chair and combed out moms shoulder length hair and started cutting at the nape. Everyone started clapping and cheering. Now the crowd was really going energetic. Many people were video recording over the cell phone. Others were clicking pictures of mom.

Barber cut moms hair by pulling all the hair at the back and cutting it in one straight line. When he released the hair. It kind of took shape of A-line bob. As soon as the crowd saw that barber was done cutting. They started shouting. “Clippers. Clippers. Clippers.” This time barber was not sure. So he looked at one of the mom’s friend. He told barber to use clippers on sides and back and keep the top longer. Mom’s hair was in a rough A-line bob. He first started reducing the length from sides and back. Again the rain of silky smooth hair started. One the length was reduced. He took out the clippers. Everyone was surprised to see that barber had manual clippers. After all he was a street barber. No adjustment available in manual clippers. Just one setting of really short hair. Barber started to cut off sides with manual clippers and then moved on to back. Once that was done. He cut the top part with scissors over comb method. Finally as the haircut started coming to an end. Crowd started dispersing.

Mom in short hair

Next day, it was the last day of the goa trip. Mom went to tina and said. Today I will choose the clothes for myself, give me your bag. Tina gave mom her bag. Mom started looking in tinas bag to choose clothes. Tina asked, whats on your mind. Mom said, now that anyways I am a changed person. Why not enjoy myself to the fullest like I used to do in college. Mom finally picked up a dress for herself and showed it to tina. It was a really sexy short low neck top and a very short skirt!!

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