Mother gets a haircut by son

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Mother gets a haircut by son 

(Son loves his mother’s long hairs but he never asked her to let him touch her hairs, one day he sees his mom with loose open hairs so he asks)

Son: Mom, can I play with your hair?

Mother: What do you mean?

Son: I really like your long hair and I want to touch and feel it. Is that okay?

Mother: Why do you want to touch and feel my hair?

Son: Because I think it’s beautiful. I just like the way it looks and I can’t help but want to touch it.

Mother: Well, I suppose that’s alright. Just be gentle with it and don’t pull on it too hard, okay?

Son: Okay, I promise!

Mother: Do you like my hair bun?

Son: Yes, I do! It looks really nice!

Son: Um, how do you open your hair bun? I think it would be really cool to see it down.

Mother: Sure, you can open my hair bun. Here, let me tell you how. First, you loosen the elastic band and then slowly pull out the pins to release the bun.

(Son does the same)

Son: Wow, your hair looks so pretty and long!

(son ask mom to show her hairs length so mom stands up and shakes her head to show her long hairs.)

Mother: See? Isn’t it so lovely?

(son was amazed)

Son: Wow, it’s incredible! I just love it!

Son: Can I wet your hair?

Mother: Why do you want to wet my hair?

Son: I want to see how the water makes your hair look even more beautiful.


Mother: Sure, you can wet my hair. Just use a cup of water and be very gentle.


Son: Mom, can I comb your hair when it’s wet?


Mother: Of course, you can. Just make sure that you’re gentle, and use a wide-toothed comb.


(son brings all stuff, pour little water on mother’s long hairs it is wet)


Son: Wow, it looks so shiny and smooth now! Can I comb it?


Mother: Yes, you can. Just be gentle and go slowly.


(water dripping down mother’s neck)


Son: Mom, you look so beautiful! I’m so happy that I can help make your hair look even more stunning!


Mother: Okay, let’s go sit on the bed.


(son grabbing his mother’s wet long hairs)


Son: Mom, I love playing with your hair!


(mom tease son with her beautiful long hairs)


Mother: I’m glad you like it. Now, let’s see if you can make a braid with my hair.


Son: Yes! I’m so excited to try!


(Son tries to make a braid with mother’s wet long hairs)


Mother: Wow, you did a great job! You’re really getting the hang of it!


Son: I love feeling your wet hair! It’s so soft and silky!


Son: Mom, can I trim your hair a little bit?


Mother: What do you mean?


Son: I just want to trim the ends a little bit to make it look even better. Is that okay?


Mother: Why do you want to trim my hair?


Son: I think it would look even more beautiful if the ends were a little shorter. I promise I won’t trim too much.


Mother: Alright, I suppose that’s okay. Just make sure you don’t trim too much, okay?


(son combs mother’s wet hairs making mother’s hairs ready to trim searching for scissors)


Son: I found the scissors! Now, I’m going to start trimming your hair.


Mother: Remember, just a little bit, okay?


(son keeps scissors on mother’s wet hairs)


and starts trimming the extra hairs.


Son: There, I’m done! How does it look?


(properly cut in a straight line)


Mother: Wow, it looks great! You did a wonderful job!


(mother’s hair pieces on the floor)


Son: Thanks, Mom! I’m so happy I was able to make your hair look even more beautiful!


son: Mom I want to ask you one last thing.


Mother: What is it?


Son: your nape hairs are very hairy shall I shave it for you?


Mother: No, I don’t think I want to shave my nape hairs. I like the way they look.


Son: Okay, but I think it will look better if it’s shaved. I promise I won’t cut too much.


Mother: No, I don’t think so. I’m happy with my nape hairs the way they are.


(after trying many times he convinceses his mom)


Mother: Alright, you can shave my nape hairs, but be very careful.


Son: Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll be careful.


(son found the razor)


(Son keeps razor and sliding it on his mother’s hairy nape and cleaning mom’s nape hairs, hairs falling on mom’s shoulders)


Son: There, I’m done! How does it look?


(mother looks at her nape and saw it clean)


Mother: I liked my nape hairs but it will grow back right?.


Son: Yes, of course. It will grow back in no time.


Mother: Alright, then I think it looks great! Thank you for shaving it for me.


Son: Mom make a tight hairbun please.


Mother: Sure, I can make a tight hairbun. Here, let me show you how. First, you need to gather all your hair into a ponytail and then wrap it around itself until it forms a bun. Secure the bun with an elastic band and then finish it off with some bobby pins.


(Mother makes a tight hairbun)


Son: Mom, you look so beautiful! I love your hair bun!


Mother: Thank you, sweetheart. I’m glad you like it.


Son: Mom let’s click your hair bun pictures.


Mother: Sure, why not. Let’s take some pictures of my hair bun.


Son: (naughtly) mom wear something backless.


Mother: (giggling) I’m not sure about that. But, if you think it will look nice then I’m willing to give it a try.


(son waits in the bedroom)


while mother wears something backless.


Mother: Is this okay?


Son: Wow, you look stunning! Let’s go take some pictures!


(son clicks pictures of mother’s tight hairbun with her back exposed)


son: (pulls his mother’s hairbun gently making it a little loose)


Mother: What are you doing?


Son: I just wanted to make your hair bun look a bit more voluminous and beautiful. Do you like it?


Mother: (smiles) Okay.


Son: Mom let’s make a video in which you open your hairbun.


Mother: Sure, why not. Let’s make a video of me opening my hair bun.


(son starts recording the video and mother starts to open her hairbun slowly)


(son records the video and mother shows her long hair)


Son: Wow, Mom you look so beautiful!


(son stops recording)


Mother: Thank you, sweetheart. I’m glad you like it.


Mother: describe my long hairs.


Son: Your hair is incredibly beautiful. It’s long, silky, and shines in the light. It’s a deep shade of brown, and it frames your face perfectly. I love how it moves when you turn your head. It’s absolutely gorgeous!


Mother: (combs her hairs in front of her son)


Son: Mom, your hair is amazing and it looks even better when you comb it. It’s the perfect length and the color is so rich and vibrant. You look beautiful!


Son: (runs his fingers in mother’s long hairs)


Mother: What are you doing?


Son: I’m just enjoying how soft and silky your hair is. I love it so much!


Mother: Okay from now you have to do it daily for me.


Son: Sure, Mom. I’d love to spend more time combing and playing with your hair.


x end x

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