Mother Got Punished by My Father

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Hi my name is Rajesh and this happened in our house recently. We dwell in panruthi a small town in Tamil Nadu. My appa (father) is a very short tempered and strict man. He is 38 years old and has departmental store where he goes and sits every day. And when at home he constantly keeps shouting at all of us. He is keen about things. My amma (mother) is a very silent and innocent woman and she is very much scared of my appa. She is a good looking woman and is 32 yrs old. She has a very thick hair which is buttlong. Her hair is jetblack and shiny and she usually wears it in a tight bun or sometimes in a braid.

One weekend amma had a headbath and left her hair open for drying while cooking food. During lunch when appa was eating food he found a very long hair strand in the sambar (south Indian dish). He became very furious he started shouting at amma. He warned amma if this happens again he will have amma’s head shaved smooth. Unfortunately after a few days one morning when appa was eating his breakfast he found a hair strand. This time he was even more furious. He started shouting at amma. He told me to go to the street end and call the local barber. I was shocked to hear this but couldn’t dare to refuse appa; my amma started weeping profusely and was begging my appa not to. I went and brought the barber.

Appa told me to arrange a low stool and some water in backyard. Appa shouted at amma to go and sit on the stool, Amma went and sat on the stool but was weeping helplessly. The barber arranged his things and asked me to bring some blades for the razor. Appa told me to bring some blades from our shop. I brought the blades and gave it to the barber; he loaded one into the razor. The barber asked amma to open her bun but amma was still weeping. The barber then opened amma’s bun, her thick hair rolled down at once. He started wetting the hair and started massaging it. When the hair was fully wet he then took the razor and asked amma to hold still but she was weeping and shaking. The barber got irritated and asked me to hold her tight. I felt sad but deep inside I had had a fetish for her headshave which I couldn’t help but give in to, so I went and held her head firmly. The barber then bent amma’s head down and placed the razor at mid top of her head and started scraping slowly. A small bald patch appeared and her thick hair started falling down on the floor. I was feeling a sense of excitement inside. Slowly the front side of her head was fully bald, he then started shaving oneside of her head and her otherside of her head too. Amma looked like a temple priest with her front and sides of her head shaved and only back remaining. Then he started at the back side of her head and shaved off to her nape. When the barber finished appa came near to see if her head was fully smooth or not. He rolled his hand over her head, alluded me to bring the soap bar from bathroom & handing it over to barber, and told him to shave again. The barber again massaged her head with the soap and shaved it completely again. Amma’s head looked round like a cueball. She looked quite beautiful with her nosestud and her hoop ear rings and her bindi. There was a large pile of hair, the barber asked if he could take the hair and sell it as a wig. Appa told him to clear the pile and leave, the barber was delighted to take the hair as he would make a fortune from the thick hair.

From then on amma covered her head while cooking meals for us. So as not repeat this again. Her hair has grown back to its original length now. But inwardly I’m hoping to see her headshave once more.

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