Morning paper route friend part 4

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Back at the sink,

As I got the roller tray with the bigger rollers in it Miss Judy continued to rinse the remainder of the neutralizer out of Saras hair. When she felt it was all out she wrapped her hair gently in a towel and had her go back to Miss Judys styling chair. Sara sat down and I got to comb and section her hair and get it ready to set in the gray and purple rollers. I started at the top and combed up a section and rolled down a large gray roller and clipped it in place. I then worked my way back and down the back of her hair. MIss Judy took over from there as I had to take Mrs. Taylor back to the shampoo sink to rinse her color and do a light shampoo on her. As I leaned Mrs. Taylor back in the sink she told me that I looked very nice in my rollers and asked if I had a date that night. I told her that Sara and I were just going to grab a little dinner and go see a movie. She said well she is very pretty too and you girls will have to fight off the boys tonight. I turned on the water and rinsed the color from her hair completely and applied a little color shampoo and worked it up. We kept talking while I shampooed her and she wanted to know if I had a boyfriend yet? I told her there is someone I am seeing from time to time but we are taking it slow. I told her that he was a cosmetology student and I let him practice on me at times. She asked me if I was being a good girl with him and told her yes. When I had finished rinsing her hair and taking her back to Miss Robin she gave me a $20 tip and said the movies are on me tonight, you girls have fun. I asked her if she wanted to join us but she told me she had a hot date with her husband that night. Just FYI they were in their late 70’s back then, so cute.

By this time Miss Judy was finished setting Saras hair and had placed the black cotton net over the rollers. She had her sit under the big dryer for a bit while we took care of the rest of the clients of the day. By the end of the day Sara had gone back to the breakroom where Miss Robin was doing her make up and nails. Miss Judy took her back to her station and removed the rollers and brushed her our while Miss Robin took out my rollers and combed me out and then refreshed my make up for me. We closed up shop and cleaned up and the four of us went to dinner and the movies making it a real girls night.

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