Morning paper route part 3

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and we continue,

I had called Miss Judy and asked what time Sara should come in on Saturday. She told me just to bring her in when I came for work and she would get her a set up as I was getting ready for the day. Early that Saturday morning as I had finished my paper route Sara met me at the door and had me come in as it was about 5 AM and we did not have to be at the beauty shop until about 830. She asked if I wanted to take a nap before we left as I was going to be busy that day. I told her I would love a nap and she and I went back to her bedroom and laid down on her bed. We both went fast asleep and when the alarm went off we found ourselves with legs wrapped around each other but still fully clothed. We both got up to get ready but my work clothes were at the shop so all I had to do was wash my face and brush my hair. She got her clothes changed and I brushed her hair and pulled it into a loose ponytail and we were off for the days events.

We got into her car and she drove to Miss Judys Beauty Parlor. We pulled up to the rear entrance were I and the other girls came in to work. As I opened the door there were Miss Judy and Miss Robin in our break/laundry room and I introduced them to Sara. MIss Judy stood up and gave her a hug and and said ” so nice to meet you, you are so pretty. What can we do with your hair today?” Sara Told her that I was setting her hair about three times a week to get some curl and volume and she was thinking about a body perm. Miss Judy took Sara’s hair out of the ponytail and looked at it and felt it to test its condition. She said ” you have some great hair, Steph must have had fun playing with it?” Sara giggled a bit and said ” I enjoyed it too.” Miss Judy then looked at me and said, ” Steph, don’t you need to get ready for the day?” I said ” yes I do, I will get changed and be right out.”

I went into the bathroom where I had my shampoo smock and pants and got changed. I also had my shoes that Miss Judy had bought for me to wear while I was working. I came out of the room and Miss Robin said, ” OK Steph lets get you ready.” So we stepped out into the sink area and Miss Robin sat me down in the chair and wrapped the brown satin cape around me and leaned me back into the shampoo sink. Sara asked ” Why is Steph getting shampooed?’ Miss Judy said ” We shampoo and set her hair in rollers for the day while she works the shampoo sinks.” Sara told her that she had set my hair in rollers at her apartment but was not too good at it. That is why Steph helps me do my hair in the mornings. Miss Robin truned on the water and wet my hair. She applied the shampoo and got to work. Sara came over to watch me get shampooed and Miss Robin asked her if she wanted to help. Sara went to the other side of the sink and got her hands in my hair and helped to shampoo it. First time I had two people shampooing me. Miss Robin turned the water back on and rinsed my hair.

She had me stand up with a towel wrapped around my head and go to her chair to get me rolled up. She asked Sara to bring over the roller tray and hand her the rollers when she was ready. Sara aske if Miss Robin would teach her to roller set. Miss robin said ” that is why I asked you over here honey.” Miss robin showed her how to comb and section hair and then measure and comb up a section for the roller. She took one and rolled it down and showed Sara how to keep a little tension on it while rolling. She showed her different techniques on how to set in a roller. Sara then got to take the comb and Miss Robin guided her in setting in a roller. They both worked on me until my hair was all rolled up. Miss Robin put on the black net over my rollers and then got out the make up bag. Sara said ” we get to do her make up too?’ Miss Robin said I will get this done, I think Miss Judy is ready for you.

Miss Judy called Sara over to the shampoo sink area and had her sit down. She wrapped a pink cape around Sara and then leaned her back into the sink. She told her that Steph would usually do her shampoo but was busy getting her make up done. Miss Judy turned on the water and wet Saras hair. She used a shampoo she liked to use prior to a perm. She applied some and lathered her up. As Miss Judy shampooed Sara she asked her questions and found out that she had never had a boyfriend, had always been bullied about her weight and was uncomfortable around a lot of people. She also told Miss Judy that Steph was going to help her get healthier by eating right and walking while Steph was running. Miss Judy asked her if she shampooed her as good as Steph. Sara told her yes she did, probably because she taught her.

Miss Judy turned the water back on and rinsed her hair and applied some pre perm conditioner and combed it through. She had her stand up and go to her styling chair and have a seat. By this time Miss Robin was done doing my make up and I put on my earrings and walked over to Sara. She looked at me and said” Wow, you are beautiful Steph.” I said ” Thanks to Miss Robin and Miss Judy. ” Miss Judy told me she had some clients coming in and she needed me at the shampoo sinks to get them washed. I also kept the towels cleaned and stocked along with supplies for the beauticians at their stations. Miss Judy began to section Saras hair and get ready to wrap it. She was going to use the larger perm rods and a double wrap technique for a loose curl and some body. In between shampooing clients I would go over to Miss Judys chair and watch her wind in the perm rods. Miss Judy even let me try a couple to teach me her technique. Miss Judy would chase me away from time to time because she wanted to talk to Sara.

Miss Judy was ready to apply the perm solution and asked Miss Robin to help. They worked fast to get all of Saras hair saturated to achieve the desired result. I do not know about you but I love the smell of most perm solutions. Sara Was not a fan but was tolerating it. Miss Judy had her go back to the break room to sit and relax while she processed. I went back to breakroom since I did not have any clients to shampoo to do some laundry and talk to Sara. She told me that Miss Judy told her my story and how long I had been dressing like a girl, doing my hair and wearing make up. I asked her not to tell anyone at the college as I was on the wrestling team and would catch hell from the coach and my teammates. She said she would not let anyone know but asked me if I would not mind going out with her dressed like this to places like dinner, movies etc.? I said ” you don’t mind that I dress like this?” She said “no, I like it, it is like having a girlfriend and boyfriend at the same time.” I told her that I would be glad to and looked forward to going out.

Miss Judy came back and did a test curl and said ” it is time to take these out.” She had Sara go back to the shampoo sink and had me help rinse the perm solution from her hair and the rods. When we got all of the solution rinsed Miss Judy applied the neutralizer and let it set in for a while. I had a couple of clients to shampoo while she sat there and watched me. MIss Judy came back and started to take out the rods and when I finished shampooing the last client I got to help. Her hair was so wavy with so much curl. I could not wait to see it dry. Miss Judy told me to get out the tray with the big rollers in it as we were going to set her hair to relax it a bit.

The rest coming in part 4

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