Mother and Daughter’s Hair Cut at a Barber Shop

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Mother and Daughters Hair Cut at a Barber Shop

By JimB (C)opyright December 2015


It was eight in the morning on a Friday when Gail and our daughter Rose Ann walked in “John’s Barber Shop.

Gail was thirty years old and a secatary with a local attorney.

We had two daughters, Maria who was two years old and Rose Ann who was twelve years old and in the seventh grade.

Gail long auburn hair which reached her mid back.

Her hair was very thick and had a slight wave to it. She didn’t spend much time taking care of her hair because she spent most of her free time with our daughters.

Despite being fed up with her hair and not paying much attention to it, it looked amazing.

Rose Ann was tall for her age and her hair was longer than her mother’s, reaching to her waist.

Both had jet black hair.

Usually these they have their hair cuts done at Jenny’s Hair Salon, by Jenny the owner and Gail knew since high school

Jenny had been trimming Gail’s hair for about fifteen years.

Gail’s week was very hectic.

Every evening was she was taking one of the girls to dance practice, soccer practice, swimming or some other extra activity.

Rose Ann was not able to take care of her hair while she participated in her sporting activities.

So, Gail decided to take care her of her hair problems by taking her for a needed hair cut.

With their busy schedule, she had no idea when she would be able to take Rose Ann to Jenny’s Hair Salon.

As she sat think about Rose Ann hair cut, she remembered nephew, Logan, had a barber shop about twenty-five minutes away from where she had dance practice. And, there was a lady barber, Jessi, working with him.

With no other options, Gail decided to take her dauhgter to Logan’s barber shop.

When she told Rose Ann where they were going after her dance practice, Rose Ann got scared.

“Your’ not going to have my hair cut short,” she commented.

“No,” Gail told her.

“You can get your hair cut as you want.

“But, the hair cut has to be short than your hair is how.”

When they arrived a Logan’s barber shop, he was surprised to see his aunt and her older daughter.

“Aunt Gail,” he called when he saw them walk in.

“Haven’t see you in years.”

“You remember my oldest daughter Rose Ann,” Gail asked her nephew.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Her hair is so long it has been given her problems with her activities.

“And, you are a few minutes from her dance practice, I thought maybe you could do something for her.”

“I am so Aunt Gail,” he began. “I do not cut women’s hair.

“But, Jessi does.”

He called Jessi over and introduced her.

“Aunt Gail wants Rose Ann hair cut short and I thought you would be able to help them.”


“Let me finish Mrs. Mayer’s hair cut and I can take care of them,” she told Logan and Gail and Rose Ann.

She walked back to her barber chair, with Mrs. Mayer caped.

Gail and Rose Ann took a seat in the customers waiting chairs.

Rose Ann looked at Jessi’s barber chair as she began cutting Mrs. Mayer’s hair to about her shoulders.  Her long two feet hair just fell to the floor, as Mrs. Mayer smiled.

“I have been years since you gave me this hair cut,” she told Jessi.

“Years since this hair cut,” Rose Ann said to her self.

“She wondered how long was long!

What kind of hair cut did she have once?”

“Rose Ann,” her mother said as she patted her on her knee.

“Why don’t you look through this magazine and see if you see a short hair cut, you would like to get.”

“MOM, I told you how short I was willing to go,” Rose Ann told her mother.

“I have seen this magazine and all the hair cuts are WAY to short.

“I will only go about mid back like your hair is cut.”

Rose Ann got up and walked to the magazine rack and up the magazine in it.

But, she saw a magazine with a model with her hair cut somewhat like she wanted.

She took it and began to turn and walk back to show her mother.

Her eyes glanced to a click and humming sound.  It was coming from Jessi’s barber chair.

She could not believe what Jessi was doing.  She quickly looked at her mother, who was sitting there as surprised as she was.

As she sat down her mother looked at her and smiled.

“NO WAY,” she quickly told her mom.

“I was not going to say,” her mom quietly told her.

“I was just smiling because i kind of know what kind of hair cut she is going to get.

“I remember who she is when Jessi started with her clippers.

“I know the hair cut she got back then.

“Your dad and I were dating and she was one of the gym teachers at the high school we were going to.

“We thought she was — you know.

“Well that was until that day and her husband, Carl, walked in and saw her getting her hair cut and said, as walked to the barber chair and gave her a kiss, “See you are getting the hair cut!

“It got your attention and we have been together for the last six year and have a daughter and son.”

“What kind of hair cut did she get back then!” Rose Ann questioning her mother.

“Just sit and watch,” her mother told her.

Just then the door of the barber shop opened and in walked Mr. Mayer and he walked to the barber chair.

“Well, Ann lose the bet,” he told her as he gave her a kiss and walked and sat in a waiting chair.

“One, maybe two ahead of you Carl,” Jessi told him as she went back to Mrs. Mayer’s hair cut.

“Will you be getting it shaved?” Jessi asked Mrs. Mayer as she began moving the clippers, with a quarter inch attachment, over her head.

“What do you think,” she said to Jessi.

“I told you make it a quarter inch high on top.”

Rose Ann looked at her mom and start to ask her.

But, her mother just put her hand over Rose Ann’s mouth.

“Just thinking!

“Just wondering!” she told Rose Ann.

“What about?” Rose Ann asked her.

She looked at Rose Ann and smiled.

“Like I told you,” she started to say.


“Not you,” her mother said.

“Your dad.”

“What about dad?” she asked.

But, her mother smiled.

“Well, as long as it is’s about me,” she told her mother and sat and watch Jessi give Mrs. Mayer her hair cut.

She watched as Jessi placed the clippers, with the quarter inch attachment, and slowly move the clippers back over the center of Mrs. Mayer‘ head, leaving behind hair clippered to quarter of any inch.

Jessi took a comb and standing slightly in front of her barber chair and slightly to the right side.

She moved the comb back a little and quickly move the clippers over it.

After a few move passes she placed the clippers, without an attachment, of the right side and slowly moved it back.

Jessi walked to the left side of her barber chair and did the same thing.

Then, she tilted Mrs. Mayer’s head to the right and began moving the attachmentless clippers up the left side of her head, leaving hardly and hair.

She worked her way around the back of her head and moving the clippers up the back of her head.

Then, she did the same clippering on the right side of Mrs. Mayer’s head.

Jessi removed the cape and spread a large towel over her shoulders.

She sprinkled something in her hands and rubber them.

She whipped whatever it was over Mrs. Mayer’s clippered head.

Jessi began spreading shaving cream over the clippered hair.

“You’re not think?” Rose Ann head Logan say as he sat next to her mother.

She smiled at him and patted his legs.

Rose Ann looked at Mr. Mayer and he was sitting there read a paper back book.

She looked back at Jessi’s barber chair and Mrs. Mayer’s head was tilted downward as she shaved the back of her head.

Rose Ann looked at Mr. Mayer and he was still reading the book.

She looked back to Jessi’s barber chair, as she began shaving the right side of Mrs. Mayer’s head.

“Carl,” Mrs. Mayer said and her husband looked up at her.


“Up to you!” he told her and went back to reading his book.

She looked at Jessi and smile.

“Eyebrows coming off now,” she told her and raised her straight razor and shave Mrs. Mayer’s eyebrows off.

She looked at her mother.

“Yes, I saw that,” she told Rose Ann.

Jessi remove the towel, dusting her face.

Just as Mrs. Mayer’s was stepping out the barber chair, Mr. Mayer’s smartphone rang.

He handed Jessi money and told, “Forgot to sign some papers at work.

“We’ll be back in about three hours.

“Just like my hair cut,” Mrs. Mayer told Jessi.

“But, NOT his eyebrows.

“His beard has to go.”

I glanced to Jessi’s barber chair and mother was sitting it.

She and Jesse quietly talked.

Jessi smiled and caped mother.

“You and your brother will be spending the week-end at your grand parent,” she told Rose Ann.

Rose Ann started to asked her, when she looked at Jessi’s barber chair.

Jessi placed the clippers, with the quarter inch attachment in the center of her mother’s head and slowly move it back over her mother’s head.

Rose Ann started to say something.

But, her mother winked at her with a smile.

Rose Ann sat back and could not believe her mother was getting the same hair cut as Mrs. Mayer.

She watched Jessi slowly move the comb back over her head as she move the clippers over it.

Jessi placed the attachmentless clippers on the right side of her head and moved it backward.  She walked to the left side of her barber chair and did the same clipper movement over the left side of her mother’s head.

Then she tilted her head to the right and began moving he attachmentless clippers up the side of her head.

Slowly Jessi continued to the back and the right side.

Jessi had the large towel spread over her shoulders.

The lotion spread over the back and sides of her head.

Jessi started spreading the shaving lather over her clippered hair.

Just as Jessi raised the straight razor, she asked mother, “Eyebrows?”

Mother thought a minute and said, “My husband can take care of them.”

Jessi started shaving mother’s head, slowly shaving around to the left side of her head.

Just as Jessi started to close her straight razor, mother said, “ON second thought, you should do the eyebrows.”

Jessi slowly shaved mother’s eyebrows.

Rose Ann sat there shaking her head, wondering what was going on.

She watched her mother step from the barber chair.

“WHAT the hell,” she said.

“Can I get my eyebrows shaved.”

She sat in Jessi’s barber chair.

“ONLY if you get the same hair cut!” her mother said.

“Why do you think I am sitting here.”

Her mother stepped back and sat in a waiting chair.

“I guess this ….

“Our hair cut will piss off dad’s parents this week-end.”

Her mother looked at Jessi and smiled.

Jessi was standing behind her barber chair holding her attachmentless clippers.

She tilted Rose Ann’s head and slowly moved the clippers upward.

“Leave the top buzzed,” mother told her.

“Shave the back and sides.”

“Eyebrows, too,” Rose Ann said.

“Yes, the eyebrows,” her mother said.

Jessi began spreading the shaving lather over the back and sides of her head.

“Want to get your dad’s mother really pissed off!” her mother asked her.

Rose Ann looked at her with a questioning look.

Her mother smiled and shook her head “yes”.

Rose Ann looked at her self in the mirror over her mother’s head and saw Jessi spreading the shaving lather over the top of her head.

She said nothing.

Jessi stropped her straight razor and began to slowly shave her head.

As Jessi brushed her face and she stepped from the barber chair, her mother handed Jessi the cost of their hair cut.

As they walked out the barber shop, her mother told her, “When you and your brother comes home Monday night, your dad and I will tell you something you will not believe.”

As her mother opened the door, she looked at Jessi.

They smiled at each other.

“Something Logan doesn’t know about either.”

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