Morning paper route friend

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I had a part time job throwing newspapers for the LA times in the early morning. I had about three or four apartment complexes around Cal State Fullerton with a lot of college students there. One morning as I was finishing my route I had delivered a paper to one apartment and was walking back by on my way out of the complex when the door opened and there was a girl there picking up her paper. She was in a pink robe and had her hair in rollers, so of course I had to look. She was a little embarrassed and tried to cover up as I simply said hello. She responded with a friendly hello and told me her name was Sara. I told her my name was Steph and that I only worked this job in the morning and had another job working in Miss Judys beauty parlor part time while I went to school. She asked me if I was a beautician to which I replied that I worked the shampoo sinks and kept the place clean and in working order.

I looked at her roller set which was kind of loose and disheveled and asked her if she set her own hair. She told me she tries to most times but never got the hang of it. She asked me if I knew how to do a roller set and I replied that I did and asked her if she wanted me to fix hers? She said yes please and asked me in. She was a bigger girl with a very pretty face and lovely blonde hair that had been frosted and was in good condition. I had her sit down at her kitchen table and started to take out her rollers. She asked me why I was removing them and I told her it was going to be easier to start over. After I had removed all her rollers and clips I began to brush her hair which had quite a bit of product still in it. I asked her if she did not mind I would like to shampoo her hair to get the product out and it would be easier for me to set her wet hair.

She giggled a little bit and said my shampoo and conditioner is by the kitchen sink where I usually shampoo my hair. I had her walk over to the sink and she bent forward so I could wet her hair. I had wrapped a towel around her shoulders and turned on the water to get it warm. I began to use the sprayer and wet her hair. Once it was saturated I applied the shampoo and lathered her up. She said she was a little uncomfortable bending forward so I had her sit in the chair while I continued to shampoo her. After a few more minutes I had her back at the sink and rinsed her hair and applied the conditioner and rinsed that also.

I had her stand up and wrapped the towel around her hair and had her sit back down in the chair. I removed the towel and began to comb and section her hair. I had found some setting gel in her bathroom and decided to use that. I dipped the comb in the gel as I combed up a section and then had her hand me the roller and clips as I needed them to set her hair. I used a regular block pattern that she had attempted earlier and she had my favorite magnetic rollers and clips which made it easy to roll her hair.

Once I had all the rollers in place I used a black cotton net over her rollers and then a silk scarf i had in my car. She got up and went into her bathroom to look at the result and was very happy. She asked me if i knew how to do make up as well and I told her that I was getting better at it daily. So we went back to her bathroom and she got out her make up bag and I went to work. It came out very nice even if I do say so myself.

It was getting late and I had to get to class and she sat under her dryer since her classes did not start until 10. She asked me If we could make this a regular thing. I told her I would like that very much.

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