Morning paper route friend part 2

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To continue our story,

Just a few days later as I was finishing my route and as I passed by she opened up her door and was standing there in her robe with a bottle of shampoo in her hand. She asked me if I could help her with her hair and make up again. I told her I would be happy to help as I did not have a class until later that morning and did not have to be at the salon until 2pm. She told me her class did not start until 11 am but had an interview later that day and wanted to look nice for it.

I remembered she had a hard time leaning forward over the sink for too long so I decided to use a spray bottle to wet her hair so I could shampoo it. I wrapped a towel around her shoulders and secured it in place with a clip. As brushed her hair, to get all the tangles out before I shampooed her, I noticed she had quite a few split ends I did not notice before and she was in need of a trim. I asked her when she last had her hair cut and she told me that being new here she did not know anyone yet and asked if I could trim it for her. I told her I did not feel comfortable trimming her beautiful hair and did not want to screw it up, but I did tell her I could take her to Miss Judy’s beauty parlor tomorrow and one of the beauticians there would be happy to give it a trim for her. She asked if they were good and I told her that I always get my hair done there. She looked at my hair and said I like the way yours is cut and styled, OK do we need to make an appointment? I told her that I would call her later that day and see what time works for both.

As she kept looking at my hair she asked me if I have ever had it colored there. I told her yes quite a few times. She then asked what else I had done there. I told her perms, colored, trimmed, frosted, shampoo sets. She said ” you let them set you in rollers?” I told her all the time and that I have been in rollers since I was very young. She said I would love to see you with your hair all rolled up, I bet you are cute. I asked her if she was ready to get shampooed and she told me to lather her up. I took the spray bottle that was filled with warm water and wet her hair with it. It took a few sprays to get it wet enough to shampoo. I then grabbed the bottle of shampoo she had bought and poured some in my hand and a little on her hair just for good measure and began to lather her up. She was enjoying getting a luxurious shampoo and began to ask me some personal questions. She asked me if I like having my hair done in a beauty parlor and if I had ever wore make up before? I answered yes to both questions. She then asked if I had ever been with a man? I also answered yes. She then wanted to know if I had ever been with a woman to which I answered yes. She wanted to know if I would let her wash and try setting my hair? I told her anytime you want.

After a long and lengthy shampoo I brought her to the sink and rinsed her hair and applied some conditioner and rinsed that a wrapped her hair in her towel. I had her sit down in the kitchen chair and combed and sectioned her hair. She handed me her box of rollers and told me she had bought some more along with the roller clips I had suggested. I got the setting gel and dipped my comb in it and rolled up her hair section by section. I used a few more rollers this time for a curlier look. I got out the thick black net and placed it over her rollers. I aske her if she wanted me to do her make up yet? She said not until I get to do your hair first.

She had me bend over the sink and wet my hair and applied some shampoo and she got to lather me up this time. I asked to sit in the chair so she could shampoo me upright for a few minutes and we could talk again. I told her that I was going to be starting at Cal State Fullerton in a week as I got a sports scholarship there. She stopped and looked at me and said you will be going to college with me? I asked her if that was going to be a problem? She told me that she was not too popular there since she was kind of a bigger girl and some people would make fun of her. I told her when I got there I would try to help her. She asked if I would not mind if she told some people that we were dating? I told her I did not mind that at all and thought she was a very pretty girl. She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek and resumed shampooing my hair.

She had me lean forward again and rinsed my hair and had me sit down in the same chair I set her hair in. She took out the box of rollers and began to comb and section my hair and tried to roll it up. I had to coach her quite a bit and had to do a few rollers myself just to show her. She asked how long had I been setting my own hair and I told her since I was about 12. She finally finished the last roller and placed another net over my rollers. She asked if she could do some make up on me just to see what I looked like as a girl and I told her to go for it. She was pretty good at applying make up to other people but had difficulty doing her own. When she was done I got to look in the mirror and see her handy work. I was impressed.

She asked if I was hungry and wanted some breakfast? So we looked in her fridge and cabinets and found some fruit, eggs and yogurt and make breakfast together.

watch out for part 3 soon

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