Monicas Cut

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  Monica was a woman by all standards of a woman. Stunning face, gorgeous eyes, nice proportioned body, but; her hair was her greatest asset. Monica had hair that touched her knees when let down, but; she always wore it up and let it hang in a knot about bra length like the photo above.

  Monica was always stunning, even though her hair was turning Silver and Brown, she always looked fantastic. The deal was Monica had never cut her hair since high school when she got a Pixie Cut for graduation. Now she was asking me if I would cut her hair? It had been about 45 years since she had a really short haircut in 1965 and she was now tired of the long hair routine, plus the hair was changing colors, now more then ever she wanted a change to fit her age of soon to be 63.

   I asked her to let her hair down as I had heard about how long it was but had never seen it down myself, so Monica was to let her hair down and I fell out thinking about cutting off all that long knee length hair she had. Monica was hesitant to let her hair down, since that was not the custom of her family, to just let anyone see her hair down. In short Monica was from a cultural background that your husband saw your hair down, family, some friends of the same sex, but; it was not for public display, nor attention or an attraction on display for all to see and comment on.

  It was a gift from God to have hair so long and beautiful and should not be seen as a form of arousal, or to be used as an arousal factor for anyone but her husband. The actual fact was that Monica had lost her husband to a heart attack back 3 years ago. He adored her long hair and would always say when getting his hair cut, how beautiful it was when ever she let it down, as it would cascade off her shoulders, down her back and over her butt falling at her knees. If Monica was in the shop with him that day she would sit and blush as her husband talked about her long and beautiful hair to me.

  It took some thinking about a haircut for Monica, but; finally I said: “Monica, I am a beautician, to assess what to do with your hair and what style you want lets sit and talk.”  We sat and talked about what style she had in mind, like in high school, a nice short Pixie Cut, an easy to wash, dry and go style, but; it could not be to boyish or unfeminine. We looked at pictures of  Pixie Cuts on line. Some 1500 photos of Pixie Cuts and variations to be seen. Pictures that would look great on her hair colors of silver and brown, like it was highlighted, short but; not to short and feminine though short. Finally the decision was made on what Pixie Cut was to be done, it would be short but; not too short, nor shaved sides. The one style we agreed upon was 3” on the sides and 4” top,  all blending together in and edgy but elegant cut making the Silver hair and brown hair look like a nice highlighted Silver to the brown hair.    So now came the moment of how really long Monica’s hair really was? WAS IT TO HER KNEES FOR REAL? Monica unpinned the hair and I watched as it tumbled and cascaded down her back to the butt, then took off like it was fired out from her body and tossed back and forth inches below her knees.         

   It was time to measure the long mane of hair I was looking at and thinking, all this hair to a short 4” Pixie Cut, Oh my God this cannot be real. I measured the hair from the crown to her mid calf, the hair measured 55 3/4” of a long glorious mane of hair. I said to Monica, “ Are you sure you want to cut off this beautiful mane of hair? I mean it will be over 4′ of hair cut off all at once Monica, that’s a drastic change?” Monica’s reply was, “When can we get started?” I replied “As soon as you want to Monica?”

Monica replied can we do it now? I know it is almost 6pm, near closing time; but can you do it now OC?” I looked at her and asked again, are you sure you want to do it right this moment?” Yes was Monica’s reply RIGH NOW, RIGHT THIS MOMENT.

  I sat Monica down in the beauty shop chair, I had to jack the chair up, but; to no use. Monica’s long hair dragged on the floor some 9”. I then put a sheet of paper around her neck, lifted the long hair over the paper and then caped her up, again lifting all the long hair over the cape. It was exhilarating to look at all the long hair touching the floor and thinking, in a matter of less then 5 minutes, all that long mane would be severed from her head to 51/4” of hair, I would be cutting off 50” of hair, then to be shaped up to a nice short 3-4” short Pixie Cut.

  Monica was all ready now to have the mane severed. I looked at her in the mirror, I smiled at her and she smiled a big grin back. I said: “Ready to go short?”  “ OH YES, YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW READY I AM OC, after 45 years OH YEAH READY DO IT NOW.” I took the mane of hair in my left hand, I had a pair of scissors in my right hand, then I raised the hair up to nape of Monica’s neck line, put the scissors onto the hair on the right side and started to cut through the thick mass of hair. Each cut brought a severed spire of hair loose as the hair next to the neck line came undone from the spire of hair I held in my left hand. How enchanting to see Monica’s eyes widened with each cutting as she watched her long locks of 45 years being shortened to 51/4” of hair at the nape. Monica said, “Wow, this is really happening, you do not know how happy I am severing the locks of hair for the first time in 45 years. Oh how free I feel from all the weight of the hair, how nice it will be to wash my hair, towel dry it and go out, no more 3 -4 hours of letting it dry, wow oh wow. As each cut came, Monica became more ecstatic about the new hair style. After 27 schinkings of hair being cut off , the hair was severed, the mass of hair was raised up from the nape of the neck to be seen as cut off finally. Monica saw her long mane raised up and severed, she tossed her head back and forth to get the feel of the new short hair she now had and screamed “OH WOW, WOW, JUST HOW FANTASTIC IS THIS?” Monica looked at the long spire of 50” on the table in front of her and cried a little tear. “God how did I keep it that long for so long, must have been true love for my late husband who enjoyed me letting it tumble down and making love?” Surely I will never again have my hair that long again.” We weighed the hair for the fun of it. Wow I said  5lbs 7oz of hair that was severed. Monica said “Now I know why I feel so light headed?” We both laughed, then I got to work on Monica’s transformation from 51/4” of hair left, to be styled into a nice short Pixie Cut of  3-4”. I started cutting away the long hair to a nice new style as Monica watched intensely. Monica said; “This is nice, different, something I am really going to get use to fast, like right now as I see it taking shape oh what a joy this cut is going to be OC your fantastic.” With in a half hour the cut was done and Monica kept looking at the new style and new her haircut in the mirror. “OC this is the best thing I have done for myself in 45 years, Thank You for helping me to do this cut, I could not have done this without you OC, Thank You Thank you Thank You.” I said the pleasure was mine Monica,I’m too thank you for allowing me to transform you to a new you, you look magnificent Monica a true haircut to cherish, which brings your true you out from under all that hair. Now everyone look at my new creation of Monica with a short Pixie Cut. Well did I do really good or did I do great? As long as Monica liked it, which she did, nothing else mattered.

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